As far as I am aware, during political party Leadership Elections and General Elections – the democratic process allows for one vote per person only.

Local elections may be different, but that being said, there may be a perfectly logical explanation for the following claims that were spotted on Twitter.

It could also be said that it offers an explanation for the unprecedented and wholly unexpected surge in the Labour Party vote during the 2017 General Election.

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    1. Over 14.5k have already signed.

      “It has come to my attention that apart from the normal abuse of our postal voting system, during the General Election 2017 large numbers of students voted twice – once in their university constituency and once in their home constituency. This is indeed allowed at local election level but is subject to a fine of 5000 GBP at general election level.

      The UK led the world with its democracy, we were a shining beacon for others to follow. Let’s not make British Democracy a laughing stock for the world. We the undersigned demand a full investigation be carried out and if electoral fraud on a large scale is found we demand swift action be taken.”

      1. The youth of today. Really, I despair!
        Back in the day, if you did something a bit iffy you would keep it quiet. Now? Broadcast it to the entire online world, where it will stay, for all to see.
        Dopey bleeders.

    1. OG
      Couple of very interesting pages here re. James Wesley Howell and fake news.

      All may not be as it seems! The videos are worth watching – only about 20 mins.



      I must be honest, wrt the Pulse I still can’t make up my mind if it was a drill, if it was a drill that went live as a false-flag, if it was the real thing, or even if people died or not!

      The only certainty is that something happened.

      What do you reckon?

      1. All I can answer at the moment is that Putin is on record recently claiming that nearly all of the “terrorist incidents” are organised by the C.I.A.
        Further,I watched part of the !st vid & I’m not surprised that people are being wary of revealing real names to a total stranger after what they claimed happened.
        Would you?.

    1. That will give the Twitterati a mass stroke, I should think.

      “It is a great shame that some of those with a more ‘vivid imagination’ – the fake ‘victims’ – were allowed to hog all the media limelight, and consume the millions of pounds investigating their ‘fake claims’ “

      1. Faith
        I’m pretty sure those water cannon that Boris got hold of are still tucked away somewhere handy…

      2. That whole ‘Nick’/Exaro business stinks. One, or both, were primed with enough info and quite specific facts about locations to set the ball rolling convincingly. The steady impetus that was building-up from real victims was hijacked by them. When it reached a crescendo, it was utterly destroyed, leaving the abusers safe and the abused disarmed, as the media were/are scared of being twice bitten.
        A really cynical person, which I am not, could be forgiven for wondering if some public servant in high office was persuaded to, erm, ‘big it up’ massively before the denouement. But only a simpleton would suggest even the remotest likelyhood of such a thing actually happening.

        1. Yes and there’s also the strange case of friends of friends of at least one who was falsely accused, being some of his biggest false accusers, who had many people falsely suspended from Twitter, so they could be the predominant leaders in the ‘false accusations’.

          Some cynics might wonder if that was a financially beneficial angle too.

          1. Jane.
            Then there’s the great old tradition of ‘going to the study with a glass of whisky and a revolver’ but dying of ‘natural causes’. Doing The Decent Thing to protect the family name and/or others.
            It’s possible that it still happens.

          2. Hmmm possible Phil, especially after all these disgraced ex Tories appear to have made a packet in compo, yet the same accusers who accused the 3rd disgraced Tory of being a paedo (along with the other 2), appear to be friends of a certain notorious anti false accuser mouthpiece. Family connection to the 3rd accused too. And disgrace surrounding the family connection.

            Some people might think it stinks of a compo blagging scam. And as 1 involved is notorious for those …. and the old codgers who have since died, how convenient they should all pop off so close together, convenient too some might think.

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