The latest estimates confirm that the world’s oil and natural gas supplies are running out.

At some time between now and 2020 the world’s supply of oil and gas will fall below the level required to meet international demand.

The US and UK governments are fully aware that we are about to endure a disastrous international energy shortage. Dr James McKenzie, a senior member of the climate change programme at the World Resources Institute in Washington, USA, was heard to have said “That’s why we went to war in Iraq.”

They always knew the world’s oil reserves would run out eventually. Oil is formed by a natural geological processes which occurred over millions of years. Oil consumption presently exceeds 25 billion barrels a year and demand continues to spiral upward, out of control.

The outcome is inevitable.

In the 21st Century we rely on oil and gas for transport. Cars, lorries, ships, and aircraft, as well as electrical power. We cannot survive without oil and gas, and when the supply runs out the great, hungry engine of Western civilization will finally grind to a halt.

We are heading for an event that may well be remembered as one of the great disasters of human history, and life is going to get much harder for everybody as the day of reckoning draws nearer.

In the years ahead, more wars will be fought over oil and fuel as the oil-dependent superpowers struggle in vain to preserve their unsustainable way of life.

We are entering a period of great change and there may yet be difficult times ahead.

The process has already begun.

Students of biblical prophecy will be familiar with certain verses from Christian scripture concerning the signs of the end times (Matthew. 24.8; Mark 13.8, Romans 8.22; Revelations. 12.03, 21.1/4).

“With these things, the birth pangs of the new age begin.” The New English Bible.

Whether you have a belief system or not, you should be aware that the tide of history is turning.

In North America, where they use far more oil than anywhere else on Earth, the vast majority (71%) of electrical power generation is entirely dependent on fossil fuels, coal (52%), gas (16%), and oil (3%). The world’s natural gas is running out along with the oil, and the coal supply is not unlimited either. Nuclear energy contributes only one-fifth to the US power network, and 7% of power is hydroelectric.

Only 2% of US electricity production is from renewable sources. As we continue to burning up the world’s dwindling fossil energy sources at a terrifying rate, we simultaneously unleash catastrophic damage to the natural environment.

It went mainly unreported that a wave of four major electrical power outages which struck the United States, then the UK; followed by Denmark and Sweden; and then Italy, Switzerland, Austria and France, only very recently. The effects only lasted a few hours, but each case was the biggest power failure in the history of the affected country.

These massive power cuts were separated by a matter of days.

The governments were only having a trial run then.

That was just the beginning.

It would be so much simpler to pursue alternative energy sources before it is too late, but the oil corporations are never going to allow this to happen. So important is their reliance on the power of controlling the reserves, they will violently defend any attempt to lessen the world’s dependence on it. That is even without the consideration of the phenomenal wealth and power awarded to those who control the distribution. Consequently, our corrupt politicians, whose lifestyle and power are lavishly funded with oil money, prefer to serve the short-term interests of greedy oil executives than the long-term interests of the ordinary people they purport to represent.

“But as long as we have genetically-modified food in our bellies and trashy entertainment and sport to keep us busy, why should we care? Sadly, it may well be the immorality and indifference of our own species that will ultimately lead to our own demise.”

Nothing lasts forever.

Like all the great civilisations in the past, our always-on, plugged-in and technology crazy lifestyle has a limited life-span. A few years from now the Western world will reach the point where there is no longer enough fuel to sustain civilisation in its present form.

This could literally be the end of civilisation for many as we know it.

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  1. There may well be more to this conspiracy than meets the eye. Check out the abiotic theory of oil, as currently subscribed to by the Russians. In a sentence, oil is not a fossil fuel, it is formed deep within the Earth by natural processes and leaks to the surface where the route is easy. So oil can’t run out, it’s everywhere and more is being formed all the time. What can run out is easy access. I read that the Russians have proved it is possible to drill through 30,000 feet of rock and strike oil anywhere in the world. The war in Iraq, according to many observers, was all about making sure that the Iraq reserves stay in the ground – Saddam was intent on mapping and exploiting them. At the moment, because they have not been fully mapped, no-one knows how much oil there really is in Iraq, and they don’t, therefore, count as part of the world’s reserves.

    The conspiracy here is to push the price of oil up and up by claiming it’s a declining resource. Furthermore, the price at the pumps is controlled by the number of available refineries. If you can only refine 1/10 of what gets extracted, then no matter how much oil is available, there is only so much petrol that can be created. No surprise that big oil has shut more refineries over the last 10 years than have been opened.

    At the end of the day, it’s all about profit. While we are reliant on oil for our energy requirements, it is a massive strategical lever which the powers that be want to control. It is not in their interests for any other source of energy to be known about or exploited.

  2. Big oil needs to manipulate the markets, they need a certain price to maintain an economically viable business model. But at least they’re providing something tangible for their manipulation, unlike the speculators who do more to push up the price of oil than any of the oil majors and purely to satisfy their avaricious snouts.

    There’s no value for either the oil majors nor conservationists in enduring a low oil price, not that should excuse the actions of speculators, for surely they must have been enjoying an unearned break from Temple duties a couple of thousand years ago, or they too would have accompanied the moneylenders in their ejection.

    Richard Heinberg wrote an seductive piece, assuming a geologist can get your rocks off, disparaging the abiotic oil theory back in 2004, seems to still be an efffective argument against it.

    Can be found here if your interested.

    Anyone offering an endless supply of anything usually has another agenda, some gift horses definitely need the services of an equine dentist.

    1. I have read that piece you linked to, I always try and to explore any subject from all angles. All Comments, whether complimentary or critical are always welcome, and will be included in this blog. In my experience, almost every ‘official’ theory is suspect, as are most ‘accepted’ textbooks. Much of history, science and archaeology is fabricated to favour the parties who have a vested interest in suppressing the true events. For example, many museums have basements full of artefacts that will never see the light of day as they contradict the ‘official’ versions of our written history… The same goes for the Sciences, any deviation from ‘accepted’ thinking is ridiculed, attacked and discredited by those who wish to protect their own interests.. And do not get me started on Politics or the media..

  3. I’d have agree with you there and when the hidden artefacts do somehow surface, BS statements about not in the public interest are offered up as an excuse for earlier suppression, as if somehow we’re all dumb assed pricks that need state officials to maintain the dumbness.

    I’m trawling through your back catalogue of postings, along with any links referenced to get an idea on where you’re coming from Outlaw. I’ve always found history useful, regardless of obscurity or form to appreciate the reasons behind the status quo, not that should in any way close a mind to new or alternative viewpoint.

    With a bit of luck I’ll find something to disagree on; usually the best way to flesh out truth and understanding 😉

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