The newspaper article below was sourced by Murunbuch, who runs ‘SPOTLIGHT ON ABUSE’

Both articles have undoubtedly been dissected on the David Icke Forums and elsewhere, but I firmly believe that there are elements involved on that forum that are covering up and spreading disinformation about historic childhood sexual and physical abuse.

I cannot therefore use it as a reference point or quote from it with any degree of accuracy or credibility, (apart from the transcript I have used at the end of this article) which is a shame as they have the ideal platform that could really have brought this issue to the attention of so many people.

The first article, written about David Hamilton Grant, which taken on its own, does not say much more than what is immediately presented to the reader.

I would like to draw your attention not to the subject of the article, but to his alleged victim, a Mr. Clive Godden.



“Sick world of child porn king”

David Hamilton-Grant, a wanted man in UK after being thrown out of Cyprus:

“The man, described as a ‘maniac’ was deported from northern Cyprus this week after he struck Briton, Clive Godden, his girlfriend’s husband, over the head with a spade.”

Speaking from Cyprus, Mr. Godden, from East London, said the atmosphere on the holiday isle was ‘like something out of a James Bond film’ after the startling revelations.

His wife, Vanessa, fell under Hamilton-Grant’s spell about seven months ago.

He tried to persuade Mr. Godden into a business deal but took his wife at the same time.

“Hamilton-Grant is a bad man,” he said. “I have tried to convince my wife Vanessa of what he is like but she will not accept it. If he was in Saudi Arabia where I work I would like to see him trussed up and have his head chopped off for what he has done,” Mr. Godden told the ‘Observer.’

Hamilton-Grant allegedly caught Mr. Godden unawares as he was getting into his car and hit him over the head no less than eight times with a spade.

He made the vicious attack when he discovered Mr. Godden was ‘investigating’.

So, Clive Godden lost his wife to Hamilton-Grant and wished him ‘dead’.

He also openly accuses him of involvement with child pornography.

He received 8 whacks with a spade to the head and suffered ‘hairline fractures of the skull’ for his trouble.

He worked in Saudi Arabia but was interviewed from Cyprus.

In this second article, written two years later, the same Clive Godden is seen attending the inquest into the death of Carol Kasir, the co-owner of the infamous Elm Guest House, Rocks Lane, Barnes in the company of Chris Fay and Mary Moss.

August 23rd, 1990: “Expose these evil child sex VIPs” Outside the court, private investigator Clive Godden said: “They can’t sweep these allegations aside. This goes very far.”

Why was a private investigator interviewed?

Why was a private investigator even involved with the inquest?

Who – if anybody – paid him?

Was he still investigating Hamilton-Grant, as being connected to the Elm Guest House abuse allegations?

Bearing in mind that Hamilton-Grant was also wanted for being the ‘Leader of a child porn ring’ which involved Videos, Photographs and Cassette Recordings.

Where are these items now?

Do they still exist?

Who can be identified if they were ever produced?

Has Operation Fernbridge interviewed Clive Godden?

Is Hamilton-Grant really dead?

It’s not even clear where Hamilton-Grant was located at the time of the articles publication.

(“Wanted in UK after being deported but Police suggest he is not in UK… and later he is “being deported.”)

Neither is it made clear why he was deported (possibly after the attack on Godden, but the next paragraph says he was one of ’16 Britons involved in the ring who are being deported.’)

Why would a suspect described as ‘A Ring Leader’ in a child porn ring, also a Briton, be deported?

Clive Godden also gets a mention in the recent Interview that Chris Fay gave to filmmaker Bill Maloney, though his name was misspelled.

Extract From Bill Maloney’s Interview with Chris Fay.

[BILL] So there we’ve got, they’re saying there ‘Princess Diana was murdered’.
[CHRIS] Yeah. But Doctor Burton was the guy who did her inquest so he was known as being a safe pair of hands, someone you can trust to come up with the right verdict. Now at this point you’ve met Clive Gordon [?] who’s a private detective who was looking at this stuff, bless his cotton socks he’s a lovely bloke as you know, and he kept bouncing up and down in the coroner’s inquest saying ‘That’s not true, what are you talking about?’ and the coroner kept saying to him ‘Will you sit down please and be quiet Mr Gordon [?]
[BILL] But he wouldn’t.
[CHRIS] But he wouldn’t.
[BILL] Cos he’s a good guy.
[CHRIS] Cos he’s a good guy, and I started protesting.
[BILL] And he’s now 78.
[CHRIS] He’s now 78. I started protesting about the note, Clive kept screaming and shouting at the coroner so in the end the coroner said ‘I’ll adjourn the inquest until August, and I’ll have Scotland Yard’s forensic handwriting experts take a look at the note’, to see whether or not it’s in her handwriting.

A full transcript of that interview can be found on the David Icke Forums, which does on this occasion, accurately reflect the full content of the interview.


Written with Thanks to ‘BANDINI’

9 thoughts on “WAITING FOR GODDEN

  1. A couple of points:

    1) Is David Hamilton Grant dead?

    Viewing the ‘edit history’ of his Wikipedia entry, for example, we see that the original three-line entry states that:

    “He died in 1991 in mysterious circumstances.”


    No evidence is offered to support the statement. However, and perhaps only as a result of sloppy journalism rather than deliberate disinformation, the ‘fact’ of his death is repeated endlessly across the web, sometimes embellished such as here:

    “In the same year, The Sun identified him as a cocaine dealer and child pornographer. Neither charge was substantiated, nor will they ever be. He is thought to have been the victim of a contract killing in 1991.”


    2) Was David Hamilton Grant a child pornographer?

    Indeed, was he even a cocaine dealer? (“Heroin dealer” is also sometimes added to the mix.)

    Again, this appears to have been a rumour that is endlessly repeated, but from where did it arise? If anybody has a link to the Sun article labelling him as such it would be greatly appreciated.

    3) For a man who died under “mysterious circumstances” in 1991, possibly the victim of a contract killing, his entries in Companies House documents are a little strange.


    In 2001 the company ‘European Health Care Services Ltd’ was established, in Greece, with both David Hamilton Grant & Vanessa Godden listed as Directors. The company was dissolved in 2004.

    It may be worth pointing out that two ‘different’ Vanessa Goddens are listed, one being born in 1956 & the other in 1965. Presumably they are one and the same, the wife (or ex-wife) of Clive Godden, who first appears in the Slough Observer article of 1988.

    Unless the establishment of this company was the planting of a huge red-herring, it does seem strange that a man variously accused of being a sick child pornographer, organised-crime target, heroin/cocaine dealer & tabloid whipping-boy wouldn’t go to more care to shield his dealings & whereabouts.

    4) A strange one this, again without any sort of corroborating evidence:

    “Tom Savage Deputy Editor Daily Star ‘Went To Cyprus’ and Found… Mr Savage was moving in on some ‘interesting stuff’ relating to a British Porn Film maker called David Hamilton-Grant. Then on 8 July 2013 Suddenly Mr Savage was accused of making payments to individuals in order to gather news about ‘certain matters’ that the ptb are desperate to ‘keep under wraps’.”


    More red-herrings, more bullshit? Who knows?

    5) Conclusions:

    Is there ANY evidence against David Hamilton Grant that did not come from the mouth of his defeated love rival, Clive Godden?

    Did Clive Godden, after losing his wife to David Hamilton Grant, change career from working in Saudia Arabia to become a “private investigator” dedicated to exposing child sexual abuse (of which he accused his rival)?

    How did Clive Godden become involved in the Elm Guest House saga two-years later, and was he the source of the rumour of David Hamilton Grant’s involvement in same?

    More questions than answers, I’m afraid. I would like to add that from my perspective the planting of false information which might help genuine abusers evade capture is as repulsive as the actual crime itself.

    1. A journalist involved in these investigations has confirmed via email that David Hamilton Grant is not dead.

      1. A little more regarding Godden/DHG/Moss/Fay, once again courtesy of Murunbuch’s website (with a tip of the hat to Tajasfire on Icke’s forum where it was spotted):

        According to an article in the ‘Surrey Comet’ of 10th August 1990:

        – Clive Godden (P.I.) says DHG involved in a ring along with Patsy Puddles & David Issett.

        – DHG is a “convicted child pornographer.”

        – Moss/Fay/Godden all stress the innocence of Kasir (“innocent pawn,” “terribly naive,” etc.).

        Full article here:


  2. I read yesterday the whole transcript of Bill Maloney’s Interview with Chris Fay … Jesus Christ … The ELITE is running the Asylum … the worst of humanity in power positions … there are pictures, videos, statements, recordings etc enough to bring to justice all of them …. but it won’t happen … they will keep their power positions to keep on the BIG LIE … Paedo-Britannia. I am reading for the second time a book called St. Paul in Britain by Reverend Willian Morgan … The Druidic Britannia with kings like Caratacus fighting the Roman Empire … the first wave of Christianity after christ crucifixion built Glastonbury Avalon … San Pablo, Jose de Arimatea, Maria Magdalena, Marta, Lazaro all here … We really need Arthur and excaibur back to cut off some heads


    No time to do this justice at the moment… ‘Waiting For Gojam… to explain “Why now?”‘ Let’s not forget who was pushing the tale from the get-go, eh?

    1. Indeed Bandini, and going on the comments posted beneath that article, it also appears that Mr Sawyer has finally been shown up for the liar that he always was.

      Maybe he thinks that people will forget that it was him and his ‘Team Needle’ (AKA some dubious characters from the Icke Forums) and his one-time source Chris Fay who were instrumental in pushing the EGH ‘List’ all over the www like it was the holy grail.

      Gojam is finished now, he is going to join the likes of Spivey, Aangirifan and the Colemanexperience, who have all been shown up for the lies and incredulous claptrap they have been spewing at a rate of knots.

      Crackpots, Shysters and liars each and every one of them, and the sooner they disappear from view, the better it will be for everyone.

      1. Aye, Jimmy.

        It’s a pretty unconvincing attempt to explain some unaccountably strange behaviour. I’ve had to break my exile to comment there. Wonder if it’ll pass ‘moderation’?

        Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        April 15, 2015 at 3:35 pm
        Credit where credit is due… is sorely missing from this article, Gojam!

        You were given ample opportunity to explain all of this previously. In your response to Bishop Brightly above, you say that:

        “It seemed unnecessary before.”

        Really?!? Unnecessary? But the 12th of April 2015 seemed like a propitious moment?!? Ye Gods, if I’d have done what you had there would have been flowers & chocolates and a VERY public apology.

        [To anyone out of the loop I should point out that DHG/Godden was what reeled me into this madness. I have posted extensively on the matter & Gojam was well aware of this fact. At no point was any attempt to rein in the lunatic broadcasters of bullshit “information” despite the fact that the initial seeding of the fraudulent tale started HERE, on Needleblog, and the sowers were the NeedleTeam & associates.]

        It really does defy belief, Gojam. Did you never think to have a quiet word in the ear of those who had helped you propagate the fable when you were plainly aware of their continued libelling which started HERE? When they were making vile accusations against other commentators – myself, for example! – you didn’t have cause to mention to them that, you know, maybe they were putting their collective feet in it? They were wishing death upon others, for Christ’s sake. One of them has crawled onto the ‘People’s Tribunal’ steering-commitee whilst pushing this filth…

        No. Not good enough.

        The notion that Mark Conrad set you straight is pretty funny, though! It’s certainly not MY experience that Exaro have had the slightest interest in stamping out this particular forest-fire. They have actively recruited for their ‘Twitter Army’ the pushers of what you now state is “total crap” whilst denigrating those who pointed this out to them; I speak from personal experience here.

        By the way, the claim that DHG “faked his own death” is also utter nonsense. Then again, coming from those who thought he might be evading Customs by wrapping child pornography in pork-products – Muslims wouldn’t want to touch it! Ho ho ho! – or that he might have piloted a light-aircraft BACK to the country from whence he was, according only to Godden, expelled, and this in a mad deal with Asil Nadir, shows, I think, their general lack of intelligence. And all coupled with a disturbing nastiness, too. What a horrible bunch of half-wits (they would be, if it were true that they genuinely believed it all).

        1. Gojam is going to need ‘Savile’s Silver Spade’ to dig himself out of this one!

          He has foolishly made the public assertion that he “made it clear to me about 18 months ago”.
          But no ‘Gojam’ ever did such a thing! He seems to be having trouble justifying this false claim:


          1. Like you say, the wheels are surely falling off the Needle Charabanc.
            Jonathan Sawyer could not tell the truth if his life depended upon it, which unfortunately it doesn’t….
            And I believe the Trolls he thinks you associate with, may be a reference to my good self, although I cannot see how running this website and moderating the comments can be seen as trolling.
            Unlike Mr Sawyer who associates with recently ‘CONVICTED’ stalkers, Internet abusers and assorted well documented sex pests.
            Oh how we laughed when the house of straw collapsed….

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