What if I suggested that most of what you have heard about Jimmy Savile since his death was more than likely to be a complete fabrication?

I could even speculate that the whole story was constructed long before his passing with his full knowledge and his complete co-operation.

So, with that in mind, how about this scenario?

“The Jimmy Savile Story was leaked to distract from some very real establishment Paedophile activities that were starting to emerge, which involved hundreds, possibly thousands of children who may have been abused and tortured before possibly being killed and then disposed of.”

Has anybody noticed the obvious lack of ‘credible’ Savile witnesses?

There were only two that I can find that appeared in the media, one, who was allegedly abused by Savile during the time she spent as a patient in Broadmoor Hospital, while the other was a lady in a wheelchair sadly suffering from a terminal illness.

I know from my own experiences, that any doubt about your mental health will immediately single you out as being ‘unreliable’, especially in a case as high profile and potentially damaging as a living Jimmy Savile on trial would have been.

You only have to look no further than the blogs and forums which have sprung up around the Savile story, to see this happen on a daily basis.

So it stands to reason that these particular victims would have been unfavourably treated by the defence lawyers due to their conditions and would in all probability, never have been called if the accusations had surfaced while Savile was alive

It seems that the other victims are a matter of pure speculation at best, there are no details available, no pictures, no media ‘Exclusives’….

We had some vague references to them in the mainstream media, but even that lasted a matter of days before disappearing.

However, people’s nature being what it is, at least one would have ‘gone for the money’ and sold their story to the media, there was enough cash on offer as I recall.

The deeper you dig beneath the surface of this story, the less you will discover about the ‘hundreds’ of witnesses that were said to have been interviewed.

No Blogs, no Twitter or Facebook accounts have appeared that give an insight into the ‘Prolific Sexual Offending’ over the half Century that Savile was said to be solely responsible for.

Jimmy Savile’s nephew, Guy Marsden, who came forward in the early days of the enquiry with lurid accounts of Celebrity parties he allegedly attended, has also gone to ground, was he another Steven Messham who, if questioned more rigorously may end up changing his story?

All of this is speculation of course, but makes more sense to me than the increasingly incredulous accounts of Savile’s alleged Satanic, Necrophiliac, country-wide yet seemingly invisible activities.

The Media Firestorm around Savile ‘Grooming The Nation’ and being named as a ‘Lone Paedophile’ is pure spin…

It appears to be entirely without foundation and therefore meaningless.

Sir Jimmy Savile was no innocent however, he was almost certainly a procurer of children for persons unknown.

His attacks were ‘perks’ of the job, for want of a better description, as he was only too aware of his role and position within the circles he moved in.

He would have only been permitted to get away with behaving in the manner he did as he possessed the ability to attract kids wherever he went.

Could that have been the reason he was tolerated and indulged in the way he was?

He was useful to the kind of people who demanded that children were always available to them… that could be why he was so ‘well protected’ and immune from any prosecution or even close scrutiny.

Savile, with his carefully-crafted public image of an eccentric, yet relatively harmless court jester was able to surround himself by children wherever he went, without attracting too much adverse attention.

Most of what you have read and heard about Jimmy Savile has been written by people attempting to gain some popularity for themselves, while also keeping the story in the public arena as it sells, and sells well.

Because that may also be how the story must be sold.

However odious as Jimmy Savile may have been, I believe whatever he really did would pale into insignificance beside what was really going on.

He was handed over to the media wolves before the bigger scandal was about to emerge elsewhere.

That is where the truth lies and that is where you will find the real story.

It’s the only thing that makes any sense.