Unlike many who operate within the ‘Alternative Media’, good friends of this site, Eddie and Deborah of the Kent Freedom Movement have, in conjunction with the Grassroots Out (GO) and Vote Leave campaigns, actively been out on the streets of Gravesend for weeks now – stressing how important a LEAVE vote will be in the upcoming #BREXIT referendum.

The E.U is a stepping stone to a One World Government dictatorship run by the banksters in the shadows.

Knowing this the KFM are doing our bit along with Grassroots Out (GO) and Vote Leave to reinforce the message to the public that it’s “Time to leave the E.U”

Vote Leave on June 23rd 2016 and stop the banksters in their childish but deadly evil game of World domination.

Get involved help stop the NWO.





20 thoughts on “TIME TO SAY GOODBYE

  1. Thanks for uploading the video onto your esteemed site Jimmy, much appreciated along with the kind words.

    Like yourself we just want to help play our part in making sure we LEAVE the banksters paradise that is the E.U.

    Thanks again, 🙂

    1. Your welcome.

      This is probably the most important decision the British electorate will make in a generation.

      It cannot be overestimated how much we need to leave the EU.

  2. Of course, “leaving” something that was not actually legal in the first place, is a ridiculous idea. However, with the media being of the same tribe as those pesky, “international banking elites”, we are somehow, held in captivity. Unload the burden.

    1. The media are in bed with the establishment and vice versa, they will never defend the interests of the ordinary person in the street and are of course averse to the truth.

  3. It’s good to see people like the KFM out there actually doing something practical. Far too many in the AM sit in their bedrooms day in day out spewing inaccurate and badly-researched shite and constantly banging on about how crap their own selfish lives are. This referendum is the most important for a generation it affects every one of us so why don’t that many in the AM seem at all bothered?

  4. I wish I didn’t have this horrible gut feeling that we are not going to get out. I have this feeling that either too many will vote to stay, out of ignorance of the facts, or the fear propaganda has worked on them, or lastly I believe TPTB could rig the vote somehow. I HOPE TO GOD I’M WRONG.
    Also don’t forget if we do get out, we have OUR OWN nest of treacherous rats in Westminster, that is another massive problem for us.

    1. I also feel that the result will be somehow fixed so that the UK remains firmly within the pernicious grip of the money men.

      It’ll be the postal votes that will do the damage I’d wager.

  5. Germany aren’t allowed their own army since WW2 so they rely on the protection and military might of their neighbours So I’m not surprised Brussels are in talks about an EU Military ruled from…..Brussels.


  6. what actually happens to UKIP after the referendum? if we vote out they become redundant if we vote remain the chances of another referendum any time soon are zero.

    1. They will continue to exist in one form or another I should think.

      Like the Lib-Dems after they were annhilated following the General Election.

    2. Good question Richard, if we get out maybe they don’t have to become redundant, perhaps they could then campaign to deport all the foreign criminals that have swarmed into the country, as well as reverse this mass immigration that’s been going on for years, I can’t see any other party having the guts or even the desire to tackle it.
      I personally have a problem with all politicians though, I just don’t fully trust any of them, there is a huge lack of honesty and integrity in 99% of them, it’s painful for me to think about it.


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  8. US Jewish groups laud government’s transgender protections.Reform movement’s Religious Action Center, National Council for Jewish Women, ADL hail directives in school:-


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