I posted an image on Facebook earlier, which was removed within a minute.

As the admonishment clearly states, the post was removed by Facebook ‘because it looks like Spam‘, which as most people of the internet generation will instantly recognise as being digital ‘Junk Mail’ or a type of aggressive advertising, which admittedly can be intrusive and a real pain in the ass.

For those of us of a certain age, however, ‘Spam’ is a once popular foodstuff comprised of processed pork and ham, which comes in a tin and was at one time a staple of the British diet, and was a cheap, nutritious alternative to an expensive cut of meat for a large section of the population.

Considering that the image that was removed was of three pigs, admittedly taken from an angle which made them look like something else altogether, I am struggling to work out whether Facebook has objected to it because in their opinion it ‘contains nudity’ or is ‘obscene’ or even viewed as being ‘offensive’ to certain people.

Three Pigs

In any case, the humourless nurks in Facebookland have deemed it unfit content for their platform, despite it being readily available on other social media platforms.

You really could not make it up if you tried could you?

Meanwhile, here is an example of some classic British comedy from the Pythons ….

19 thoughts on “SPAMMED

  1. They are doing this increasingly, even if news articles from the MSM are posted. Over zealous ridiculousness gone mad.

    1. I read something online yesterday that the only news that going to be seen on Faceache soon would be from sources that could pay for it

      1. The Outlaw Facebook page is sponsored so it would not affect this site anyway.

        Plus having the page sponsored works the trolls and stalkers into a lather as they lose their shit accusing the wrong people of being the sponsor.

  2. Meat and two veg !!!!! Disgusting Jimmy….. I’m a fucking vegan!!!! Ban this man from tinter immediately!!

  3. Spam was actually a U.S. import starting at about 1942/3.

    As the name was copyrighted, rivals had to call their version “pork luncheon meat”.

    Just a F.Y.I.

  4. “…three pigs, admittedly taken from an angle which made them look like something else altogether…”

    Really, what’s that then?

    You should know by now that libtards are born without a sense of humour.

  5. Thanks Sammy for a very interesting link.Any thing to add Jimmy….your recent reply to me on this subject puts you firmly in the court of the globalists according to this article….. should I be surprised???

    1. I don’t know why you should be surprised my friend, but I certainly am with your comment – as I despise Globalism with a passion.

      I thought I was clear on that issue.

      Obviously not.

      I am a nationalist first and foremost.

      And proudly so, but it comes as no surprise to me that the established order would try to highjack the growing feeling among people turning towards nationalism after many decades of discontentment and abject disappointment.

      Like many people you appear to have read me totally wrong, the link that was posted is an opinion only, one of many that is freely posted here to be discussed, and one I could effectively argue against if need be.

      The heart of true Nationalism as I see it is as far away from Globalism as it’s possible to be.

      I believe in a strong nation state, run on behalf of the welfare of it’s people, while openly encouraging other nations to follow suit.

      A strong, independent and self-sufficient nation with strong borders, just laws, fairness and true equality throughout, and governed by an easily replaced leadership who serve the nation and its people and not help themselves to the fruits of their countrymen’s labours.

      By the people, for the people, with the ability to defend itself from all enemies both foreign and domestic.

      Unfortunately, we are yet to witness anything resembling it while the globalists and moneylenders are in control.

      1. My earlier reference to the ‘Globalist’ EU as being ‘Parasitic’ hardly puts me in their court I shouldn’t think.

        Your comments on this site however, hint at a certain something which is vaguely familiar, and regular readers will certainly recognise.


    2. You are not an interloper who has slithered away from the dark Place trying to stir up shit are you Mister Ranter?



    Reminder: 4chan Autists Created Fake Piss Dossier Early 2016 To Troll GOP Rick Wilson (Who Insulted Autists On TV) – Wilson Thought It’s Real, Forwarded It To McCain > ex MI6 > Fusion GPS > CIA > FBI >whole MSM – Everyone Fell For Biggest Shit Post In History > Now Spotlight On Clinton Collusion! Kek:-


  7. Unbelievable response outlaw my friend. You’re losing the plot I think Read the arcicle again and just say you disagree with it . No need to get personal. BTW I’m not convinced the Catalan army can defend their borders from those rampaging immigrants and Europliles But as usual you probably know better.As for just asking…..get a life xxxx

    1. ‘No need to get personal?’

      WOW! That’s some serious paranoia right there.

      I really do not think you are going to get the response you are looking for here Mr Ranter, a lot cleverer have tried and failed miserably.

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