Today, Saturday, 19 May 2018, is a rare day.

It is a day when it is perfectly acceptable to fly the Union Flag.

As many as you want.

It is also perfectly acceptable to be English, or to be British and to be seen as being proud to be so.

It is also acceptable, even encouraged on this day, to promote British traditions, British Achievements and British History, and everything else that goes with being British, whatever that entails.

Including Patriotism.


Those privileges run out at midnight, because after that time, the mass media and the British establishment will revert to type, and their default setting of seeing you as, and will, without a doubt describe you as being:

‘Racist’, ‘Bigoted’, ‘Gammon’, ‘Far Right’, ‘Militant’, ‘Extremist’, ‘Nationalist’ ‘Xenophobes/Europhobes’ and of course …. ‘Nazis’.

Enjoy the rest of your day ….

48 thoughts on “TODAY

  1. With the majority of the WORLD watching this event today come only ONE person,the amazing Chris Spivey…has cottened on that its all a hoax with everyone involved being crisis actors, multiple people playing the same person and CGI etc?
    He simply is amazing aint he? Think about it…the ONLY “writer and journalist”(and tattoo artist lol) who has discovered that its all a hoax!!
    I really am amazed not one other person in the world has seen it also.
    God bless this hero of the troof movement.

    1. Is he still around then? I heard he had disappeared up his own orifice months ago.

      1. As far as I am aware, he is still around – and still publishing his unique brand of crack pottery

  2. So true. And for a family who are Jewish too. Strange rituals of exceptionally expensive pretence, that of course we all pay for, whether we think it’s a complete farce or not.

    I actually wish it was ‘a hoax’, a ‘false flag’, or just plain old figment of imagination, but alas it’s only too real.

    Much like a strange naked bloke who dresses it’s dog up and photographs himself sitting with them.

      1. Haven’t a clue, but Charles is & Silly & Willy are supposed to have been circumcised. A completely un British ‘ritual’ for sure. Very Jewish though I believe?

        Which personally, makes a complete mockery of having a British Royal Family. Maybe we could sell them to Israel, claw back some of that money Cameron kindly baled out his bent banker mates with?

        With 100,000 kids being denied free school meals, a big fat Jewish ‘Royal’ wedding to shell out for, a new freeloading Jewish royal mouth to feed, we sure could do with selling off our old outdated junk.

  3. This country is officially F.U.B.A.R. — ‘Fouled up beyond all recognition!’

    1. She’s skulked off having changed the FB page settings, making it only viewable to her whack job fan club. (Cue her changing them back again, having stalked the comments here).

      I think linking to the ‘Borg’ as a credible source didn’t help her warped sense of having any credibility, plus mention of the Aussie paedo ring that appears to link to certain (insert your own words).

      Anti CSA con companies that link to child abusers, not very convincing somehow.

      Wonder if they got the idea from their gang mate, who did the same decades ago.

      I really wish the Police would properly investigated this ‘ring’, but alas, I feel with the connections the leaders have, that will never happen.

      Plus, as WKD quite rightly said, this country is well and truly ‘ F.U.B.A.R.’ like it’s never been F.U.B.A.R.’d before and we all know why.

      1. Is the B woman still about?

        She started out on Twitter on the McCann tag, IIRC

        A place a Mr Christopher Steele liked to threaten people on, which is where I first noticed him posting pics of himself at the races betting on his own horse, apparently.

        I see he is of interest to the FBI and the DOJ at the minute.

        So is Carter Page.

        Another name I came across that seemingly is used to threaten victims of child sex abuse or at least have them quaking in their boots, and have always wondered why.

        As for BoJo? Oh my!

        I want to be an American.

        When I am I Will have the freedom to say what I can’t in the UK

        But for now, mouth shut, I sit and watch and learn without the blind trust that was once indoctrinated.

        Oh, remember that cardinal and his trigger-finger? Well….


        1. Oh I forgot to ask.

          Mark Warner, the company related to the McCann case – is it the same Mark Warner that is in US government, or related to him in any way?

  4. I see that the disgusting troll Cat Scot of the Fresh Start Foundation north of the border is being shown up for what she really is JJ. Her supporting and applauding the death and rape threats being made by the likes of Fabooka and her sharing the bullshit fed to her by notorious trolls the Truth Seeking Music Makers and others has confirmed what many people think anyway no survivor will touch that shower of abusive shit now so she has done a vulnerable people a big favour by putting them off contacting FSF

    1. Apart from sad cases who are equally desperate for attention like Ogilvy, she is not getting anything near the attention she craves.

      That is why she is being even more vile than usual.

      And you are right, just as many Scottish local authorities are waking up to FSF and denying them a platform to spread their bullshit, most normal people are only too aware of them, and have given them a swerve.

      I do wonder how much longer Gerrish and U.K. column will continue promoting them though, as they are so obviously toxic now.

  5. How do you feel about the Hoaxtead site which will be credited with taking down Cat Scot, the Fresh Farts Foundation and her scummy mates even the UK Column is feeling the heat? I bet you must be feeling pretty pissed off about now!!!

    1. On the contrary …. I am of the opinion that it does not matter in the slightest, who is ultimately responsible for making things as uncomfortable as possible for those toxic characters.

      As long as they are shown to be exactly what they are, and hopefully disappear up their own rancid holes forever in the process – then the jobs a good ‘un.

      It matters not a jot how that comes about, as long as it does.

      1. Well said. I think there’s several things coming to a head, brought about by various people.

        It certainly goes wider than Hampstead & didn’t start there, as you yourself are testament to Mr J. with all that has happened to you and others, for over 5years now.

  6. Apologies for not posting for a while.

    Computer issues and being on the road, I’ll not bore you with the details but just to let you know I am still around and catching up when I get a few hours to myself. See y’all when I get back to Blighty. Keep on keeping on JJ, they really don’t like it up ’em.

    P.S. It’s good to see that lots of the fakers and abusive twats online are shutting up shop and making their social media accs private. Doing some cleaning up maybe? Or do they know that their game has been revealed to all now and they are shitting themselves?

  7. Good post and pretty much how it is. Isn’t the British establishment wonderful?

  8. Jimmy
    It’s really not so bad in old Blighty.

    I recently read a good book about East Germany under the Stazi. It was fascinating to read how protected and/or privileged groups could basically ‘rape and plunder’ with impunity for decades, while those who attempted to expose them could be swept from the street to a court and jail (or worse) in less than an hour! The media, being state controlled, was simply ordered not to report these snatches from the street – families would know nothing of what had happened to their loved-ones – they simply disappeared. Anyone who knew what had happened could not tell anyone else for fear of similar treatment!

    Truly the stuff of Orwellian nightmares…

    I thank the fates, daily, that we here in the UK can sleep easy in the knowledge that such a thing could never happen here.

    1. I read about a similar scenario that you have outlined only recently Axolotl, it wasn’t East Germany though, it happened in Leeds I think ….

      1. Jimmy
        I think you must be mistaken.
        The authoritarian socialism of GDR required a militarised police force, made up of blindly obedient thugs, whose primary tasks were the brutal repression of dissent and protecting the elite. The judiciary, repellent scum masquerading as arbiters of law and order, made whatever judgements their political masters wanted without question. Obviously a very different situation to our own boys in blue and the bewigged protectors of our rights.

        1. Absolutely!

          No comparisons should be drawn between the former GDR and the absolute Freedom of thought and speech we currently enjoy in this country.

          None whatsoever.

  9. Barbara Hewson has reached a new low (if that’s possible). She has been trolling Sara Payne the mum whose child was murdered FFS


    1. According to that article, Hewson is now ‘Self-Employed’ herself, a term which she claims, in her own words (as shown in one of her own tweets) – means ‘Unemployed’ …. Happily, most normal thinking people are of the opinion now, that Hewson is every bit as toxic as the ‘Conspiraloons’ and ‘Toxic Trolls’ she and her online cohorts claim to be fighting against obsessively.

      She also appears to have latched onto, and truly believes every crackpot rumour and theory that has been fed to her by her ‘team’…. thoroughly debunked rumours, I must add, which have been rinsed off and repeated online for what seems like forever, and she is something of a hypocrite too, as evidenced by her own Twitter feed ….


      1. If you ask me I think Hewson requires mental health assistance.

        The real story is perhaps about the failing of the BRB to act on their duty of care to their members.

        1. Not a lot to disagree with there TDF ….

          It is believed that a clearly destructive relationship with alcohol, and close relationships with toxic characters who shall remain nameless for now, but have clearly encouraged and supported her behaviour, has played a part too.

    2. Her sidekicks have been doing that for the last few years.

      When their friend convicted child abductor conspirator Penny Mellor was convicted of harassing Shy Keenan, the Judge told her she may receive an Immediate prison term if she carried on, so her mates harassed Shy Keenan instead.

      Their gang mate convicted paedo headteacher Nigel Oldfield has been harassing Sara Payne for years & amazingly was let off for it in recent years.

      The torment that woman has had to endure by this mob alone.

      The ‘gang’ have been harassing both women for years and I believe it was part of the reason they decided they could no longer continue their advocacy work.


      Even the above message they posted caused the gang to bitch and snipe at them.


      Strangely enough, it was one of the examples I provided the police (with evidence), when the usual suspects in ‘the gang’ tried desperately to have me falsely arrested.

      So if Sara Payne needs that evidence, it’s all logged officially with my Local Police force, who assured me that it would be kept, because I told them this gang would not stop, until the Police stopped them.

      With Hewsons latest attack of Sara Payne, I seem to have been proven right about that too.

  10. Tommy Robinson has been locked up in Hull prison for reporting outside a grooming trial


    1. I have removed the link from your comment as that that article has now been removed from the Hull Daily Mail website.

      There are reporting restrictions in place I believe.

      1. Gagged in th UK.

        America still has freedom of speech. Not so much here. When you are gagged from discussing current affairs it is no longer a democracy.

        Grooming gangs are current affairs, but they run establishment deep. Hence the court order gagging the UK populous.

        I hear Jeffery Epstein has a lot to say, as does Harvey Weinstein.

        I watch and wait and hope and pray.

        The papers are awfully quiet when it comes to reporting on Alison Mack from Smallsville too, but social media isn’t.

      1. Any man who goes by 3 different names is suspect. That’s true for both Robinson and Shapps.

        When I arrived in this country no one could define what it means to be British, as you’re a nation of immigrants. And if you did define it you were an old white racist according to the MSM.

        The Americans are a nation of immigrants too. Their constitution rejects Sharia law. Whereas the UK practices it. How long before legal sharia contained within certain buildings in London breaks out onto the street?

        And why isn’t the middle East changing their laws to suit the west so that the tide can flow both ways?

        Its a religious Trojan horse everyone is too politically correct to talk about.

        Except Donald Trump.

        1. Can’t speak of grooming gangs, just like we couldn’t mention McAlpine nor can we question the McCann narrative. But our taxes will pay for them.
          Gagged in the UK. No denying it.

          1. I refuse to buy into this ‘white shame game’ being played out in the UK today too.

            They’ve got some folk so wound up that you now find white folk taking offence on behalf of black folk where the black folk haven’t take offense in the first place through white shame.

            I am not responsible nor to blame for the history of my ancestors. They are Irish who have a Barbarian Red Leg connection. But let’s not talk about that, right?

          2. Jenniejenjen
            “I refuse to buy into this ‘white shame game’ being played out in the UK today too.” Absolutely agreed. Same with the slavery reparations BS.

            Wasn’t there/didn’t do it!

            Apart from which, where’s the outrage against the non-white slave traders responsible at least twenty times as many taken from Africa for slavery, who also took whites (Barbary Pirates) and who continue the practice to this day with Indians and Philippinos?

            Strange that no one talks about that…

          3. There is an interesting book floating around on the internet called “Who brought the slaves to America’, which is worth tracking down.

            To level the playing field a bit.

          4. Agreed, Jenniejenjen there’s a narrative of ‘white people are to blame for everything’ in the air in recent years. My view on Robinson or Lennon as his real name is basically that he goes too far on some points, but I can’t deny that his basic grievance with Islamicisation in some parts of the UK, seems correct.

            I am 75% Irish so I guess I am to blame for all of the bombings committed by the Provisional IRA. But my English great-uncle fought in WW2, so I am to blame for any Allied atrocities also!

  11. Can I just say, I am not a racist but I am anti religion.

    Especially Islam.

    It scares me to death.

    I am not afraid of death. I am afraid of folk who want to kill me for the sake of an invisible being no one has scientific proof of.

    And the torture they enjoy putting their victims through.

    I saw it and heard it all through the BBC, going on about ISIS and Islam. They shitted me up over this.

    There. I can’t stand it.

    That’s my confession.

    We are all equal except in the eyes of religion, where to kill yourself while killing non worshippers is respected and rewarded with God knows how many virgins?

    It’s twisted and sick.

    Same goes for Christianity.

    It preaches about Lot and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

    Then Lot drinks wine with his daughters in the mountains and impregnated them.


    As for that Crowely supporting satanist dark lot of Bohemien Grove ilk who worship Morlock etc, really?

    Remember the late 90s early 2000s when Madonna and Brittany Spears and a whole bunch of celebties were sporting the red thread around their wrists as representation of the cabal they had just joined?

    No? I don’t think they want us to either.

    After all, there is no cabal, or deep state now, is there?

    PS An error I made earlier was confusing two Carter’s. I meant RUCK, but got it wrong.

  12. Recently, an elderly white lady complained to the Royal Parks police that Muslims were illegally holding group prayers in Hyde Park.

    Here is the response from the police.


    1. As with everything else, it depends if the Police doing the speaking know the Policy, instead of just blagging it, as the one above probably did.

      The rule applies to everyone.


  13. Thanks for the book reference Jimmy. I will add it to my holiday reading list.

    That lady from speakers corner was later arrested at her home. The video link was on Twitter.

    There is a religious war going on. Too many confuse it for racism. It started in the Middle East with the Sunni and the Shiite.

    What do you think the Bahrain Pearl Roundabout protests where about?

    We all ignore the Trojan pony neighing Rascism at anyone who points it out.

    Look at the offense over a comment about Valerie Jarret – an Arabian women, friend of the Moslem Brotherhood apparently – yet now everyone assumes she is black. She’s not.

    Donald Trump is not an ape either.

    Isn’t it nice that some occupations will now allow Christian folk to wear a cross to work.

    The schools I went to as a child allowed both the Christians cross and the Star of David to be warn.

    Don’t know when last I saw someone wearing a Star of David.

    Are they still worn?

      1. Does he?

        I haven’t paid him much mind until now.

        Apparently no one is allowed to film outside a court. Yet, only one person arrested even though other recordings made?

        Interesting that we don’t seem to have heard anything more about what went on in court that day. Some of the suspects entered with bags packed. What happened?

        They all get off? Slap on the wrist?

        1. Funnily enough Jen, it’s not only taking photographs or filming during an ongoing court case that is contempt of court.

          As I discovered following my own sentencing hearing in 2016, when my ‘accuser’ was led from the court in handcuffs after being arrested for publicly Tweeting not only the details of my case, but of others that had taken place earlier, as well as a number of offensive comments he made about myself, my solicitor and the district judge too.

          In the same manner that Tommy Robinson was dealt with for his contempt, my accuser was also dealt with swiftly, being arrested, charged, brought before the judge and convicted – all within the space of three hours.

          There was no custodial sentence though, merely a severe reprimand, and a grovelling apology, accompanied by an order that the notes that were (illegaly) taken by both my accuser and his wife during the hearing – were to be confiscated and destroyed by the police.

          So justice is, in cases like this, dealt with rather swiftly, and is not an attempt to ‘silence’ people from speaking out and is in no way ‘illegal’…. as some online crackpots have claimed.

          1. I follow Carol Rosenberg who tweets from court at Guantanimo Bay.

            I guess anyone ending up there is fucked either way, so what difference does it make?

            The UK sent some folk there too, if I’m not mistaken?

            We need a special place like that for all these child fuckers and their suppliers!

  14. One more thing. Since when is it custom to attend call to prayer in a balaclava?

    Who just happens to be carrying one about?

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