Despite what the establishment and the mass media are trying to make people believe by every means available to them, the biggest threat to any nation, to any people and to any decent society is not the ‘Rise of the right wing in Europe and America’.

In fact, the opposite is true if anything, and the biggest threat by far, (discounting crooked establishments and the corrupt mass media) are the large numbers of people who have been seduced by very well-funded and highly organised and militant groups that are on the left of the political spectrum.

These groups, I shall for the purpose of this article only, refer to as ‘The New Barbarians’, which to anyone who has any understanding of where the world’s real power structure lies, is the name the architects of the NEW WORLD ORDER gave themselves.

It was not that long ago that anyone who mentioned the NWO, would have been greeted with howls of derision and the inevitable accusations of ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ would be aimed at those who talked or wrote about it’s existence …. However, that does not appear to be an issue anymore, given that many of the world’s politician’s have not only acknowledged and supported it, but have outlined their plans for it’s implementation.

And some of the broader goals of the NWO are:

  • The Breaking Down of all National Borders
  • The promotion of massive non-white immigration into the west
  • Promoting Multiculturism (with the intention of wearing down a nation from within)

Which are strikingly similar to the broader aims of the militant leftist ‘Anti-Fascists’  (AntiFa) who are generally seeking:

  • Trotskyism (A borderless world based on global Marxism)
  • The intermixing of all races in which everyone will supposedly have respect for one another and universal justice will prevail
  • Destroying Nationalism by undermining the very concept of a nation state

These aims, as history has already shown, are almost totally impossible to achieve, and can never be realised except on paper, but by following these doctrine’s, the militant leftists are basically doing the donkey work of the globalist power brokers who wish to bring about the installation of the NWO.

Which makes me wonder if they actually understand, that what they believe and their (often violent) actions are trying to bring about – is what is necessary for the future ‘Global Plantation’ which is the ultimate wet dream of every globalist meglomaniac.

These actions can only be those of unwitting ‘useful idiots’ who must also truly believe what they are doing is morally right, and that their moral superiority also appears to be a powerful enough motivation for them to try and inflict as much damage to their own society, and against all of those who oppose them, as they strive to tear down the current power structure.

They truly believe that global justice for all will only be realised when all nation states are eliminated, all nations, creeds, colours and religions will then live together in total joy and harmony and some type of utopia will be the end result.

Which is, as those of us who are old enough to remember such things …. Communism.

And as most people with a brain in their head know beyond a shadow of a doubt, Communism is a total con job used by the elite’s in any society to gain total and absolute power.

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  1. Work this one out then……. Would you rather go to a Tridentine Latin Mass conducted by Opus Dei dyed in the wool bigotted Traditionalists or to a all singing all dancing Modern Service with Happy Clappy Snowflakes who make their beliefs up as they go along?? I Know who I would trust the most!!!! BTW I have absolutely no time for any organised religion..Or any of them….. But an interesting conundrum in context I hope

  2. Without being patronising Jimmy…..This is a very thought provoking article…

    But if I can move to a less Parochial level than my previous comment……… It’s interesting to note that Ben Fulford and his myriad of sources all agree that now that David Rockefeller has been allowed to die we 90%. or useless feeders….Can sleep easier in our beds!!!! And so can our Good Queen Bess…….She may be a Reptilian Alien …But she was never part of the plot to get rid of us all ..So there!!! Thank Fuck for small mercies!!!

  3. So the loony Left and the wannabe anarchists are doing the work of the globalists? The irony of that is delicious

  4. I don’t think the BREXIT vote has gone exactly to plan & I don’t think it’s quite so easy to fool all of the people all of the time.


    1. OG. I’ve always thought there was something special about Nordic women but who’d have guessed…

  6. Sadly, It’s not just those of the obvious left that are the problem. Alex Jones has some good stuff from the likes of Paul Joseph Watson on Infowars but I’ve always had some doubt abobout Jones himself.

    Now, presumably following legal threats, he has done a complete climbdown on ‘pizzagate’.

    For me, the jury is out until some solid evidence turns-up, though Podesta’s emails, if genuine, are certainly odd.

    Has Jones been a well paid ‘useful idiot’ in building up the story (like ‘Nick’ with Exaro – enough detail to get people to take the bait, then boom, effectively closing-down any further questions) or is it a bluff to research more, but under the radar.

    Time will tell, but I trust my gut on Jones.

    We’ll see.

    1. AJ and Watson’s rabid defence of Israel, as well as their main sponsors are a big problem for many people Phil.

      1. Phil; JJ; You should know that ANY criticism of Jews/Israel is the death blow for any “truther”.& you can be sure that Jones has always known this.

        Hence he has to be careful, OR ELSE !!.

        1. Alex Jones has been more careful than most OG, especially as he has recently got married again, to a Jewish ex-escort/Yoga Instructor who his first wife left him over.

          But that may just be a vicious rumour.


          1. “Alex Jones is a fraud, dangerous and I am ashamed that we ever had him on this station”


            ‘The politician offers to defend you against your enemies, so that he can eventually deliver you to your ultimate enemy…… Which is Satan.’


          2. Admin. Thanks for some interesting links. It puts the following into perspective.


            I searched for a good while. This was the only reference to the subject could find by him. Notice how he even dodges saying the word.

    1. OG. From the comment 25 on the Free Republic item:

      “Prosecutors started contacting me in early September, wondering how I was feeling, needing me to write a victim-impact statement, asking me whether I preferred the two juveniles be certified to stand trial as adults for the aggravated robbery charges. I said I did not prefer it, hoping they would outgrow their rather reckless and violent moneymaking scheme soon and would perhaps consider getting jobs at restaurants or grocery stores or something normal like that.”

      This, after the perps had robbed four others, at gunpoint, while driving a stolen car – which they then wrecked! And this fool thinks it’s ok to leave them on the streets, harming, possibly killing others!

      Beyond stupid AND incredibly selfish.

  7. California Transgender Inmates May Soon Be Given Bras, Mascara, Lip Gloss:-


    Full text of “Memoirs, of the Conquistador Bernal Diaz del Castillo written by himself containing a true and full account of the discovery and conquest of Mexico and New Spain” (DON’T SAY I DON’T BRING YOU OUT-OF-THE-WAY STUFF) :-


    Swedish Feminists Flee Suburbs Due to Islamic Fundamentalists (TRY THE COMMENTS):-



    Dr. Alfred Kinsey sexual experiments on infants etc was funded by academia and the Rockefellers:-


  8. Have you seen this Jimmy? Toxic Fantasist ‘Nick’ and Exaro News may finally be dealt with properly at last. It looks like Harvey Proctor has found the financial backing to sue ‘Nick’ and the Met Police for a million bucks.

    They will be spewing over on Twitter, oh dear 😉


  9. Talking of the lunatic left
    Latest from the Department of You Couldn’t Make This S**t Up.
    Dyfed Powys police force set to drop different uniforms for male and female officers… to avoid upsetting transgender people


    They are also planning to make the bogs in all custody areas unisex.

    This force covers a huge area – half the size of Wales, across the middle part of the country – and it is overwhelmingly rural with few towns. The population of the area is only about 488,000.
    According to GIRES (The Gender Identity Research and Education Society), 21 people per 100,000 are Transgender.

    Even ignoring the fact that many transgender folk tend to be city dwellers so that they can access the services they need, statistically, there are at most 100 in the Dyfed Powys area.
    An entire police force is being unisex-uniformed on behalf of a hundred people, many of whom will have little or no contact with the police anyway.

    This, in the same week as headlines stating that police attending burgled homes is on it’s way to being a thing of the past…

  10. Admin.
    It would handy to know who is behind Black Bloc ‘anarchists (as shown in the top photo). They would probably say “We’re anarchists. We don’t have leaders”, but that’s BS. They’re too well organised. I suspect the leaders are agents provocateur cotrolled by, and/or paid by, the likes of a certain elderly billionaire. It’s odd that a large black clad group, with backpacks, can get into controlled areas with ease, cause a huge amount of damage with impunity, and then get out again without being collared.
    The fact that the MSM don’t often mention them says a lot.

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