As news of the latest ‘celebrity’ under suspicion for a historic sexual offence reaches the mainstream media, Bloggers and Tweeters along with the more unscrupulous members of the online media, are salivating at the prospect.

Ex Coronation Street Actor Neville Bushwell, aged 70, who played the Ray Langton character between 1966 and 1978, has been accused of ‘exposing himself’ to an underage girl in the 1960’s.

In fact why not go further and join in with the other online anonymous accusers and label me a ‘paedoprotector’ and a ‘nonce’ because I do not immediately throw my hands in the air in horror, and demand the immediate reintroduction of capital punishment for this most heinous of crimes.

Think what you will of me and anybody like me, who refuses to participate in the media-fuelled ‘Witch Hunt’ that has emerged following the Jimmy Savile and Steven Messham ‘revelations’.

But it will not change the facts.

It is not facts that are important to you.

Why on earth would you want to let the truth get in the way of such a good story?

Is it because the story that had been prepared beforehand and the images carefully selected before being fed to you, have become so embedded in your mind, that everyone and everything is now suspect?

Or do you just believe anything that is placed in front of you?

In the simplest of terms, that is what some people now refer to as the ‘The Messham Effect’

It has been a very successful enterprise in all, all attempts to unearth the facts have been thwarted by swarms of online Bloggers, Tweeters and media Hacks, who’s only concern is the continuation of this drama being played out in real time.

For certain people, Steven Messham was the best thing that has ever happened to them, they have found some purpose to their lives and have exploited it to their advantage and fiercely protect their prized asset.

There are also those who’s reasons for protecting this version of the story are so very much darker.

For some though, Messham has become and will always remain a Pariah who has sold his soul, as well as being responsible for casting genuine victims of Childhood Abuse adrift into the seething and unforgiving Maelstrom his version of the story has created.

These people are the ones that know him, who were in the same institutions and Children’s homes he talks about and who have been only too aware of his accusations for many years.

On a personal level, I have now been accused of driving Steven Messham to a mental breakdown and then into a Psychiatric hospital!

Have I achieved all that just by asking him to tell the truth?

Why don’t you ever ask why he always runs away from those who were there at the time?

He always seems so vocal and eager to talk for the cameras and the media, so why does he refuse to acknowledge the very people he claims to speak on behalf of?

When the story broke, he was approached on Twitter with genuine concern and to show support for his bravery. It became obvious very early on that he was not telling the complete story, as he was purposely asked questions regarding some of the Staff members of a home he was in.

The answers he gave convinced enough people that either he was not the Steven Messham that they had known in the care system, or he was quite simply a liar!

It is/was as straightforward as that in my case, his version was just not true as others who were there with him can confirm.

He was making accusations on Twitter about a staff member I had known personally for almost two years as my housemaster, and in that time I had never known him even shout at anyone, let alone do the things that Messham has accused him of doing.

I did check with others who also knew him and they were all equally unconvinced of the accusations levelled at him by Steven Messham.

Why doesn’t anybody ask him how many abusers he named initially when he gave his first statement?

It was five if I recall correctly and now the number stands at forty eight at the last count.

There are many, many questions that myself and others would like to ask him, but that is now never going to happen, and his version is going to remembered as the Definitive Story of Bryn Estyn.

It has spawned the repugnant #paedobritain Twitter campaign, and has in turn led us to the media-led online hysteria surrounding Child Abuse that we are witnessing today.

Once again, the genuine victims are going to be effectively silenced by the very people who claim (a little too loudly in my opinion) to represent them, their voices again being lost among the teeming mass of self serving glory hunters all jockeying for the top position of ‘Paedohunter General’.

I wonder if they realise, that they have now become the abusers?

Bullying, Faceless and mostly anonymous commentators who by accident or design, seem to have completely overlooked one important aspect of this, that they are dealing with real people.

Real people who have now been forced to reevaluate their whole lives in some cases and relive some pretty awful experiences, forced to revisit places they had safely locked away for decades.

That will be the true legacy of this, and it’s unforgivable.

And as for the rest of the population?

They are just the White Noise in the background being swept along by the hysteria, mayhem and mud-slinging which has been created by this pantomime.

That I feel is the real tragedy, but I can’t see it making the headlines any time soon.