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The elephant in the Courtroom….

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  1. It was always going to be window dressing. The whole edifice is rotten to the core. All we need is Someone in big boots to stand on rotting the apple.

  2. Jane says:

    I agree – baying for the blood of a dead nonce – what will that achieve & pinning it all on the BBC when it’s clear who his very best elite friends were?
    I don’t feel that unless control of the Police is taken away from the government things will ever change. If the government are allowed to pull the strings then how can justice ever be seen to be done when the government instruct their top bods/police etc to brush this all under the carpet and they do what they are told. The top bods aren’t going to bite the hand that feeds them – so many people end up dead when they do don’t they? If the people were in control of the police, maybe we might get somewhere & all the politicians paedo pets might actually get their comeuppance & politician paedo protectors held to account as they should be?
    It’s pretty clear who Savile was working for – Chequers invites, the power and free reign he was given, Heath before her, his great close friendships with the Royals – certainly wasn’t just down to the BBC but that is what the propaganda machine is trying to make people believe.
    Must be very hard trying to cover this all up in the age where people can more easily research things for themselves – Cameron must be sweating buckets wondering how he’s going to fob off the public – best not choose Willy for the job this time, I think there will be a lynch mob if he does! Think there will be one if they try yet again to pimp the cover up’s on people because anyone with half a clue isn’t buying the whitewash.

  3. Withnail says:

    Great comment Jane.

    I’ve managed to speak to some people involved in the recent ‘celebrity’ perv cases. Some are very serious, others are not, and yet they are all treated there same way by the press and bloggers – hugely frustrating, as I’m not really in the position to say anything about these cases.

    One recent case – the guy was acquitted. The evidence against him was overwhelming, but clever/evil barristers make witnesses contradict themselves and the jury cannot convict ‘beyond reasonable doubt’. If it was on ‘balance of probabilities’ there would have been no acquittals at all.

    Any chance of an update on your ‘situation’ Outlaw, if you know what I mean?

    • Outlaw says:

      Hi Withnail, in regard to my ‘situation’ it would be safe to say that there are ‘ongoing further investigations’ in progress and they are not specifically focussed on myself.

  4. Withnail says:

    Hi Jimmy,
    Thanks – and good luck to you mate. Lots of us want to see you beat these bastards.

  5. Jane says:

    Thanks Withnail 🙂 think people are just becoming ever more sick of being lied to & the simple fact is, the ‘facts’ we are told don’t actually match with the evidence, or not in it’s entirety at best. Think we all know there has got to be a better way.
    Aha my very feeling about the Law & Lawyers! The Law of this land as it stands, isn’t about getting to the truth, it’s who has got the best Barrister with the best stats in for ‘wins’ for his/her fancy legal footwork to get their Client off the hook.
    Now we have the ‘hang ’em high’ Gov/Media propaganda machine rolled out to make all the accusers seem like liars, spin doctoring the publics mindset into distrust of the abused persons story, paving the way for the greater arrests to come? (If they have to resort to offering them up to save their own skins that is – last resort stuff I imagine).
    People didn’t buy it last time, but it was pre-internet times & therefore the publics voices had no oomph & were so much easier to silence.
    You don’t have to look too far to find that the non brainwashed public are not buying it even less this time & the legit ones are doing a good job of joining up the dots with the help of documented evidence & meticulous research. 🙂

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