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  1. written at a time when when it wasn’t unpopular to be patriotic or loving your own country and wanting to defend it against invaders was not something you would be made to feel ashamed of

    • The ‘Saeson’ are the ‘English’, Darren. Who even in George Lloyd’s lifetime, made up the greater majority of the landed gentry, the politicians, the mine owners, ironworks and factory owners, and shop proprietors, not only in Wrexham, but throughout Wales.

      George Lloyd, if he wanted, (through his father William Lloyd of Bryn Estyn) could trace his ancestry back to the fifteen noble tribes of Wales, and the Welsh Prince’s, via Tudur Ap Adnyfed, (b: 1178), and despite being born in Calcutta, India, and having an Indian mother, was fiercely patriotic in regard to his father’s birthplace in North Wales.

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