As most of the food on sale these days is very likely to be devoid of any nutritional value, many more people are turning to nutritional supplements in an effort to redress the balance.

Have you wondered, where those supplements and so-called ‘Health Foods’ come from?

Have you considered whether the stuff you are taking, has any actual health benefits?

What about the companies behind them, have you ever given them much thought?

There has been a boom in companies offering a vast range of supplements and health-related paraphernalia, both online and on the High Street, but for the purposes of this article, I shall concentrate on the largest.

Holland and Barrett, the biggest ‘Health Food’ chain in the UK.

“Heath & Heather” it changed it’s name to the more familiar name in 1970.

The H & B Blurb: – “We are Europe’s leading retailer of Vitamins, Minerals and Herbal Supplements. Our stores are a familiar sight in almost every major city and town across the United Kingdom and Ireland, where we operate over 550 outlets.”

Holland & Barrett stock a huge range of ‘Health Products’, far too many to list here, so I will focus instead on the selling methods used.

Whole foods.

H & B sell a comprehensive selection of dried fruits, nuts, seeds, and suchlike.

Naturally, it’s advertised as being fully “organic,’ the majority also being advertised under the ‘Fairtrade’ umbrella.

So what does the ‘organic’ label really entail?

In Holland & Barrett’s case, it is completely different from anything you would recognise as being grown in your own garden or allotment.

The ‘Organic’ farmers that supply H & B with the bulk of their produce, spray their crops with ‘natural’ pesticides such as the noxious Microbe BT, which kills bees, ladybirds and butterflies as well as the pests it’s designed for, by releasing the same toxin made by genetically modified plants.

If inhaled, it can cause bronchitis and even cause and worsen existing asthma.

They treat fungus infestations on their crops with a copper solution which also poisons earthworms and friendly bacteria.

Most modern pesticides are designed to be fully biodegradable, but ‘natural’ pesticides, like copper, stay in the soil forever.

They also use Derris which can cause Parkinson’s disease; PYRETHROIDS, which cause tumours in mice; and potassium permanganate which kills fish.

At least three dozen ‘E’ numbers are allowed as additives, preservatives, flavourings, binders, anti-caking agents, antioxidants and processing agents in ‘organic’ food.

*The Canadian Food Safety Agency, discovered pesticide residues in as many ‘Organic’ baby foods as conventionally produced baby food.*

For cleaning and disinfection, organic farmers use the same chemicals as conventional farmers, including formaldehyde, caustic soda, nitric and phosphoric acid, quicklime, alcohol and other highly toxic chemicals that can contaminate food.

What about ‘Fairtrade?’

Are you aware that it favours certain farmers, and not always the poorest, which draws what may be their only form of income, away from those who are left outside the ‘Fairtrade Umbrella’.

The farmers it does help, are forced to adopt a co-operative management system, which is potentially open to corruption and heavily steered toward being resistant to rapid local economic development.

It’s complex system of certification, also means that the farmers have to pay extortionate fees to take part, without even a guarantee that they will sell any of their crop at the Fairtrade minimum price at all.

So when you’re buying or eating your ‘Fairtrade’ produce, seemingly safe in the knowledge you are helping poorer farmers, it may be wise to research it further.

Advertising a product as either/both ‘Organic’ or ‘Fairtrade’ will give the product a big mark up on the price.

A massive mark up in fact!

Anything heavily promoted as being ‘Natural’, is a misnomer, as vitamins and minerals occur naturally in many foods, thus making them entirely ‘Natural’, so why would the advertiser feel the need to stress that they are ‘Natural?’


When these naturally occurring vitamins are isolated, then converted into artificial (commercial) forms, like ascorbic acid for example, these purified synthetics act on the human body in the same way as drugs.

At that stage, they are no longer even classed as ‘Vitamins’, and to market them or even describe them in that manner, is totally inaccurate.

Magnesium Stearate, also known as stearic acid, is used as a lubricant in over 90% of the vitamins and supplements sold and consumed today.

It’s added to enable the manufacturers to run their machines more efficiently and save them money, but it also creates health problems for the consumer.

Ingested in an artifical form, Magnesium Stearate destroys T-cells (used in primary immune function).

Artificially produced Ascorbic Acid will even block the uptake of real vitamin C.

It’s produced with the lowest production costs being the primary aim.

The additives are there to bulk out the product, and also ensure that they move through the manufacturing equipment at the quickest (and most cost effective) speed.

Additives also ensure a uniform and “attractive” look.

Holland and Barrett and indeed most of, but not all vitamins/supplement stores and suppliers are nothing more than Snake Oil Salesmen, and when you discover who actually owns them, it begins to make more sense.

Up until 2010, they were owned by NBTY before being bought out by THE CARLYLE GROUP for almost 4 Billion Dollars.

Over the past 30 years or more, NBTY have also been covertly buying up health supplement stores and any related companies.


NBTY were formerly known as Arco Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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  1. Had no idea the Carlyle Group were involved. That place is staffed by some complete shits.
    Fascinating post Outlaw – thanks for this.

      1. Oh well, we all outgrow things. I still get some supplements from H&B, but I might not bother after reading your article; do you have any recommendations for decent suppliers?

        1. I am in the middle of researching trusted alternative suppliers and real ‘natural’ food sources.. I will be publishing whatever I find 🙂

  2. i only get my flouride free toothpaste there now but have bought a few bits and pieces there over the years.
    there are a few sites on the internet that specialise in vitamins etc but you have to have a good look around and then it’s quite hit and miss and expensive.

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