There are times when it’s almost impossible to use the truth alone to crack a lie, even an obvious one, head-on.

You have to try and get behind it, to try and fight it in a different way.

When it comes to writing about events in Israel for example, it’s nearly impossible to be even the slightest bit critical without attracting abuse, threats and getting labelled as often quoted, ‘Anti-Semite‘ or even ‘Jew Hating Nazi.’

*Oddly, the dictionary defines a Semite as ‘an inhabitant of the Middle East and most of the Ashkenazi Jews are Eastern European’ – therefore the only peoples of true Semitic origin in Israel are in fact, the Palestinians!*

Unfortunately, this argument falls on deaf ears with the masses, it’s too difficult to get them to see past their conditioning.

There are other strategies that you can develop however.

“How can you trust a State that poisons its own people & food supply with nuclear waste?”

A fact that has been verified many times, including from ‘official’ bodies.

So that could give you the genuine argument “I would never buy anything from Israel simply because it’s contaminated.”

Which would be seen as a fact-based criticism, which would be easier understood than saying, “I’m not eating anything grown by a racist, apartheid state that has systematically attempted genocide on their near neighbours”.

You could also ask some valid, unthreatening questions, such as:

“How many British citizens died in WWII?”

“How many Americans?”

“How many Russians?”

“How many Jews?”

Most people can answer the last question, it’s easy, but very few would know the correct answer to the previous three.

That tells me that there Is something fundamentally wrong with an education system that doesn’t even teach it’s own children how many of their countrymen died in the second world war.

Those questions could, in turn lead to a reference to the fact that if 300,000 British soldiers hadn’t died in the war with Germany, then a great deal more than the set-in-stone figure of ‘6 Million’ Jews, would have perished.

So even an acknowledgement of our country’s sacrifice would be a starting point.

But that is never going to happen is it?

Simply because that, if you have to pass laws throughout the world to make it a criminal offence to even question the inaccuracies regarding the Holocaust, leaving no room whatsoever for a fair and open discussion of the recorded events, there is something very suspicious going on.

If the World knew the truth, there would be outrage – which may be why Israel, using it’s donated billions from both Britain and the United States, has felt the need to arm itself with the most potentially devastating weapons on earth.

They aren’t going to stop any time soon either.

So maybe it’s about time to turn their propaganda back against them, in new and novel ways that haven’t been thought about…. Yet.

2 thoughts on “SEE NO EVIL

  1. Great post Jimmy. Imagine if you or I had different opnions on how many British servicemen died in WW2.

    We could set up a debate in the local British Legion and invite all parties to engage. All parties would welcome the discussion.

    Now imagine if laws were available to the local constabulary to arrest any one of us who doubted the official figures. Sounds downright midievel doesn’t it?

    Like Zundel experienced, ‘Truth is not a defence’. Why would the truth need laws to protect it.


  2. Excellent post J. Been looking for… Like Zundel experienced, ‘Truth is not a defence’. Why would the truth need laws to protect it. Thanks for that Highlander69. Yer no a hooghter chooghter by any chance are ye lol

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