Well, the result of the votes are now in, and it appears that the British Parliament (with notable exceptions) have gone full-on Communist.

They have voted to implement ‘The Draft Health & Social Care Act – [Jabbing NHS STAFF] (Regulated Activities) (Amendments) (Coronavirus) N0: 2 (Regulations 2021) with a vote of 385 to 100 against, ‘The Health Protection (Entry to Venues Etc’) SI No: 1416,  with a vote of 369 to 126 against,  and the  ‘Health Regulations (Face Coverings)‘ SI No:1400  with a staggering vote of 441 to 41 against.

The following list of names, however, are those members of parliament (who history will surely judge as the rebels and brave political souls, who stood up for common sense, freedom and reason) who went against the constant propaganda and endless fear-mongering, and voted against implementing Boris Johnson’s ‘Plan B’, with its mandating of the Covid Vaccine for everyone who works for one of this nations largest employers, the National Health Service – which for anyone who has been paying attention, means that approximately 120,000 people are going to lose their jobs next year – which is hardly protecting it by any stretch of the imagination if you ask me.

In fact, I would go as far as to say that this legislation is going to effectively cripple the National Health Service beyond the point where it can be saved, which of course, may have been the intention all along.

But I digress.

There are some rather surprising names on the list of those who voted against this insanity, thankfully, not only on the Conservative side, but from the other parties as well.

Which, should give us hope, however small, that there are some people in positions of power, who are willing to take a stand.

In addition, I never thought I would live long enough to see the day when any Conservative government had to rely so heavily on the support of the Labour Party, and is a move, which will, – if there is any justice that is – hopefully, bring about the end of the archaic two-party system, whose representatives have long since stopped serving the people, and the country that they were supposed to be duty-bound to serve and protect.

Hopefully, this will also signal the beginning of the end of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister of this country.



  1. Jackie Doyle-Price (Teller)
  2. Philip Hollobone (Teller)
  3. Adam Afriyie
  4. Lee Anderson
  5. Steve Baker
  6. Shaun Bailey
  7. Siobhan Baillie
  8. Harriet Baldwin
  9. John Baron
  10. Scott Benton
  11. Bob Blackman
  12. Peter Bone
  13. Ben Bradley
  14. Karen Bradley
  15. Sir Graham Brady
  16. Andrew Bridgen (of course)
  17. Steve Brine
  18. Miriam Cates
  19. Sir Christopher Chope
  20. Brendan Clarke-Smith
  21. Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown
  22. Tracey Crouch
  23. Philip Davies
  24. David Davis
  25. Dehenna Davison
  26. Jonathan Djanogly
  27. Richard Drax
  28. Sir Iain Duncan-Smith
  29. Tobias Ellwood
  30. Dr. Luke Evans
  31. Dr. Liam Fox
  32. Louie French
  33. Richard Fuller
  34. Marcus Fysh
  35. Nus Ghani
  36. Jo Gideon
  37. Chris Grayling
  38. Chris Green
  39. Damien Green
  40. James Grundy
  41. Robert Halfon
  42. Stephen Hammond
  43. Mark Harper
  44. Sir John Hayes
  45. Adam Holloway
  46. Tom Hunt
  47. Mark Jenkinson
  48. David Jones
  49. Simon Jupp
  50. Alicia Kearns
  51. Julian Knight
  52. Sir Greg Knight
  53. Robert Largan
  54. Andrea Leadsom
  55. Sir Edward Leigh
  56. Andrew Lewer
  57. Dr. Julian Lewis
  58. Chris Loder
  59. Mark Logan
  60. Jonathan Lord
  61. Tim Loughton
  62. Craig Mackinlay
  63. Anthony Mangnall
  64. Karl McCartney
  65. Stephen McPartland
  66. Esther McVey
  67. Stephen Metcalfe
  68. Damien Moore
  69. Robbie Moore
  70. Anne Marie Morris
  71. Holly Mummy-Croft
  72. Sir Bob Neill
  73. Dr. Matthew Offord
  74. Mark Pawsey
  75. Sir Mike Penning
  76. John Penrose
  77. Andrew Percy
  78. Tom Randall
  79. John Redwood
  80. Laurence Robertson
  81. Andrew Rosindell
  82. Gary Sambrook
  83. Greg Smith
  84. Henry Smith
  85. Dr. Ben Spicer
  86. Jane Stevenson
  87. John Stevenson
  88. Julian Sturdy
  89. Sir Robert Syms
  90. Derek Thomas
  91. Craig Tracey
  92. Tom Tugendhat
  93. Theresa Villiers
  94. Christian Wakeford
  95. Sir Charles Walker
  96. David Warburton
  97. Giles Watling
  98. William Wragg

THE LABOUR PARTY (The Biggest Surprise):

  1. Diane Abbot
  2. Apsana Begum
  3. Dawn Butler
  4. Emma Lewell-Buck
  5. Clive Lewis
  6. Rebecca long Bailey
  7. Bell Ribeiro-Addy
  8. Graham Stringer


  1. Jeremy Corbin
  2. Rob Roberts


  1. Alistair Carmichael
  2. Wendy Chamberlain
  3. Daisy Cooper
  4. Tim Farron
  5. Sarah Green
  6. Wera Hobhouse
  7. Christine Jardine
  8. Layla Moran
  9. Sarah Olney
  10. Munira Wilson


  1. Sir Jeffrey Donaldson
  2. Paul Girvan
  3. Carla Lockhart
  4. Ian Paisley
  5. Jim Shannon
  6. Sammy Wilson

And finally, THE GREEN PARTY (Astonishingly):

  1. Caroline Lucas


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