I have been following closely the events that took place in London today, using various social media platforms, as well as the mainstream media reporting, in order to try and get a balanced, overall picture of what was going on.

It should come as no surprise, however, that on SkyNews this evening, their coverage of the events that took place in London today, consisted of focussing on the image above, of a man urinating next to a memorial dedicated to PC Keith Palmer, who died in 2017, from the wounds he sustained during the Westminster Terrorist attack.

Although that was a pretty insensitive thing to do, and wholly inexcusable, it must be noted that he was not actually urinating on the memorial – as a number of mainstream media outlets have claimed – it was to the side of the stone, as the image clearly shows.

This is purely a distraction, and also a very convenient photo opportunity, in my opinion, as it has not even been confirmed if this man was actually involved in the protests at all, or if he was simply not able to find a public toilet, as they had all been closed for the day.

His actions have been condemned of course, and rightly so, but to claim, as the mainstream media have, that it was ‘Far Right Groups’, and ‘Drunken men carrying cans of beer, who went to London to attack #BlackLivesMatter protesters’, who were solely responsible for any violence and disorder, is categorically untrue.

The Prime Minister has commented, ‘Racist thuggery has no place on our streets’, and unsurprisingly, the mainstream media, have been rolling out a series of talking heads, who are wetting themselves and gleefully pointing their bony fingers directly at the ‘White Supremacists’, and ‘Far Right Mobs’ as being the perpetrators.

There was not one mention of AntiFa, Far Left and Communist agitators, Black Power activists etc, representatives of whom were all in attendance, and historically, are not known for protesting peacefully.

For a fair and balanced report on todays events, two specific incidents must be included, which show an entirely different side of the narrative being pushed both by the media and politicians, and to purposely ignore them, is not only biased and one-sided, but entirely dishonest.

But what it does show, is that the mainstream media cannot be trusted to report on any issues with accuracy.

The following videos were posted to social media earlier today, and as far as I am aware have not been shown by, or referred to by the mainstream media, despite being easily found online, and clearly show the incidents I referred to earlier.

They completely contradict the version that is being offered by the mainstream media.

Please watch this.

And this….

And this….

10 thoughts on “TAKING THE PISS

  1. This is all getting so transparent now, and the agenda is so clear to see.

    Priti Patel has tweeted “An arrest has been made. My thanks goes to @metpoliceuk for their swift response. A truly appalling act”.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but the guy who pissed through the railings by the memorial handed himself in to a police station in Essex, there was no ‘swift action by the Met’ in apprehending him. What the fuck is going on there?

    Do they think that we are all that stupid that we can’t see what is happening?

    1. You are not wrong, it is my understanding also, that a man presented himself to the Essex police in relation to the public urination thing.

      1. He was stupid not malicious I think & the media and the lunatic left have used it to label everyone who was not a BLM protester as a mindless thug & ignored nearly everything else that went on

  2. According to the BBC, yesterday’s “violent London protests” resulted in 6 police officers being injured, while last weekend’s “largely peaceful protests” left more than 30 police officers injured. All the mainstream media are lying about what happened in London and elsewhere, but I agree that SkyNews and the BBC are by far the worst offenders. Shame on them.

  3. I reckon it’s past time to stop the acts.

    Let’s just be honest.

    The majority is still saying NO to the New World Order and they don’t like it. So divide and conquer is their plan, except, that only works with those filled with hate.

    When you interact with love its a powerful force that can change lives for the better.

    Hate tears apart. Burns everything down and leaves everyone vulnerable.

    Who really burns their own source of sustenance down?

    Or their own schools or neighbourhoods?

    They don’t. People from the outside do.

    Their behaviour exposes themselves.

    I can’t and don’t support BLM because of the exclusion. Not to mention Antifa’s infiltration into the protests. Which the world now know is supported and financed by a certain group of individuals in the billionaire’s club.

    I also don’t buy the white guilt that they are flogging to the west.

    The people in my bible were not white. They were from the Middle East. Black people even laugh about a white Jesus. He was from the middle east.

    The same place that practices slavery to this very day.

    But everyone is angry at the white man?

    About what?

    It can’t be slavery that they are heated about if nothing is being done to protest the Arab state where it is still happening ?

    Yet crickets?

    The left has been infiltrated. They are the Trojan Horse.

    We in the west see the benefits of the immigration system where people immigrate, integrate and adjust to their new way of life in their new home in their new country. We don’t see the benefit of illegal immigration because the public purse has its limits.

    The New World Order agendarists are the ones who support it.

    By the boat load!

    The New World Order is out to destroy, they encourage a damaging and illegal immigration system in order to cause grief and strife and to divide.

    But too many eyes are wide now, not shut.

    At the moment there are a lot of flying monkeys playing at leadership.

    But they are scared.

    They are firing all they have at the public in a last dtitch effort to confuse.

    The dinosaurs see the rouse.

    They failed badly.

    The answer is still NO.

    And NO, NATIONALIST and PATRIOTISM does not equate to racism.

    It’s all in the heads of the losing meglomaniacs.

    Charity doesn’t pay like it use to and crimes against humanity will leave them strippped of their assets.

    The adult nappy industry is BOOMING

    I still want to know where are the seals to the gates of the palace?

    Anyone if anyone had seen the queen?

  4. I also followed most of the live footage from London over the weekend Jimmy, and you are right in saying that the media were going to concentrate on the idiot who took a piss next to the memorial. That has been shown to be correct as he gave himself up, admitted what he had done, and said that he was not aware of the memorial next to him. He was foolish but not malicious in my opinion and has been jailed for two weeks as a result.


    The has been no media call to arrest and jail the thugs who attacked the men in the videos you posted as far as I can see. And as for the media pushing the agenda that all the hatred and violence was coming from the ‘Tattooed Right Wing Thugs’, I can only suggest they watch the footage all the way through, and not cherry pick the snippets that reinforce the agenda they are trying to push. There was one incident, which was live on RT, where a youngish black woman screamed ‘JUDAS N*****R’ at a black veteran who was standing peacefully in front of Nelson’s Column, and was there simply to prevent it being attacked and defaced by BLM protesters. Her name was ‘Nadine’, as far as I can gather, she has been identified all over social media and should be an easy nick for the police, because she was committing a hate crime, and inciting violence. I doubt anything will come of it though. Good to see you back by the way (although you never really left).

    1. I added a link to your comment in regard to the jailing of Andrew Banks, the guy who was pictured urinating next to the memorial.

      The other incident you refer to was 4 hours and 18 minutes into the Ruptly live coverage that day, its still available on You Tube, and I agree it was despicable.

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