David Cameron is now Sabre Rattling over the Falkland Islands.

Are the Coalition really that desperate that they now have to mimic the vote-grabbing tactics of the Thatcher administration?

Does his pompous posturing know no bounds?

Listening to the statement he made yesterday, that “He would not hesitate to invade the Falkland Islands,” made my blood run cold.

An unelected Tory Prime Minister, deputising over an assorted band of Coalition misfits, absolutely clueless on how to govern this country, and now having the power of life and death over our troops…..?

That is an absolute travesty.

I support his decision to go to war with Argentina, but only if he goes without our soldiers, and takes Iain Duncan Smith, Willie Boy Hague, Gideon Osborne and the rest of the Coalition Government with him.

Can we really afford to lose any more young people to another war, on the other side of the world, in order to defend yet another newly-discovered oil field?