What appears in the history books is not the real history of the world.

Real history is conducted in secret and is almost never documented. Real history revolves around a handful of power-players, together with a small number of secret societies and closed associations.

Real history is all about conspiracies whereas history, as it appears in books, resembles a crime scene investigation.

Events occur, and the historians come along later and try to work out what caused those events. But while crime scene investigators have elaborate scientific techniques to help them gather decisive forensic evidence, many historians have access only to what is available in the public record and even that is often unreliable.

If there is no public record, mainstream historians have nothing to fall back on other than their imagination. They then create a narrative to link the events, to establish cause and effect.

But that’s all it is, a narrative, a story. It’s not always an accurate reflection of the truth.

The real facts are almost always concealed from the eyes of the mainstream.

Only a fool would take a mainstream historian’s interpretation of events as reality.

Manipulated and sanitised history is about as meaningful as literary criticism.

Therefore, mainstream Historians and dusty Academics are, without exception, always unreliable narrators.

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  1. Ferret Files says:

    I read many years ago that ‘history is the biography of great men’. In a sense, that’s true – pick up any history book and it will tell you – Lincoln freed the slaves; Wellington won the Battle of Waterloo, etc. These are the main actors, the people at the top of the pile, and really they did nothing of the sort. Wellington didn’t win Waterloo, his troops did, after Napoleon lost it. So the loss of tens of thousands of people is summarised as the victory of One. Regarding Lincoln, don’t even get me started on that one!

    If even the cursory facts that are taught are wrong, what chance the truth when its been hidden under layers of deceit?

    I’m certainly of the opinion that there are two worlds now – the one THEY live in and the one WE live in. Whether the THEM know the real truth, god only knows. For sure, WE don’t…

    Back to the football scores, nothing to see here.

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