‘I think the Rule of Six is good, we need clarity and we need simplicity. If people understand why we need to restrict the numbers, then we are more likely to get a compliant population. 6-6-6.’ – Dr Hillary Jones M.D.

‘Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six’ – The Book of Revelation. Ch 13. V 18.



  1. Dr Shillary is not the family friendly General Practitioner he wants people to think. He is as establishment as you can get. The change agents of daytime television

  2. Off topic.
    Shaun Attwood is due to drop another bollock.
    He recently interviewed self styled deepweb porn exposer Ron Swanson (Surviving Life) but has yet to upload the full conversation.
    Now though Mr Swansong himself however has been exposed by countless folk for being very dodgy indeed. Lol
    His excuse “yeah im part of the kink scene” oh stop it please.
    I guess when im on pornhub I can just say “yeah im part of the girl-on-girl scene”

    Oh and by the way.
    I always assumed Sonia Poulton was a regular poster on here. Was she not?

    1. Interesting info on Attwood, I hear his popularity is going to drop into a huge hole in the very near future.

      To answer your question about Sonia Poulton, FD, she commented once on this site, back in 2014/2015 or thereabouts, when the true identity of the left wing satirical blogger Tom Pride was revealed, who had been publishing some rather unkind lies about her, so she commented on the article I posted about that.

      Whether she even reads any of the content here, I do not know, but I do know that she was never a ‘regular’ commentator here.

      She never contributed financially to this site, nor has she ever been a site moderater, or has written, or submitted any articles specifically for this site either.

      That rumour was started by a few idiots on Twitter, who were stalking her at the time, and who made a number of crazy claims, including that she was/is my wife, she financed this site and wrote the articles here, that she used to post regularly under the name ‘Jane Russell’ in the comments, and some other equally ridiculous claims, none of which were true.

      I have not had any contact with Sonia Poulton for a good few years now, which no doubt she could confirm if she was asked.

  3. As for the tv doctor.

    Come on guys you gotta sympathise with a guy who had to grow up called Hilary.

    1. John Wayne was born Marion Robert Morrison, but there is a world of difference between those two. Very few were brave enough to rip the piss out of Duke 😉

  4. Not sure if it’s ok to do this or not, but I want to refer a link to another site which put up an article today exposing the falsity of Chris Whitty and co with their new 4 rules to keep the pandemic down.

    I have found this site frequently sound and invaluable. I’ll leave it in your hands to discern or dispel, Jimmy.


    1. The link looks OK to me David, and anything that questions the clown world narrative that Whitty and his mob are pushing, will be welcome here.

  5. I went off Sonia when I watched her gun toting boyfriend of the time on twitter.

    What genuine campaigner would feel safe with an aggressive man like that?

    It doesn’t add up.

    Not to mention her ties to all the questionable ones like Icke and Bill Phoney.

  6. One thing I do know.

    Do not join BNT unless you want to give Sonia and her gangsters all your personal details for a hack job to be done on you.


    1. That’s a familiar pattern to others who operate within the Alt-Media.

      I am watching another one who has appeared on Youtube and Facebook from nowhere, and seems to be gaining a bit of traction on the back of the Jon Wedger and the Attwood/Cali’s shit fest.

      Pied Pipers, one and all, drawing people in, distracting the public’s attention away from the real issues and the real monsters under the bed, and operating a scorched earth policy as they go, leaving nothing untouched by their poisonous narrative.

      She has got all the usual suspects blowing smoke up her arse, telling her how wonderful she is, yada yada….

      She is now, apparently, lining up a set of Youtube interviews with a few of the proven scammers and fraudsters we have watched come and go over the last few years, which will of course draw in a few more rubberneckers, and newbies and lead them down a never-ending rabbit hole from which they may never emerge.

      It’s all going to plan.

      DLV Mk II.

      And we all know what happened to her.

      Stock up on the popcorn folks, its gonna get messy (again).

  7. And the beat goes on, and on and on and on.
    What happens when no one is still dancing?

    As sure as life and death is, so too is it true that every wave crashes too.

    Surf is up. Starting with the BRF!

    The shilling has been cranked up like never before.

    Which is why black is white and white is black, wrong is right, and right is wrong, boy is girl, and boy is girl, up is down, and down is up.

    Look there, not there

    All the world’s a stage!

  8. Attwood keeps digging a hole for himself.

    Anyway….on another point…Mr Spivey has once AGAIN said he can no longer afford his website fees….315 quid a month! Lol…. so he has now got himself a dot site which costs just 31 quid….oh and he said paypal and Orange had suspended his accounts or something cos of him exposing satanic elites etc….

    Dear God…..

    Is there ANYONE normal worth checkin out online?

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