I have been doing a lot of research over the last few weeks into something that has affected what appears to be a huge number of people who use the Internet, and which ranks among the grubbiest, malevolent and entirely cowardly activities one could ever have the misfortune to encounter.

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This activity, which has become known as ‘RIP Trolling,’ is a singularly vile and deeply disturbing ‘pastime’ (the perpetrators themselves describe it as ‘doing it for the lolz’), undertaken by what only can be accurately described as truly evil, desperately ugly and wholly unrepentant creatures, and involves staging both sustained and completely unrelenting online group attacks on the grieving families and friends of recently deceased children.

Attacking and destroying online memorial pages, which are set up by the deceased child’s family and friends – with child pornography and photoshopped images of mutilated and sexually violated children, adults and animals is only a small part of what they do.

These targeted group attacks are not exclusively focussed on deceased children either, as it has been observed that they derive great pleasure from their sickening online attacks on disabled children and their parents too.

These activities were not something I had ever encountered before, and was certainly something I had not experienced on a personal level, but I was asked to look into it by a number of victims of one UK-Based group in particular, who co-incidentally had also started attacking a good friend of my family on Facebook and Twitter around the same time.

I began tracing their daily activities to their source, aided by some very useful screen shots of their evidenced behaviour, and a digital archive of information sourced by and kindly supplied by some of their victims – and in no small part by the contents of a book that had been written about this very group, which certainly helped to answer a number of questions I needed answers to.

Available on Amazon, ‘HACKERS ON STEROIDS’ which is available at the low cost of just 99p, is an essential, if harrowing read and I would recommended it to anyone who has experienced ‘Trolling’ and ‘Stalking’ and ‘Cyberbullying’ online, and also gives the reader a unique insight into what passes for the mindsets of the type of people I am attempting to write about here.

It is not an easy read by any means, but I did find a lot of parallels with the online and real-like harassment and abuse that I had encountered online since 2013, and finally putting faces to the names that are contained within the book proved extremely helpful too, inasmuch as seeing these people for what they really are – also confirmed that their physical attributes are every bit as much as you would imagine one of these creatures to actually look like.


The Updated status of this post is to acknowledge that I have been left with no option but to remove some of it’s content – due to that content now being shown to be demonstrably false.

I published the content in good faith, and it was based around information I had received from someone who has since been shown to be a less than reliable source.

All I can do is to apologise and assure the reader that I would never knowingly publish information on this website I know to be false, and have since severed all contact with this individual, who has clearly attempted to use the Outlaw as a platform to further his obsessive and ultimately harmful vandettas against a number of people….

I must also add that I totally agree with those people who have advised him to seek the professional help he desperately needs, if he is to avoid any further dealings with the police and the High Court.

35 thoughts on “TROLLED TO DEATH (Updated)

  1. Just like with Spivey, I can’t believe anyone still believes I-Wannbe-A-TV-Personality-Private-Eye Mr Mark Williams-Thomas is credible at all.

    Oh no not I.

    Not after that twisted game he played with borg with me as their little piggy in the middle.

    Who exactly have any of them helped?

    Not Messham.

    Not Reeves either, as they initially claimed they had.

    I see another lot on twitter have taken him into the fold to get his story told?

    No one listens to me because I used a bad word in a tweet to a man taunting another into suiciding. Evil me.

    Besides, I’m just a figment of your imagination, apparently, a concept, nowt more than an ol’ Jimmy sock.

    I’m not a victim of UK CSA though I am a survivor of CSA, just not in the UK.

    In their rush to sniff all CSA survivors out they didn’t err on the side of caution. Borg fished me in, then set about discrediting me, to the extent I’m not even a real person, because it is her MO to discredit UK survivor claiments.

    I’ll ask again.

    Who exactly has she helped?

    And why wasn’t she telling peoplee her convicted sex offender brother was living with her when she was inviting victims to her place as respite?

    1. I read on his Twitter that Reeves contacted Operation Conifer. That is the investigation into allegations about Edward Heath isn’t it JJ?

        1. At what stage does that Video of her pretending to overdose become admissable as evidence? If not the video at least the actions of that night recorded as such and taken into account. That woman needs to explain her actons, just like the Fake Sheik had to explain his!

        2. At that time, because of the IRA threat. Heath was the most closely protected person in Europe.

          So how come none of his numerous bodyguards from that time have come forward or been questioned?

          Yeah, we’ve all read the online stories about Heath taking kids out on his yacht & throwing them overboard after he’d finished with them,but his security detail said NOTHING?

          To anyone?.

          1. Which has been my argument ever since the allegations surfaced via David ICKE way back when.

            Heath was the number one target of the IRA, he could not take a piss without there being a record kept of it…. in triplicate probably

            RIGHT TED’S DEAD ….

        3. They were approached, like many people are and basically deceived that these people were going to help them with some issues they were going through at the time.

          Vunerable people, or those who are seen as vunerable are the usual targets.

          I was approached in the same way in 2012, by the same person in fact, who offered a ‘safe haven’ at her residence in Holland. She turned extremely nasty after I refused to divulge personal information about a child abuse victim she was desperately trying to identify.

          They could not get me onside, so they did everything they could to try and discredit or ultimately destroy me …. making hundreds of bogus police complaints to get me arrested, and by threatening and stalking my family and friends was favourite.

          They even boasted that they were able to make me take my own life whenever they wanted ….

          They were wrong on all counts as it turned out.

          But they do keep trying bless ’em ….

  2. Oh and is the bitch still licensed to carry a concealed weapon in the UK as she once claimed on twitter?

    1. Close Protection operatives, ambassadorial bodyguards, the security services on active duties and some military and police officers are legally allowed to carry firearms.

      I shouldn’t think an ex-pat who mooches around dodgy UK campsites in an RV would qualify.

  3. But she works with the Home Office and Mrs May?! She even posted Home Office stationary addressed to her from Mrs May as proof that she does. She is supported by Gojam and Will Black writer who liked to post links to KevGreens blog and she works with Mark Williams-Thomas and was on a talk panel for the Huffington Post, so she must be credible, right?

    I mean she even help the poor children get their own computers in Thailand, didn’t she?

    Or is the Borg really just a Fraud?

  4. Reeves (O’Connell), is part of the scam. If you are a desperate limelight and attention seeker, which he sadly is, doing press interviews under a false name ensures that the people you claim to be seeking from your past never find you, but you get the attention fix you are so desperate for, with no worry of your story being outed as a crock. He is desperate to get on TV. Very strange little man.

    MWT – right there in the thick of it. Orchestrating the monsters. However has he managed not to be busted yet? His latest woeful TV crime extravaganza backed by Simon Cowell.

    Didn’t Simon Cowell stump up £50k bail for an alleged paedophile?

    1. I don’t trust Reeves because of his connection with a certain woman. Because of that woman and her merry men, I don’t trust anyone who has supported her since that Messham set-up.

      1. PS A visit to the Spivey site is like a day out at an 19th century freak show to see the bearded lady and deformed midget.

      2. Reeves’ original testimony of his alleged abuse is HERE. No mention of Edward Heath at that point, it may have been added later.

        1. Totally agree with both of you.

          Reeves is the bumbling old granddad character that people are too respectful to question.

          Respect your elders kind of thing. Respect is earned in my book. Blind respect for liars young or old is never good.

          Same old story – he adds a new abuser each time he tells the story.

          His blog was set up for him & written by the Borg. Anyone who has seen his communications knows he can’t write for toffee (or in his case ‘sossij’ ) 😀

          They reminded him from time to time of “the emails he shared with them” – blackmail as they have tried with many people.

          His desperation for the media spotlight (remember his desperation to be invited onto TPV? – and other MSN TV since.)

          Seems even squirrels demand their 15 minutes of fame these days.

  5. i downloaded the hacker book last night. its scary stuff and i never knew this stuff existed. its like a completely new world

  6. SFO adds therapy pig to greet travelers:-


    McCarthyite Blacklisters Threatened With Lawsuit Remove CounterPunch From List:-

    “Further narrowing of who these cowardly shadowy (for now) people are is the presence of JPR, a site with a very limited readership and virtually no influence compared to most to most of the others listed.
    Who is obsessed with a small, new site like this? That would be a very limited number of people.”



  7. It’s Gang-stalking LINK How (male usually) sodomite LINK get their kicks when they aren’t taking, or selling coke LINK or taking or selling porn LINK or killing humans slowly for profit LINK or fast for profit LINK or butchering them for profit LINK or spraying them with poison LINK or murdering the whistleblowers LINK and plenty with state terror apart from the faked ones LINK Not to mention the poor bloody animals LINK and planet LINK In between they abuse babies and older children with anal rape LINK psychiatric drugs LINK vaccines LINK and other hospital abuses LINK like circumcision LINK and cord clamping LINK they like to drink the blood too LINK Funny old world, isn’t it, being possessed LINK by reptilians LINK hence the slit eyes LINK with their own sign language LINK LINK Universe class losers, pure evil.

  8. who is this head case?

    GOOGLE +

    I’ve read one where she mis-identifies me too.

    Here’s a one fingered salute to her bullshit.

    She’s no sleuth. Just an armchair protagonist who suck answers and assumptions from her thumb.

    She needs professional help, is how I see it.

    Take your meds woman!

    1. That is Sharon Kilby/Zaki or whatever name she is using these days to write her green-inked letters.

      She is just another Internet sad case who lives on the north Wales coast and obsessed by her own belief that everybody online who does not agree with her bonkers theories, has to be a ‘Freemason’, or is being controlled by the Freemasons or is a Government Agent or’Shill’ or ‘Sock Puppet’.

      Or they are really someone else or in fact, ‘multiple people with a myriad of fake identities (sound familiar?).

      She makes the Conspiraloons look relatively sane does Ms Zaki.

      She barely leaves her house by all accounts, and spends all her time trawling people online and writing/publishing excruciatingly long PDF’s (which give Spivey’s outpourings a run for their money) on her strange website, about the people she targets – but knows hardly anything about other than what she reads online.

      She has claimed (among many other things) that I work closely with Spivey of all people, and for the Freemasons and that I have dozens of online usernames etc etc

      The Same tired old crap as any of the toxic trolls who pop up from time to time come out with.

      Another one best ignored I think Jen, as she is a clearly deranged, deeply disturbed middle-aged woman who is obsessed by Paedophile rings (both real and imagined) and the people she believes is running them.

      I did at one point ask to meet up with her and show her the evidence she demanded I turned over to her, but she did not respond.

      She is another one who would do well to read about new Stalking rules being planned: HERE

  9. I found her on google images.

    There is a madness in her eyes. I hope she gets the medical help she so very obviously requires.

    1. As is sadly the case with many areas of the UK, the Mental Health teams in north Wales are swamped and are barely able to cope.

  10. If she can’t get the help she needs I would recommend reading tall stories to short people – she’s half way there – as a promising career step, which could earn her the money needed to get some professional help.

  11. This is strange! There are tiny white dots cascading slowly down the screen on your site. I don’t get this anywhere else & I’ve never had it before in over 10 years of “netting”.

    Is anyone else getting this?.They’re only between a millimeter & about 3-4 mil in circumference.but the print temporarily vanishes as they pass over it.

      1. Sod that! It’s just damned wierd, As I said in my email to you, I’ve never come across this before.

        I’ve sent you a screen print. hope you got it

    Angelic Defenders & Demonic Abusers.Memoirs of a Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor:-


    Globalist war against humanity shifts into high gear: Cars, cash, literature and independent news all targeted for elimination:-



    1. This was when they dismantled the camps at Calais which in turn brought them into Paris city centre. What’s Paris like now, I wonder.. where did they move them to? Or is this mess still on the streets of Paris today?

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