‘Madness is rare in individuals, but in groups, parties, nations and ages it is the rule” – Nietzsche

One of the things that the Outlaw is particularly proud of, is that in the six years it has been online, it has never been reliant upon donations or needs to display intrusive advertisements to either sustain itself, or to generate an income.

Nor for that matter, has it, so far anyway, knowingly ‘sold’ any product or offered any type of service in exchange for payment.

So with that in mind, I was somewhat surprised to learn over this last weekend, that this website, has without my knowledge, not only been covertly selling a number of products, but is also  ‘Spewing hatred and lies’ ( about some unnamed person), is ‘Pro-Nazi’ and of course, the old favourite And  [are/is] Satanists’….

I must admit that these revelations had me scratching my head at first, but things became clearer when I was furnished with a number of Facebook messages and posts, which made things a whole lot easier to understand (sort of).

Some clown called Wesley Hall, who apart from sending Facebook messages to people about this site, is from what I am able to ascertain, fairly well known as being something of an online ‘activist’, who has built up a reputation (although a rather ‘questionable’ one) of being something of a menace and has been making a nuisance of himself for a number of years.

Hall is currently on Facebook ‘advising’ people how to obtain ‘ABS lock picking tools’ and ‘RFID locking mechanisms/keycards’ from China, which I can only assume are used for effecting entry into properties secured with such devices – and is openly encouraging his Facebook ‘followers,’ (and any ‘Squat Teams’) to ‘open up buildings’ with their £50 purchases.

I am sure I have no need to expand on the probable consequences of such actions, and focus instead on one of Mr Hall’s Facebook messages.

From what I can see, Wesley is making a rather bold assumption in that:

‘a Group [The Outlaw] has Alasteir [sic] Crowley cards or something, and are ‘slagging off everyone to do with hampstead mate’

And Wesley has made that claim despite asking ‘Who’s the outlaw?‘ in between voicing his assertions.

And what ‘group’ are you you referring to Wes? When I last looked it was only me.

Hmmmm ….

After about five minutes looking through Wesley’s Facebook page, it becomes a little bit clearer where he has obtained his information, and despite his claim that ‘loads of people are talking about it‘, it appears that in fact, two of his many Facebook followers have been doing some ‘research’, and posted the results.

From those posts and messages, it is safe to assume that they have been trawling this site and reached their ‘conclusions’ based solely on what they have read and somewhat strangely interpreted, as what they have then …. posted on Facebook.

It is also safe to assume that they are among (or support) a number of dubious agencies, who have for the last few months, been attempting to undermine and discredit the ‘Shatterboys’ – a support group for male survivors of sexual abuse – by attempting to associate it’s founder with what they are claiming is a website run by ‘Pro Nazi Satanists, spewing hatred and lies and who are also selling ‘aleicster [sic] crowley greeting cards!!’

From what I can make out, Danny (Shatterboys) has either liked, or shared a post from the Outlaw on Facebook, and unwittingly unleashed a feeding frenzy among a small group of people who, are also devout believers in both ‘Satanic Ritual Abuse’ and more specifically, the now thoroughly, and happily debunked ‘Hampstead’ SRA hoax.

Taking that into consideration, it begins to make sense why Wesley Hall has involved himself, and has sneakily, been contacting people via direct messages on Facebook – because he too, is a devout believer and pusher/promoter of the Hampstead hoax, and has spent an inordinate amount of time recently, trying to drum up support for the recently incarcerated Sabine McNeill, one of the original instigators of the Hampstead hoax.

He has forgotten about Ms McNeill, however, since her further remand in custody as I understand it, and has now switched his attention to aiding and abetting those who are inclined to break and enter whatever buildings they deem suitable to squat in.

From the relative safety of being behind a keyboard of course.

Going back to the assertions that Wesley, and ‘Emma Paramour’ have made, things will also become a whole lot clearer, when one realises that the Outlaw, despite not ‘selling’ any product or service, does offer a platform (at no cost) to a number of highly-talented artists and crafts-persons, by publishing links to their online stores on it’s ‘Links’ page.

One of these artists, who specialises in work of an esoteric nature, even added a rebuttal comment to the claims made by ‘Emma Paramour’ on Facebook, which illustrates this clearly.

As for their other claims?

I must admit that I am at a loss when it comes to finding out how and where this site has been ‘spewing hatred and abuse’, so I may need some help when it comes to locating instances of that …. and as for the Outlaw being ‘Pro-Nazi Satanists?’ – that is easy to explain, as it appears that anyone who has not taken up permanent residence up the rear end of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, or is not an SJW, or a ‘Troofer’ or has exhibited doubts about the Hampstead SRA claims, can expect to be labelled as such.

And this site is in some pretty good company in that respect.

That being said, taking a little time out to address these ludicrous claims, has given me an idea and one which would be of benefit to anyone who views what they read online in such warped and twisted ways, and to those who appear to struggle with reality.

If I should ever decide to run adverts on the Outlaw at some point, I will of course consider those people (and agencies) who have such an upside-down perspective of reality – and who appear to spend most of their time attacking, and trying to discredit credible Child Abuse advocates and campaigners like Danny  Wolstencroft of Shatterboys, and others – in order to promote belief in an entirely fictitious and wholly destructive idea like ‘Satanic Ritual Abuse’ and suchlike.


And any agency who could help people deal with the worrying levels of psychotic, paranoid and delusionary behaviour that some people exhibit online.

Because that’s the trouble with reality …. it certainly ain’t what some people think it is.

‘Delusional disorder is classified as a psychotic disorder, a disorder where a person has trouble recognizing reality. A delusion is a false belief that is based on an incorrect interpretation of reality. Delusions, like all psychotic symptoms, can occur as part of many different psychiatric disorders. But the term delusional disorder is used when delusions are the most prominent symptom.

A person with this illness holds a false belief firmly, despite clear evidence or proof to the contrary. Delusions may involve circumstances that could occur in reality even though they are unlikely (for example, the family next door plotting to kill you). Or they may be considered “bizarre” (for example, feeling controlled by an outside force or having thoughts inserted into your head). A religious or cultural belief that is accepted by other members of the person’s community is not a delusion.’




  1. Another fine example of how they never give up.

    Hampstead gets a mention, so the usual tribe involved.

    Shilly idiots.

  2. Absolute lunacy, 2 weeks ago he told me I was being socialy engineered by hoaxtead then that I’d lost the plot. My plots fine and your posts are honest

    1. Aren’t you so glad we have a Government who thinks an inevitable high speed ghost train that no doubt will end up going nowhere, is far more important than some desperately needed secure units for super crazies?

      1. Jane, at the risk of ‘doing a wacism’, I think that what should be more important than either is jobs for working class native people.

        1. I agree totally tdf. And some actual worthwhile apprenticeship schemes, because despite being flooded with immigrants, they’ve never filled the shortage of engineering vacancies that have been obvious in some areas for a long time.

          But you know, we’re obviously way more desperate for chefs for Indian Takeaways etc. that must be a priority in our country.

          1. Agreed Jane, and I have to wonder if this case is the tip of a large ice-berg, one that the authorities usually don’t probe into –


            The main surprise is that the case above even went to court. Cynical old moi suspects that the accused must have pissed off someone above him on the food-chain.

          2. Hmmm tdf it reminds me of the case of prolific Paedo Pilot Simon Wood. Allegedly worked for Jeremy Hunt. No one ever knows a thing do they?

            Same as Telford and all the other places child abuse has been purposely ignored.

            It’s not like people haven’t aired their grievances about being swamped decade after decade, yet it’s always totally ignored and is the reason why people move out of areas, because they are feeling like a minority in their own towns.

            London being a prime example of how that has been happening for many decades. Totally on purpose and against the peoples wishes.

            And this just sums up the entire pony & trap show really.


            And now the world waits to see if they will be shamed out of bombing Syria, because we all know what that’s all about.

  3. *Comment deleted by Admin*

    The only commentators getting ‘Dumped’ around these parts – is you ‘Carl’.

    Regards Jimmy

  4. Heads up Jimmy the Truth Seeking Music Makers are starting to get really nasty and have put up a video on YouTube about you and Brian Harvey. Take care m8

    1. Aye I heard. TSMM are a strange lot, they get all their ‘research’ from people like Bobchewie and Cat Scot, and they used to troll the crap out of Chris Spivey and his moderators using the name ‘Shilby Shill’.

      So it’s even odder why they are using the same way-off-the-mark crap that Spivey published on his site, as their ‘evidence’.

      They are a music? group though, called ‘SunboX’ and they are from the Chelmsford area, although calling themselves ‘Music Makers’ is a bit of a stretch I think.

      TIP: They worship Bill Baloney and get really, really angry if anyone criticises or questions his motives, or calls him out on any of his bullshit.

      So be aware of that.

      There’s not much about them online, but there is enough to identify them


      1. By going after someone’s MH status that video passes the ‘Hate Crime’ threshold now. Just Saying

        DAILY WIRE

      2. Cat Scot was promoting Chris Spivey. Strange that an alleged anti CSA organisation should be supporting a creature who is fond of attacking CSA survivors and was allegedly busted for paedophilia and bestiality found on his PC.

        Not really, seems to be par for the course for a lot of these shady anti CSA con set ups.

        And linked to an alleged /rapist that claims to be paid for by police and ‘ex’ MI5 shills etc too.

        We must be all mad, clearly it would have been better for us if we’d all set up Iran Aid type scams and pilfered many millions from them.

        Seems to be the way to keep yourself out of prison unlike their best mates.

    2. There are some serious tantrums going on down Essex way. Getting close to the endgame for these fools. That is why they are losing their shit the way they are. I feel it in my water. Shame [Not]

  5. JJ. I see that the pilot of the plane that crashed at Shoreham is being charged with manslaughter. Rather strange for something that never actually happened and no one was actually killed don’t you think? I mean the great man said it didn’t happen so it must be true. Just sayin’.

    1. No doubt an ‘explanation’ which, (if possible) is even more bonkers will emerge from the dark place at some point Sam – or not

      1. “In accordance with the Code for Crown Prosecutors, I have considered whether there is sufficient evidence to charge Mr Hill with any offence and if so whether it is in the public interest to do so.

        Following a careful review of the evidence I have found there is sufficient evidence to charge Andrew Hill with the manslaughter by gross negligence of the 11 men who died.

        I have also authorised a further charge against Mr Hill of endangering an aircraft, contrary to Article 137 of the Air Navigation Order 2009.”

        THE ARGUS

    2. He is now saying the Ant & Dec car crash story is a hoax Lol.
      Yes of course its an over published story but why on earth would it be a staged event?….

      Spivey really has lost it…..oh and ofcourse his latest article ends with the usual…..Im so poor send me donations

        1. Apparently the Russians are the reason none of us trust our very own little Terror, the PM.

          How dare we have minds of our own & the ability to see through endless treasonous propaganda eh? Naughty us.


  6. More from The Department of You Couldn’t Make It Up!
    “Madeleine McCann: Police granted more funds for search”


    It seems there’s an outstanding “critical line of inquiry”

    As there is every Spring.

    Portugal is always lovely at this time of the year.

      1. They never ask us if we want to come join in the summer Portugal panto though do they? A panto fewer people seem to be buying tickets to watch.

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