There was a comment posted on the Outlaw yesterday, under an anonymous name and a bogus IP address, asking me to look at a ‘message’ that had been posted on a free WordPress blog.

The screengrab of the message I have included below is only a small part of the blog which is located at KevinGreen1950 WordPress Com, and has been archived in it’s entirety on the ‘Wayback Machine’ and also downloaded in full to a disk.

The original has been edited by the author since it was originally posted, but the image here is a direct copy that was archived prior to any editing. It’s difficult to read so I have copied a transcript, verbatim, minus a name I have omitted after taking advice.


I received an email today from the lad that came to visit me yesterday, with an attached email from ‘Bone’ he is determined to bring all this online hatred to a halt. So because of that and all of the other innocent children being pulled into this, I want to put a proposal to you.

You want this blog delated [sic] in its entirety, in return for this, you will delete all the contents on your site,you can start it up againwith posts that are not about any of the people who have been involved in any of this. You will make a request to your friend *NAME REMOVED* and inform her of our truce, ask her to see that the blog she promoted is also deleted in it’s entirety, one which I am sure will be used against her in her upcoming trial.

From this date onwards no further blogs will be written by yourself or any friend or any family member of yours, about anyone involved in this ONLINE WAR [My Capitals Added], nor will comments be accepted from anyone who mentions anybody involved in this, on anything you may post in the future. See this as a new start for you and your family.

When you have made an announcement on your site of it’s closure and it has been deleted.  I shall remove everything here putting a similar statement on this blog.

You will also delete your Facebook account as many of your blogs are promoted on it.

There is nothing stopping you opening a ‘normal’ Facebook account, but you will refrain from using it to attack others,especially those involved in this ONLINE WAR [My Capitalisation]

You must decide what is more important to you,the lies on many of your blogs, and in the comments, OR YOUR FAMILY [My Capitalisation].

I shall look out for the message on your Facebook or your web page.’

Which, and some readers may agree, is clearly a veiled threat directed at my family should I fail to comply with the demands that I delete both the Outlaw and it’s associated Facebook page.

So where do I start with this?

You will notice I have capitalised some words in the above transcript, and the reason for that is that until yesterday, I had absolutely no idea I was involved in any kind of war, let alone an  ‘ONLINE WAR’ and as far as I am aware, the ‘Kevin Green’ blog has been posting unprovoked attacks on myself, this website and a number of other people the author strangely believes are associated with me, and which I have consistantly ignored, since April 2013.

The author of that blog, not only posts all types of inaccurate and grossly offensive rubbish about me, he has also previously ventured over to the comments section on the Outlaw itself in order to get my attention.

That comment was left on the Outlaw, as is clearly visible, on New Years Eve 2014, possibly because I had been ignoring the goading and rambling rants on his site, and had simply continued doing my own thing, writing the Outlaw and using my social media accounts like any normal person should be allowed to do.

So lets look at this in a bit more detail …. this alleged ONLINE WAR, so far has consisted of ‘Kevin Green’ posting incoherent claptrap intermittently on his own site about me, and posting bizarre comments here intermittently, using various proxy IP Addresses in order to get my attention.

Not much on Kev’s site would make any sense whatsoever to anyone other than himself and a few of his online cohorts, and to me, had I read it in any detail that is, as it mainly contains screengrabs of my social media accounts, and whatever the publisher has trawled off the internet which he believes relates to me, and then copy/pasted over there.

He does however, pay particular attention to my Twitter account(s), gleefully highlighting that I had ‘Yet another Twitter Account’, knowing full well that the only reason why I have had to renew my Twitter account five times, is because ‘Kevin’ and his online buddies spend many weeks reporting them in order to get my accounts suspended.

This behaviour has been viewed as being very much online ‘Stalking’ as is defined on the ‘National Stalking Helpline’ website, although personally, I compare it to the desperate actions of a feral mongrel dog trawling through discarded rubbish bags on a constant search for nourishment.

Kevin does appear to be rather obsessed by everything I post online, would you agree?

Going back to this aforementioned ‘ONLINE WAR’ I highlighted on Kev’s ‘message’, I did remember where I had previously seen what Kev was doing being referred to as a WAR, and what may come as a surprise to Kevin, is that the place I had seen it was in an email that Kevin, or ‘Carl’ had sent to someone, in which he was outlining their plan to set up the ‘Kevin Green’ blog, on the 30th of March 2013.

In this email, he states:I’m working on some fake accounts so I can have a right go on JJ’s site. see how he likes it when his blog gets attacked. I think we should put a website together all about jimmy jones and his mates a see how they like lies. We can then mirror the site all over the internet so it’s not just one site but many. I am sure you can find out his address and other personal details. Lets turn the tables on him and see if he can handle it. lets come out fighting and get dirty like he is. lets see if he holds his nerve. he has really annoyed me now. so he wants AN ONLINE WAR. Well I’m up for it”

A very revealing communication I would say, especially when you realise that up until three days ago, ‘Carl’ had also posted my full name and address on his site as well as my photograph, and just to help those who would struggle with directions, he had also helpfully added a nice Google map which led to my front door.

It also shows a clear conspiracy with someone he claims is ‘One of Jimmy’s Victims’, when if the truth is told, the exact opposite has been the case, as I have for the last four years, been the main target of her and her abusive online associates.

‘Carl’ also published an open invitation to any random nutcase who could easily have believed any or all of the foul and catergorically untrue garbage posted on his site, and decided to throw a brick or worse through the front window of my home one night.

Carl, your reckless action was reported to WordPress, as it is against their T & Cs and it correctly fell foul of WP’s very clear ‘safety guidelines’ and was removed by them, just in case you were wondering where your handiwork had disappeared to.

You may also be wondering where your email to your partner-in-stalking me came from Carl, well if the truth is told, the person you sent it to forwarded it to a few of her online and abusive friends, one of whom was utterly disgusted by what you were planning, and passed it on to me, which proved very handy as although the screengrab of the email I have posted only shows the name ‘Carl’, the  full version in my posession, expands to reveal not only your real email address, but also your real IP Address – which is a bit shit for you innit?

Especially when you so arrogantly proclaimed in the comment that you left on this very site: “really surprised that after all this time you haven’t a clue as to my identity”.…The truth is I have known who and where you are since 2013 ‘Carl’, but have chosen for the last four years to totally ignore you and your blog.

Until you purposely came over here once again, in an attempt to get my attention that is ….

But I do agree with what you said in the comment you left on my site in 2014, in that ‘Pandora’s Box’  is well and truly open now….



48 thoughts on “PANDORA’S BOX

  1. Jimmy, I really don’t care for their kind, especially when they threaten your family. What kind of people are they?? My understanding is we have freedom of speech – everyone has a right to an opinion. They don’t like it then they ignore it but to start threatening your family?? That is the lowest of the low. Some people really need to grow up.

    1. ‘Wouldn’t like to be them’. (Says ‘a figment of your imagination’, according to Carl & his friend in their own words on their own blog see The Fool On The Hill screenshot above)

  2. That Kev Green blog falls under False News and deserves a ‘Leverson’ type inquiry into it.

    As does the tatooed journalist’s site.

    There is a code of conduct for Journos when reporting as they both claim they are doing, for us.

    ‘Kev” is a reporter without borders, according to some and a comment from one of the site’s admins. So, if he hasn’t died from some mysterious illness and still has the login to post recent demands and threats, he is answerable for the crap he writes.

    And Huffington Post Journos like Will Black Writer who promote that blog know this too!

  3. Jimmy. There are enough of us out there who witnessed these online attacks on you for years. If you need a statement just ask mate. These cowards are real scumbags to threaten kids and total sad cases. Don’t back down

  4. I just looked at that kevingreen blog and from what I saw I can tell what a load of shit it is. It’s all stolen from other troll sites and TBH the bloke seems a bit of a special case if you know what I mean. very jealous of you and prolly a sad and creepy stalker type who is really really worried about something. So worried that he has to threaten your family to bully you into deleting your site like some low-rent wannabe gangster. I bet you he is only about 12 years old and lives with his mum. a total weirdo. inform the police Jimmy so there is a record of it just in case as there are loads of nutters like Kevin or Carl or that Scharenborg woman out there


  5. Legally speaking Jimmy, what this person has done is very stupid indeed; i.e.: he or she has admitted in an email to have ‘set up fake accounts’ for the sole purpose of posting abuse on this site.

    On top of that, they have not only published the threatening WordPress blog post you have mentioned in your article, they have contacted this site directly on two occasions, after previously admitting setting up ‘fake accounts’ to do so.

    By posting those comments here, which as the site owner and moderator you have no option but to look at, and which could have caused you to feel ‘fear and distress’, they have broken UK law according to the Malicious Communications Act 1988.

    I should think that he or she should be really worried right now on those two points alone.

    Stay well and keep yourself and your lovely family safe Mr Jones, you and this site (and those who comment here) are like a breath of fresh air and it’s a haven which I for one regularly read to escape from all the craziness on other sites.

    This link may be helpful.


    1. Funnily enough, I had a reason to familiarise myself with the intracacies of the Malicious Comms Act this time last year …. and you are correct.


    “But THIS is ridiculous.Trump has gone straight from “CAN-DO” to “Already Done.” ‘ It’s only been 6 days and already my wish list is in place”:-


    Trump Threatens to Leave World Trade Organization(HERE’S A GOODUN!!):_


  7. Thanks to the lying Kev Green blog I have learned that the way to face people in court is to write a blog about what they have done.

    Which is my plan.

    To tell the world of my experience with the fake CSA Campaigner and Gordon Anglesea supporting Internet Troll.

    When is her God going to answer her prayers and give her that death sentence diagnosis she so craves?

    ADMIN EDIT: I must stress that there is no ‘death threat’, intentional or otherwise, contained in the comment above. It is merely a question based on a large number of publicly issued declarations of imminent death – that the person being discussed published online herself.

    1. You have to remember that according to ‘Kev Green’ and the woman he protects so passionately on his blog – anyone who interacts with each other online are close personal friends.

      Which is as bonkers a claim as it would be to say that every person who signs a petition for example, knows each other personally …. when the truth is that they are usually random people, unknown to each other who happen to support a common viewpoint.

      I have only met four of the people IRL who have commented on the Outlaw, yet Kev Green claims that all those who comment here are all ‘Friends’ of mine – or are all me of course.

      Which was what he proclaimed only a short while ago.

      It’s all projection on their part Jen, they try to dump all their ugliness and duplicity and total inability to tell the truth onto their targets.

      It’s glaringly obvious ….

      1. I just set up a Twitter account – contructjen – from which I intended to link inaboxtotheleft from again.

        But, Twitter banned me immediately because I tweeted at Adeybob regarding him deeming me a construct because I refused to Skype with him. In his bugged out brain that means I’m not who I say I am.

        For me it was a matter of security.

        Who does he think he is that I have to Prove myself to him?

        I don’t answer my door to strangers who make demands so why would I join Skype on a strangers demand? I’m not 8.

        Driftwood had the same self-important view.

        He insisted all folk who dared comment on Twitter regarding CSA identify themselves to him first or end up on his fuck-off list.


        No, it doesn’t make me you or you me as that troll team claimed it did, just because I didn’t bend to their demands.

        I came to meet you after all those abusive attacks on you to prove I am who I say I am.

        I needed to after you and I got off to a bad start when you were under the spell and manipulation of the Team that emerged after Messham’s TV appearance who all link to Janette Scharenborg.

        1. PS Thank you for that edit to my original post today.

          Obviously I do mean when is someone going to die from her made up cancer / lymphoma / any disease that may garner her some sympathy

        2. And neither of us are the bitter and twisted out of shape monsters – that the online social misfits have been desperately trying to portray us as Jen.

          1. I think being that kind of bitter and twisted & so unhappy with your own life, that you have to create havoc in other peoples, is it’s own painful slow death.

  8. Hello Jimmy, hope all is good in your world? I have been reading all of this nonsense for a while now and can only say one thing and that is this… Ignore all of those clowns that try to belittle you, threaten you etc, why? because they are acting like children in a playground. I think it all boils down to jealousy on their part. Keep dignified, it is obviously getting up their noses. If on the other hand, you feel it is a threat, then you must cover your back and report it to the police. All the best.

    1. All is good here James, thanks for asking, and from personal experience these people are just gutless social misfits with some fairly obvious MH issues.

      They cower behind a myriad of bogus online identities, as they have neither the courage of their convictions, or the physical attributes to do anything other than bash away at their keyboards from behind the supposed safety of IP Masking software or VPNs.

      They are absolutely terrified of their real identities becoming known – I can guarantee that.

      1. Jimmy, hi again. I totally agree especially dogman, he thinks he is the king of the comments section, believe me I know of a couple of people he has shown contempt towards and I consider him, a keyboard coward. I think he stirs up most of the trouble and then you get the backlash of it all. Anyway, you keep strong and remember, words can’t hurt you. Take care.

        1. I strongly believe that the moderators of that site have effectively destroyed it as a credible platform.

          Spivey’s rants, (excluding the more recent and hurtful ones) could have been laughed off as the ravings of someone who is trying to carve a niché as an internet ‘Shock Jock’.

          But not any longer, the whole site is eating itself from the head down and the toxicity is spreading out like a chemical spill.

          1. Well if he isn’t wise enough to know that dogman has driven away a lot of his supporters then his site should go down,it seems he doesn’t care anymore?
            I expect if he is a shill, he will be compensated and then he can drift off into cyberspace……………

  9. I’m a firm believer in listening to the insults people have for me because they are telling me everything they feel about themselves.

    Just look at the trolls assumptions of ‘team work’ tactics they accuse you of and you’ll see they are telling everyone what they have been doing to others all this time!

    I have no team. I don’t like sport. I would rather go shoe shopping thanks.

    I’m hated for using the word Mangina at Driftwood when he was taunting Messham to suicide. Which one is worse?

    And also for pointing out a safe guarding issue when a mother posted to all and sundry on her open Twitter account that her 14-year-old daughter was Skyping from the bath.

    I’m still horrified by that! Makes my skin crawl at the thought of why a mother would even do that?!

    I stand by my conviction.

  10. The gob on a stick that is McFadyen has been raving & ranting on Twatter that he has been named as a member of an online stalking gang. He is not very happy about it. Am I right in thinking that others have also been named in that group and that is why they are getting this Kevin Green mush to try & remove all the evidence of their vile online behaviour before a certain Stalking trial gets underway? Just a thought

      1. I find it most interesting (& bizarre), that a blog that was purposely set up to attack you, contains so much ‘evidence’ that actually drops the writers of it in it & no one else.

    1. I notice he also claims not to be a campaigner for CSA. He’s just some guy now who took his abuser to court and is not letting the world know about it.

      But, but, but,but…..

      When I went down to Westminster during the CSA protests and spoke to Brenda McNamara about the group on Twitter naming me to be Jimmy Jones, she told me to go speak to Ian McFadyen about it?

      Why would she – apparently a genuine CSA campaigner known to all as MaMa- do that?

      Anyway, Ian had deemed me a troll by the time I got back from the protests so I never approached him but I did mention it on Twitter (and maybe here) at the time.

      I ignore him now.

      He and another ‘campaigner’ post triggering posts that don’t help anyone who really needs it at all.

      Kinda like that Carl character that was setting up the CSA Art show with all his poems highlighted by sketches of Kids Tied Up! WTF!

      With campaigners like that it’s a CSA wank fest!!!!

      Go straight to the police. By-pass that lot is my advice.

  11. *Link removed by Admin*

    Anorexia is a hoax it seems. And I am most shocked now to find that ZOELLA is a crisis actress.

    Spiv’s articles are getting smaller though. I think it is because CI5 are hacking into his PC all the time so he has to keep it short this week.

    Still, im gonna send a donation cos I appreciate all his hard tireless work and effort in exposing all this evil stuff like the Zoellas and satanic theme parks etc.

  12. PS When I say triggering post I’m talking about his graphic posts that leave nothing to the imagination.

    He’s got to know he was feeding the likes of Oldfield he uses to follow him!!!!

  13. Kevin has been very busy on his blag site. I wonder if his friend has had Communications from a court because she is really, really, really, really Trying Hard (Geddit) to portray herself as a VICTIM


  14. Oh now she speaks up and admit’s I’m not a construct?

    She’s picked a fine time to finally confirm that, don’t you think?

    1. It’s looking like a piss poor and desperate attempt at damage limitation and deflecting the blame Jen.

      Something has definitely happened to all of that mob during the last couple of days, that much is obvious.

  15. Regular poster on the tattoo legends blog is this guy Ciaran Goggins, another guy who likes to abuse innocent folk via Facebook, Twitter etc.

    I guess he found a new acceptable home over at face-recognition headquarters dot org.

    Just sayin….

  16. It most certainly is. She’s even forgotten the phone call she apparently was recording when we discussed her cancer. We had just buried a dear friend the week before, which I shared with her at the time. I admire the way that man prepared, not only himself, but his daughter too, for his death.

    My partner was witness to that discussion. He was in bed next to me. Just like he was in bed waiting for me the night Sue rang me.

    1. It was my partner and his mother who smelled a rat with the authenticity of someone before I did.

  17. It’s just too funny. I see this morning the Scottish attention seeker is now demanding the financial transparency of someone else who dared comment on his TL, just like adeybob and driftwood the gate gargoyles to all things CSA used to do back in the day. Some things just don’t change.

    Other than getting his abuser into court what exactly does he do that helps anybody else?

    And I’m not talking about helping out the homeless where more money is skimmed into personal pockets than going to the cause!

  18. Make the Best Out of the Year of Rooster:-


    Can Trump Overcome w/Robert David Steele (EX CIA MAN GIVES HIS THOUGHTS ON THE FORCES ARRAYED AGAINST TRUMP – 10 min. VID):-


    1. I think that you may be on the wrong website for that kind of request ‘Carl’.

      You may be better off asking your local dealer.

      1. Must be a bit quiet in the ‘Dark Place’ if Carls had to hop over here for a harassment attack ‘fix’.

  19. The Dogman in 2015 pre-empting ‘Kevin Green’s’ attempt to threaten you into taking your site and your Facebook down. I wonder if he has also been giving ‘Kev’ some top tips on how to intimidate people into removing evidence too?

    Could this even be evidence of an online group of gang stalkers hiding in not-so-plain sight?

    I am not accusing anyone of course.


    1. Jim mate, you really must rush over to hear for astounding news *LINK REMOVED* lots taken down over weekend from Ivor Biggun but all recorded in archives for posterity matey.

      1. That link means nothing whatsoever to me so I have removed it.

        I will not be dragged into anymore online spats and if you want to continue posting links here, try using an email and IP that has not trolled this site previously, and has spent an inordinate amount of time on Twitter publishing private information and lies.


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