Since the invention of the Credit card, we have been moving slowly and surely, towards what will ultimately be an entirely ‘Cashless Society’.

We are constantly being reminded by governments, the mainstream media, and the advertising companies, that the demise of money, (in its physical sense, at least) will be just one aspect of the ‘new normal’ that awaits us (after lockdown?); and do not be surprised, if before very much time has passed, that cash has become somehow ‘dirty’, and will be deemed responsible for ‘spreading disease’, particularly Covid19.

At the beginning of the 20th century, people used cash for almost all the produce and services they used. Although the early part of the century saw the emergence of individual shop credit accounts, a card that could be used in many other outlets was not invented until 1950.

And we have a man named Frank X. McNamara, and two of his friends to thank for for that.

“In 1949, Frank X. McNamara, head of the Hamilton Credit Corporation, went out to eat with Alfred Bloomingdale, McNamara’s long-time friend and grandson of the founder of the Bloomingdale’s store, and Ralph Sneider, McNamara’s attorney. According to company lore, the three men were eating at Major’s Cabin Grill, a famous New York restaurant located next to the Empire State Building, and they were there to discuss a problem customer of the Hamilton Credit Corporation.The problem was that one of McNamara’s customers had borrowed some money, but was unable to pay it back. This particular customer had gotten into trouble when he had lent a number of his charge cards (available from individual department stores and gas stations) to his poor neighbours who needed items in an emergency.

For this service, the man required his neighbors to pay him back the cost of the original purchase plus some extra money. Unfortunately for the man, many of his neighbors were unable to pay him back within a short period of time, and he was then forced to borrow money from the Hamilton Credit Corporation.

At the end of the meal with his two friends, McNamara reached into his pocket for his wallet so that he could pay for the meal (in cash). He was shocked to discover that he had forgotten his wallet. To his embarrassment, he then had to call his wife and have her bring him some money. McNamara vowed never to let this happen again.Merging the two concepts from that dinner, the lending of credit cards and not having cash on hand to pay for the meal, McNamara came up with a new idea—a credit card that could be used at multiple locations. What was particularly novel about this concept was that there would be a middleman between companies and their customers.”

That ‘Middleman’ was set up in 1950, and was named the ‘Diners Club’, which grew rapidly, and in just two years, was making a profit ($60,000), but McNamara did not really believe in the concept, and in 1952, he sold his shares to his two partners for a little over $200,000.

The Diners Club credit card grew increasingly popular, however, and although being used mainly for ‘travel and entertainment’, it soon attracted competitors, the first of which was American Express, which made its debut in 1958.

By 1960, banks also began to take an interest (no pun intended), and two in particular began to flex their financial muscles; Interbank (Mastercharge/MasterCard) and Bank Americard (Visa International).”

The idea of a universal form of credit, on a single card had firmly taken root, (after being heavily promoted and backed up by a massive advertising campaign) and within a very short time, plastic money had spread to every corner of the civilised world.

So fast forward to today, where we are now in a situation where we are being subtlety steered away from cash in all its forms, and towards an entirely ‘Cashless’ existence, the evidence for which, is springing up everywhere.

Have you noticed the new signs that are popping up yet?

How many of the population will embrace this ‘New Normal’ do you think?

Going on what I have been seeing since the beginning of this year, the way that the greater majority of the population have fallen hook, line and sinker for almost everything that they have been told, then I would hazard a guess, that at least half of the population will.

So what is a ‘Cashless society?’

In its simplest terms, it means exactly what it says on the tin – NO CASH – Zero – Nada.

It does not mean ‘mostly cashless’, and you can still be able to ‘use a little bit of cash now and again, because you have maxxed out your cards’.

What it does mean, is that every penny you have will be fully digital, traceable, trackable, accountable, and totally controlled, and those people out there who wholeheartedly support it, may not be truly aware of what it is they are supporting.

If, however, you also happen to be a person who has been marked as having ‘Far Right’ sympathies, or holds what are seen as being ‘unpopular’ views, for example, someone like Tommy Robinson perhaps, who very recently had his bank account closed down, – for no other reason than how he is viewed by the mainstream  – in a cashless society, you would be instantly deprived of any income, stripped off any assets you already have, and any attempt to generate revenue in the future, would be denied.

And going on the amount of people who have been already ‘cancelled’ this year, any one of you could fall victim to the same mob, and lose your main source of income in an instant.

If you did not own your house outright, then you could lose that too, as you would not be able to pay the mortgage, or meet the household bills, you could not buy food, run a car, get on a bus or a train, or do anything else in fact that involves any kind of payment being required.

That is what a Cashless Society looks like.

You cannot do any ‘cash-in-hand’ work to get you through.

You would effectively, be destitute.

How would you survive?

The banks would control every penny piece you own or earn. Every transaction is digitally recorded. All your movements will be traceable, and you can bet your life they will be monitored.

Access to any cash you have, can be instantly blocked with a single keypress on a bank’s computer system, and you will have zero choice but to declare very single pound you have, or can earn, and you will be taxed on it.

If any of your transactions are flagged up as being ‘questionable’, by the people who make up the questions, then your money can be frozen, ‘for your own good’.

The banks and the government can, and will decide what you and your family can, or cannot purchase.

You must have noticed how difficult it is becoming to pay cash into bank accounts, and that is nothing to do with any virus, or the claim that it’s a dirty entity, its because that is what every government wants, and how they want you to live from now on.

So please open your eyes, and stop believing everything that you are being told, as almost everything you are seeing and hearing, is tainted with corruption, hidden agendas, political ambition and greed.

And this is only one small part of the ‘new normal’ you are being prepared to accept, and without question, and without argument, and out of fear of the reprisals if you refuse to comply.

8 thoughts on “THAT’LL DO NICELY

  1. Happy 4th July Jimmy.

    If a UV wand is good at cleaning bacteria and viruses on kitchen counters it should work on money too.

    Same thing goes with the sterilization boxes used for bowling shoes and hairdressing towels.

    And let’s not forget the plug in ozone generator you can buy from Ebay or Amazon.

    Those are my two go-to”s during this pandemic.

    Btw, when are they going to arrest Bill Gates for crimes against humanity like so many countries are calling for now?

    1. Happy 4th of July to you too Jen, a day which could be said, celebrates the day that America also crashed out of a despised relationship with an oppressive regime, with no deal.

      Which was one of the best things the US ever did.

  2. ‘That’ll do nicely Sir …… and would Sir like to rub my tits too? – Pamela Stephenson 1983

    1. From the infamous Not the Nine O’clock News sketch, which pretty much ensured that the American Express ad campaign was hastily removed and re-worked. I remember it well.

  3. I could have done without the history lesson tbh, but no matter because its on point and offers some interesting observations.

  4. How do you know that Tommy Robinson had his bank account closed down? I have not heard anything about that

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