There is a school of thought, and one which is gaining a lot of traction, especially online, which questions a subject which in all honesty I have not really given much thought to, at least not since primary/elementary school that is.

Did Dinosaurs actually exist?

And if not how would one go about arguing the case for such a claim?

Eric Dubay has produced an excellent video, containing some pretty compelling evidence, to support the fact that ‘Terrible Lizards’ were not discovered until 1854, some twelve years after their existence was ‘Speculatively Hypothesised’ upon, by Sir Richard Owen of the Royal Society during the Heyday of Darwin’s Evolutionism.

He also highlights the fact that there were no ‘Dinosaur’ discoveries made prior to the 1840’s by any civilisation during the whole of human history, despite the countries in which the remains were discovered, being inhabited and explored for thousands of years previously, and no mention of Dinosaurs was ever made in any civilisation’s religion or traditions.

*Mr Dubay’s Youtube Channel has been removed since this article was published and therefore the accompanying video is sadly unavailable*

I have no doubt that much of what Mr Dubay has highlighted in his excellent video will be dismissed by any number of people as being just another ‘Conspiracy Theory’, which appears to be the default setting of the mass media and the established order and also of the hard-of-thinking, despite the information being easily researched – so with that in mind, how about exploring the physical impossibilities of such creatures existing ?

  • Maximum muscle stress exertion for any animal is independent of body size. Dinosaurs, being inefficiently muscular, and allegedly weighing up to 180 tonnes would not have been able to lift their own weight off the ground in order to move.
  • A Sauropod Dinosaur’s vertebral spines at the base of its neck, would have been too weak and low to provide leverage for the muscles required to elevate it’s head to high position.
  • A Sauropod’s long neck would not have been able to get blood to its brain 60 foot in the air, which would have required blood pressure four times that of a modern giraffe, placing extraordinary demands on the heart resulting in severe risk of stroke and/or aneurysm.
  • The only way to keep the required blood pressure reasonable would have been if Sauropods fed with the neck extended just a little above heart level, which would have prevented reach to any foodstuffs above the 20-foot mark, resulting in starvation..
  • Holding a 40 foot long neck weighing 15 tonnes horizontally though, equating to 430,000 foot-pounds of torque, for more than a few seconds, would have been equally impossible to maintain.
  • A Sauropod’s neck would require the muscular strength of a neck 20 foot in diameter, contrary to the 6 or 7 foot diameter neck measurement that has been alleged. Sauropods would have been incapable therefore of lifting their heads either upwards or outwards.
  • For an elephant, the slightest tumble can break bones and/or destroy enough tissue to prove fatal, which would preclude the existence of any predator much larger to sustain falls, such as Sauropods. Elephants, are also simply too heavy to run, or jump, and are more than twenty-five times lighter than alleged Dinosauria.
  • The Utahraptor alleged to be a 20-foot, 1,500-pound Velociraptor was claimed to run on the balls of its two hind feet, on two toes, the third toe carrying a 12-inch claw for disembowelling prey. In reality, 1,500-pound toe dancers cannot exist.
  • Alleged 350 pound flying creatures would have been too heavy to be able to lift themselves off the ground, or maintain flight or even to land without crash-landing. No creature heavier than 30 pounds is able to fly today, despite having long wing-spans.
  • Great size and paper-thin tubular bones supporting the gigantic wings would have made landing much too dangerous, The creature could not have landed without shattering all of its bones.
  • 12-foot wings strung between straw-thin tubes would obviously have also been unable to flap.
  • To achieve hovering with a 23-foot wingspread, Pteranodon would have required 220 pounds of flight muscles as efficient as those in humming birds. With its alleged musculature of 8 pounds, it is inconceivable that Pteranodon could have taken off. How could it even have flown?
  • “With each increase in size, and therefore also weight, a flying animal needs a concomitant increase in power (to beat the wings in a flapper and to hold and manoeuver them in a glider), but power is supplied by muscles which themselves add still more weight to the structure.
  • The larger a flyer becomes the disproportionately weightier it grows by the addition of its own power supply. There comes a point when the weight is just too great to permit the machine to remain airborne. Calculations bearing on size and power suggested that the maximum weight that a flying vertebrate can attain is about 50 pounds….
  • Such dimensions break all the rules of flight. A creature that large would have broken bones if it tried to fly….

Certainly something to think about, and the question should be why would such a deception [if such a deception exists] be allowed to be taught in schools and universities throughout the world, and be so purposely and deeply imbedded in the human psyche?

To defy the creator perhaps, or something even more sinister ?




53 thoughts on “TERRIBLE LIZARDS

  1. Am I sensing a return to the Kind of articles the Outlaw is world famous for? I do hope so

  2. I’d not really thought about this before, but I am now. Good piece JJ, thought-provoking as always.

  3. The theory that I once read was that the Earth was smaller & with lower gravity in those days.

    Also with – possibly – a thicker atmosphere.

    So the downfall of the dinosaurs could have been caused by Earth’s slow expansion, accompanied by an increase in gravity, causing them to experience the effects you list.

    This could also explain the alleged long period of their extinction over many millions of years.

    Certainly a natural disaster would have been much quicker to finish them off.

      1. I should add that if you Google ‘was planet earth once smaller?’, you get a lot of arguments for & against.

        1. If I Googled ‘Is Adele an eight-foot shapeshifting lizard’ – I would get a lot of arguments for and against too 😉

          1. OMG! I cannot believe what that search actually brings up. Are people truly that dumb? I’m gobsmacked


          2. It must be true. Adele’s shape-shifting was even witnessed by a reporter from the New Zealand Herald. His name? Jim Joint!

    1. Killing them off and effectively leaving very little discernible trace of their existence.

      ‘Gravity’ is a completely unproven entity, and there is absolutely no evidence that proves the world was physically smaller, at any point in history.


    Depopulation Activist Kevin Galalae Opens Center of Global Consciousness (CGC) to Public Membership:-


  5. Good article…… Mmm…. Add to that nuclear weapons and….. Shiver… The GLOBE!!!…

  6. Have you seen this Jimmy? A transgender activist has claimed that ‘straight men should “work through” their non-attraction to transgender women’


  7. Interesting stuff. Well spotted, Admin.

    Another angle to consider is the amount of food some of the beasties would need to consume. If they were warm blooded, it would be colossal.

    Apparently, 70% of what we eat is needed just for our ‘heating’. If they were not, would they be able to store enough heat to move quickly through basking? Seems unlikley.

    Eric Dubay, the man behind the video, is an intriguing character. He is a genuine flat-earther, a scholar of religions who favours a fascinating line of thought on intelligent design by a bored hyper-intelligent entity, while at the same time believing that giants once walked the earth! His vids are definitely worth a look.

    Meanwhile, back in the West’s terminal spiral to oblivion;


    1. Given the choice between pregnant man gives birth & the existence of dinosaurs wouldn’t you rather dinosaurs were actually real?

      1. Jane.
        Apparently, there are two of these new ‘fathers’. One of them (I swear you couldn’t make this stuff up!) became pregnant in the conventional way after a drunken night-out with a friend. She/he has a partner, currently a she, that is also going to become a he! The two former women are to become gay men. Just try to get your head around the physical and mental implications of that when it comes to sexual relations…

        Also in the news – a UK church gearing it services to the trans agenda has among it’s congregation a five year old that is transitioning…

        1. The following is probably classified as ‘Hate Speech’ by the left nowadays, but ….

          24 Then the Lord rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven;

          25 And he overthrew those cities, and all the plain, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and that which grew upon the ground.’ – GENESIS 19

          1. I’m an atheist but I get the gist of this. And it does sound remarkably similar to an aerially delivered thermo-nuke…

        2. Phil,
          It’s getting beyond a freak show. Don’t worry about the kid who is the product of this insanity, I’m sure it’ll grow up completely normal & unaffected by such a screwball environment, despite such grim parentage.

          It doesn’t get the choice, the choice is made for it by what is effectively freaks of nature. Parents forcing their will on a child. Same kind who then want it to be registered as a ‘non’ sexed baby, to further mess it’s head up. :/

          And I think it’s pretty clear where this freak show agenda is sprouting from.

          Dread to think how much worse this overt pervert agenda is going to be.

          1. Jane,
            Random stuff re. the above.
            The declared costs to the NHS are already huge but don’t allow for the future ‘repair and maintenance’ to procedures that many will need, let alone the ongoing supply of hormones etc.
            As many as 40% of those ‘transitioned’ will commit suicide when they realise that irreversible surgical mutilation was not the panacea they hoped for.

            I think Trump has twigged what’s going-on and are starting to apply the Brakes. His govt have put a 6 month hold on changes to DEERS that would have resulted in the DoD picking up the tab for a landslide of recruits signing-up just to get ‘transitioned’ at the govt’s expense. See
            particularly ‘DEERS and gender markers’. (It’s on a legal eagle’s page – looking at the opportunities to, ahem, ‘support’ those who might need a little help to sue the Dod).

            Once the DEERS gender marker has been changed, which can be while still physically fully male, for example, said male “will use those berthing, bathroom and shower facilities associated with the preferred gender.”

            I read elsewhere that it will be considered ‘offensive’ for women to protect their modesty by covering-up when finding a fully-equipped male in the shower!

            I think the 6 month hiatus is to find a legit way to dump (Obama’s?) reforms on the grounds of “operational readiness”.

          2. Thanks Phil,
            Interesting stuff. The relentless forcing of all these things on us & demanding we accept it. Do they relly think everyone will? Naive at best.

            And as you point out, the cost is rising & the very real issue that many people go through with it, having been through the counselling, being totally sure it’s the right thing, then realising it was the worst thing they ever did.

            This is completely ignored in the obvious propaganda push and push of this stuff.

            I’ve also been reading a little about some really worrying stuff going on in Australia, where to proclaim that you will never accept adults raping babies and children can actually get you arrested and be convicted of upsetting a child rapists feelings.
            The story of Luke McKee is shocking.

            The LGBTI card, having been used to protect the paedophile.

            Incredible how they have managed to get away with what they have (The Gay Police) & what they have done to him and his family.

            Is it coming here too? Let’s hope not!

            I can’t actually believe Australians have not been in uproar about it, but then they’ve had the Mardi Gras whipped up to be the must go to gig of the year for decades, so slow drip feed complete?

            Insanity overload.

            I’ve also been reduced to a giggling wreck, by reading The Camera Assassins book of revelations about his time working as a photopap for Rupert Murdoch. It’s now nestling in the Outlaw Library HERE

            Brian Harvey has posted a really good interview on Youtube recently with The Camera Assassin, which inspired me to read the free download of his book. 😀


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  9. Jane.
    It’s a shame about Australia. Back along, you could always count on Aussies to say the things that needed saying. I’m sure they’re still the same in the small towns and ranches but those in the major cities seem to be as ‘cucked’ as most Europeans and North Americans.
    Time permitting, I will take a look at the other items you mentioned over the weekend.

    1. I’m surprised too Phil that Aussies have not been kicking off big time about this. But just like our kids are, they are heavily brainwashed to believe that all this evil stuff is actually harmless and that anyone who knows it’s not, is the dangerous element.

  10. To all. Just a heads-up.
    On Friday I shall be identifying as a gay Border Collie. My preferred pronoun is Shep.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. ps No offence intended to fans of the late great John Noakes and his faithful friend Shep.

      Thinking back, that was (for the right reasons) some pretty memorable tv…

      1. Indeed it was. Fingers crossed there is not another nutter like ‘Nick’ out there, who accuses all the Blue Peter Presenters (And Shep and the studio tortoise) of being ‘Paedophiles’ and Murderous Satanists with a fondness for bestiality eh?

        1. Hahahahaha I knew that studio tortoise was dodgy. Shifty eyes.

          Never fear, because no doubt someone will set up a Go Fund Me page to help bring him to justice, if he is still alive. Tortoises can live a long time, it might still be possible to put him away. (In a cardboard box full of straw when he’s ready to hibernate.)

          If we can get enough people to falsely accuse him of being a paedo on Twitter, maybe we can get him a nice little compo deal – just like some of the shifty ex Tory MP’s have managed to do, some with a little help from their dodgy law mates.

  11. OG.
    There’s a photo of the lady involved here.

    SUN-SENTINEL and the training vid the police department will probably be shown here.


    I particularly like the bit where the officer basically say’s “If the name or sex don’t match the person you are looking at, you could be looking at identity theft or a fugitive with a stolen licence. But ignore those possibilities if the photo and the person match because it MIGHT be a trans person and you MUST NOT hurt a trans persons feelings.”

    I see a whole new avenue of interest for career criminals here!

    This will probably get me done for ‘hate speech’ but I think it’s a reasonable question, How would you feel seeing this lady walk into a restroom or changing room your wife or daughter were using? I am fairly sure the she has that right in much of the US. I don’t know just how far the UK has gone at the moment.

    My own response would not be ‘politically correct’ but it would be traditional. Male protects family from potential threat.


      1. He seems to be having trouble remembering that it was his mate who revealed his ID online @OG. Even though it’s been proven to him IN HIS OWN WORDS countless times.

        Top Tip ‘Ades’, if you look at your mates old blog online, the take down notice YOU completed against HIM for posting your details online is still on there. ALL IN PLAIN SIGHT.

        If you put in both your names and ‘Takedown Notice’ you’ll find it, even though you already know where it is, but continue to lie and harass.

        I could give you the link AGAIN, but your mate will have a copy of it all anyway. As I’m sure you do, even if your memory keeps conveniently failing and you can’t remember the facts.

        I also have a copy of YOUR very good mates Tweet, showing your details that HE posted online.

        Just to make that crystal clear one last time.

        Best to ignore the relentless stalker. Doesn’t matter how much you show them up for their lies, they never shut up, so ignorance is bliss, especially when the SUPER creepy ones are concerned. 😉

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  13. Hey JJ, a couple of weeks after this article was published guess what?

    They have only gone and ‘discovered’ six bones of what they reckon is a dinosaur ten times bigger than anything previously found. Makes you laugh doesn’t it?

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