I have purposely held back from posting anything on this site, in regard to the very recent ‘Nick,’ or Carl Beech trial and subsequent conviction, but I have, however, been watching very carefully the reactions in certain corners of the internet.

Twitter especially, has as expected, been positively brimming with activity over this case, with two distinct and very prominent echo chambers emerging, at odds with each other, the #ibelievenick stalwarts, and the other side, who have celebrated the guilty verdict (and 18-year sentence) with a glee that borders on the obscene.


I have saved a few of the more prominent examples from the #ibelievenick camp, and as was to be expected, have been the most vocal in voicing their disbelief and faux horror at what they claim was a ‘stitch-up’, and ‘travesty of justice’, and have historically, also been very supportive of almost every crackpot claim in regard to child abuse,that has emerged on the internet over the last decade.

Their main focus of attention, however, is of course their shared belief in the alleged ‘wickedness in high places’ that needs exposing at every opportunity.

They are relentless in their pursuit of ‘justice’, and it would appear to the casual observer, that they have little interest in anything, apart from exposing child abuse and paedophilia they claim exists in every level of British Society.

But that is not strictly accurate, if one was to step back and look at the bigger picture, as most of these people, if the truth is told, have very little interest in seeking justice for genuine survivors of child abuse, nor do they care about instances of child abuse and sexual exploitation that is happening right now, throughout the length of this country.

They only cases they are interested in, are those that involve ‘Prominent People’, especially politicians and those in the public eye.

I have yet to see a single one of these online ‘activists’, post a single syllable in condemnation of the grooming and rape gangs that have been operating in this country, mostly under the radar for decades, and which have virtually destroyed the lives of thousands of girls, some of who, were just 11 years of age.

Nor do they show any support towards genuine survivors of child abuse, many of whom have suffered at the hands of predatory abusers who are currently serving long prison sentences, and if what I have been witnessing is at all an indication, they are more inclined to attack rather than show support, to any child abuse survivor, who has not named anyone on their list of approved ‘Targets’.


James Reeves & Kim Maloney
Esther Baker
Ian McFadyen
Angela Power Disney & Catriona Silvester (Facebook)
Catriona Silvester
Susan G. Crocombe


Ian Mcfadyen (2016)

The Journalist Eileen Fairweather pretty much sums up what a growing number of people believe may be the reason for this.

As to Mrs Fairweather’s observation above, it should be noted that this website, was among the first to call out Mr. Beechs claims as being horseshit, and was also among the first, if not the first website that expressed doubts about the claims of Christopher Fay, and was roundly attacked by the Needleblog, half of Twitter and on other platforms, who had hosted and promoted Fay’s ludicrous claims as also being ‘credible and true’.

Which appears to be a common theme.

Which begs the question as to why the Needleblog, after lying dormant for many, many months has suddenly re-emerged, (albeit without any input from Gojam) specifically to report on the Beech conviction.

It is also my belief that there are indeed groups online, which have been assembled and funded for one purpose, which is to throw up a smoke screen, and to run interference, in an attempt to silence, distract, discredit, instil fear and cause complete chaos, among genuine child abuse survivors, targeting them singly or in groups.

A number of these agitators also pose as survivors of child abuse themselves, but let me reassure you, I am in contact with a number of survivors, some of whom I converse with on a daily basis, and they are appalled at the behaviour of these people, and have themselves been targeted and attacked by them, simply for voicing even the slightest doubt about the claims of Carl Beech, or Melanie Shaw, or Esther Baker or those of the Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse believers and pushers.

Anna Brees
MRJH07 AKA James Hayward

What I have outlined above was to be expected, however, and should come as no surprise to see any or all of the above, continuing the same way, day in, day out.

For the foreseeable future.

My only advice would be, is to totally ignore it, and hope that legislation is introduced at some point, which will make these people answerable for their claims, as well as their online behaviour, via the courts.

That being said, I will now venture a personal opinion (which is also what any or all of the above should be viewed as) of those on the ‘other side,’ many of whom appear to be commenting in a professional or a well-informed (legal) capacity, and who also co-exist within their own Twitter echo chamber, where they share each others opinions, and articles they have written, with each other.

There are four or possibly five of those, who should be considered as having a vested interest in all of this, (I am not going to name names here, as I have no desire, nor the appetite to be hauled into my local police station yet again, to defend myself against any more vexatious claims that I, or anyone who has commented here, is ‘harassing’ them) and who have published thousands upon thousands of words about the Carl Beech case, via Tweets and articles both prior to, and following Carl Beech’s conviction.

Some of these have also claimed that they are in part, responsible for the conviction of Beech, which is complete nonsense, as Beech’s claims began to unravel very quickly following a BBC Panorama programme, and the due diligence shown by the Northumbria Police force who thoroughly investigated the anomalies that were highlighted.

Another thing that should be considered, is that lurking right in the middle of these professional commentators, in plain sight of everyone who has been following this story, is someone who appears to have been welcomed with open arms, and viewed as a ‘credible’ source in regard to false allegations of child abuse.

He has also been very busy in his attempts to wipe every trace of his previous, and altogether vile persona from the internet, and will attack anybody who has drawn attention to it.

Fortunately, there are those who have been saving and archiving all of his past activity, and posting it back online as fast as it’s being removed.

For some reason, known only to himself, he seems to have re-invented himself as what could be described as a righteous zealot, who devotes all his time to exposing online ‘trolls,’ and those who make (what he believes are) false allegations – so would it be at all fair to ask why that would be the case?

28 thoughts on “THE JERK CIRCLE(S)

  1. Here’s another bunch for the collection.

    John Wedger claiming The Home Office funded P.I.E. Leading some to believe that the press hadn’t reported on it.

    A simple search on the www shows that several MSM sources including the BBC, The Daily Mail, Telegraph, Express & others had reported it in 2014.


    Also in 2014, an official investigation into the claims concluded:


    (Notice that Wedger, the notorious sidekick of Bill Baloney & Puddick who were involved in the Andrew Ashworth manipulation), is using the Q Anon hashtag in the above tweet.)

    Puddick has recently claimed to be the official supplier of Gin to the Palace:


    (Puddick was/is a member of the Worshipful Company of Plumbers, where Camilla Parker-Bowles & Ex Chair of the CSA Inquiry Fiona Woolf are top members):


    Wedger who was appearing on the scam ITNJ scam Tribunal videos:


    Notorious con man with the fake title, Sir John Walsh of Brannagh being 1 of the main characters involved in the ITNJ scam tribunal. (The links to the Hansard attached to this tweet give a bigger picture of the man):


    Steven Seagal (Top Trump supporter), 1 time go-between for Trump & Putin being named as a supporter of the ITNJ scam tribunal:


    Seagal & Trump – Fight Club:


    Daddy Dragon, who is also a super Trump & QAnon fan/promoter, is now raving about John Ward andThe Slog.

    Wardy who had a pop at us for stating his good friend Dr Tig the fake Chartered Psychologist and good friend/sidekick of Gojam was up to no good. Proven when she was reported & told by the BPS to stop pretending to be a Chartered Psychologist (which is unlawful) or she would receive a substantial fine.

    John Ward being the son in law of Mr Kammerling the Jewish tool magnate who came from Germany & set up his tool ’empire’ in Wales circa WWII. Kammerling was also photographed with Labour trade Ministers some years ago.

    Same how it’s the same old faces over and over again, promoting each other.
    A cynic would perhaps think it’s all just one big pony and trap show to make genuine CSA survivors look like compo scamming liars?

    Some like Carl Beech being actual child abusers pretending to be victims and blagging compo.

    Sadly, liars being pushed out front, or pushing themselves out front for media attention and compo is not unusual is it?

    Nor is it unusual that some child abusers put on a sad act of pretending to be the victim. Brazen.

    Sort of like a Waterhouse Inquiry revisited, but with an 18 year prison sentence attached for this particular liar.

    I wonder where he got the idea that he’d get away with it from? Can’t possibly imagine.

    #YouStillHaveUsNick style.

    1. Jon Ward, now there is a name I haven’t heard about for a while. I did not realise he was still alive TBH.

      I have wondered what happened to Mrs. Tiggywinkle though, she seemed to disappear off the radar around the same time as Gojam and The Needleblog went into hibernation, as I recall.

      1. I didn’t realise old Wardy was still around either, (having given up his previous job in advertising to blog full time, which his colleagues seemed to be mystified about).

        I remember reading a notice by them announcing his departure and it had a distinct tone of ridicule about it.

        The last I saw of Dear John, he’d left the mansion he shared with his wife in France a few years back and had fled to Greece and was moaning about having stray cats hanging around his pad.

        Maybe the distinct smell of fishy drew them to him?

        And seeing old Jimbo Reeves aka O’Connell mentioned below. Can’t believe he’s still going for it?

        The claims he made are so far out there. #SillySossijGate

        Plus his blog was set up and written by The H.A.G.

        As for Ms Tiggywinkle. Gawd knows what she’s up to these days. After being ticked off by the BPS for using false accreditation, she set up a Record Company which didn’t last very long, a year or so, then it went belly up, as I recall.

        She was then a Director of some charity that was involved in raising donations for African kids (I think?).

        Though unlike her friend (UnSafe) Eves charities (x 3), at least they were properly registered.

        Next job for Dr Fib. Full time carer for Wardy and Jimbo Reeves perhaps? Or Fashion Guru to Gojam for what sounds like a seriously woeful dress sense maybe? (Although even his shorts sound a better option than the people he was hand in glove with on Twitter).

  2. There is something strange about some of those twitter accounts you have highlighted, in particular the James Reeves account. That account, along with that of ‘Sunny Claribel’, exhibits bot-like behaviour, retweeting and posting articles from six or seven years ago that have been discredited. For a while I have considered that Reeves was not even a real person but apparently he has done interviews with local press and been photographed. This individual recounts his story on Twitter (he is the unluckiest CSA survivor on the planet, having been abused by everyone from Ted Heath to some the officials in the care home where he claims to have been brought up) but apparently has never reported to the police.

    1. You are not alone in thinking that TDF. It’s almost as if those accounts are either automated to pump that shit out on a daily basis, or they are truly obsessed with childhood sexual abuse and feel a compulsion to tweet about any or all aspects about it 24/7.

      And in detail too, which is rather worrying.

      Reeves is certainly a strange one I agree, there was a time that he was trying to convince his Twitter followers that I was Howard Hughes, the convicted rapist and killer of 7-year-old Sophie Hook, in Llandudno in 1995.

      Despite Hughes being jailed for life in 1996, with little possibility of parole, Reeves still alleged in a series of Tweets that I was he. If those are the kind of ‘Truths’ that people like Reeves promote, its little wonder that his claims have never been taken seriously.

      1. I know he has slandered many people, I didn’t realise that you were among them.

        What I was told is that he believes anything anyone tells him regarding CSA, particularly if it involves so-called ‘VIPs’. He was being pump-primed by Beech or someone linked to Beech regarding Beech’s lies, he was tweeting about the false allegations before even Beech did IIRC. But of course it isn’t entirely true that he believes anything anyone tells him regarding CSA,, if someone told him there is no reliable evidence that Ted Heath was a paedophile, he refuses to believe that because it doesn’t suit his agenda.

        Coming back to his slander of you yourself, I would say more-than-likely someone prompted him to slander you, I doubt if he came up with that himself. He doesn’t seem the brightest, unless his whole act is a fake and a pose, and if so, cui bono (who benefits).

        1. “And in detail too, which is rather worrying.”

          ^ Sorry, forgot to add. I agree with you. And one of your regular commenters has said the same all along regarding many of those twitter accounts. The graphic nature in which some of them describe abuse seems off to me.

          That Wall of Silence project was seriously dodgy from the get-go. Even if Beech was purer than the driven snow, it would still have seemed odd.

          With Beech and Exaro fully discredited, MacFadyen is now the self-appointed anti-CSA twitter hero, but he has also engaged in questionable behaviour, tweeting in very graphic fashion about his abuse, bullying and hounding anyone who challenges him, etc.

          1. It’s good to see that somebody else is seeing what is really going on, and has not been swept along with the Tsunami of Bullshit 🙂

        2. Reeves did state in one of his many, many Tweets, that he had contacted (or been contacted by) one Mark Williams Thomas, who had ‘helped him with his case’ – make of that what you will.

          1. ♪ Here we go, here we go ♪

            The ex junkie drunk who claims his own mum didn’t recognise him in the street when he was sleeping rough off his face on heroin and booze.

            Who hopped aboard the gravy train after he had seen others were taking court action against staff at the school and tagged himself along for the ride at the last minute.

            Who was working in a 5 star hotel in Dubai . . . . 10 years before the hotel even existed.

            Who ran out of money in Hawaii and sold himself to men in public toilets.

            Whose evidence against a dead teacher was the only claim made against that particular man, (and didn’t form part of the trial?)

            Who had photos of his alleged abuser all over his FB page (as if anyone would want the reminder of the bloke who supposedly abused them plastered everywhere?)

            Who claims not to have consummated his marriage in one article, yet claims he had to be tanked up ‘to go there’ in another.

            Conflicting details in different articles

            Who was being promoted as “genuine” by Anna Raccoon at the time she was friends with a certain lawyer. His unmentionable good friend also lauded as someone to follow and trust by Raccoon back in 2013.

            Who was on that TV program telling people to feel sorry for nonces?

            Who claims to distrust the media, yet craned his neck to be in every paper possible, giving varied reports of his life year after year, whilst telling other abuse survivors not to give interviews with the press because they couldn’t be trusted?

            Who was good mates with UNsafe Eve, who had three unregistered anti abuse ‘charities’.

            UNsafe Eve, the con artist, who was claimed by some to be an abuser (people who were duped into giving stories for her woefully written book demanded to have their names and stories removed from it), UNsafe Eve who came to give me a limp dig on behalf of her fraudulent Chartered Psychologist mate Dr Fib.

            UNsafe Eves last anti abuse company taken over by and EX Serg from oop North who was also a mate of MWT. (As was UNSafe Eves good friend the H.A.G).

            UNsafe Eve, (who was in court for buying stuff off her mates catalogue and taken to court by her friend for not paying for it – which suddenly turned into Eve being the victim, a victim of domestic violence scared her ex would find her), touted by MWT and a few other ex coppers. .. who even after registering her last anti abuse company (because plenty of people were onto her, so she was getting worried that she’d be investigated for the scams), was told several times to remove a false accreditation she was using on her websites to lure vulnerable people into trusting her, claiming to be BACP registered, when she wasn’t registered.

            Hand in glove with those of supposed legal and reputable status who are well known to loathe false accusers.

            Everyone who challenged the H.A.G gang false reported off Twitter.

            Strange how those who claim to be super anti false accusers are sometimes hand in glove with false accusers.

            VERY strange.

            I started reading an article in the Daily Mail earlier about how the MET hadn’t checked Beech’s computers etc. Shame they didn’t, because they may have actually caught certain unmentionables encouraging and supporting Beech in his claims, in the same way as they had spread the claims back at the start in 2011/12.

            I gave up reading the Daily Mails latest on Beech pretty quick because it’s Andrew Ashworth revisited, but with extras.

            Perfect patsies set up for the fall and their ‘handlers’ ducking out of all blame.

            Some with connections to the Palace as comms officer and gin seller etc. How strange.

            There always has to be a patsy.

            If Andrew Ashworth hadn’t ducked out of it when he did, would he be in a prison cell now too?

            Brian Harvey having recorded absolutely everything, probably helped prevent that.

            Wise move.

            They’d have caught the whole rotten lot of them accusing certain ex disgraced MPs who blagged compo for the false claims, if they had actually done their jobs properly in the early days of this nightmare.

            Before Nick was on the scene.

            Pre #YouStillHaveUsNick

            Ex Lib Dem Councillor Gojams’ shorts wouldn’t have been able to take the strain if they had.

            And we all know who the ‘Boss’ of the attack gang links to.

            I doubt I’m alone in thinking the outcome was pre-planned and was a done deal even before this all began.

            Yep, the old how to spread a rumour in the public domain, watch it spread, wait for it to come back to you, then feign victimhood for sympathy and lots and lots of free tax payers cash in compo, McAlpine style, sure worked a treat.

            I hope the MET hold out in paying out any more compo and fleecing the public purse even further.

  3. I see Jeffrey Epstein h̶a̶s̶ ̶b̶e̶e̶n̶ ̶s̶u̶i̶c̶i̶d̶e̶d̶ has committed suicide.

    I honestly don’t know if there is any truth to this, but I was presented this over 3 years ago, so I will offer it and let Jimmy make an assessment and decide if it should be for public viewing or not.

    I reiterate, this isn’t a new thing, but I will abide by the terms and conditions of the Outlaw.

    Jeffrey Epsteins little Black Book.

    1. Hi Erasmus, I was aware of that list that was first circulated in 2015, and in the current febrile climate surrounding this case, with investigations ongoing and all that, I thank you, but do not want the Outlaw to link to that list just now.

      My reasoning being that in much the same way that the cheerleaders and promotors of the Carl Beech claims should seriously think about getting themselves legal representation, speculation about who was, or who was not involved with Jeffery Epstein and his alleged activities, could prove very expensive.

  4. Thanks to demon grandma from Holland and her associates I and those who watched got to experience how the discrediting of genuine victims work.

    The Guardian at the Gate and his Birmingham mate who demanded Skype talks with all Twitter victims, then doxxing and discrediting them.

    The Twitter dms sent with one intent – a dm back so they can hack that account.

    Carl and his ‘Wall of Silence’ and those who promoted his dodgy paedo poetry and sketches that accompanied them.

    Fucking Wicked Witches!

    They may have been abused as children. But as adults they became the abusers and buy my book users.

    It’s one thing to get your story out. It’s another thing making a living off reliving it!

    Are you round or are you square?

    I finally got their and understand that.

    They’re all members of the same club. It never disbanded, it went underground.

    Hey, did you hear? Epstein is dead but the investigation isn’t?!!

    Mcaffe is a loose wire!

    Have you seen the drone footage of little St James island?

    Old rusty says they can’t find him while flying that thing to the window and front door while FBI raid it.

    Did you see the one with brown dirty water scum in the sea cove in the clip a few weeks back? What was that? Who was working on the island then?

    Randy Andy was all smiles on Sunday. Can’t remember when last anyone has seen him that happy dispite the death of his long time friend who bailed the Duchess out of debt.

    I can’t remember, did Prince Charles attend Jimmy Saville’s funeral?

    Will Andy attend Epstein’s?

    I’m also holding my breath in regard to the ‘Bridge’s leak. Let’s wait and see.

    1. What I can say for certain Jen, is that you were set up, as was I, and those responsible are still very active online, albeit with different identities.

      One could speculate, however, is that if there was nothing to find in regard to “VIP/Establishment Paedophiles,” then why would these agents of misery, be so hell-bent on spending every waking hour online, and reporting survivors to various authorities, trying to not only discredit, but utterly destroy the lives of anyone, who has hinted at the possibility?

      But I was brought up to believe that the truth fears no investigation, and will emerge in time, despite the many attempts to bury it and then pour concrete on the grave.

      1. The thing about pouring concrete on things is that you have to get the mix right, or it becomes very, very brittle and will shatter if given a good clout with a hammer in the right place

  5. Let’s not forget the court circus regarding a tweet asking why one particular pervert was trending, that was another set up in order to shut survivors up, in my opinion. Which only proved they’re in on it, is how anyone with half a brain would see it.

    They’re so stupid they believe we are too. But we see through their shit.

    It’s an all consuming network decades old already. Some of their dead hero’s leave behind a stink that permeates them.

    You smell it once and it’s like you’re given x-ray vision and can spot them .

    I was horrified to see who was representing that lost girl on TV recently to the extent I question the narrative the girl left on her own. Not because of the parents. But because of whothose 2 men were and what they did.

  6. Yes indeed. If there was nothing at all in it, why so much desperate & intense effort involved in driving people off the www, false reporting so many people & all the rest of it?

    I agree, the “Innocent face” was part of the attempted silencing act. When it failed, Stage II was put into play.

    We all feel the same.

    Shamed disgraced Duchesses with paedophile piggy banks learned not to attempt to intimidate & threaten some people in the hope of striking the fear of God into them because they thought they might spill some beans for shekels. That much I do know (Innocent face).

    It just makes some people instantly see red in a “who the hell do you think you are?” (!!!) kind of a way.

    Must be a bit of a shock to learn that not everyone bows and scrapes & quakes in their bewts at having wailing banshees in a hissy fitting panic on their case, demanding apologies that they were never, ever going to get, yet for some reason thought demands & threats would achieve.

    Wonder how often it gets sent off with a flea in it’s ear. Not often. It most certainly did that day!

    Amazing how low some people will go when they have secrets to keep.

    Or that some don’t realise that everyone doesn’t have the same low moral or ethical standards as they do, to see everything as a good opportunity to sell their souls for some easy free cash for a story.

    No apologies to creatures lower than snakes bellies.

    But now I see perfectly what that was really all about. Shutting it’s trap would have been the smarter move. But it’s not known for that, just can’t help itself. Arrogant obnoxious fools eh? Open big mouth, put toe sucked foot in it. Then feign surprise & victimhood at the results.


    When that fails, roll out the Mother Theresa act & pretend to be something you’re not, never have been & never will be. But to reverse the bad PR some will do absolutely anything.

  7. Q. How & why did the CC get involved with the North Wally-un?

    A. For pure spite and revenge against Old Holborn and his gang, who he’d been in a long standing battle with for many, many years.

    Firstly over their spat regarding the Hillsborough Disaster, where the CC was ticked off by the families and friends of the victims for stalking, harassing and insulting them.

    OH was also reported in the press for making sick jokes about the Hillsborough disaster victims, strangely enough. Both doing the same thing to the same “victims” in effect, yet ripping strips off each other for it.

    Then via their spat involving Alison Chabloz, who the CC was supporting against attacks from players in the OH gang, (strange considering how the CC’s “Boss” is well known for holding aloft the anti marmite card at every possible opportunity).

    Then when the CCC saw OH and gang were supporting Esther, he quickly determined by spying on their every word, that the North Wally-un and his gang were the main attack merchants against Esther and co and hopped aboard his harassment train and they became parasitic partners, joining forces to attack the OH/Esther gang and others that the North wally-un had been stalking and harassing for the previous few years.

    Isn’t it strange how the same agents of doom attach themselves to the same causes, one after the other and the people involved in those causes are all then embroiled in their revenge attacks against each other?

    For my part, the first I heard of the CC was he started attacking CSA Survivors, Jimmy and Jennie being the main two. (Obviously as a gesture to the North Wally-un for allowing him to joining the gang).

    I had no idea of who he was, a complete stranger who had attached himself to the CSA stuff out of the blue.

    The next thing I know, he’d written a bitter little blog post about me. Only being cabbage thick, he’d falsely claimed that I was some woman who worked for BUPA and in his immature goading niggly manner, was insinuating he’d contacted her Bosses to complain about her, (as is a standard tactic these muppets who all link together), to attempt to get her in trouble, hopefully resulting in her losing her job.

    Then I realised he was in fact in league with the North Wally-un.

    I naturally didn’t want some poor innocent woman to be dragged into his nasty little demented revenge attacks, so I contacted the Police and emailed the link to the blog piece he had written about me, explaining that he was stalking the wrong person in the hope of getting her in trouble with her employer and that I believed he was doing this on behalf of his new found friend, the North wally-un in the hope they could nip him in the bud.

    Shortly after I had received a response from them, the blog post disappeared.

    (The rabid anti false accuser brigade have lauded him as some kind of genius. Some false accusers good, some false accusers bad when it suits, eh?)

    So for the sake of his spiteful never ending vendetta (which must have been going on for at least 10+ years by now), with his long time foes OH & co, we were all made targets by this cretin.

    Pure venomous spite, tangling other people up in their never ending vendettas against each other, or something more to it than that?

    When the CSA stuff is over, what will the next major story of the day that the government would like brushed under the carpet be, that this friend/foe act attached themselves too I wonder?

    Leaving the same kind of carnage in their wake.

    1. It would be nice to think that they were all just fucking fruitcakes and be done with it. But they are not are they? Gangstalkers have been around online forever & biding their time until their ‘services’ are needed to try and harass and even destroy anyone who sticks the head above the battlements. Organized, funded and has a purpose. I have not a shred of doubt about that.

      1. Neither do I Faith.

        I was sure of it before my turn for a little trip to the cop shop for the standard attempted silencing act I’d seen others subjected to at the whims of these weirdos, it became only too obvious that I too was being fitted up by people we expect to protect us, complete with a last minute change of legal representation to a greasy Duty Solicitor, (Freemason trick), who spent more time looking at FB on his phone than doing what he’s paid to do and was fully advising me to accept being totally stitched up.

        That bizarre little escapade only cemented my feeling about what this is really all about.

        Fortunately, (and as I told the copper would be the case), all I needed to do to prove I wasn’t the one lying my ass off was to look on Twitter when I got home, to see the CC having a good laugh with the rest of the gang, about how they’d stitched me up, how the CC had now obtained “victim status” from the Police against me and as a special unexpected “bonus”, failed ex Lib Dem gang member no 2’s threats claiming that he could be waiting outside my house, was all I needed to prove that I wasn’t the one lying my ass off.

        Especially as he stupidly thought some other women on twitter were me and I hadn’t been on it for about four years at that point and was making all kinds of creepy threats to them, falsely claiming they were me.

        Another helpful comment by the CC that “it ain’t what you know, but who you know” (to get people falsely arrested), proved they were doing it with someone else with Legal background maybe?

        Plus reams of evidence, including confessions of their stitch up’s of me and others, them cloning our accounts and proof of their relentless lies, stalking, threats and harassment over 5 years, their links to each other and a whole bunch more, (all of which I was promised I could show in the interview, but that turned out to be a lie), they had no choice but to do the right thing by me in the end.

        Some people may look like Skeletor, but they don’t have the same powers.

        Isn’t that right Henry?

        And in other news . . . .

        Is it just me, or did Trump virtually claim to be the Moshiach?

        He matches the criteria for being a false prophet that’s for sure.

        With friends like his, he’s more like the devils apprentice.

        This 3 part article by Whitney Webb has been doing the rounds & if you haven’t already seen it, it’s well worth checking out. (The final part is due at the end of this week I think?) For those not into reading, she’s done a few interviews on Youtube, not as detailed as the articles, but worth listening to.

        PART 1
        PART 2
        PART 3

    2. One thing for Jimmy Jones is that he does allow comments here, which is more than I can say about some Blaggers I could mention.

      1. Why wouldn’t I allow comments?

        Unless they are grossly inaccurate, threatening, designed to harass, contain dodgy links, or are blatant attempts to goad either me or the commentators here, or are liable to get me arrested for harassment (again), then all comments will appear as originally posted ….

        (Disclaimer: some comments may be edited to remove names or personal information and/or correct typo’s).

  8. Remember when someone wanted to meet with me in London, then tweeted that she was licenced to carry a concealed weapon?

    That’s what they do, death threats and stalking and intimidation. Brenda Leyland episode makes me believe they deal in murder too .

    I got 2 plate numbers and videos of Mr Binoculars and friend. The local bobbys are my buddies! They too have the pics.

    It’s all fun and games to them. Until someone gets hurt.

  9. And let’s not forget Kevin Green who was supported by all sorts of dodgy campaigners and writers in his fantasy fiction blog!

    Who is he really?

    The woman with the gun, or her brother?

  10. BTW, has anyone visited Martha’s Vineyard?

    There is nothing there to do for graduates, so they either leave or stay and get involved in drugs. It’s a huge problem out there. Cape Cod too .

    So I am also rather suspicious of American politicians who buy homes to play out there. They have got to be up to no good.

    We spent time on the ferry with a couple traveling over to look for his sister who was a druggy gone missing. His folks lived out there working with dementia patient.

    It might be a pretty place but spend just one day and you can’t get away quickly enough.

    1. No I’ve never been there. I have friends who went on J1 visas to Cape Cod but boozing was more their thing. Mind you I suspect most would admit if they stayed there they would have gotten into drugs too.

      A propos of false CSA allegations, I wonder if the powers that be will go after Chris Fay ? I doubt if he would survive another spell in chokey, he looks like he’d blow away in the wind.

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