Within hours of the Government announcing that the proposed rail route of HS2 between London and the north of England, will cut through the Derne Valley, with a spur into Sheffield city centre – the good folk of Yorkshire have not been backward in coming forward with their very real concerns and to voice their anger.

“An utterly pointless, money-guzzling, chaos-causing, havoc-raising white elephant ” 


If you would like to add your voice to the growing number of people who are rightfully appalled and extremely angry about this homage to Tory vanity and corporate greed, and the wanton destruction of not only part of the natural beauty which this country has to offer, but also of peoples homes and businesses …. there is also a ‘STOP HS2’ Facebook Page you can subscribe to and who would welcome your support.

42 thoughts on “STOP THAT TRAIN

  1. This whole country is just one big siphoning machine draining off billions, that we don’t even have, for the ‘you know who’s’.

    But don’t worry about it, won’t it be joyous to have a completely pointless over the top expensive train set, just so the tories can point to it as a permanent ugly scar on OUR countryside that they ripped us all off for?

    No doubt it will continue to bleed money even when complete, because it won’t be profitable and the best bit? We’ll all be paying for it long after we are dead, via our future generations and generations and generations.

    The you know who’s are turning the entire country into 1 great big enormous white elephant.

    They suggest Theresa May will be ousted in the Autumn, because dealing with her for her multiple treasons against us, also known as the right thing to do for US, as we know will never be an option.

  2. Hmmm…

    I must admit to mixed feelings on this, having had the pleasure of travelling on the smooth and luxurious TGV. I’d like to ride on the Paris-Bordeaux again now the new section has opened – 584km (363ml) in just over 2 hours!

    The thing is, you just know that we won’t end up with anything remotely as good, it will be late and massively over-budget. There will be all kinds of excuses for limiting speed. Environmental concerns, cost, antique rolling stock, bad planning, leaves on the track, wrong kind of snow…
    The ‘dualling’ of the A30 (the County’s busiest and most important road) at Temple in Cornwall has taken nearly 29 months.

    29 months for 2.8 miles!

    It only took 6 years to build the Manchester Ship Canal (still 8th bggest of it’s kind in the world) nearly 130 years ago and that was with steam-powered machinery!

    1. £111 Billion is a conservative estimate of what it’s going to cost the Taxpayer. It may well end up more than that

      1. They already expect it to be much higher. And it usually is double what they claim. £200 billion is another conservative estimate.

        The companies chosen to do it, all foreign of course.

        I watched a clip earlier which claimed France and other places have dropped expanding the HS lines as they have proven to be non profitable and are haemorrhaging money. The French Train service has always knocked spots off ours and if they can’t make it pay, no one can.

        As well as anything else, if predictions of computers taking jobs are to be believed and several jobs have gone because computers can do our jobs in so many ways increasingly, it’ll be virtually empty by the time it’s finished and they will probably end up scrapping it as a pointless concept.

        But this will make you laugh.

        Sarah Champion, Labour’s Rotherham MP, said she was “furious” because South Yorkshire “won’t get a proper stop”.

        Phew! At least that 95% of paedophiles being British white men (according to her) won’t be getting off at her stop then. She’ll just have to make do with the Asian paedo rings.

        1. Jane. European state-owned and private companies own the majority of UK railway firms.

          There’s a list here;


          It’s more than likely that the high ticket prices here are subsidising prices over the Channel.

          1. Thanks Phil, nice that we get to foot the bill to foreign climes for our services. Thanks Thatcher!
            Bit like Israels good healthcare that is paid for by America, whilst Americans healthcare is not so good.

            Talking of Thatcher, I came across this on ye olde internet, thought it might be of interest to Jimmy.


      2. Blimey, that’s enough for the Trident updates/replacements!
        Oh, wait. The true cost of THAT is looking more like £160 billion now.
        Good thing that £20 billion aircraft carrier is nearly ready to go.
        What’s that? The F35 variant we are buying for it is looking iffy. Not to worry, we can surely roust-up something that will work.
        Oh. It doesn’t have a catapult?
        The trusty Ark Roy…
        Never mind.

        1. Jane
          The UDM were scum.

          They will always be remembered as scum. Thatcher was on the ropes.

          Despite the best efforts of the security services, Robert Maxwell, and traitors within the NUM leadership (See “The Enemy Within” by Seamus Milne), Scargill was not only holding on. He was gaining ground and public support.

          The treacherous scum of the UDM though they could save their own jobs when they decided to be scabs. They couldn’t.

          They got their just desserts when Thatcher stabbed them in the back, just as everyone but them knew she would.

          I often wonder what the country would be like now if Arthur Scargill had brought the Government down.

          I feel sure that many of the excesses of the past quarter century would not have happened, or at least not to the same extent. I honestly believe we, the working class, would be in much better shape.

          My opinion of Arthur Scargill?

          One of the bravest and most honourable champions of the working class that this country has ever seen.

          Someone who SHOULD be remembered with a statue. Somehow, I doubt that will be the case…

          If I seem bitter, it’s because I am. I lived and worked (not as a miner) in the heart of the region.

          I saw what happened to good little towns and their communities during and after the strike.

          The utter destruction of those towns and communities by Thatcher was a massive and terrible crime. I vowed then to see her dead and I am proud to have been amongst those protesting at her disgusting ‘state’ funeral – a bonus of which was having a face to face barney with Edwina Currie!

          1. I am the son of South Wales miner Phil, as was he and his father before him.

            One of ‘Thatcher’s children’ who was at the sharp end during the ’84 Miners strike.

      3. But they have no money for the NHS, Housing, Public Sector Workers pay rises etc etc. What a waste of public money this is

  3. But seriously though, there’s £300 billion that would be better spent on social housing and new power stations.

    The Great Man-Made Climate Change Scam has led to the early closure of several power stations. That, and the decommissioning of old nuclear plants has left the UK dependent on imported power to cover unreliable wind and solar generation.
    The latest wheeze/con is yet another get rich quick scheme. Under STOR – Short Term Operating Reserve – land owners and investors are leasing diesel-powered generator sets to supply additional power to the grid at times of peak demand.
    To placate the tree-huggers, these ‘diesel farms’, with anywhere from one to sixty plus gen-sets, are limited to 200 hours generator per year. BUT… to be certain of enough capacity with that 200 hour limit, there have to be LOTS of these ‘farms’ and ALL are paid all year round as long as they are in a state of operational readiness! Any business, hospital, supermarket, anyone with a large back-up generator can sign-up to the scheme. there’s a get-out so that they can use their own power if there is a cut at their own premises.
    The payment scheme is, appropriately I think, called TRIADS!

    Not surprisingly, this is all being kept fairly quiet. Keep an eye on local planning applications. Look-out for big concrete slabs going in, surrounded by 8 foot solid plain coloured walls of timber or block. You can usually see the exhaust tops just above wall height along with cameras on poles. They are popping-up in remote places as well as industrial areas. I spotted one from a train recently just outside Exeter. Green Frog is a big supplier – they have a map of their locations on the web.
    The money involved is huge with investor returns potentially in excess of 50% while 30% is common.
    Guess who is paying for it…

    A final note. Coal-fired power generation with modern flue gas desulpherisation is ‘cleaner’ than diesel. Also, it doesn’t have those nasty particulants.
    The UK is sat on enough coal to generate power for at least half a milennium.

  4. A total waste of money. When will be a government listen to it’s people? Never that’s wnen

  5. This monstrous carbuncle is being driven right through the area my parents live. Most of the locals are raging and know the money could be better spent elsewhere in the area

  6. It’s disgusting that this thing is going ahead when so many other issues are far more pressing

  7. OG
    Good news for the world – warmongering Senator John McCain has brain cancer.

    Styx sums it up nicely here;


    (Parental discretion required. May contain offensive language!)

  8. This is boiling my blood!
    As everyone else says,

    1/ We have no money, on account of Cameron and Osborne siphoning it off to their bent banker mates. Where is this magic money tree growing?

    2/ There are infinitely more worthwhile things this huge amount of money could be spent on, especially as all services are on their knees.

    3/ Ancient woodlands (& all the habitats that will be destroyed along the route of this massive pointless white elephant probably depleting or making extinct some precious wildlife, already struggling with the chemicals they bombard them with. are far more important to all of us than any politician. We will never get those back.

    4/ Theresa May stood there and lied through her teeth, she claimed to want to be a PM that was lead by the people.

    That’s why she has given the ok to fracking against the peoples wishes, is going ahead with this ridiculous money siphoning HS2 project (because that’s what it is), has changed OUR laws to hide the truth of WWII, keeps Jeremy Hint on and all the rest of it. A bare faced liar as they all turn out to be is what she is.

    And if they do get rid of her in the Autumn as is suggested, we’ll get Boris or Jeremy Corbyn. Depressed? Yep. :/

    We’re all doomed basically 😉


    1. I would not know about the cars built in Mexico, but I do know that McCulloch who’s chainsaws are now manufactured there, have really gone downhill quality wise since relocating from the US.

  9. Stop whining. Bugger the expense. If it means that my regular trips to the big smoke are reduced by 30mins and I can have a lie in it’s money well spent.

    1. Hairy Biker.
      You must be a Member of the Upper Chamber.
      It’ll be really handy. Swift trip to Westminster – clock-in to claim £300 plus exes for the day, back on the train and back to the estate – blasting grouse before lunch!
      Top hole what!
      Anyone for g and t?

    1. OG. Good posts.

      Surprising that so many of the comments are of a religious bent, with much emphasis on god’s plan and how he will sort it out if we just believe.

      We’re doomed with that attitude, as are the Jews with the belief that, as the chosen, their god will keep them safe.

      Those convinced their god says “kill everybody who doesn’t believe in me” are playing a different game!

      I’m not religious but I prefer the ‘god helps those who help themselves’ ethos.

      I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again.

      Religion will be the death of us all!

  10. Thanks for the advice Jane . The pile is up for sale forthwith!! Any offers Phil?

    1. HB
      I can’t help with the stately pile but I’ve got a tenner if you’ve got a couple of grouse…

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    Source Neonnettle

    1. Faith
      17 years! It must be the same 6 blokes (3 with clipboards, 1 with the tea, 1 with the fags, the last with a shovel) who have just finished, late but apparently in-budget (lol), at Temple as mentioned in my earlier comment.

  12. On a serious note Outlaw……Dr Sally Baker…..from your neck of the woods I believe…….whats her credibility rating ? Is she mad,bad,or just dangerous to know??

    1. The Dr Sally Baker who is highlighting the corruption and the ineptitude in Mental Health Care in North Wales …. that one?

      As far as I can tell HB, apart from her being wrong in her opinion of Richard Webster and his work, and her rabid defence of Alison Taylor and other ‘interesting’ (shady) characters involved in the North Wales Child Abuse saga – she appears to be on the level from what little I have read about her …. if that helps at all?

  13. Off topic … interesting debate on the flat earth going on over at dark place…Dogbiscuits cognitive dissonance and arrogance showing through, She’s obviously not taking her meds… Dogbiscuit up is up down is down..He loves his ballocks.

    1. Can they actually debate any topic without throwing their toys out the pram and resorting to personal insults and threats then?

      Debating FE? Wonders will never cease ….

      It will be interesting, however, to see which side of the debate they decide to come down on – that will at least prove how committed they are to challenging the official narrative (or not) they really are.

      Can you keep me posted as to how it turns out please?

  14. Cheers Outlaw, will do…. Dogbreaths a closet NASA fanboy it would seem…. Werner Von Brauns headstones quite enlightening, Psalm 19:1…Oh, just one on the new railway, are they taking the curvature of the earth into account???… Like what snipers do? ROFL.

    1. ‘The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.’ Psalm 19:1 KJV

      1. Makes you wonder if John Lennon was right….. Only the sky above us. Dogmans too fat to fit down the narrower rabbit holes it would seem.

  15. Mini Ice-Age has begun, coldest by 2021, heaviest Interglacial snowfall by 2027 (1 hr vid):-


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    Top 10 Oregon counties for gonorrhea (P0sted for the comments):-


    “The Redheads” New Zealand Ancient History Documentary:-


  16. Thanks Jimmy for your feedback on Dr Sally……will bear in mind. She’s off the scale in naming names etc…..some pretty libellous in my view. But if they let her get away with it more power to her elbow. She’s obviously got some good info on the bastards to back up here claims! The most off the wall scandalous and entertaining rantings since Coleman!! Happy days.

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