The World Wide Web never ceases to throw up surprises.

If you thought it was not even possible to better the already well documented and highly visible examples of utter pointlessness, and innate stupidity that is the human condition at times, Twitter, never fails to deliver.

Taking a break from reality, I sometimes run a cursory eye over the current topics being discussed on social networks, as, on the odd occasion, Twitter has been a source of news that has not yet hit the mainstream.

Twitter has, for a while now, been viewed as a kind of online landfill, where the worst kinds of abusive, bullying and stalking behaviour ever witnessed online is located.

Hordes of similar-minded, morally bereft social lepers, congregated in one online depository, vying for superiority in an attempt to be seen as the most offensive and obnoxious that one person can possibly be.

But it’s not all bad.

In fact, it’s often a source of the kind of oddballs that only exist online.

For example, I happened to catch the end of a Twit conversation last night, between two adults, supposedly intelligent men that was about some people that I know.

If I had to describe it, the only comparison that I can draw, would be one that people of a certain age will remember from their childhood.

One of sitting or kneeling in front of the family Radiogram, excitedly waiting for it to warm up sufficiently to tune in the radio to find their favourite station.

Two bands were available, as I recall, MW and LW, though some of the more expensive systems had SW and SSW to add to the excitement.

The large tuning button was where it all happened, as you turned it slowly through it’s rotation, listening to a confusing mixture of static, white noise and mostly unintelligible, often foreign languages spoken at what seemed an impossible speed.

Every so often, you could just about make out an understandable word, or a familiar phrase which would almost instantly be lost as the station faded away, never to be heard again.

That was to me, what I liken Twitter to be now, any number of anonymous, faceless, alien and totally indecipherable entities, talking incessantly about events and people without knowing or understanding a single thing about it/them.

*But there is the rare gem to be found if you search long enough*

From what I could make out, what they did not know they simply made up, and what little they did know, they were wrong about.

That was just one conversation.

Imagine for one moment, that conversation multiplied by a million, or ten million, happening simultaneously and you may get an idea of the amount of utter tripe and pointless words that are on the Internet every second, of every minute, of every day.

What a scary thought that is.


  1. Jane

    It’s the ones who announce several times over the years that they are quitting Twitter and when no one takes any notice, they announce it again & again – still no takers? Oh well, carry on Tweeting then & the over 50’s bitter and twisted Billy no mates in the real world types who have never even had a boyfriend/girlfriend yet who profess to be the oracle of all things ‘love’ related that crack me up the most. Twatter indeed, it’s full of them. 😀

  2. Jane


  3. Melanie

    A real eye-opener. Thank you 🙂

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