As the 2015 General Election looms large in the UK, one thing that may have gone unnoticed, is that there seems to have been a subtle takeover of many governmental institutions and departments – by increasing numbers of people with what can only be described as, ‘psychopathic’ traits and very low, or non-existent levels of empathy?

Which has had the effect, that the never-ending cycle of unlawful and unnecessary wars, secret courts, state corruption and brutality, lying politicians, arrests without legal warrants, grossly inaccurate mainstream media reporting and the stealing of people’s incomes by the banks, are not things that can easily be questioned.

Or challenged.

It also appears to have now become the sole responsibility of each individual citizen, to somehow learn to cope psychologically, with an increasing series of brutal and harsh changes, that have been implemented by each successive government.

Changes, which are in reality, and if you take the time really think about it – a world away from what have been enjoyed by previous generations.

Could this be the result of the professions of ‘Psychology’ and ‘Psychotherapy’, having been covertly, and gradually politicised?

And have those professions been politicised to a degree, that any problems which now occur within society, are being attributed solely to the individual instead, who is then forced, albeit by very subtle means to conform – instead of expecting their duly elected representatives in Parliament to change their way of acting towards them” ?

If the British people, as I very much suspect, are now seen as being unable to decide for themselves who should rule them, how will they then be able to address the problems that have been forced upon them, by those who are using and abusing this country, dismantling it’s public services, it’s institutions and it’s resources, as well as it’s people – as if they were their own private property?

Equally unfortunate, is while there are some open-minded and acutely aware people, who are starting to come together, quietly organising themselves and attempting to find a way to change society for the better of all – the greater majority will dutifully continue to vote into power, the very people who are systematically dismantling that society around them.

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  1. It’s the most infuriating thing, that despite all the evidence over the decades that none of them have our best interests at heart, only their own & that they all do the same thing to US, whilst dodging the bullets and lying on a loop, making us pay for their crimes and incompetence, never them, people STILL continue to vote for the same old criminal corrupt toe rag of a system & the greed merchants who are planted in it.

    I say voting gives them the green light to do as they please, what choice has voting given people? To be screwed over by corrupt ratbag A B or C.

    You vote 1 out, the next does the same in the end. I say if you do vote you are as guilty as they are for giving them the green light to do as they please.

    Voting is inflicting these criminals and their greed driven acts upon the rest of us.

    Until this whole corrupt system is turned on its head and the Public Servants are made to act on behalf of the good of the majority and not just the few, and are reduced to being mere front line workers paid to do a good ob or be sacked, voting is a complete farce in my eyes.

    As you say (a thing I have been thinking about too a lot lately) things have changed beyond recognition from what it was like for previous generations and it’s just going to get worse and worse unless this corrupt system run by even more corrupt liars is given the boot.

    I fear the people haven’t got the brass kahooners for it though, or at least not enough yet to see an end to these greed obsessed frauds 🙁


    THIS JADE HELM “Excersise”.



  3. The vast majority, if ever engaged in the political process, personalise political issues reducing the broader arguments to petty personal squabbles thus missing the issue and by extension the propagators of the changes and injustices that spawned the very problems they face.

    I despair for my country and the minds of my countrymen

  4. Never ever before has a General Election been so important as to separate the wheat from the chaff, if the voting electorate of the UK do not take this opportunity to vote for what they REALLY believe in, what REALLY matters to them, then there is no hope for them.

    It is not good enough to follow the ‘Family line’ (historical voting); the ‘Party line’ (ignoring issues pertinent to your local community) or the ‘Easy line’ (not getting off of your arse to vote at all); you need to engage, listen, dissect and vote for what you find resonates within your mind AND your heart.

    And if that means voting for an Independent Candidate – then so be it.

    They usually have more of your interests at heart.

    Our great nation is facing an un-intolerable hiatus in it’s history, maybe we should just elect Mothers 🙂

    1. When the choice is all corrupted chaff and no wheat that argument is invalid and I wont be forced into voting for someone just because I only agree with some, not the majority of their bumf, which lets face it, mostly turns out to be a pack of lies anyway.

      The simple fact is the vote means sod all. It gives you no more rights against this corrupt bunch of maggots than anyone who does not vote. Look at Cameron for starters, 100’s of his promises have turned out to be lies. They can say what they like to get fools to vote, but when they get in they can completely go back on the lot, screw us all over and we are lumbered with the lying beasts until their term is up. There is no way to sack them in between and as we can see from this utter toe rag, they can do an immense amount of damage in that relatively short space of time.

      So until they are forced to guarantee those promises, then I see no point in being mugged off by a corrupt system that will only p me off more if I vote for a lying toe rag, and end up feeling guilty that I was mugged off by the liars,

      They want people to keep voting because that keeps the toffee nosed buffoon politicians we get in a never ending stream in a job, and it ultimately means the same old con merchant parties get in over and over again. The British public are too blinkered and lacking in minds of their own to ever change that. There is no way on earth I am going to be a traitor to myself by voting for a a system full of lying scum bags, that nine of us can trust and have proven over the decades to be nothing but a bunch of bent, lying corrupt crooks. Being caught out for lying like Cameron has done that many times should in common sense terms disqualify him from the race. I cannot believe that despite his lies being listed in the 100’s people are still dumb enough to vote for the compulsive liar, but they do and that is the problem.

      I’d rather have my conscience completely clear of any of the lying con artists. I’ll sleep better that way.

      Independent candidates are just con artists in the making, or don’t make any real difference in the scheme of things and never get enough votes to be worth anything to the bigger picture. the sheeple in this country just chew the cud and keep voting for duds because their dads and their grandads voted liar A B or C. And weren’t the Limp Dems classed as Independent at one point? If so, I rest my case 🙂

      1. Couldn’t have put it better myself. You have described the system and situation exactly as it really is. How most people can’t see it is beyond my comprehension. We have a “choice” of whether to pick charlatan and lying scumbag no 1, or no2, 3. 4, and so on. They may have different colour flags but they are still all exactly the same.

      2. So what do you suggest Jane? Constructive apathy? You call voters ‘sheeple’ but those who sit back and feign mental superiority ( like yourself ) whilst all the time doing nothing to change anything are more entitled to that title. It’s a gross insult to Independent candidates to call them con artists in the making. They are generally people who want to make a difference to their local communities and what’s wrong with that? At least they are TRYING and without the backing of the big parties are generally self financed.
        I would agree with your point that prospective candidates should be held to their promises if they are elected. It’s a verbal contract after all and to break it after election is to govern under false pretences. Maybe one of our Independents could tack this one on to their manifesto.
        It’s not particularly the ‘system’ that is corrupt as the people in it. THAT needs attention without doubt but don’t throw away the baby with the bathwater, I say. You have a vote. USE it. Vote for an Independent and shake the b******* up.

        1. Think I’ve already explained that ET? Not voting for a corrupt system is surely better than doing as you are told and voting for con man A – Z? To me anyway. Because that is what you are doing in effect, conforming to what the establishment want you to do, vote, then they are pretty much guaranteed a job for life.

          And about the feigning mental superiority, well I’m sure J had as much as a laugh reading that little piece of bitch nuttery as I did. But then he know’s me so much better than you do. You are talking out of your harris in a big way there sunshine, but thanks for giving me such a good laugh 😉 😀

          Sorry, again I have said what I think about Independents and I stand by it – giving the Lib Dems as the best example, as no other Indie has ever got near nor by the top seats and never will when people keep voting for the same old same old, and they will, because that my dad, my grandad voted for liar A is pretty strong in people. I guess I could include UKIP, as they have done better in a shorter space of time than the Liberals. But they are a 1 trick pony and seem to be losing support, which isn’t helped when Farage is just as much of a hypocrite as the rest of them – being challenged for his off shore bank account and his German Mrs getting a nice little earner out of his Eu Membership.

          I wonder how many Indie parties there have been throughout history who have dissolved into the ether. The majority I expect.

          Too right its a verbal contract, but this is the crux, the verbal contract law the rest of us are bound by, doesn’t appear to apply to Politicians.

          I am certainly not apathetic, I just refuse to vote for a system that doesn’t work for us, because Politicians consistently and blatantly lie and they never pay for their crimes, in fact they get honoured for them and become even more wealthy after being outed as liars in politics and getting plumb jobs in the Private sector after they’ve been booted out in shame. Carrying on with this corrupt system will only ever produce the same results. And hasn’t Cameron fiddled something with the system so that it’s virtually impossible for any other party to be a majority winner anyway?

          I’m no politician, but I think Politicians should be reduced to mere Civil Servant status where they should be, governed by as strict a rules & codes of practice, as front line civil servants are – or at least used to be. The rules apply to Politicians now, but as we know, bent MP’s New Forest Lib Dem, or his little lap bouncer of the Noodleblog anyone? 😉

          Then they would get away with nothing untoward. this is how it should be but has been corrupted by those who laughingly are supposed to work for us. None of this giving private contracts to mates or ex politicians or any of that corruption. No fingers in lots of lucrative pies. No multitudes of other directorships in things where the tax payer will be donating to their bank balances. 1 strike and you are out for lying to pervert the reality, figures or whatever.

          I think if I was in charge of re-writing their conditions and enforcing them, we would only ever get people in the job who were in it for the right reasons, who loved their country, had true compassion for the people and wanted the country to be a better place life better for everyone and not just the 1%. There must be people like that out there, they just never get a look in, because this Old Boys Club system is stacked against them.

          Something I know very little about, maybe someone else knows more about it and can explain it more, but with technology ever improving, when it comes to the big decisions, the public should be able to get to vote on it and people like David Cameron don’t get to rape and pillage the NHS for example, when the public have told him straight they are not happy with what he has done and don’t want it, and he carries on regardless. He should be no more than a figurehead, not able to do as he pleases without permission from his bosses, US. I think some countries may already be adopting something along these lines already, but know little about it, I’m not sure how it all works. We should just be hiring the best people for the jobs and dispensing with this futile voting for this party or that party claptrap. Where else can you get a job and then take all your cronies and dodgy mates with you to fill the roles around you?
          Dispensing with the false promise posse and hiring people with the best interests of the country and majority of people in it at heart, and the ability, rather than what’s in it for them. But voting for liar A-Z wont get us there.

          As I say, apathetic I certainly am not. I just refuse to be forced to vote in a corrupt system, for liars, criminals, perverts, paedophile protectors and greed driven con men, because as far as I can see in my lifetime, the system sucks and doesn’t work for US. But it’s most certainly most lucrative for the politicians though – look at the cottaging war crim for example – and they are the only one’s who benefit from it, it would seem, never us, we just get to pay for the mess they make and leave once they’ve minced off into the sunset with their platinum handshakes for life.

          1. Jane you are obviously a political animal with lots of good ideas how this country could be and should be run . Perhaps you should stand as an Independent under a banner of your choosing!! Agreed that its resources should not be used as a private channel of wealth for the 1% or as a means of collecting never ending interest payments from imposed debt by the ‘money’ lenders. It’s one big con trick that the Sicilian Mafia would be proud to operate. It’s OUR country, the land is ours and the wealth is ours. Short of a revolution how is that going to change if people do not engage in politics?

          2. Sorry ET I have only just seen this. I’d last a day, working for the Government was bad enough, I’d probably end up with a GBH charge if I had to spend more than 5 minutes with politicians 😀

            I’m not a political animal, I’d like to sit back and know that the people that work for us are doing their best for us, but they never will all the time they can get away with stitching us up for their own corrupt ends. Trust me, anyone who has worked in a Government department knows what liars they all are. Especially the tories. I knew there would be a point to all those miserable years though, taught me so much about just how corrupt, bullying and threatening they are and how what the public is told is far from what actually goes on and how staff are threatened that if they go to the press and spill the beans, their lives will be made a misery. Much like all these police officers are claiming has happened to them and I don’t doubt it for a minute, because the same happened to us.

            If people keep voting, I just can’t ever see an end to the misery these ratbags cause us, never them.

            Right now if I was thinking of voting, I’d be tempted to vote for Attila the Hun rather than Cameron, at least you’d know exactly what you were getting, unlike a compulsive lying, con man like dear ole Dave (bad joke obviously). 😀

            His Housing Association sell off plan has really given me the hump. The tax payer will ultimately pick up the tab for millions more when there is no social housing to place people in, and as they have a duty of care, they’d have no choice but to house people in private rented property, which in some areas is 2,3 and even more times higher than council/housing association rents. It’s madness I tell thee! But Dave conveniently forgets to mention things like that, or that it would force councils to move tenants out of places like London, leaving it an even bigger Tory stronghold, getting the ‘riff raff’ minions out of his sight.

            But I am hopeful that he won’t get away with that one, having read a few things from top solicitors who reckon he hasn’t got a cats chance in hell of pulling that one off. Let’s hope not.

  5. Has anyone else noticed that the team from the provocative, hilarious and informative TV series “The Revolution will be Televised”, are now evangelising democracy and encouraging youth to vote?

  6. Political Ponerology (A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes)

    One reviewer wrote “No one in my experience has quite explained the nature of true Evil in the way Lobaczewski has. The information in this book is what I would call “high density” since the maximum amount of information is conveyed with a minimum amount of words. It’s not an easy read because of this but the information contained in this book precisely conveys the essential roots of the problem that humanity faces today. Lobaczewski speaks of Evil in macro social terms, relating it to the word of politics and not from its ambiguous theological perspective. He bases his study of Evil in psycho-dynamical terms focusing on the behavioral dynamics of the psychopath and what motivates them. Lobaczewski studies the nature of Evil clinically, as it should be studied.

    When I see the horrid state of the world in the terms Lobaczewski describes then everything fell in place for me. Now I know I’m not crazy. My reading of the book Ponerology explained A LOT to me, and not only confirms my own observations as to why the world is the way it is, but it has helped focus my perceptions and understanding of the nature of reality into a much greater clarity. It’s no small wonder why the manuscript of this book has been suppressed. Once reading it one will begin to see the naked emperor.

    These psychopaths that have now taken over our governments feed on our fear while feeding us false solutions to our domestic and foreign problems. They give us our governments which at this stage of their “game” are nothing more then Fascist regimes and nothing more then criminal governments in disguise.

    In this book I have learned that most, if not all of the governments of the world, have been taken over by a pathological infection from just a small group of psychopaths who understand the psychology of normal people to a very high degree and they have corrupted these governmental structures to the very core. These psychopaths have silently, but with mind boggling persistence and stealth moved in and taken over and hollowed out the very soul of humanity using lies and deception as their weapons of choice. These psychopaths, this inhuman race of pathological deviants, who do not have the capacity to feel conscience and feel the pain of another, now literally rule the world.

    One psychopath can terrorize an entire town, even an entire city. The majority of normal people are now ruled by a minority of psychopaths and they have basically made our governments criminal networks. Criminal governments. Those working for these governments are now working for what basically is a criminal enterprise and they don’t see it because they are in it and profit by it, yet it is these people who are determining our future and the future of our children.

    Mankind is becoming a willing slave to the pathocratic structures created by the inhuman obsessive greed of this small percentage of humanity that cannot feel conscience. This book is a MUST READ. Only by knowing what we are dealing with can we do anything about it without going in circles. We are dealing with an intelligent predator that feeds on the soul of humanity. It seems to me that there are only a very few who are now speaking of psychopathy and (macro social) Evil in the way Lobaczewski speaks of it, since it has been suppressed for so long,.”

  7. I believe I was the first to post a link on here to “Political Ponerology” some months ago, so the term is not new to me.

    In fact, I first encountered it long before I began posting off-topic here.

    Indeed, pre-Spivey. Not bragging, just stating a fact.

    I will also try to find a reference/link to the book that taught Hitler how to hypnotise crowds with his speaking methods,which were also used by Obama, A sort of early “Neuro Linguistic Programming”, Basically everyone goes into a “dream” state from time to time & only step out of it when they realise their error.

    But they’ve become part of a crowd & are swept along with the crowd.

    E.G.You are in a lift full of people – lift stops – everyone gets out,including you – but suddenly you realise you’re on the wrong floor.

    How was that?

    Because you were in a “dream state” & simply followed the herd.

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