On December 31st, 2019, it was brought to the attention of the World Health Organisation, that a cluster of cases of a pneumonia-like disease of unknown origin cause, had been detected in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China.

A new (novel) strain of the existing family of  Coronavirus’ was quickly identified as being the culprit, and quickly dubbed ‘Coronavirus disease 2019’ [due to it’s ‘Crown-like’ appearance], or the punchier, ‘COVID-19,’ and the pesky virus causing this unprecedented illness, has since been named ‘Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2’ or ‘Sars-Cov-2’.

The development of this new disease has been moving extremely fast, (so we are told) and wild and lurid tales have been emerging even faster, spewing out of every media platform available, and the virtual  tsunami of conflicting information that has arrived on the back of this, has been nothing short of astounding.

On March 11th, the World Health Organisation officially declared Covid -19 …. ‘A Pandemic’.

Within hours, the mainstream media juggernaught dutifully cranked the Fear Factor up to 11, and the world’s Governments fell into line behind them.

A collective insanity replaced common sense among the populace, and within days, chaos slowly reigned supreme.

And step by step, the whole world, and every thing, and every one on it,  began to be shut down.

Unless of course…. you consider the following scenarios



  1. Lee

    There is deffo something that does not feel right about this whole virus thing

  2. Rambling Rose

    This is the third ‘Pandemic’ I have seen in my lifetime, but the media and the Gov. have not shit the bed over a pandemic before. What the hell is being planned and what is really going on? We are not going to get the truth from anyone in authority are we?

  3. Lynchy

    Deffo some crazy shit going on

  4. Faith

    I have never known anything like this and we have had pandemics before. This is an insane response by the Government IMO

  5. Cwish Spwivey

    Do not worry folks!
    Its all a psy-op and hoax and the lockdown is just crisis actors on TV.
    Nobody has even died. And any that have were just crisis actors or somebody who plays multiple people in every breaking news story.
    Buy my book The Corona Bollocks now to read the troof!
    Also don’t forget to donate another £300 this month for my site fees.
    Just sayin!

    • Eddie May Be OK

      somebody had better tell brian harvey about that because he is telling his gullible followers that colloquial silver or some other shit he is peddling will cure them of the coronavirus

  6. Bobcat 1967

    Spivey told you this was coming.

  7. Comment by post author

    And all of a sudden ‘Climate Change’, Brexit, Mass Immigration etc etc, being major issues, appear to have disappeared.

    And all public uprisings against governments, like we have been witnessing in France of late, for example, have stopped too.

    Which is not at all suspicious.




  8. Faith

    Ireland has gone for the total lockdown until Easter Monday, it’ll be the same on mainland UK soon