People may not have noticed, but we are in the fight of our lives.

We are fighting for our future, a future that will set us free.

Free to make our own decisions, free to eat quality food, free to drink fresh water and free to breathe clean air.

But what is the point in fighting for this freedom, if we fail to protect our most important asset?

Because if we allow the State to educate our children, then we win nothing.

State education is nothing more than State indoctrination.

So when you leave your children at the mercy of the State they will mimic the attitudes and behaviours of those who stand before them as role models.

We are but a single link in a longer chain, and that chain is under threat.

But you can strengthen that chain by taking responsibility for your own flesh and blood.

You must not let the State poison the minds of your children.

You can arm your child with knowledge.

You can teach them to see the world through their own eyes, to question everything and to see beyond the propaganda.

You can show them how to look past the blinkered teachings of the State education system.

You can teach them the value of their own history, and equip them with a sense of their own worth.

You can teach them to how seek real knowledge, rather than to accept the lies which are presented as ‘facts.’

You can teach them tolerance and not stupidity, to not accept the Status Quo.

You can encourage original thought, and you can nurture individuality.

You will not get another opportunity, and you are investing in your future, a future free from the suffocating establishment doctrines.

Do this now and build a world of your choosing, not of those who wish to control you.

It is not an easy path to take, but its rewards cannot be measured.

Because if we lose our children to the State, we lose everything.

12 thoughts on “THE FIGHT OF OUR LIVES

  1. I am currently trying to wake up my eighteen year old daughter, I only see her from time to time and I am convinced she thinks I am going through a nutty stage, but I will persist. I sent her a link to one of your March articles and will ask her what she thinks when I next speak to her.

    As for my little kids i suppose the answer is home schooling, I admire anyone that is able to do it but I would find the prospect daunting.

    1. I have one son, 20, state educated and who is only now finding himself. It’s taken four years to clear the programming. My other son is home educated from the age of 12 managed to pluck him from the grasp of a Balls Academy. Thankfully he never got the question everything knocked out of him despite the best efforts of the states educators so once he got over the initial shock he took to home schooling like a duck to water.
      It like most things appears to be much harder to us ingrained adults than it is in reality. to be honest the hardest part is accepting that kids can be truly responsible for themselves and given the chance have no trouble with responsibility.
      I would suggest if you or your partner/older kids have the time just do it. Even if you and they make a total mess of it the kid will still get a better suited education than they would ever get in one of the state’s funny farms.

  2. Sorry to be a fly in the ointment on this but an alternative point could be made that many societies were never more full of hate then when they left education solely to the parents.

    Because if it is true that we should question everything then that includes your point…

    1. Are we talking Modern Societies here?

      Many societies throughout history have educated their children without relying on the State, a good example was Sparta, who were I grant you a very violent society. They were very violent times so they had to defend their culture, but they also gave their children a very solid upbringing which took them through life and were all able to read, write and debate the issues of the day to a very high standard.

      I see your point though, and shall of course do some research on the societies you have highlighted and do a follow-up article.

      1. I’m not a solid fan of state education but I can see that in many instances the alternative is not that great.

        Religious based education and education by parents who are badly taught can also be a problem. Consider for example parents who are abusers having the ability to be the sole arbiters of their kids view of the world?

        1. Good points, but I based my article on people who were indeed aware of the world around them, have no religious or political indoctrination and felt able to educate their own children to the best of their abilities.

          Of course there are people who should not be allowed anywhere near children full stop. Unfortunately some of them are parents themselves, but those people are found in every society and is a separate issue altogether.

          I offer a guide only, the logistics are best left to those who are better qualified to ‘weed’ out those who are deemed as ‘unfit’ to teach their own children…

          There are plenty of people who can argue very ably for either side of any given argument, and that is what makes for a balanced and fair society…

  3. With so many years of indoctrination it is hard to break free from the programming, Mr carling has always told it how it is, a true hero of our time, just look at how Thatcher is being portrayed in the press “we are all Thatcherites”, we are indeed living in dark times and there are some real monsters in the cupboard, Saville…. what were his instructions, everybody is controlled, especially media types, kind of begs a question??

  4. The first thing we have to do is Wake up parents before we try to wake up out children . Example being Wi-Fi in schools which I have tried to educate the parents only to be told if wi-fi was dangerous then our local council wouldn’t let our children use it ???. Every female child is born with 400 eggs and when these children sit in front of wi-fi in schools e WiFi dameges the eggs so that when our children grow up and be their own children they can expect deformities and retardardation and genetic damage . Yet countless parents continue to let their children be bombarded with WiFi damaging their eggs and genetics for future generations . With outlaws permission I would like you people to look on YouTube to look at an independent expert on radiation who’s name is Barry Grower . Just type Barry Trower and the dangers of WiFi and then make your own minds out. Barry Trower will even come to your school free of charge to tell you what dangers your local authorities are doing to your children when there is a safer alternative by just drilling into the school wall and installing a wired system . I have been through the education system to try to enlighten the so called people in local council to go for the safer system but they looked at me as if I had 3 heads because they didn’t understand what the hellbi was on about. You people got the future lives of your children in your hands please don’t waste it and the lives of your precious children they are our future with a bit of luck so please look up Barry Trower.

  5. Barry Trower I meant sorry outlaw same problem large fingers on my small screen phone. Regards.

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