On I September, Brian Harvey published the following two-minute video on his Youtube Channel, entitled ‘Me and Mary 1’.


It is part of a Skype conversation, which took place between himself, and one-time NAYPIC Development Officer Mary Moss, and halfway through the video, Mary states:

“You are talking about someone who only knew him from what, so many weeks, before he was kidnapped from a house. Then he re-surfaces on the Outlaw blog, twenty-five years later”.

Mary’s claim, is somewhat bizarre, and has led to a search through every article and video that I have published on this site since 2012, for the exact reference she refers to.

I will assume, going on the North-East accent she attempted to mimic, that she was referring to Andrew Ash[worth] , who Brian Harvey, Chris Fay, Bill Maloney and others, interviewed at length a while ago, and selected sections of that video footage, can be found all over Harvey’s YouTube channel.

I could not find any direct references to Andrew Ash[worth] on this site, that neither he or I have written, and as far as I am aware, I have never knowingly spoken to him, nor have I been contacted by him (or vice-versa), nor has there been any communication between us, by email, by post, by telephone, by Skype, by carrier pigeon, or even by telepathy.


He has certainly not ‘appeared’ on this site in any capacity that I am aware of, unless it was in the comments section which accompany each article.

I must admit that I have not scoured every comment that has appeared here, and I have little desire, nor waste time trawling through the 13, 826 comments that have been posted here, in an attempt to locate this alleged appearance from Andrew Ash[worth] .

Perhaps Mary Moss is willing to assist me in that?

All things considered, I will assume that Mary Moss is either mistaken, is purposely trying to steer Brian Harvey into disseminating her bizarre claim for some reason, or she is simply lying.

There may perhaps, be another explanation, however, which is that she may have been referring to an article which did actually appear here, on 21 October 2013, entitled ‘AN UNEASY FEELING’, in which I suggested that Christopher Fay, had been convicted of fraud, and subsequently imprisoned for a year, so therefore, would have made an ‘unsafe’ witness, in any subsequent police investigation and/or criminal trial.

Mary Moss, by the way, for those who are not already aware, was the one who published the now-infamous, handwritten ‘Elm Guest House’ list during 2013, which in part, led to a number of very expensive police investigations, diverted essential funds and public attention away from genuine child abuse victims and survivors, and, in my opinion, gave people like Carl Beech and others, via the Exaro News platform, the green light to make their malicious, and entirely bogus allegations of child sexual abuse and murder.

The Elm Guest House list was an almost entirely fictitious, and fake document, drawn up by Chris Fay and disseminated online, initially by Mary Moss, and subsequently by thousands of others since then, while some of the more deranged, still assert that it’s a genuine list of people who are, indeed, ‘guilty of the worst kind of wickedness in high places’.

Maybe this Twitter exchange, from September 2013, is something that Brian Harvey can investigate further, if he is at all serious in his claim that he wants to cut through the bullshit, the spin and the interference, and get to the truth, that is.

From the limited interaction I had with Brian Harvey last year, and the way he has turned on everyone who has tried to help him, I do not trust him, and his judgement is questionable to say the least, but I wish him no ill-will, and want him to succeed in his endeavours and focus his talents in a productive, and positive way.

Sadly, I cannot see that happening.

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  1. comments closed on your latest video so here goes.

    Unfotunately that aint THE George Floyd on Judge Judith however Floyd was a vile creature who DID point a gun at a pregnant womans stomach while his homeboys robbed the place.

    could have prevented all the riots and other cringeworthy kneeling etc…

    As for Attwood….well


    1. Don’t worry about any posts not getting through here.

      I now close the comments on each post, whenever a new one is added, and unless the comments made here contain death threats, harassment, personal information not already in the public domain, libel, or obvious lies, then they will get through.

      I concur that there is definitely something not quite right with Shaun Attwood.

      The way he has given such a large platform to so many obviously dodgy people should be a red flag for most people, and that supposed ‘Prank’ he pulled with Cali Diamond was beyond the pale.

      Why was he so threatened by a critical Youtuber with a fraction of his following, that he set up such an elaborate ‘prank?

      Why, after being called out by hundreds of people for that ‘prank’, did he then proceed to put up that cringeworthy damage limitation exercise with Sonia Poulton, which he took down shortly afterwards?

      There was was not a genuine emotion on display by either of them in my opinion.

      It was completely transparent, entirely false, and came from their wallets as opposed to their hearts.

      Nothing of what he says adds up, and it has been noticed.

  2. I was shocked to see Ben Fellows introduced as Zed Phoenix with a straight face.

    Bloody hell.

    Shill town is working overtime in the run up to the US elections.

    I wonder why?

  3. As for Daddy?


    A girl with fire in her belly with the equipment and know how to track and trace abusers following her own trauma, and who still needs help getting out of her own terrible situation-along with her beloved cob- need a place to stay to get away from her traffickers so please denote?

    Hog wash!

    Has the world gone mad?

    I’m going to watch the flour snorting video on my 75inch screen. I Want to see if that flour sticks.

    They really should have poured the flour out on camera as proof it wasn’t coke that they were snorting as real proof.

    But they didn’t.

    Just like they don’t film pre and post Daddy video out-takes. They are not very convincing.

    And so many more people are watching this time around.

    I love it!

    Smart people hey?

    1. Indeed.

      Only the most devoted (or deluded) of their fan boys and girls will have swallowed any of that horse shit Jen.

      It was initially a car crash, which they then turned into a festering, maggot-infested wound, by attempting to justify it as a ‘prank’.

      Vile behaviour in my opinion.

  4. Someone else isn’t happy with Atwood 🙂

    “Honestly Shaun, if this was true, I wish you would have gone about it in a different way – legally, if it was so severe you resorted to these measures.

    You bring exposure to topics such as SA, CSA and abuse in general and people who have experienced such things will gravitate towards your channel. Therefore you know that videos such as this one, along with the others could have been so triggering to people who trusted you.

    Furthermore, people have become so involved in Calis well-being. Especially after the suicide attempt, that thinking YOU are hurting her is heart-breaking.

    People look up to you Shaun, I have followed you since the first True Geordie interview and thought you were a good guy. The videos, if they were a ‘prank’ made me question you and my belief system towards you. I thought I have/may still have wasted years of my life watching and looking up to someone who is a complete liar, hypocrite and a disgusting human being.

    You speak in schools for fuck sake, about preventing young people from getting into drugs; yet you release a video, prank or not, holding the intention that you are on drugs and that you are abusing an already abused, vulnerable woman.

    I don’t know if this is damage control, I don’t know if it was a prank, I don’t know if I will ever know for definite – especially considering you commented on the video ‘you have tonight to take this video down with fake actors otherwise I will pursue legal action’ – would you have gone as far as to say these were fake actors if it were a ‘prank’?

    What does does Sonia, or the other abuse survivors you have interviewed think of this? How can you expect your viewers or other professionals to take you seriously or want to trust you, be interviewed by you, be associated with you again???

    Regardless Shaun, I held you in such high regard. I was so proud of how you turned your life around and the good you were doing in the world. You have lost my respect and viewership. I am gutted.”

    1. I am seeing a lot of comments in the same vein all over Twitter and Facebook Faith.

      This may run and run, until the next scandal emerges of course.

  5. If Attwood did not have half a million Youtube subscribers, Poulton would not be interested in him. It’s all about the views and the gushing praise from the sychophants on his channel IMO.

  6. A response (of sorts) from Brian Harvey, posted here for balance and transparency.

    Brian Harvey Youtube comment

    And my response. Just so everything is out on the table and in the open.

    Response to Brian Harvey

  7. Jimmy, I wouldn’t blame Brian Harvey for being suspicious of you or me even, especially after the Talking heads back then identified me as one of your sock puppets on purpose to muddy the waters back then.

    Quite successfully, I must say.

    My Twitter history…

    Joined and got attacked for pointing out talking heads standing by for fresh copy while one of theirs tried bullying a victim into committing suicide on twitter.

    Bad girl me.

    Got into another altercation when a talking head’s supporter advertised to all and sundry that her 14 year old was Skyping from the bath.

    And now this.

    And I am still not you.

    I call myself a reptile because I can’t stand the cold, so who knows.

    I don’t blame Brian for his distrust at all. Not after everything he has been through publicly throughout the years.

    It was the talking heads doing because Brian was ready to spill it all.

    So they created a mad man. Just like they magicked me into you.

    1. One of Brian’s biggest errors, in my opinion, Jen, was his claiming, and I presume believing, that he was set up simply to discredit him and his hacking evidence.

      He is wrong in thinking and/or believing that, because he was set up by Bill Maloney and his team, because of what he was getting involved with.

      It was him talking about Establishment CSA that put him in the firing line, it was nothing whatsoever to do with Phone Hacking.

      I fully understand his reluctance to trust me, or indeed anyone he encounters on the internet, as we all know the place is full of predators, and those who are of good intent, and are genuine, are not only very few and far between, they also tend to keep their heads well down and are not at all prominent online.

      I stuck my neck out by contacting Brian, and tried to warn him about a possible threat.

      It was not in any way to be seen as a death threat, because these days, if the establishment want somebody shut up, they do not kill them, or even physically harm them.

      What they do is totally destroy them in any number of ways. They smear them, they discredit them, they prod and poke and push their buttons to the point where they justifiably snap, and then use the ensuing, (usually public) outpouring of emotional rage to get them arrested, or label them as being crazy.

      You only need to look at the mainstream media’s coverage of Brian’s ‘Clones’ video to see evidence of what they were doing.


      Personally I have have nothing against BH, I wish him well, I always have done, as the supportive posts on this site has shown, but I am pissed off with him as he refuses to see what has been right in front of him all the time, and instead, has attacked the messengers instead of the ones who are trying to destroy him.

  8. I understand, both sides. Yours and his.

    No one gets through life without damage and that’s what the powers that be play on to keep control, of the public and the individual.

    And you are right. Just like North Korea does, if the powers that be want to hurt you, they go for your security,your job and your family and friends first.

    Anyone who knows the name Simon Just, friend of Barbara Hewson has seen him doing that over and over again throughout the years.


    What a tawdry bunch they are!

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