In what must be one of the most disrespectful gestures that I have witnessed in a long time, the following flyer/poster was circulated by the Socialist Workers Party – within hours of the tragedy that occurred at the Grenfell Tower in North Kensington.

It’s a gross insult to both the survivors and the victims and is unforgivable ….

‘Let’s make 21st June, the day of the Queens Speech A DAY OF RAGE, a day we shut down London, a declaration that there will be no peace until this government is brought down’



91 thoughts on “UNFORGIVABLE

  1. “Everyone knows they are drip-feeding us information, withholding numbers of those dead for fear of our rage”.

    Morons that need a serious reality check.

    It’s a shame the firefighters can’t drag a few of them up to one of the gutted flats. They could hand the idiots a lump of carbonised meat to pass around, then ask them “What are you holding? Is it a cat, a dog, a baby, part of an adult or just something from a fridge?”

    I feel sure the response would be worth seeing.

    1. Or the photo by a pap outside, that was taken at eye level with one of the alleged people trapped – so the ‘trapped’ bloke must have been on a low floor. Low enough to walk down the 1 flight of stairs and out to safety, or to jump from the window and receive no more than a twisted ankle at best.

      He had what appeared to be Israeli flag curtains & a blue tea towel in his hand waving for help. He had something covering his mouth and nose, yet his window was closed, no sign of smoke anywhere either in his flat or surrounding the flats, the fire was apparently on floors above the level he was on and he made no effort to get out? Really? Seems a little strange, considering humans natural instinct for survival.

      And evidence of other highly dubious things showing all is definitely not as it is being sold to the public by the Government and Media being removed off Youtube surrounding all the ‘Terrorist’ attacks in London and Manchester.

      As if someone is terribly desperate for the public not to see the damning evidence in these Youtube clips.

      Bit like Theresa May appears to have been, when having links to her Vicar Dad and his extremely dodgy associates removed in a desperate hurry.

  2. Matt Taylor is back, spewing his usual shite. Wonder where he has been? By the way, he reckons the tatooed buffoon has “millions” of readers. I nearly choked from laughing at that one.

    1. “According to the nation’s most controversial conspiracy theorist, (and no, I’m not talking about David Icke), but in fact Chris Spivey; Theresa May doesn’t really exist. She’s a creation of a secret department in the British government; a created persona used for their own nefarious ends, just as Diana Spencer and Madeleine McCann.”

      Aye I did hear he had surfaced again Sam.

      And he may be right, Teresa May doesn’t actually exist, she didn’t actually speak in Wrexham recently and she wasn’t actually seen by some people I know personally, and who are not actually delusional.

      1. In January, Matt Taylor did mention something about being taken to court by Katy Bourne Sussex Police Crime Commissioner for Harassment or Defamation of Character or something?

        Perhaps that’s kept him busy?

    2. You have done it now by mentioning the ‘S’ word. The moderators over at the Dark Place will be frothing at the mouth and making all sorts of threats towards Jimmy and the readers of this site. What have you done?

      1. Talking of which…

        Turns-out that everyone has the cause of the tragedy wrong.

        Y’see, it was the jews. Only they’re not really human, they’re aliens! They surreptitiously moved out most of the residents so that they could rig the building with incendiaries, do some routine human sacrificial stuff to suck-up emotional energy to feed the demons(?), and then torch the place to:

        (a) create a massive symbolic obelisk and
        (b)cover their tracks.

        I can’t understand why no one else picked-up on it.

        I mean, in hindsight , it was so bleedin’ obvious!

        1. Ah right, so not something as basic as, say, a simple insurance job then? Claim for the work to do the cladding, then double bubble claiming the insurance when it’s burned down, type hypothetical scenario? With a planning app for demolition of the building and all?

          Those pesky shape shifting aliens, always causing havoc. Let’s hope ‘Mappers’ haven’t supplied any more cheap flammable padding around the country to high rise council blocks.

        2. Hehe, seems someone is already onto the problem! Magical shape-shifting jews!

          Clip courtesy of the No Agenda podcast.

          Made me chuckle…


    3. Dear Fireman Sam; At the very least you could have given the rest of us a link, so that we could have all enjoyed the nonsense.

      1. Oh, hold on; probably JJ doesn’t want a direct (understandable) link, so you could have broken it up a bit as they do in Spiveyland.

        1. Aye, direct linking to there from the Outlaw may bring yet another complaint of online ‘Harrassment’ against me OG.

          Which is as bonkers as it gets!!

  3. Most of the middle class workshy lefty anarchist types who turn up these shindigs were on their way to Glastonbury. their great leader Jezza Corbyn is going to make an appearance apparently. Glasto is Mecca to the Student lefty liberal types these days

    1. ” Glasto is Mecca to the Student lefty liberal types these days”.

  4. “You know who ” has his begging bowl out again. Take a peek. Would not surprise me if his current dental problems were not the result of an unexpected encounter with an angry squaddie. Head butted by his dog, my arse!

    1. At least that’s original(ish).

      And I thought Dental treatment was free for the unemployed?

      It is in Wales.

    2. Wow! Mustn’t have blagged enough last time if he’s only started begging again recently?

      I hope this latest donations blagging Begathon isn’t loosely ‘my idea’ in a strange kind of a way.

      Only, I have taken the rise out of his gnarly gnashers, after one of his Social Media Accounts claimed one of his hates was bad teeth, yet his didn’t seem that perfect to me.

      Have I accidentally given him an idea for yet another scam to ponse money from the public? I hope not. 😉

      I like the ‘Squaddie’ theory personally, but if the dog did headbutt him. Well let’s just say he was lucky it didn’t bite something off.

      1. When he paraded his new family member, he did claim that the Labrador must be Jewish because of his long nose. So perhaps said Lab got a bit tired of the anti-semitism & decided to fight back. Just my theory of course..,.

      2. Maybe he had a set-to with FTS?

        Very noticable by his absence of late.

        Other possibilities for the foul-mouthed FTS. He finally offended the wrong person, or maybe outed himself with his astonishing knowledge who’s who and what they are doing in various police forces…

        1. What I was going to say was, I think my friend Bob had made the wise decision to split off and do his own thing.

          I could be wrong, but I think he may have taken a little flack for doing that?

          I think Hector on a previous comment may have been right.

          I actually think Bob isn’t stupid, I think he is pretty smart really, he just does daft things from time to time. None of us are immune to being daft sometimes.

          Seems to me, he has made efforts to try not to react like such a hot head lately.

          When he thinks about it, instead of instantly flipping his lid, I think he realises not everyone is out to stitch him up & stab him in the back. Not everyone he has been sold to be liars, are liars.

        2. Yeah, for someone so mouthy that is strange, maybe he has passed on or probably in prison. He did seem VERY knowledgeable about the police, or was it all bullshit because he is/was full of crap.

    3. He’s not begging, it’s just a “Site update” hahaha, Spiveys code words for BEGGING lol. I think I was the first to mention what he was doing a couple of years back.

      1. ‘Site Updates’ do not cost anything as far as I am aware Mike.

        WordPress has recently been updated to VER: 4.8, which is a universal update, but that is a completely automated process and takes a few minutes, during which time the site goes into maintenance mode.

        The downtime is minimal.

        Of course, if there is a third party doing the ‘Site Updates’ then a small charge could be incurred and would depend on what was involved, as the essential core updates to WordPress are as easy and straightforward as I have described above.

        Whether or not this is the case in question here …. is anyone’s guess.

        1. Sorry, what I meant is that the spiv only shows his presence to his flock when he wants more money. His excuse is he is only updating his “disciples” HE ISN’T really, he’s just asking them for more dosh. I’d bet Spivey absolutely detests his sycophantic followers, but he loves their cash.

      2. There is also the fact if he is receiving income related benefits he’d get free NHS treatment, or if he is on a low income he can apply for help with dental costs.

        Can’t one of his overpaid Government Asset Moderators or ‘gushing fans’ lend him the money? 😉

        Some Diabetics used to get free dental treatment, not sure if that still applies?

        So if he does not fall into any of those categories, then just like everyone else, maybe he should try paying for the minor catastrophes that always seem to follow his own alleged idiotic escapades, himself?

        Do you remember the ‘ring’ saga? (Not that ‘Ring’, the 1 that was too small that some idiot forced onto their finger, couldn’t get it off & left it until another crisis in his cornflakes erupted and he donation begged it all the way to the local A&E (with photos)?

        Just sayin’.

        (Just in case there are any actual non Scam Begathoners out there who need to know how to apply for help with Dental costs)


        1. I’m pretty sure he once claimed that he isn’t on benefits.In truth,if he was nowadays,he’d have to prove that he’s actively looking for a job.He couldn’t do that without cutting deeply into the time needed for his “conspiracies investigations” now could he?.

          1. Maybe HE doesn’t exist! Maybe he’s another crisis actor?
            I got some fairly good results on comparisons with Gregor Fisher – over 50% – and that was on the first person i tried with.

  5. 20 min. vid… you may not have heard of this suspicious “accident”, but this vid gives a very interesting “take” on it…









    CNN Producer John Bonifield who was caught on hidden-camera admitting that there is no proof to CNN’s Russia narrative.:-


    1. OG
      CNN now saying “Diversity of personal opinion is what makes CNN strong”…
      So fake news is good, eh?

      1. The whole U.S. “establishment” system is trying, in all ways possible, to get rid of Trump. Their Trump/Russia nonsense was only one prong of the fork.

        That’s now debunked, so we wait to see the next effort.

        & if you want to know why such desperation, VOAT.CO

        People might not care much about drug-peddling,arms trafficking,etc, but when it comes to kiddy-raping…

        1. OG, I honestly believe it is just one gang of political criminals against another gang of political criminals, just like the UK and other countries.
          I think Trump is just another one in a very long line of them.

  8. The indictment or criminal prosecution of a sitting President would unconstitutionally undermine the capacity of the executive branch to perform its constitutionally assigned functions (BIT WORDY & LEGSLISTIC):-




  9. New Cyberattack Goes Global, Hits WPP, Rosneft, Maersk (READ THE 1st COMMENTS CAREFULLY):-


    Pass Me My Sharia Niblick:-


    State of ‘Collapse’: Italy Overwhelmed as 13,500 African Migrants Arrive in Past Two Days:-


    1. OG.
      That is some pretty weird shit. More than a little disturbing. Someone is making very big money judging by the number of ‘views’.

  10. The DARKNET ecosystem:-


    “Biologists have long noted that species will tend to evolve behaviors which best aid them to effectively exploit their environment.

    Among these behavioral life history traits are reproductive strategies. Reproductive strategies are, as the name implies, the strategies individuals will use to reproduce. Here we will focus upon the two strategies demonstrated in r/K Selection Theory in Evolutionary Biology.”:-


    “France is no longer France” – Refugee crisis in EU (10min.vid) :-


  11. I hear that Gobjam (He who publishes the truly awful ‘Needle’ blog and Stalkers haven) has shut up shop.

    Closed his Twatter acc too and minced off claiming he will be publishing on the interwebz no more.

    *At least he won’t under the Gobjam moniker*

    He has ceased to be.

    He is now an ex-Establishment asset.

    1. Aye. It has been mentioned by a few people why he chose this particular day on which to pull the plug on his online presence.

      The same day on which the Jersey CSA Inquiry findings are published ….

      Did he jump or was he pushed ?

      1. Hmmmm not sure ‘asset’ is ever a thing Gojam could ever be accused of being to anything or anyone.

        I’ll be raising a glass of Good Riddance to 1 of the most dishonest, untrusted bloggers with seriously dubious mates that NO CSA Survivor trusts.

        It’s long overdue.

      2. I noticed among the comments on Gojams site that some are saying that you are a ‘Convicted Stalker’ and that you have been charged lots of times. Is any of this true Jimmy?

        1. On this occasion I will set the story straight on this, for those who are still even remotely interested, if nothing else but to lay the endless rumours to rest.

          May I assure you that both those claims, (and many more on that site) are categorically untrue. I was indeed convicted (on the flimsiest of evidence) of the Section 127 [Summary Only] offence of ‘Malicious Communications’ only, early last year, after some intense pressure was applied to the Crown Prosecution Service to charge me.

          I received a small fine only, as the sentencing Judge was made aware of the years of harassment, threats and goading that my accuser had subjected both myself and my family and friends to for three years leading up to the single response I was convicted for.

          I have not been charged with anything else, despite the numerous false claims, (and later proven to be vexatious) and dozens of complaints that have been made to the police about me.

          I hope that answers your question.

    2. Jesus H Christ have any of you read the comments over there? Every web nutter, Stalker, Troll, fake and fantasist has jumped in over there. Some very familiar names. Even Fabooka’s insane wibble from months past has been copy and pasted. From what I can make out ‘Discovery777’ has some damning comms about Gobjam and has threatened to publish them so he shit his pants & done a runner. Discovery and Gobjam used to collude on the ICKE Forums and then set up Operation Greenlight together on the Needle blog. Discovery is now being hounded by the usual morons who used to buzz around Gobjams arse like flies and they are accusing her of being everyone except who she really is. Same old shit really from a group of desperate assorted establishment Monkeys paid to muddy the waters

      1. So a bit of a blackmail he said/she said stalemate between the once very good mates Gojam and Discovery basically.

        I think Bandinis take on the whole situation (below) pretty much sums those 2 up. It is how he has described it at various times.

        And as I have comments of that little anti CSA branch harassing Jimmy and conducting whispering campaigns against him, (over a year after Gojam and his partner in slime were outed for what they were), can’t say I personally give 2 hoots if they rip each other to shreds with words, as long as they get lost and leave everyone else alone.

        ‘It was Gojam (Jonathan Sawyer) who worked with Elm “guest list” scribbler, Chris Fay. When Fay’s criminal conviction was pointed out, Sawyer flatly denied that it referred to ‘his’ Fay.

        It was only when the evidence left him no other choice that he reluctantly & belatedly accepted that, yes, it really was the case that Fay had been involved in laundering the proceeds of a sophisticated fraud.

        But! Poor puzzled Fay had been a “fool”, he hadn’t known what he was doing…

        My first contact with Sawyer was when I pointed out to him that Mary Moss – whose name adorns those fantastical “documents” – appeared to be less than a believer herself, at least so far as Fay goes. He was a liar, out to settle scores… Sawyer grumbled that it might not have been the ‘real’ Moss, unwilling, as ever, to listen to anything even approaching the truth.
        Of course, it WAS the real Mary Moss, and she has continued to lambast Fay & is adamant that SHE never saw any of those photographs that have been spun into varying tales over the years, even making their disgraceful way into Parliament via the atrocious Zac Goldsmith.

        (I should emphasise that I in no way consider Moss – or any of her ‘alters’ – a source of reliable information either, although she gives good copy: her emails with Tom Watson in which he tries to flog one of her paintings is priceless!)

        When I later became concerned that another character in the gestation of the “documents”, Clive Godden, was almost certainly a fraud himself, I brought it to the attention of Exaro’s Hencke. I also did my best to place the evidence (or lack of!) before those who had, I felt, been hoodwinked.
        It was an uphill battle. The impossible-to-kill smears, gossip & rumour had already been unleashed, and who might we find behind them?

        Why, Sawyer again, working this time with Godden!

        (Godden appeared with Moss & Fay at the inquest into Kasir’s death, and also in the press reports at the time. Fay has continued to promulgate the crap cooked up by his pal, and only a few days ago Moss, in a tweet, mentioned him as being one of the ‘sources’ for NAYPIC’s establishment-threatening dossier, getting his name wrong at the same time as – once again – laying into Fay. If this paragraph seems to make no sense, it is because THEY are nonsensical.)

        I had no luck, deaf ears all around.

        However, in April of THIS year, Sawyer did, finally, ‘explain’ that the whole Elm-strand generated by his top-source, Godden, had been “complete crap” all along! When questioned as to the lateness in bringing this to people’s attention – people who he had been working with in spreading the ‘information’ & even set up a site solely to keep the myth alive – he nonchalantly replied:

        “It seemed unnecessary before.”

        (Click my moniker to read more about this. I continue to await him to back-up his claims to me, but as I know them to be lies I guess I’m doomed to just keep reminding him!)

        No apology has been made to the people wrongly smeared, and those smears will continue ’til doomsday, such is the power of a lie unleashed.
        I dispute totally Saywer’s feeble attempt at rewriting history, although I do accept that as he ‘revealed’, Exaro (via Mark Conrad) confirmed they were aware of the false nature of the claims. Of course they were – but neither Sawyer nor they made the slightest attempt to set the record straight; the myth needed to grow to a self-sustaining size.

        More re-writing is being attempted by Exaro as they flail & rail pathetically against tonight’s Panorama: their absurd complaint that it will be wrongly alleged a vulnerable witness had words placed in his mouth by the Express (Fay, Baloney & Fielding) in their ‘female MP tale’ – later to be further glammed-up by Baloney & Fay as the ‘perniciously pungent pudenda’ shiver-inducer – was ‘revealed’ as being false by themselves! And they specifically stated that the vulnerable witness had had words put in his mouth!

        But! These will-say-anything-for-cash frauds have an incredible shelf-life, and Exaro needed us to believe in the SAME people responsible for the story they had already shot down (Fay, and Fielding with his “saucy Minister video”-tale).

        Ah! The video tale! Or the two of them, as there are competing versions. The first version, which Exaro cling to, was cooked up by ‘campaigners’ working at & with Needleblog, and with ‘documents’ provided by Fay (and maybe Godden!).

        The second version? Thanks to Tim Tate’s revitalised journalistic career (an unresolved tale involving a supposed snuff-film which started life at – where else? – the Needleblog) Sawyer’s new best pal was able to flatly contradict the first & offer us another take on things (unsurprisingly, also unresolved).

        What team work!

        The horrendous, vicious piece of work who was entrusted to act as a go-between for yet another ‘vulnerable witness’ (“Darren”) in dealings including with the police, ‘Discovery77′, was also involved with Sawyer, a chief pusher of those blasted sheets of paper. Although they rather predictably now profess not to get on with one another, it has not always been the case:

        “Despite terrible doubts in the beginning, I can now say that they are now utterly allayed, and have been allayed by speaking directly with these people and exchanging ideas and certain confidences. It is of my opinion now, that the Needle team are to be trusted totally and categorically.”

        Aye, keep inflating that giant balloon of crap, eh?

        Given that this poison has a half-life of a thousand-years, I’d like to see the lot of ’em all sealed in concrete & dumped in the North Sea. The minds that lay behind it all revel in the following grade of filth, a delightfully named series ‘Naming the living – Part 1 to infinity’:


        They disgust me.

        P.S. I had planned on tackling Savile, but have no energy left. Moor Larkin’s blog is a fantastic piece of work, and even were it not it wouldn’t be responsible for one percent of one percent of the bile puked out of the above link. And of course Savile was ‘guilty’ – we are all ‘guilty’ of something or other. The question is: ‘of what?’, and the only way to establish that is by examining individual claims individually, something the media has failed to do. Hence, the noble bloggers unrewarding hard work; I salute them.

        P.P.S. God, a quick read before hitting send & I realise I’ve missed out so much more, all involving the same chancers – what a rag-bag of degenerates they are.’ – BANDINI


        1. Strange coincidences:

          “Needleblog up until this point seemed to be mostly interested in writing about the EU and the financial crisis and such-like global matters. Since October 2012, the blog has become almost exclusively concerned with Child Abuse. I’m not sure at one point it began to carry a Donation tab for NAPAC, but it would seem that the blog’s prior interests would hardly have seemed relevant to an organisation about adults making historical claims about the past. Gojam used to post at The Daily Telegraph as a commentator but has not done so since. He had been fairly prolific there, in the past.”


      2. I had a small peek. It’s like dictation in a psycho ward.

        I think it’s a great way for Gojam to go out – looking like an extremely strange character with even stranger mates. Some with links to child abuse, on the perp side.

        Copy and pastes from 2 years ago, when someone got the wrong end of the stick & got it into their heads that a well known troll was actually us, even though it was totally obvious to anyone, that he wasn’t.

        Something long since sorted out, or so I thought.

        I think there are plenty of people who have witnessed his shenanigans, to see it’s pure ‘Gojam’ style. Insane stuff by a now notorious gang, who have been attacking CSA Survivors for over 4 years.

        Again, Good Riddance to such a bitter, venomous, nasty little creature. In reality very few people, apart from his gang, will be sorry to see him disappear.

        And he knows it.

      3. I think I should just add, my friend Bob says he did not post the comments on the Noodleblog.

        It’s ancient stuff over 2 years old, that Bob and I have long since sorted out between us, as always someone just trying to cause a drama, purely because that’s all they are fit for & they can’t seem to exist without creating havoc in one way or another, in other peoples lives.

        And with previous for doing this kind of stuff on a loop for over 4 years, it’s all so boringly familiar isn’t it?

        1. It’s pretty easy to work out who posted it.

          It’s the same group of Twonks who ran the unintelligible ‘Kevin Green’ crap which I got taken down – and who are now boring everybody to tears with Kev’s bastard offspring.

          ‘Convicted Trolls’ 😉

          1. Yep – Like a ‘syntax fingerprint’some might say.

            The tell tale hysterical psychotic style, gives the game away just a bit 😀

  12. going on the response I just received from Twitter after my complaints, we may see the end of the 55th account of the vile @majorleak2017 account before much longer. He is still attacking women and publishing innocent people’s address to cause them fear and distresses exactly like he did on most of his other Twitter troll accounts like @thehonorables etc. I have sent you the screengrab JJ

      1. Can you publish what I sent you here please JJ? Just in case he accuses me of lying ………. thanks muchly!

        1. As he still continues to deny that the @majorleak2017 Twitter account is him, I will assume that I can safely publish it without him reporting me to the police for ‘harassing’ him (again). So I will do it Just this once 😉

  13. Does anybody else find it worse than creepy that so many middle-aged childless men like @majorleak2017 on Twitter are so obsessed by CSA and are hell bent on destroying Child Abuse survivors?

  14. CarpetBagger Did someone just say ‘Impotent little worm’ or am I hearing things? 😀

    I don’t find it totally weird that childless men despise child abuse, after all many will be Uncles, Godfathers, step Dads or will have friends with kids that they are close to.

    But there is definitely something quite disturbing about a bunch of creepy men with child abuse histories (some on the perp side), attaking genuine CSA Survivors/witnesses in major CSA Investigations and the fact they appear to be able to get away with what they have and get others falsely into trouble, purely due to some seiously strange shenainigans via the (laughable) Law. despite all the evidence against them, they appear to be operating under some paraellel law.

    The ‘Law’ that I have seen working behind this, bears no resemblence to what anyone would expect or is how it should be. And everything about it totally contradicts the promises that were made by Theresa May, that no CSA Survivor should be afraid to come forward. With so much evidence to prove they have every reason not to come forward due to being relentlessly stalked, harassed and even threatened (even in person), caught on film stalking witnessed by the Police themselves, yet appear to be above the law.

    After what we’ve all seen, I can’t possibly repeat what I think of her. And as always, not 1 politician is fronting up to her about it.

    What would be the point? She is after all the captain of this unbelievable shambles, where the only people who seem to making big money are the lawyers and ruminators, chewing the cud and of course, those ex Tory politicians with the unscrupilous career histories in various ways.

    And even that is highly suspect, considering who was involved in the major smearing and who they are actually hand in glove with.

      1. Seems to be back up this morning. Maybe she just deactivates it at night sometimes?

          1. I expect so. Those all too familiar hack attempts in the dead of night.

            Groups of strange little night stalking creatures. It never ends does it?

  15. Off-topic but interesting old vid from Rebel Media.


    Stick with it for the second half – very relevant to what’s happening to Europe.

      1. There’s a vid on ‘tube of a Mexican laughing his head off in front of an audience, saying how he made that vid in January, so CNN REALLY GOT THE WRONG GUY!.

  16. Chinese Media Says India Needs to Be Taught a ‘Bitter Lesson’ Over Its Border Dispute (Things are heating up – still nothing in the Western M.S.M.)):-


  17. CHINESE IN THE RUSSIAN FAR EAST: A GEOPOLITICAL TIME BOMB? (I’ve seen a few references to this in the past, but this is very detailed):-


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