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I was sent a video this evening by someone who wanted to hear my thoughts on it, and to also ask if I could look over it and ascertain if there was any truth in it.

The video (which I have not linked to here, but have taken some stills from) was published by UK Column on their website recently, and appears to be an attempt to cast suspicion upon and undermine a UK-Based Childhood Abuse Survivors Group, namely ‘Shatter Boys UK’.

In the video, the studio hosts are seen talking via a video link with someone calling themselves @Albion_Rover, and are discussing at length, what appears to be a simple spelling error which appears on the Companies House Website.

The spelling error they appear to be getting very excited about is the name of Daniel WOLSTENCROFT, which has appeared on the Companies House website as WOLSTENHOLM, Daniel, and the clever people at UK Column have helpfully superimposed a screenshot of Mr Wolstencroft’s biography which is listed on the website of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA), as Mr Wolstencroft sits on the Victims and Survivors Consultative Panel (VSCP) along with eight other people.

Along with this spelling error, which UK Column are claiming is highly suspicious and based on that claim, they have demanded answers from Mr Wolstencroft as to how this error has occurred.

The two UK Column hosts and their Scottish news stringer, have also made a clear reference to a Fraudulent Insurance Claim which occurred in October 2013, which involved a man also named Daniel Wolstencroft, and have attempted to draw the viewers attention to the possibility that these two men are in fact …. the same person!

These claims have now spilled over onto social media, and from what I have been observing myself, and from what a number of sources are also telling me, it now appears that a closely-linked group on social media have now picked up on this, and ganged up on Mr Wolstencroft, surrounding him like starving jackals, demanding that he explains to them personally how the spelling error occurred on the Companies House Website, and if he is in fact the person that UK Column have referred to as having been involved in a fraudulent insurance claim.

Mr Wolstencroft has I believe, ‘blocked’ those accounts now, and UK Column as I understand it are now backtracking on the claims they made in their video.

Knowing only too well how this online ‘Mobbing’ works, especially in regard to how social media is being utilized to not only try and totally discredit and remove people (including genuine abuse survivors) who have been selected to work alongside the IICSA – who for whatever reason do not fulfill the ‘criteria’ demanded by this online mob, I contacted a friend of mine in order to obtain a personal statement from Mr Wolstencroft to address this once and for all.

Mr Wolstencroft kindly obliged and has given his permission for his statement to be published on the Outlaw in full:

‘I originally started Shatterboys UK to give support to those males who had been sexually abused as children, who are now adults who had no support and wanted peer support, in the hope that people could find strength and courage from identification with those who had similar life experiences and had moved forward with their lives to prove it could be done. The main focus was so people could be supported through mutual aid and empower themselves and get their lives back.

We provide one to one peer support and group support, we also campaign for change and signpost and support through the police system.

We decided to register as a company which a business lawyer did for me and spelt my name wrongly, Wolstenholm instead of Wolstencroft, he did this for me as a favour due to my lacking the necessary skills when it comes to form filling due to my dyslexia.

Companies House has been contacted about this and said it was typed incorrectly. The necessary forms have been submitted to remedy this error.

I personally have high level security clearance through the Home Office and my name is Daniel Mark Wolstencroft.

A few other people came on board to share the workload as directors and have some collective ownership of what we were doing. Over time, people either moved on or got paid jobs as Shatter Boys received no funding from any outside body, everything is voluntary. I have two other jobs which I have run Shatterboys off since we started, out of my own pocket.

The others found the pressure too much due to the issues we were dealing with, or left for personal reasons, which is not for me to share as that would be wrong.

I am effectively, the last man standing.

Shatter Boys does not even have a bank account because one of the directors had bad credit with the bank we approached to open an account.

We have received donations which has helped us to travel to see clients up and down the country and to run numerous events.

I have spent far more than what has ever come in, I give four days personally to Shatter Boys of my own time voluntarily, supporting victims, campaigning, raising awareness, telephone and email support, court support and signposting to counselling services and supporting people at meetings.

I also support family members and deliver training.

We have no premises as it was costing me too much and I have my own rent to pay and children to support.

You may be under the impression that we are a large, well-funded organisation and it may appear that way because I am proactive and get myself everywhere so it seems like there are many of us but it’s just me.

The Companies House registration was pointless and means little as it has no impact on how we work, it seemed a good idea at the time but it has caused more trouble than it’s worth, and the reason it’s getting dissolved is because there hasn’t been a letter sent in to confirm we want to stay open.

That’s down to me not putting any importance on it and being rubbish at paperwork and focusing on the important side of things which is supporting survivors.

You [UK Column] have put up a piece on your website saying that I’ve been done for fraud for a car crash, I state categorically that person is not me.

You have slandered my name publicly and defamed my character through poor research.

You’re online trolling campaign fronted by ‘Wildcat’, your No:1 researcher and your journalist ‘David’ have triggered dozens of survivors we support, and from which I’ve received numerous complaints about their behavior and there are numerous screenshots to support this.

You calling us Twa**er Boys had been taken personally by those we support and they have taken it as a personal attack on themselves as you have called them ‘Tw@#ts.’

Shatter Boys stands for breaking the silence and you have mocked them for speaking out, this has greatly upset young boys I support, family members of those who’s children have taken their own lives who have spoken out.

You have effectively silenced and re-traumatized and triggered victims through your online hate campaign. The page you have been trolling is primarily a page where survivors and family members get in touch and gather strength through our videos.

I’ve had to close the Facebook page and suspended support through you attacking those who have found the courage to finally speak out. You have made it a toxic and unsafe environment and dangerous.

You have terrified the mother of my children and she is now afraid to leave the house because of your ‘researcher’s’ trolling and creepy videos.

She is deeply worried that something may now happen to our children.

I will be closing down the company’s registration in the New Year, I haven’t updated my address on it and will not be doing so due to the amount of paedophile activity we disrupt and don’t want that made public due to people like you putting my address and birth certificate online.

You have knocked dozens of people ten steps back in their own recovery, some of which are going through the court process and God only knows how I’m going to support them to get back on track.

I will, however, carry on campaigning and pushing forward, you did not take into account my resilience when you tried to destroy my efforts.

Finally …. You have NOT run me out of the country as ‘Wildcat’ suggests, myself and another volunteer are travelling to Holland to form a CSA Task Force with other groups across Europe against Trafficking – that’s just another element of the work we do.

We will remain very proactive as we were from the beginning.’

Daniel Wolstencroft 

10th December 2017



  1. Jayne
    Jayne December 10, 2017

    The quality of your reporting is superb and you can clearly see you are a reputable journalist that has done their home work prior to reporting. I am appalled at the underhand way that David Scott of has attempted to discredit not only a desperately needed support group like ShatterboysUk but also attempted to discredit a full inquiry, thank you so much to decent media outlets like yourselves that curb the trolls and put them back down the pit they surfaced from.

  2. Jayne
    Jayne December 10, 2017

    Are you on Twitter? if so please send your Twitter name so I can follow thank You

  3. Alex M Rise
    Alex M Rise December 10, 2017

    What I find wildly amusing about this story is both Jayne and Danny’s attitude towards online trolling when they have themselves have taken part in it.

    Oh never they’ll say. Yet having tried to discuss with Danny their means of delivering a positive message on behalf of survivors, they both set about discrediting me personally, despite mine being a genuine story…

    I’m not at all interested in their current issues, however cant sit by and watch hypocrisy on their part…

    So perhaps you can ask for a statement regards tweets made about me, such as, quoting Jayne first ,” they put that they had gone from abused to back again lol… Bloody idiot” or from Danny, “.. Its all bo*”@x and a lie bro”

    That’s online bullying. Simple as that. Not once did either Danny or Jayne email me back for a proper, educated discussion. Even when asked for a statement regards the issues raised in my first published work did they offer a reply..

    I’ve nothing to hide, otherwise my work to date wouldn’t have sold as it has. Its there and out there, so I’ve no need to lie. I wont sit back and be mocked.

    I’m not interested in never ending twitter debates, but will be coming back to their online treatment of me regards what is my life story in the New Year within my new book.

    However, what I will say now is that it is hypocritical of them to accuse others when the evidence exists (specifically about me) publicly, online, right now that both Jayne and Danny (note, the two individuals specifically, not the Shatter Boys in a wider sense) were happy to belittle me (and in turn my entire family) and my entire 39 years on the planet without hesitation.

    There are indeed always two sides to every story as I’m sure everyone can appreciate and while I do think this entire story has turned into something its not, I do wish people would practice what they preach.

    Alex M Rise, author of “Call Me Molly” (2017)

    • ADMIN
      ADMIN December 10, 2017

      While I value free speech and respect people’s honest opinions, the Outlaw is not a platform for advertising one’s book without running it past me first – as is the decent thing to do.

      • Alex M Rise
        Alex M Rise December 10, 2017

        That’s fine and I apologise, happy for you to remove references to the work, but would be very disappointed if you removed the content.

        Again apologies, however felt it added some context to what I had to say.

        • ADMIN
          ADMIN December 10, 2017

          The comments posted here are published in good faith as is (unless they are personal attacks, bullying, smears or obviously false) so I will not remove the reference to your work this time.

          Anyone is welcome to comment here as long as it’s kept civil, and respectful and all involved parties will be given the right of reply.

          I cannot be fairer than that.

          • Ian
            Ian December 10, 2017

            Firm but fair as always Jimmy

          • Alex M Rise
            Alex M Rise December 10, 2017

            Good on you Admin and noted for future posts here or elsewhere.

          • Jane
            Jane December 10, 2017

            There is 1 thing you can rely on UK Column for. Being totally untrustworthy.
            I wonder how many people have found that out to their cost.

        • Jayne
          Jayne December 11, 2017

          So perhaps you can ask for a statement regards tweets made about me, such as, quoting Jayne first ,” they put that they had gone from abused to back again lol… Bloody idiot” or from Danny, “.. Its all bo*”@x and a lie bro”

          Yes I can reply your an abuser I feel sick even responding to you you can’t ‘come back again’ as you say then everything is okay, as for your book you have 1 review on Amazon as for your sales there are loads of paedo’s out there so it will sell, I’m off to vomit after having to respond to you ever again.

          • Alex M Rise
            Alex M Rise December 11, 2017

            Lol. You really are a bully aren’t you Jayne. Why not read the book. You haven’t denied bullying me online, because, well, you did.

            You need to start to practice what you preach. You shout and moan and whine, yet you you have a complete inability to communicate clearly or reasonably.

            Perhaps ill take a leaf out of your book and provide proof to my solicitor that YOU have attempted to discredit me online, not once, but twice now. In fact I’m happy to. As I’m a strong CSA survivor who doesn’t scare easily, who isn’t prepared to roll over when all around me name call.

            I’m not going to enter into any further online discussion with you. Danny has my email address if you wish to communicate with me effectively.

            You could have denied online bullying, you didn’t and I’m glad. I’m happy to call you a complete hypocrite and all this bluster about how the negative reports of others are damaging
            csa survivors lives when you’re happy to damage mine (along with my partner and if they were old enough, my kids.

            A point about coming back again.. You don’t know me, not one little bit, so don’t think you can sit behind your keyboard and you’re suddenly an expert on my life?? Its genuinely pathetic and amusing in equal measure.

            Keep name calling, keep judging, it doesn’t bother me, I sleep soundly at night not concerned at having to defend myself constantly or the people around me..

            My message, quite aside from your current predicament is that you should practice what you preach. You bullied me online and then you did it again. Not cool, but indicative of how people think they can behave online.

          • Sheva Burton
            Sheva Burton December 14, 2017

            Ah Jayne, I think a penny just dropped. I watched a video of Dannys recently, where he was clearly stating that ‘we do not cater for child abusers so go away!’ kinda thing….. was that about this ?
            Cos if it is, that person should have just had the respect to go away and not whinge about it.

      • Sheva Burton
        Sheva Burton December 13, 2017

        So I challenged Cat Scot last night and here are the screenshots, as she was reporting them as spam.

        I started screenshotting before posting, I havn’t gone to check if they are still there.

        But I managed to put some facts there.

        It might be helpful for others’ investigating to see some of this info. I wish I could edit better…


        • ADMIN
          ADMIN December 14, 2017

          The splendidly bonkers Kevin Annett is both a patron and a rabid supporter of the Fresh Start Foundation?

          And they want to be taken seriously?


          • Sheva Burton
            Sheva Burton December 14, 2017

            Yes, all those familiar names , all herded together.

          • Phil Atterley
            Phil Atterley December 15, 2017

            Annett bonkers? Are you implying those arrest warrants of his for most of the European Heads of State weren’t genuine?

            I’m shocked.

            In fact, I don’t think I’ve been so shocked since it was announced that Elton John is gay!

          • ADMIN
            ADMIN December 15, 2017

            Elton John is Gay???

            When did that happen?

  4. OldGit
    OldGit December 10, 2017

    Evidence: Child Sex Trafficking Rings & How they Work (Caylee Anthony, HaLeigh Cummings cases)(56 min. vid)


    Finding the lost Roman legion in NW China:-


    • Sheva Burton
      Sheva Burton December 13, 2017

      Good grief, what a load of tosh…. that 1st video….. yet another send us the money so we can save the children bullshit.

  5. tdf
    tdf December 10, 2017

    Off topic, but L*****y wants sending down for what just happened on Twitter.

    • ADMIN
      ADMIN December 11, 2017

      Can you elaborate please TDF?

      Privately if that’s easier

      *EDIT* Scratch that, I have just seen what’s happened and I agree it’s vile and the person who is responsible for that should be dealt with immediately.

  6. tdf
    tdf December 10, 2017

    to clarify, and I should have added, IF it is indeed him that is operating a certain Twitter account.

    • David Icke Forum Regular
      David Icke Forum Regular December 11, 2017

      Proving it may prove problematic though

      • tdf
        tdf December 11, 2017

        Saying it’s definitely not him. The syntax on that account is very different to his usual style, in fairness. He’s telling the truth on this one I’d reckon. I’m not interesting in vigilantism or inciting violence. Stick to legals.

        • ADMIN
          ADMIN December 11, 2017

          I do not support ‘Mob’ or Vigilante ‘Justice’ either, even if the accused person is a prolific liar, and has a long and evidenced history of using fake internet profiles to abuse people.

          And I agree – that’s what the legal system (however flawed and skewed it may be) is designed for.

          • tdf
            tdf December 11, 2017

            He is indeed a prolific liar, I agree on that, also he is one with numerous criminal convictions (by his own admission).

            He is also a hypocrite because he is associated with a person who attempted to incite violence against you yourself because that person falsely implied that you were one of the perpetrators of a notorious child murder. (and I only picked up on this very recently – hat tip to Bandini on that one, btw).

            You know what you did, S********g. Why did you do it?

          • Sheva Burton
            Sheva Burton December 13, 2017

            I agree with you Jimmy, no matter how flawed, skewed and slow. I do not support mob or vigilante justice, either. Not even to the people who have falsely accused me of vile things and made death threats directly to me. I am dealing with it through the course available, legally.

        • tdf
          tdf December 11, 2017

          I see that a certain Sunday Mail journalist is only concerned about prisoners’ conditions when it impacts on a high profile VIP nonce.

          It’s time for the rule of law to be re-established.

  7. Charles
    Charles December 11, 2017

    A certain someone is withdrawing their support for Shatter Boys UK because of this article. I should imagine that Danny will be extremely grateful for that —- as anyone with an ounce of decency would

    • Faith
      Faith December 11, 2017

      Well said!

    • Peter Lee
      Peter Lee December 11, 2017

      Thank Fuck for that. I think Danny and the lads would have suffered terribly from that kind of support anyway so a lucky escape and a sigh of relief all round I guess

    • ADMIN
      ADMIN December 11, 2017

      Fortunately, nobody actually takes any notice of him nowadays apart from a few equally desperate trolls on Social Media.

      This article has already received a little over 5k views today, numbers he can only dream of realising.

    • Henrietta Hamster
      Henrietta Hamster December 11, 2017

      If you are talking about the same person that I am then I would call that a brilliant result. Having the ‘support’ of that nutter usually leads to some poor bastard getting stitched up or worse

    • Bazza
      Bazza December 11, 2017

      Why would any child abuse peer support group want anything to do with someone who has said on Twitter & their blog that they were a close personal friend of convicted paedophile Gordon Anglesey ??

      • tdf
        tdf December 11, 2017

        ^ I agree with all six of the above comments.


        “I sometimes thought of those who escaped the Holocaust during the war, but no one believed their stories. This has been a hard journalistic beat to tread. Yet I am not one of the victims of Britain’s holocaust of children, just a witness, a reporter. Dear God, please, this time, let us not fail them.”

        Eileen Fairweather is an award-winning journalist whose investigations over 20 years have helped expose several paedophile rings.

  8. tdf
    tdf December 11, 2017

    Also off-topic, but a link to the R vs Frank Maxwell Clifford 2014 court judgement is here:

    (trigger warning might be appropriate for CSA survivors)


  9. OldGit
    OldGit December 11, 2017


    ‘Greater Israel’: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East:-


  10. A Friend
    A Friend December 11, 2017

    Heads up Jimmy the Hollie Grieg Hoax Nutters have published a load of links on their site attacking both you and Shatterboys UK.

    They must be shitting themselves mate

    • ADMIN
      ADMIN December 11, 2017

      Two nutters cheerleading a provable and long defunct hoax is shitposting about me and this site?

      Quelle surprise …. Birds of a feather and all that – but I am a wee bit insulted that the opposition to this article hasn’t turned out to be a bit more formidable than it has been 😉

      TBH I was not even aware that there were any Hollie Grieg Hoaxers still around, even Brian Gerrish and Belinda McKenzie and Co have walked away from that one.

      • ADMIN
        ADMIN December 11, 2017

        *Personal note to Malcolm and George*

        Pingbacks are now disabled on the Outlaw so you cannot leech any of it’s traffic.



        • Sheva Burton
          Sheva Burton December 12, 2017

          Good job, Jimmy. Btw Wildcats channel is promoting the fresh start conferences & alternative inquiry for scotland, promotes the Hollie hoax. As the Hampstead hoax has failed,some especially Robert Green have tried to raise the Hollie flag again.
          I have watched Danny from the start, shared his posts, blogs but hadn’t realised he was losing helpers. I can attest to the fact that he indeed struggles to read, spell & write. I got really concerned when somehow he was interviewed by one of the nastiest creatures on the net, David Shurter,who has now closed his accounts as he faces court for harrassment & breaching bail. Given that Wesley Hall has condemned me for attacking shurter & calling hoax on Hampstead SRA claims,he may have been involved in making that happen ? This is though the pattern I have repeatedly warned about….. These people are either grooming group leaders or demonising them, meanwhile copying their work and claiming credit for it. Danny is very strong, there are too many false allegations flying about, generated by these mobsters. It’s not ok, not for any reason to just demonise people, whilst claiming to be championing the cause to end child abuse. They have essentially been prevented from interfering with IICSA, so now they are going to try and demolish those working to help it be the best it can be, it seems. Also working towards an alternative Scottish Inquiry with Brian Gerrish & David Ickeys waiting for speaking opportunities. They are still desperate to shut me up 🙂 too

          • Jane
            Jane December 12, 2017

            Ahhh Sheva Burton, who Shurter has insisted is me, with the help of his friends – 1 mentioned below in screenshots, who with my false accusers spread it everywhere that Sheva was really me & I should crack open a bottle and go and **** myself with it.

            Amazing what friends of dead Freemason Police Chief paedophiles can get away with isn’t it?

            I think anyone with an ounce of sense knows to avoid all of them like the plague, even if some of them do seem to be distancing themselves from their fellow scammers lately.

            If Sabine is going to be spending Christmas in a prison cell, you’d think they’d get the message and stop hassling people, but they seem to live and breath stalking people and spreading lies about them.

      • Alex M Rise
        Alex M Rise December 11, 2017

        Honestly, as someone who clearly isn’t ‘chums’ with either Jayne or Danny, the story itself has blown completely out of proportion…

        Why? Well Twitter isn’t the best platform to sensibly deal with any issue. It instead turns into a he said/ she said and rumbles on and on and on…

        As you’ll gather above, I do genuinely feel the individuals are hypocrites regards online bullying… BUT if you ever want an example of an individual committed to the cause, you quite literally couldn’t get anyone better than Jayne Walden.

        She is so committed and unwavering in her defence of Danny its very hard NOT to feel that the story has become greater than the reality..

        Are there questions that might need answering, yes, maybe… But is there enough ‘evidence’ that suggests something deeply sinister.. No, not in the slightest…

        I think if Jayne in particular had kept her cool, the story would have died her death, but the flipside is that she believes in their organisation so deeply, she’s kept ‘biting’ with each prod..

        If someone is out to ‘ruin’ you and yours of course they will gently poke and prod and question, especially when they keep getting a reaction whether the accusations are true or not…

        For journalists that sells ‘copy’, for writers books, that’s just the way it all works.

        Now, to be CLEAR, I’m not supporting either side and repeat, I commented not because I’m on anyone’s side, but because I can’t stand hypocrisy. I’ll repeat, practice what you preach, because you’ll never really know who’s watching or reading (especially on open social media accounts!!)

        As for the story itself, I think, despite Jayne’s name calling (here and on twitter), that’s it a ‘meh’ story, which would explain the lack of outrage here (sorry to the admin here I guess!!)

        So there you go, that’s my “abuser” view, as much as it is my CSA Survivor view, my mental health suffer view, my parent view, my author view, my years of alcohol and drug use and prostitution and pain and suffering view… Best summed up as MY view

        • Sheva Burton
          Sheva Burton December 13, 2017

          That sounds a bit like victim blaming there, Alex, to me. But I have watched this all unfold for years and been labelled with all kinds of crap ever since. There is no excuse for what Fresh Start Foundation Directors and supporters/promoters are doing. Andy Peacher has massive form for breaking down groups, hijacking them.
          Most serious campaigners have no time for the rubbish spouted by SRA hoaxers and the liars that hijacked our events. But I will not stand by and watch them do this to people that I know, respect and know that it is sheer spite and an attempt to scare their followers from engaging with truthful campaigners, or find out the truth about them. If only we all ignored them and let them get away with their scheming and scamming, watch while they attempt to destroy the inquiry that many have waited for decades to participate in or watch unfold. Not gonna happen.

    • ADMIN
      ADMIN December 11, 2017

      Lets get some clarity here. This is what was posted to the ‘Hollie Greig Justice (Hoax)’ site.


      Lets examine those claims:

      “Daniel from Shatter Boys went to JIMMY THE OUTLAW JONES to print his statement ….”

      UNTRUE: As the above article clearly states:

      “Knowing only too well how this online ‘Mobbing’ works, especially in regard to how social media is being utilized to not only try and totally discredit and remove people (including genuine abuse survivors) who have been selected to work alongside the IICSA – who for whatever reason do not fulfill the ‘criteria’ demanded by this online mob, I CONTACTED A FRIEND OF MINE IN ORDER TO OBTAIN A PERSONAL STATEMENT FROM MR WOLSTENCROFT to address this once and for all”

      Mr Wolstencroft DID NOT at any time approach me, to publish a statement or anything else.


      Again UNTRUE: I have to reiterate, nobody approached me, and I was in fact convicted of a single charge of ‘Malicious Communications’ brought against me by a man who had been stalking both myself and my family for almost four years, and despite multiple complaints, the police failed to act against him, but he was himself *CONVICTED* of a Section 5 Public Order offence after he threatened me in a street in Llandudno in 2014 while I was with my young children. LINK

      Hardly trolling ‘CSA Survivors’ as stated above is it? – Especially when you also consider that the man who secured the Mal Comms conviction against me, has stated publicly several times that he was NOT, and never was a victim of sexual abuse while in care.


      In fact he successfully sued the Daily Mirror for publishing that he was.

      They printed a retraction, which is a matter of public record.


      As for the rest of the claims?

      I DO NOT KNOW.

      • Sheva Burton
        Sheva Burton December 12, 2017

        Possibly all of those reasons Jimmy. Plus they are really losing ground,too many see through the lies told by hoax promoters and we’ve witnessed their tactics too many times not to see the patterns. Panicking about court cases for harrassment coming soon.
        I’m glad that you wrote this.

        • Faith
          Faith December 12, 2017

          Well said

      • Smee Again
        Smee Again December 12, 2017


  11. OldGit
    OldGit December 12, 2017


    Karl Marx to Resign, Ditch Legacy Due to Sexual Misconduct:-


  12. tdf
    tdf December 12, 2017

    Jimmy, please let it go.

    He has kids and a family. He has been a dreadful c**t, granted, but he’s trying to move on. And so should you (in my opinion).

    There are better things to do in this limited life span that we have.


    • ADMIN
      ADMIN December 12, 2017

      Sorry, what the hell are are you talking about?

      Let What go?

      Responding to morons who publish disingenuous and complete rubbish about me?

      Stop publishing articles which challenge (with supporting evidence) unwarranted attacks on genuine CSA Survivors by UK Column and other ‘Agencies’

      What exactly are you asking me to let go TDF?

      I have a wife and children too – are they somehow of lesser importance?

      And what difference does that make anyway for you to even raise the subject?

      Why are you coming out with such rubbish?

      • Sheva Burton
        Sheva Burton December 13, 2017

        Well said Jimmy….. I’ve also many times received that message…. but I want to expose them…they are dangerous, harming many people with children. I had to wait a few years for my youngest to be over 18, because I knew what would happen as I became more able to speak out…. Ignoring them didn;t make them stop or go away ! They got worse, more prolific and have more people parroting their lies.

    • Reg
      Reg December 12, 2017

      Referring to Jimmy as a ‘Monster’ and linking to an old and totally one-sided Daily Post article is someone trying to move on???

      What fucking planet are you on bud????

    • Faith
      Faith December 12, 2017


      • tdf
        tdf December 12, 2017

        I must apologise. I was speaking off the top of my stupid head.

        The penny has dropped, for me.

        • tdf
          tdf December 12, 2017

          I want to break down the international abuse networks, and make them pay for their crimes.

          But it’s so Fucking difficult at times.

          • Sheva Burton
            Sheva Burton December 13, 2017

            It’s ok tdf… It really is difficult and I have to take breaks, alot. I just posted, but then read your apology. Anyway, I have had a lot of friends say leave it, really with good intent…But I really do believe this is as important as working to curtail abusers.
            Because of the smokescreen they have created on Social Media, I’m hoping to clear the fog so that people like Danny and others can be heard.

        • ADMIN
          ADMIN December 12, 2017

          Some of the Outlaws readership have been around since it’s inception in 2012 – they also are very astute, good at dot-joining, exceptional at research and have long memories 😉

          • tdf
            tdf December 13, 2017

            @Sheva Burton
            and @Admin

            Thank you.

            “I’m trying to swim
            But I’m caught in the shallows
            And I sense that I’ve been conned”


          • ADMIN
            ADMIN December 13, 2017

            No worries TDF.

            It is a steep learning curve for many, and the most difficult aspect by far is the realisation that there are so very many nasty, soulless and dare I say it, ‘evil’ people that have surrounded this issue.

            You are swimming with sharks my friend – a fact of which you are no doubt aware of ….

  13. tdf
    tdf December 12, 2017

    I didn’t mean any offense. Apologies.

    I agree that the likes of UK Column are bullshit.

    ” I have a wife and children too – are they somehow of lesser importance? ”

    Point taken.

    Sometimes I back Wales against Ireland in the rugby. The Welsh have more spirit and passion. The Irish team are mainly on performance enhancing drugs.


    Sometimes I think that we’ve all been played.

  14. Smee Again
    Smee Again December 12, 2017


  15. Snot Mee Again
    Snot Mee Again December 12, 2017

    be funny if it turned out thst David Scott (@Albion_Rover) and ‘Wildcat’ (@CalamiTcat) were married in real life. and funnier they were both involved in a ‘Not for profit’ Child Abuse Charity which accepts donations through PayPal. Be hypocritical tho after all their nasty allegations against shatterboys ‘specially since ‘Wildcat’ is spreading all sorts of lies about Daniel and trolling him on Twitter

    • In vitro
      In vitro December 12, 2017

      Oddly the charity that David is director of gives a platform to Robert green.

      Are they really married ?

      • Alan Thomas
        Alan Thomas December 13, 2017

        All the evidence points to it Sheva

        • Sheva Burton
          Sheva Burton December 14, 2017

          It does Alan. So they all create a big Satanic Panic & swamp social media, making it impossible for survivors to speak strongly & freely as we were moreso, online. Did you see my video, I was aghast at so many familiar faces, people who ostracised and banned me from the 2011 rally and all future groups. Chris Wittwer the exception, he would have happily let me speak 2014 but i was too ill, to face what would have been a baying mob if I’d started.

    • Enda Mynose
      Enda Mynose December 13, 2017

      Funny, but not surprising as this lot have been sabotaging CSA survivors and the people who support them since the 1990s.

      • Sheva Burton
        Sheva Burton December 14, 2017

        Yes, they have, that’s why I was delighted at the news that Miles Johnston threw in the towel today.


    • Sheva Burton
      Sheva Burton December 14, 2017

      I saw David Scott tweet that swearing & shouting were useless or something, so I replied, ‘Tell Cat Scot that and btw is she your wife? and left a link to my video of all the screenshots of our convos on one of the Fresh Start Foundations Directors Walls, Neil

      When I saw the vile posts about Danny and them picking his art, name and reasons given, I just started typing. But Cat took the arrogant assumptive high ground, mocking Danny for sending me.

      But each link I posted as evidence, she hid as spam lol.

  16. In vitro
    In vitro December 12, 2017

    Why would one charity for survivors of child abuse viciously attack another?
    Where one is attacking the other for being non-profit and taking donations via PayPal and the other doing the same?
    The one attacking oddly seems to be more of a Satanic panic organisation, that host a ex-con and uses proved hoaxes as real evidence? An organisation linked to the Association of McKenzie Friends who have supported convicted paeophiles, a show host who supported a mother who killed her two children and an ex-psychic tv star who was also a convicted paedophile and a so called activist awaiting trail for harassment amongst other charges who have fleeced millions via an Iran Aid charity scam, ask for donations although having won NO CASES in the courts?

    • Sheva Burton
      Sheva Burton December 14, 2017

      Take a look at my video where I wandered through one of the Directors walls on Facebook, and those were high and quick to find…. Well it seems that some rich americans want to payroll Sabines release, according to Belinda, I hope that the donors will be investigated.

  17. Sheva Burton
    Sheva Burton December 13, 2017

    In vitro, the makeup of Fresh Start Foundation has the same roots as those who hijacked out 17th Rally, 2010. Secretly organised at Belinda McKenzies home meetings.

  18. tdf
    tdf December 13, 2017

    Wildcat is a nutter.

      ADEYBOY December 13, 2017

      She is off the scale nasty

      • Sheva Burton
        Sheva Burton December 14, 2017

        She is Adeyboy, I had a run in with her quite by chance, last night, vile.

  19. tdf
    tdf December 13, 2017

    “Slags like your Sandra can get away with it

    The Doreens of this world can’t”


  20. Joanne
    Joanne December 13, 2017

    @ ADMIN. I for one am so glad that you have written this article. Danny is a decent & genuine man who is doing everything he can to support survivors and stamp out child abuse. The people who are attacking him are pure scum and are showing their true colors to everyone now. A brilliant article and some very revealing and enlightening comments. Thank you so much for this.

  21. What the hell?
    What the hell? December 13, 2017

    ‘I find it disturbing that you are promoting him in exactly the same way that I am disturbed that Danny is in contact with Jones.

    So I have contacted both of you to make you aware of this’


    6:10 PM 11th December 2017

    I am disturbed by this tweet and have questions:

    1): Is Esther Baker incapable of reading or understanding basic English?

    Jimmy has already stated more than once that he ‘asked a friend to contact Danny for a statement’. I don’t think Jimmy has had any personal contact with Danny whatsoever and there is no reason to disbelieve that.

    2): What the fuck has it got to do with her anyway?

    It does not concern her personally or have owt to do with her many causes so why is she even sticking her neb in?

    3): Is she now trying to make this all about her like she does with everything else?

    • ADMIN
      ADMIN December 13, 2017

      I haven’t had personal contact with Mr Wolstencroft, as he will no doubt be able to confirm …. if Ms Baker actually gets to speak to him.

      Her reasons for circulating that categorically untrue nonsense on Twitter is then up to her to explain.

      • Sheva Burton
        Sheva Burton December 14, 2017

        Sorry Jimmy, I’d forgotten, I saw this earlier…. smh
        But I think you’ll like this one 🙂


        • Jane
          Jane December 14, 2017

          That is good news. 1 of the Wiggy woo crew too, always a bonus.

    • Kat
      Kat December 13, 2017

      I thought that Esther B was on the level was I wrong to think that?

      • ADMIN
        ADMIN December 13, 2017

        I am not going to comment about Ms Baker’s allegations against persons unnamed; – but what I will say, is that now she has publicly lied about me, adding fuel to the fire already surrounding Danny and Shatter Boys in the process, then any future help or support I may (I emphasise the word MAY) have offered against her (alleged) persecutors …. is permanently withdrawn.

  22. What the hell?
    What the hell? December 13, 2017

    ‘I am not promoting him, I am warning about him. He (I assume you mean the subject of the above report) is the individual selected to release their statement about the false name issue.

    This concerns me, does it concern you?’

    @Albion_Rover on Twitter

    • ADMIN
      ADMIN December 13, 2017

      I should think the biggest concern should be that neither of these people can read basic English, or failing that, are not able to comprehend what has already been presented on this site, despite it being written in simple terms.

      That’s a real concern for me as these people also publicly claim to represent Child Abuse (and sometimes vulnerable) survivors – one of whom also claims to be a survivor of childhood abuse herself and the other claims to be a journalist.

      • Jane
        Jane December 13, 2017

        Forever trying to cause disharmony by spreading disinfo. Such a massive effort to destroy credibility of genuine CSA Survivors.

        Surely no one can be blinded to what they are up to and why any longer? And so many of them. Always linking back to each other.

        You’d think they’d give up really wouldn’t you?

        • ADMIN
          ADMIN December 13, 2017

          They are trying to undermine the IICSA and anyone associated with it.

          The ultimate aim I believe, being to derail it completely so the only inquiry left standing will be the Scottish ‘Independent’ one they are all involved with setting up.

          (Google it – it’s all out there online)

          *All donations via PayPal no doubt*

          Despicable, immoral and I should think criminal behaviour – but who really gives a shit anymore?

          The lunatics have really taken over that particular asylum !!

          • Enda
            Enda December 14, 2017

            Really? That is disgraceful

  23. Faith
    Faith December 14, 2017

    Hey JJ that David Wassisface from U.K. Golumn has been posting about you ropey Mal Comms conviction all day yet his mates have always claimed that the courts are ‘corrupt’ …… WTF?? they do struggle to make their minds up don’t they? If it’s one of theirs that gets convicted the courts are wrong but if someone gets genuinely stitched up then they say that’s Justice because it justifies their trolling and threats against people. Fucking moonbats the lot of them

    • Sammy
      Sammy December 14, 2017


  24. Sheva Burton
    Sheva Burton December 14, 2017

    Yep and one of the FSF Directors has the common law, shred your birth certificate bs on his wall, and then travelling down was hey presto…. Kevin Annett.

    That was why I screenshotted the lot and put it on video.

    Another director Penny Pullen was copied into the emails telling me that David Icke, Brian Gerrish, Bill Maloney, Robert Green and a healer who charged almost £100 ph, all needed half an hour, so no survivors could speak afterall,
    Cat was extremely charming, polite and answered all my questions and didn’t hide my posts with links to evidence at all, snigger, did she fck !

  25. Sheva Burton
    Sheva Burton December 14, 2017

    This is Angela Power Disneys shit piece about moi …. I think it just has the same video that I have on my playlist, something like Sheva Burton gets bullied…..

    I’m involved with police reports to for harrassment and credible death threats.

    Which have impacted on both me and my son.

    Just ain’t gonna shut me up. It’s to keep people away from us that can tell em the truth.

    sheva burton – Angelas Cache

    #pizzagate trolling …addressing Kris Costa, Sonja Van Gelder, Nina Valentine (not a troll but TROLLED), Ved Chaudhari (aka Neelu Berry HEROINE), Wesley Hall (another good… Search for: Search. Become a Monthly Partner. Become a Monthly Partner. Angelas-Gofundme-Campaign. Angelas-Gofundme-Campaign …

    I don’t think she dared write anything, because I did hint that she really shouldn’t have invoked my old name ‘Sue’ 🙂 Nor my destructive abilities 🙂

  26. OldGit
    OldGit December 14, 2017

    The infamous Statehouse sex scandal of 1855 (Damn funny – do read ):-




  27. Mahatma Coat
    Mahatma Coat December 14, 2017

    The trolls are out in force with this article Jimmy. I really dont know how you cope with them all.

    • ADMIN
      ADMIN December 14, 2017

      Aye, somebody is obviously very twitchy.

      One is shit posting all over the Outlaw Facebook page too, so somebody is certainly winding them up.

  28. Sammy
    Sammy December 14, 2017

    Great article Outlaw Jimmy and great comments too. Very enlightening and joins a lot of dots for me

  29. Smiley O'Reilly
    Smiley O'Reilly December 15, 2017

    So this David Scott fella, who works for UK Column is also a director of the Fresh Start Foundation who are a rehash of an earlier discredited ‘Survivors’ group. They are hand in hand with the Hollie Greig mob who are trying to resurrect the Satanic Abuse stuff in Scotland. At the same time they are involved with the group who are trying to undermine survivors and discredit the IICSA. And his wife (allegedly) is running interference on Twitter and Facebook as ‘Wildcat’. Is that correct?

    • Sheva Burton
      Sheva Burton December 15, 2017

      Fresh Start Foundation want to collect testimonials ?

      For what purpose ?

      The Australian Inquiry, just completed, handed evidence over on 2500 cases to law enforcement authorities…..

      What will FSF do ?

  30. OldGit
    OldGit December 15, 2017

    Erdogan personally formed the armed gang in Germany:-


  31. OldGit
    OldGit December 15, 2017

    Two BadAss Organizations taking down the Pedos and their trafficking networks!:-


  32. OldGit
    OldGit December 19, 2017

    The Sun Is Going DARK: No Sunspots For 96 Days; Ice Age Approaches (Try comment 10):-


    France: Mayors Panic, Call on Macron to Help Them Deal with Tsunami of Migrants:-


    A Time for War: Deep State’s Strike and Trump’s Counter-Strike:-


  33. Banger
    Banger December 20, 2017

    There is a God

    Spivey’s site has gone!!!


  34. tesla1966
    tesla1966 December 20, 2017

    I too was wondering what had happened to spivs site…….thats the best news ive had all year, merry xmas everyone

  35. Jane
    Jane December 20, 2017

    Shhhh you’ll jinx it. He’ll come bouncing back like Bad Manners on speed doing that ridiculous wobbly head thing he does to the Hucklebuck.

    I was looking for the Youtube clip of it to celebrate, but I can’t find it.


  36. OldGit
    OldGit December 22, 2017


    President Donald Trump declared a national emergency on Dec. 21 in response to severe human rights abuses and corruption around the world;-


  37. OldGit
    OldGit December 22, 2017


    It’s happening. New Presidential Executive Order will allow POTUS to lock down asssets of “persons involved in serious human rights abuse or corruption.”:-


  38. Dogman
    Dogman December 23, 2017

    CI5 have hacked .
    Thanks to the paedotrolls and freeloaders who cant even be bothered to donate to his outstanding research.
    If he does not get at least 500 quid a month donations he cant continue.

    Do you really want to see such an icon of the truth movement silenced?

    Put your hands in your pockets!

    • ADMIN
      ADMIN December 23, 2017

      I thought it was £300 a month that Spivey wants his readers to hand over to him?

      Which would be a somewhat futile exercise anyway as you also say his site was ‘Hacked by CI5’….

  39. Dogman
    Dogman December 23, 2017

    £300 is only the cost of the hosting of

    He then needs money for research and facial recognition software ofcourse!


    You lot are all just trolls and I am reporting you to Danielle La Verite (She says your all having a crap xmas anyway cos shes psychic and she has forseen it!)

    • Phil Atterley
      Phil Atterley December 24, 2017

      Ha! Gotcha, you fake. You’re an actor too. How do I know? Because I’m an actor playing you.
      Bwa ha ha ha ha…

      Oh wait…
      Maybe you are playing me…
      Or is Jimmy playing both of us?
      OR IS SPIV PLAYI… Nooooooooo……

  40. ADMIN
    ADMIN January 8, 2018

    They have to do something to get views Sheva, their laughable investigative skills and writing abilities sure ain’t doing it 😉

  41. Frannie
    Frannie September 12, 2018

    Hello I’ve just found your page through a comment you left on YouTube and have found it refreshing to find some sense and civility and lots of sensible words I am not academic but trying to educate myself with knowledge of all sorts I’m not interested in tv or Hollywood or music of the day. Also when I first began my journey I found UK Column to have huge red flags that’s before I even knew what a red flag was lol
    Anyway thanks again fantastic writing

    • ADMIN
      ADMIN September 12, 2018

      Hi Frannie, thank you for your kind comment and welcome to the Outlaw.

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