If anyone wanted to look for an example of misleading and disingenuous reporting, you need to look no further than the recent mass media frenzy over ‘Cheddar Man’.

For those who are still not aware, ‘Cheddar Man’ was/is a 10,000-year-old complete human male skeleton, that was discovered in a cave in the Cheddar Gorge, south west England in 1903.

The reason why the mass media and mainstream scientist have gone into raptures recently, is that DNA testing carried out by the University College of London, using samples extracted by researchers at the Natural History Museum, have allegedly determined that this example of one of the earliest British inhabitants, possessed ‘dark skin, curly black hair and blue eyes’.

So it’s fairly easy to work out, why the mass media and the tame scientific community have been positively wetting themselves over this ‘discovery’.

The BBC, SkyNews, The Guardian, the Independent, the Sun, the Mail, New Scientist, the Washington Post and even the Smithsonian Institute website have run with this story, as well as a number of other ‘news’ outlets, which has understandably attracted a lot of public attention.

However, reading some of those media outpourings, it becomes fairly obvious early on, that most of the articles make very little reference to any actual science, relying instead, upon what has flowed from Science Journalists.

The articles make little or no reference to the fact, that ‘Cheddar Man’ was only one of a large number of human remains discovered in the same area, and, although incomplete, are at least 5-10,000 years older, and were not subjected to similar testing.

So the question must be asked, why is this single example of an early hominid, being promoted in this way, despite the obvious lack of more wide-ranging testing being carried out?

As the video below points out, these latest findings are based on nothing more than ‘Genetic Astrology’, and as such, are not an accurate, or indeed a true representation, of the real ethnicity of the skeleton.


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  1. More ‘Black-washing’ of European culture?

    I watched a video a few months ago by Dan of Activist News entitled 100% proof Google HATES white people, which was highlighting how European culture seems to being manipulated.

    You can see what he means if you Google:-
    ‘European people art’ &/or
    ‘White woman with kids’

  2. Well it doesn’t matter either way because today you are now allowed to parade yourself as the race of your choice.

    Ask Rachel Dolezal

    And anyone saying she is not black or “trans racial” then you are just a racist nazi card carrying member of the KKK.

    On a serious note: Stig of the Dump wasn’t exactly white and you can’t get more British than him. He’s proper old school 😉


    1. Today, I are mostly identifyin’ as a gender-fluid black trans Old English Sheepdog.
      To get my attention, shout “Here, non-cis person(s)!

      Be sure to use the plural when I’m having a multi-personality day or I’ll have you done for a hate crime.

  3. I tend to think of myself as a ginger haired disabled black single parent pre-transgender pro spectrum vegan lesbian trapped in the body of a white Caucasian working class husband of 2 kids. Never did me any harm.

  4. Hi Jimmy, off-topic but have you heard that someone is still bleating and still trying to play the victim after being put in care as a kid for robbing leccy meters? you have to feel sorry for him dontcha? Forty years lol and he still bitches about it

    1. I’m astonished (and disappointed) that New Scientist fell for this crap. I hope it’s not going the same way as that ex-bastion of hard factual information, Panorama, which now seems to pitch everything at the level of understanding of a three year-old.

  5. Seems like the guy behind the old notorious Anontalk messageboard is now supporting Spivey…..also Dr Oldfields girlfriend is getting her comments accepted aswell.

    Or are they? :)))


  6. If there’s any doubt in anyone’s mind of the falsification of history, this little article should dispel it.

    This Cheddar man pseudoscience is the re writing of history in real time.

    How on earth can they make sweeping judgements like that after supposedly doing genetic research on ONE skeleton? And that’s besides all the other problems with it.

    The big question is, WHY?

    That’s a bit of a rhetorical question really as we all know the reason why don’t we?

  7. I would just like to say that Gorgonzola Man, Mrs Kraft Dairylee, the Cheese Strings bloke and myself, used to live next door to Cheddar Man and the Scientists have it wrong — again.

  8. Want a huge laugh folks? Brighten up your cold sunday with a read of the great bald ones latest article published today!

    Amazing stuff about how he is dead certain about all crisis actors and that anyone who doubts him is a queer gay and peadotroll!

    His last article exposing Megan Markle as a CGI clone who does not exist is now available in ebook form with an awesome cover design and text.

    No doubt another best seller in the making.

    I had no idea that being sceptical about his hard work actually made people gay.

    Oh get myself on grinder then eh?

      1. Indeed he has attacked those two and god knows who else.Anyone who has suffered a tragedy that has made it into the papers are his number one targets.
        The guy seems so angry in his writtings so i cant imagine how utterly annoying he must be in real life! The guy who everyone avoids as soon as he walks through the door of his local pub.
        I really would like to see him open his mouth anywhere in Liverpool regarding his warped ideas about the Bulger case.
        However its quite obvious why this self proclaimed writer has never done a series of live lectures/talks…lol. As soon as he opens his mouth its just hillawiusly fwunny. ;)))

      2. I think the point he was making that all these tragic people write books about their losses. I too find this strange . I’m pretty sure I couldn’t and do wonder why they feel the need to share.

    1. A lot of what Chris Spivey says these days is very similar to the articles Miles Mathis writes. Nothing seems impossible so I personally wouldn’t be too hasty with the disparagement . However your opinion is yours to hold. Having said that, I don’t understand why Spivey is so vile to those posters who ask questions. He really does know how to lose friends easily. I wonder if Dogman , Raine and Wolfie have had enough. Posters seem to miss them.

      1. Spivey and those who spew nonsense about this or that person being a crisis actor forget that there are ofcourse people who know these folk.Just cos someone is in the public eye for whatever reason does not mean that they dont exist outside of these reports.
        These fools really need to get out more.
        How on earth does he think these crisis actors pull all this stuff off?

      2. I tend to go with my gut feeling, and also with things I know absolutely to be true …. or not.

        For example, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that what Spiv has published about me, on more than one occasion, is 100% false, and demonstrably so – so would you agree, that there is also a chance that what he has written about other people, is equally disingenuous and entirely false?

        So any disparagement on my part is not out of haste, it’s based on his long, and evidenced history of publishing what amounts to complete bollocks about myself and others – that is provably untrue.

        But like you say, a person’s opinion is theirs to hold.

  9. Talking about fake news and the ‘missing ‘link’… Uh oh! You know what this means?!

    Will it be the same as last time, where they were released really quickly, yet the good old MSM Fake News Propaganda pony, backed by the usual crop of bent politicians, continued to lie and say they were missing for years (some still lie and claim they are still missing?)

    As for the pink frocked freak show – he/she/IT is the AM version of the pony and trap show, complete with BBC Radio and local news journos, (the dreggs of the dreggs in journalism), although I use the word ‘journo’ in the loosest term, because quite clearly absolutely ANYONE can call themselves a journo.

    Just mentioning it gives it attention and it clearly thrives on that, good or bad. We all know what it is and what ‘cult’ it belongs to, as do so many others involved in the attacks on genuine CSA survivors.

    Links right to the very top.

    My belief is that it was a plant from the start, like the others mostly have been.

    But then I guess if you’ve gone out of your way to specifically hand pick a paedo to be your Son and heirs Godfather, and you’ve multiple links to other paedos, you would be a bit worried wouldn’t you?


  10. There is a huge differance between fake news and this whole “the same crisis actor/acress is playing multiple public figures the past 100 years!”..

    Cos that is what Spivey is claiming to be FACT! (and anyone who disagrees is a cunt gay queer etc etc)

    Fake news and hysteria I would class as this: I give 2 perfect examples The Roger Cook Report on Satanic Abuse and the Geraldo Rivera satanic abuse programmes.
    Both utter nonsense and both made in different countries ofcourse USA and UK.

    Why they both agreed to promote such rubbish I have no idea since their other shows are for the most part quite informative.


    ‘Geraldo Exposing Satans Underground’


    ‘Roger Cook “The Devils Work”

    The idea of satanic abuse/child sacrifice on such a scale is simply ludicrous.

    However while im writing i would strongly suggest you all watch the Roger Cook episode on child pornography, its from the 80s and it is quite mind blowing to see how things really were back then…

    UK peados advertising openly in top shelf magazines and shops in Amsterdamn willing to sell it…

    also it shows a very very early computer bullitin board.

    Also Geraldo Rivera Murder Live From Deathrow 2 hour special is a fascinating watch.

    He interviews the “crisis actor” who plays Charles Manson on that one 😉

    And YES you are correct Jane.. anyone can call themselves a writer/journalist these days and far too many do…La Verite for one (dear GOD!)

    Its as cringeworthy as every alt-metal/emo girl out there calls themselves a model just cos they have a bloody Instragrams page.

    Oh and that leads me onto that “model” who was hired by Blackdeathgroup and auctioned on the Darkweb only to be released 6 days later.. LOL!

    No, gotta go before i start on that one.

    1. I just see the whole crisis Actor fake labelling trip he’s on (or whoever is writing his tripe these days), as an extension of what appears to be happening in other countries, America included = the fake AM’ers punting out fake news & utter rubbish to enable the most notorious fake news pundits on earth (the MSM & Government) to claim the Alternative Media is full of lying con artists.

      How many Spiveys does there have to be before new laws, rules and regs are put in place to silence truth speakers thanks to such obvious plants like Spivey? 1 brush will tar all.

      All these people link together and they do seem to share that same ancestral origin.

      It’s definitely not just a random thing.

      We do have the worst media in the world, trouble is despite it mostly being Jewish owned, Britain gets the blame for it. Seems to be a standard tactic, not just with the media.

      Roger Cook – I’m familiar with his and Henckes misadventures labelling some bookshop as being a satanic hub.

      And some of his little fan club are still involved in trying to convince the public that Satanic linked child abuse is rife in the country and they include people who laughingly call themselves journalists.

      All they are in fact doing is attempting to make it look as though all CSA Survivors are fantasists. Not sure it’s working too well, because all it is doing is drawing attention to how contrived their little bad panto is and how they all link.

  11. As ive stated on here before…..Child abuse is something that if it has happened to you… do not need to exagerate it or embelish it in any way..there is no need too as you are already damaged.
    So i take extreme great offense when some fantasist starts claiming they were abused in a satanic ritual and witnessed child sacrifices etc etc.
    Imagine the same folk talking about cot death for instance….but then saying how the baby died from being choked by an evil spirit.

    It is so beyond offensive and vile that i feel nothing but pure disgust when i read or worse see/hear countless troofers babble on as if they have experienced this sort of thing.When in reality they have no idea what it is like to have lived with it.

  12. Now now Jane …. surely your not advocating even more Censorship even if it did shut up nutters like Spivey. I think any half intelligent person can work out who the fantasists are. And if not……I may not believe in Censorship but I said nothing about Darwinism!!

    1. Not at all, far from it in fact. I’m just saying what I think the likes of Spivey and those that link to him are all in aid of.

      Think we all know the Government would be very happy to use such twerps as a reason to bring in new laws and regulations to stop the alternative media, even those who stick to the facts and provable truth. Plenty have been put in prison for telling the truth.

      Especially 1 particular truth

      Look how many times the ‘conspiracy theorist’ label has been used to try to deem people mad, yet how many ‘conspiracy theories’ have been proven to be the truth.

      Clearly the Government don’t like certain truths, especially those that show them in the real and dangerous light that they are.

      There’s a difference between freedom of speech and downright blatant lying about multiple people as he constantly does for attention. As do our Governments, only it’s usually for money and power.

      I find Spivey exceptionally easy to ignore, more and more so. We all know what he and his gang are, giving attention to the bloke only keeps his ridiculous play act alive. I personally think ignoring him would make him yesterdays news much quicker.

      And when you have things like this, Tony Blair literally getting away with blatantly lying, (fully backed by Theresa May of course), murder in effect & all the highly paid ruminators waffle on and on until they come to the obvious decision that the Government need to implement changes so that as always, we all get to hear those immortal hollow words in a loop “lessons will be learned”, yet you then have to crowd fund to pay to have someone represent an obvious basic thing that should be a matter of course, not a throwaway idea that never gets implemented.

      These people can do what the hell they like – so why do people keep voting for it decade after decade?

      Is it because they are stupid or is it because the truth about what really goes on is completely passing them by, because the truth is seldom reported? Not the kind of truths that would really change the world for the better.


      1. And whilst I’m on a roll with news that makes you wonder if people are really that stupid – what part of politicians feeling sorry for an illegal immigrant, who also happened to be a paedophile, inspires anyone to vote?

        Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t just try to put the spanner in the works of such investigations as Child Abuse in Islington, he also sends flowers to dead illegal paedophile immigrants, which is just another very worrying reminder of what direction this country is heading.


  13. I think we all take great offence at the liars, whether they are claiming satanic involvement in their pretend abuse or not. The latest crop of nutters (including the poorest excuses for journalists)are definitely politically motivated.

    After all, we all get to pay through the nose for all these so called professionals and experts, cud chewers and ruminators not to be able to tell a con artist from someone telling the truth, or to put obvious con artists on CSA panels and to pay compensation to liars, as some clearly did in the Waterhouse Inquiry. Tens of millions of £’s spent on them being very good at being useless half the time. Much like the Governments who employ them.

    But I also take great offence at the fact many involved in the attacks on genuine people appear to be from that 1 ‘cult’ who seem to be making peoples lives a misery all around the world and have a vast track record of doing so.
    Especially as so many are pretending to be English, Scottish, Irish or Welsh but whose loyalty is clearly not for Britain for British people.

    Problem is, they are representative of the traitors we have in government.Whether you vote Tory or Labour (or the other 2 top non runners), you get the same ‘cult’ in no. 10.

    If we didn’t have a media largely owned by them, maybe we’d all get some truth for a change?

  14. Although i cant stand Spivey and the like… I am in no way saying it should be illegal for him to say all that crap.Censorship in 2018 is impossible anyway,if it was somehow banned from the net to express certain opinions it aint gonna stop it….
    I just find it so damn irritating that so many folk swallow that kind of utter rubbish.
    On the subject of censorship…the pathetic stoneage attempt to keep Jon Venables identity a secret has failed totally…..and will continue to fail no matter how many millions it costs.With 99% of the world carrying a camera phone 24/7 keeping soneone so notorious a secret is near impossible….by the way the other guys adult pic is also on twitter…
    And i might add that although what those 2 did was terrible i hsve always found the witch hunt to be rather pathetic. Grown men running at police vans as if they are really gonna get hold of the 10 year olds…and then do what exactly? And living with what you did as a kid 25 years on…. it just dont sit right with me that the majority want to still lynch those two….above everyone else…when there are countless other vicious perverts walking freely who carried out horrific crimes as adults…..i mean how many folk ran at Tanya French when she was being taken to court?….who?…. exactly!

    Anyway…regarding the troofers the only thing to do is to make them look even more stupid than they already are….and thats easy enough.
    Already on slapheads latest expose 3 supportive comments names that if he cared to google them…lol! Well he might throw up his microchips .

    1. Well, it has been said that you can always judge a man by the company keeps (and by those who support him/her).

      Is it anyone that the wider world should be warned about?

    2. Do they really believe though, or is it a case of the call being put out by the likes of Spivey, Sabine & Bill Baloney and co for volunteers to spread their tripe around for money or whatever else?

      Plus the obvious draw for desperate voiceless people with mental health issues who latch on to these people for attention & head pats.

      I have examples from the 3 above doing just that from the early days of all this & it is clear that quite a few of them have been promoting each other since at least 2009 -(3 years before the latest CSA scandal erupted) & I’m told that as soon as any legitimate group set up or people get together and talk about issues of the country the world, they are almost instantly descended upon by the usual suspects, the kind with fake stories about their wives having affairs with other men. Slime balls Linked to Gov.UK.

      And as I was saying, that 1 ‘cult’ seems to be behind so much misery, so really I shouldn’t be so surprised that it appears to be playing a part in the attacks of CSA survivors & some of the clearly concocted dramas.

      It’s money seems to be key behind so many evil things. The kind of truth that if not hidden would make this world a very different & better place.


  15. When my mom made her mac ’n’ cheese it had a few different types of cheddar in it. Mine has one in the form of Daiya Cheddar Shreds.

  16. The Daily Mail have finally caught up now Jimmy PMSL.

    ‘There is no way of telling what colour Cheddar Man was’- says the scientist who helped recreate his face.


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