Unbeknown to many people, significant progress has been made in regard to the investigation into ‘VIP’ child abuse allegations – which to the casual observer may have appeared to have fallen off the radar of late.

In fact, the complete opposite is true and despite the deliberate distractions and the attempts to discredit CSA survivors and derail the inquiries, certain events have taken place behind the scenes which, if I am correct, will either completely blow the lid off the whole thing …. or will nail it down so tightly – that it will never see the light of day again.

One of those events was broadcast by SkyNews earlier this evening.

Esther Baker

The organised attempts to discredit Ms Baker, a number of other CSA victims as well as anyone who supports them are mentioned in the News article, and which may also prove significant as to the trolls’ real intention, as irrespective of the validity of Ms Baker’s allegations, it is primarily the task of the investigating teams and the British Criminal Justice System to prove or disprove her or any other CSA victim’s claims.

Not a group of mainly anonymous, but always abusive internet lynch mobs.

Esther Baker II

The ‘Other’ events are not so well known and have not been publicised in any way – the details of which will emerge in the fullness of time.

But in any event, it is safe to say, that at this point in time, there are more than a few people up and down the length of this country (and in mainland Europe), who are in the process of destroying evidence, and may even be smashing up the hard drives of their computers with a very large hammer.


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  1. A smack in the face for the Twitter Trolls Jimmy as they have been crowing for weeks that Esther’s allegation had been NFA’d. A brave woman who has endured so much personal abuse an smears from the lowlife scum on Twitter and from that complete mental case who publishes the ‘Troll Exposure’ blog and she stood her ground and did not back down. I have to respect her for that. Would I be right in thinking that he is one of those who should be smashing his hard drives?

    Her links with EXARO and the idiot she defends who used to work with Gojam and ‘Operation Greenlight’ (a CSA victim’s identity Harvest) has not done her any favours I think but I also hope it will not harm her case too much.

  2. When Steven Messham featured on Newsnight and when Darren Laverty egged on and raged at Steve to suicide on twitter that night, I was sniffed and prodded and poked and discredited by the very same Huffington Post team that I’ve watched stirring shit with Exaro and Esther with the assistance of a rather odd woman and her mate Will Black. It’s all a Scharenfraud.

    Fake TV investigators like MWT and fake Journos like Will Black (with the assistance of the discredited green anarchist, ex spy John Connor/Paul Rogers) validated an obvious fraud as a bonafide CSA campaigner, using her in a Huffington Post Panel of experts debate regarding CSA. They play as a team, not for the victims, but against them.

    This odd woman’s group of happy campers all come with kiddy snatcher wagons, just like Jimmy Saville had, have involved themselves in both the CSA and the Mccann twitter tags and they all need a closer looking at.

    Those happy campers are responsible for some folk who were abused who will never speak out, no matter how many inquiries and who heads them, because of the links between that group and everything to do with CSA over the past 4 years, since Savile.

    They’re like a cancer pretending to have cancer.

  3. Peeling back another layer of the onion that is the establishment will reveal another layer to peel back. I do wish Esther Baker well and that she gets the result she needs to move on with her life. And good on her for standing up to the trolls and the internet abusers. Lots of people have watched what has been going on and have identified the perpetrators. Karma is long overdue.

    P.S. She needs to ignore the trolls because its obvious that they want to keep things hidden as they probably have a lot to lose when the truth finally comes out.

  4. I’ve largely refrained from commenting on Baker’s case although I did support her complaint against the press – but only on the grounds of inaccuracy, not because I ‘believe’ the allegations.

    Those allegations… by any stretch of the imagination they are highly improbable, fantastical claims. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are untrue and it is certainly within the realm of the ‘possible’ that uniformed police stood around while groups of adults abused very young children in the open air without anyone ever noticing; yes, it is ‘possible’, but anyone with their feet attached firmly to the ground would need to see solid evidence before considering it to be anything other than ‘highly unlikely’.

    But apparently such a common-sense approach is old-hat these days – it’s far more fun to join in with the cult-like ‘believing’, simultaneously destroying that quaint notion of ‘innocent until proven guilty’. Indeed, why even waste our time raising an eyebrow when we can all pile in & start screaming obscenities about people we’ve never met (based on far-fetched claims from other people we’ve ever met)?

    The politican in this case has had his identity deliberately spread all over the ‘net. He has not been arrested & not been charged with any offence & yet many people have managed to convince themselves that he is guilty of abominable crimes, based solely on the word of Baker.

    These people desperately need to have a good long look at their themselves in the mirror.

    Although Baker complains of being ‘smeared’ she has had no problem doing the exact same thing when it comes to others: she wants her ‘followers’ to know that she ‘believes’ Exaro’s ‘Nick’. In other words, those innocent people who had their lives turned upside down by ‘Nick’s’ lunatic claims are not really innocent at all!

    And what about poor ol’ ‘Darren’, that Wetherspoons’ loyalty card holder? Well, she ‘believed’ him as well! Not only that, their claims became woven together & she came to remember that she’d probably been to Dolphin Square – who’d have thought it?
    (I’m still waiting for a single one of those courageous warriors to pick up a shovel & go and dig up those imaginary graves at Toffington Hall. Incredible how easily they are all shephered from one mad load of old rubbish to the next without ever even blushing or – God forbid – apologising.)

    But now a case has been passed to the CPS. This would be after what Exaro claimed was a “huge” and “massive” investigation, or as the police described it (in a ‘dynamite bombshell revelation’) as after work by “a small team of detectives”. You can always count on Exaro to tell it like it is, eh?

    Some other names that appear like flies whenever there’s some shit-that-needs-spreading ought to make people stop and think, but no doubt will be ignored by those who prefer a rollicking good tale about horrific child abuse (for one creepy reason or another):

    Aye, it’s the on-the-run serial fraudster & bullshitter extraordinaire, Andrea Davison. It was Davison who tried to hop a ride on the Jimmy Savile gravytrain by lying about her early schooling at – where else? – Duncroft! That she was never there and is simply a criminal without scruples (when not making programmes about pole-dancers) is something else all those who want to ‘believe’ will just have to wish away… ‘Nick’ also thought he’d have a bite of the Savile cherry when he ‘remembered’ that Ted Heath had been paddling in pool with a soggy-cigared Savile and… blah blah blah. I honestly can’t be bothered.

    What a group of charlatans. I’m sick of it all.

    1. Well Bandini,if you had been following this kind of thing as long as I have you would have noticed one important thing – namely that the accused perpetrators so often include law enforcement,judges,politicians,civil servants,etc,etc,
      So,who investigates the investigators?.

      1. A gang of nutters on Twitter who went from believing in the killing fields of Toffington Hall to some rubbish about Jimmy Savile with Ted Heath in a swimming pool, OldGit?

        Yeah, that sounds like a great idea!

        Also the notion that people have been trying to “shut her [Baker] up” as expressed by Disco Diva below doesn’t seem to take account of her wide-ranging media onslaught: television interviews, press interviews, Exaro conference [sic] special guest, blogger, ferocious Twitterer, etc.. And all in the middle of a police investigation!

        Perhaps they’ve missed the Sky interviews? Or the pathetic ’60 Minutes’ loon-fest organized by Exaro (which included the discredited ‘Darren’ whose claims were woven into her own, Exaro’s sole alleged victim of David Hencke’s imaginary ‘boy brothel’ even though he would have been in his twenties at the time, and the brother of a presumed-killed child who joined in with the ‘Harvey Proctor is a murderer’ rubbish but now seems to have changed his tune & is cooperating with the police as they investigate / reinvestigate the rather more sensible possibility that one of the nastiest bastards currently in prison for killing children might have had something to do with it).

        And the reason, OldGit, that “the accused perpetrators so often include law enforcement, judges, politicians, civil servants, etc,” is because it’s much more entertaining for those who get a kick out of this kind of thing to take pot-shots at those ‘elite’ figures than to think rationally; it makes no difference to them if it’s Cliff Richard whizzing into a shop on rollerskates to ‘abuse’ someone (before zipping back out) or an oddball MP – it’s just ‘sport’.

        Ask yourself this: if any ‘VIP’ ever came to be charged with an offence in Baker’s case, do you think their defence-team would let the fact that their client’s alleged crimes had been the subject of television interviews, newspaper articles, and an almost-infinite number of online craziness pass by without comment? Or do you think this might be quite useful to them?

        It’s obvious that so many have made their minds up (on the basis of no evidence) and when the inevitable happens they’ll do what they always do: use the lack of proof as proof that something is being covered-up – rather that than admit their total gullibility and complicitness in the 21st Century’s descent into stubborn-headed idiocy.

        I wish someone would install a ‘panic button’ on the side of that 21st Century – I’d be giving it a good whack.

        Live tweeted, of course.

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  6. From what I am hearing it is way too late for some people to be smashing their harddrives.

    1. I do believe that things have moved on at a rate of knots since this post was published, so you could be right.

  7. I see the cowardly attacks on Esther Baker are still happening.

    Why can’t they let the poor woman be and leave it to the people who are qualified

    you would think that they are trying to shut her up and if they are why would they need to do that?

    It’s about time that the authorities moved against these bullying bastards before somebody ends up getting hurt or worse.


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  9. “I was extremely honoured last night to receive a lifetime achievement award from the @dotcomcharity for raising awareness of #CSA. The true stars however are the children and the volunteers who fight everyday to prevent child abuse.”


    Oh deary, deary me. The ‘charity’ in question spends almost all the money it receives ‘buying’ pamphlets from the people behind the ‘charity’. ‘Tis a nice little earner, being on the side of the ‘children’.


    Let’s save the children!!!

    “The accounts on page 3 show that cost of sales were £98k; these were principally purchases of Dot Journals and associated delivery of associated training from VVV, amounting to £88k…”


    Great stuff! The ‘Dot Com Charity’ spends its money ‘buying’ its ‘Dot Com Journals’ from… well, let’s not pry. Oh go on, then, maybe just a little:


    The ‘journals’ could be provided free of charge as downloadable pdfs/whatever, so that every child in the country could access them (if their teachers were interested), but then what would become of the charity? And more importantly, what would become of the beneficiaries I mean the children…

    “Our operating model is that the education programme is delivered by the Charity; the Dot Journals are developed and printed by our related company Values Versus Violence Limited (VVV). VVV trades with the Charity on an arm’s length basis [Guinness Book of Records: World’s Shortest Arms] and sells the journals to the Charity [itself] at an agreed [with itself] price that covers the development costs [ho ho ho!] of the journals, the cost of printing them as well as the administrative costs of VVV. The Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer of the Charity are remunerated by and have a beneficial interest in VVV…”

    It certainly was a fantastic line-up the soon-to-be-defunct Exaro offered here:


    A ‘lifetime achievement award’, eh? Imagine what people must get up to behind the more opaque walls of a CIC when a registered charity can offer up such riches.

    Still, so long as they’re ‘saving children’…

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