As many people may already be aware, there have been, what can be accurately described as a ‘flood’ of online accusations, leveled at a number of people who have put themselves forward as Campaigners and/or spokespersons, who advocate for, and claim to be seeking justice on behalf of survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

A number of these, who through aggressively promoting themselves on every platform that has been made available, have also attracted a large following, and as such, are rather prominent.

Of those, there is one in particular, who has been receiving a lot of attention lately, the greater majority of which is highly critical, and despite appearing to drop off the face of the earth for a couple of years, now appears to be making himself visible again.

Most of what has been alleged is what has come to be expected, namely that he is a ‘Paedo-Protector’, an ‘Establishment/Police Stooge’, a ‘Shill’ or is simply, just another low-rent grifter, who is making cash on the back of other people’s misery and suffering.

Much of what has been circulated, has of course been based on hearsay or internet rumour, and as such would be difficult to prove, but as much of the criticism has also been supported by some rather suspicious behaviour – and by his long-time association with some really questionable characters, then those criticisms are entirely justified.

In my opinion.

However, there is one allegation that has surfaced recently, which to anyone who has been a resident in one (or more) of this countries’ Approved Schools (Community Homes), Detention Centre’s, Borstals or similar institutions …. would be altogether more disturbing.

As I understand it, the image above came from the Twitter account of somebody who claims to have been in care, either with Bill Maloney, or around the same time, or knows somebody who was.

The Tweet is self-explanatory, inasmuch as Mr Maloney, if the allegations are indeed true, appears to have occupied the position of a ‘Top Boy’ whilst he was in care, which would have placed him at the very top of the pecking order, and a figure who would have been very much feared (and despised) by other residents.

‘Top Boys’ were the ‘Enforcers’, a title which, as you would expect, have allowed them to ‘enforce’ their will on anyone they chose to target, and who were usually younger, smaller, weaker and ultimately frightened and vulnerable people.

If I were to suggest that there are two other ‘Enforcers’ that I am aware of, that are, as I write this, currently occupying the roles of fairly high-profile CSA campaigners and advocates, and that one of them is female, (the role of Enforcer was not exclusively male) – how would you feel about that?

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    1. In my experience, Enforcers operated across the entire Approved School/Children’s Home system.

      Throughout Wales at least.

      Every establishment had one

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  1. Anybody who has listened to his coaching [more like bullying] of the very vulnerable Andrew Ashworth will know what Baloney is. i read that he struck Andrew around the head with a kitchen implement to ‘help’ him remember too. i dont know if there is any truth in it, but from what i saw and heard in those videos, i would not be surprised

  2. Baloney certainly plays the role like he was born to it. I can see him shouting ‘Who’s the fucking Daddy now? I’m the fucking Daddy’ when he is home, like Ray Winstone’s character Carling in Scum ………. or the equally bonkers Matt Taylor in his ‘Who’s the Daddy’ Youtube thing.

  3. I have an idea who the female is. Would I be right in saying she is one of Brian Gerrish’s pet projects?

      1. Maybe she’s making another ‘blockbuster’ film? The Shaw Scam Skank Redemption?
        There surely can;t be any more trusting idiot left to fall for the Shaw scam and those scammers pushing t?

    1. Unwanted forced immigration has been making it that way for decades. London may as well be a foreign country these days. Feels like one if you are daft enough to go there these days.

  4. Never trusted Baloney, he never had the look of a real CSA survivor. After watching those videos of him bullying Andrew Ashworth, there should be no doubt exactly what he is. Just saying.

  5. there were some proper nasty bastards in care homes from the 1960s on and not all of them were staff people dont want to talk about that but its a fact that much of the abuse that happened was inflicted by residents the thing that makes me mad is that there are people saying that they are abuse campaigners who in fact dished out abuse themselves physical and sexual and some even claimed compo after making out that they were abuse i was there i was in a few approved schools and dc i saw it as did many others but as so many got big wodges of cash they are not going to say anything else

  6. When I was there in 1980 thetop boy in Ty Mawr school was a right Psycho bastard. He used to batter some of the younger lads in the dorm and take things from them

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    Good thing I’m not paranoid – this could almost be a ‘How To Impose Martial Law”!

  8. This is not surprising, (Top Boys), but I didn’t know this before about your care system over there 🙁 Inspired by the infamous English boarding school system, but perhaps less formalized, would you say? Depicted in various ways in popular culture, from “Tom Brown’s Schooldays” to the film “If”, etc.

  9. This is interesting. I’ve been sitting on the sidelines for a few years now watching the rise of various “victim advocates” and been amazed at some of the characters who are so dodgy and are, I guess “hiding in plain sight”. It’s inevitable you will hear a lot more about Maloney and it won’t be nice. He’s incredibly cunning (I speak from personal experience and from 15 years ago). He was a bully but seems to have cleaned up his act but his real self shows through. I feel sorry for poor Brian Harvey being drawn in by him.

    1. Thank you for your comment, and your valuable insight Andy.

      I totally agree, personal experience is worth it’s weight in gold when it comes to highlighting both the characters, and the agendas of these people.

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