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  1. These are the type of academics who go on be be the *experts* used by the media to scare us about Climate Change and the dangers of butter and sugar and white bread and soda pop. They mostly copy and paste without checking and steal other peoples research and end up getting a B.A. or M. A. on the back of it (and huge *research* grants of course) $$$$ 🙂

  2. These are the types who are employed in schools and universities teaching our children. Many of them are raging communists too

  3. Off topic.

    Remember I said that the abortion issue is not just a female issue, hence men too do get to have an opinion on it?

    So an American doctor died and They found 2000 packaged abortions at his home. Now what on earth would he want them for?

    Well, like I said, when you find out you’re going to feel conned into doing the ostrich head burying act. After the shock of the sick reality that abortion is less to do with helping woman than it is for getting their mitts on the by-product. Our dead babies.

    Another thing, funny how the high powered sexual abusers are all priests or American. Never British. There is even a circle on Twitter who believe Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris are innocent.

    I don’t believe that. I believe the Brits are better at covering their shit at home.

    Their problems come in when they offend abroad.

    I’m glued to every last detail on the Epstein case. It has the potential of revealing some cold, dark truths about the British perverts after all. I guess paedophilia is not a far step from in-breeding.

    The security services have been using child abuse as blackmail for decades .

    I even sent Neil Wallis a YouTube video of Ken Clarke admitting as much regarding a children’s home starting with a K. He says the kids were abused and the abusers blackmailed. I wasn’t the only one to see that video. Did Neil Wallis report it, even though he specifically asked me for the link?

    Of course not.

    Don’t trust the media. They’re all part of a secret handshake club.

    And don’t follow the white rabbit! He’s the fucking groomer who lead Alice into places where she was big when she was small!


    My Virginia!

    Written by a true pervert that one was!

    • Hi TDF. Its all good with me, and thanks for taking the time out to ask. I am simply taking some time out, in order to concentrate on some other projects, and have taken a step back to watch many of the online trolls, hoaxers and assorted warring factions, consume each other. It’s cathartic, and something I cannot recommend highly enough

      • That strikes me as sensible. As the poet W.B Yeats put it:

        “Cast a cold eye
        On life, on death
        Horsemen pass by”

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