It would be difficult for anybody in the UK and Europe, to avoid the lurid mainstream media headlines decrying the alleged treatment of a number of migrants, who have been rehoused in the north east of England.

The Telegraph for example had on its front page: “Red front doors on asylum-seeker homes in Middlesborough ‘mark them out for race hate yobs’, the Huffington Post claimed: “Asylum Seekers’ Red front doors to be repainted after G4S blamed for ‘Apartheid’ policy in Middlesborough”, and the Sun chimed in with: “Middlesborough asylum seekers say dog mess and eggs are being thrown at their ‘branded red doors'”.

Some media outlets, including the BBC, have gone even further, by comparing the red doors to the “yellow stars that Jews were forced to wear in Nazi Germany!”

Some emotive words there would you agree?

Words which may lead the reader to believe that the doors of these properties had been deliberately painted red, prior to the arrival of the migrants, in order to single them out and to persecute them.

Would that be a fair assessment?

So what does that say for journalism in this country, when it takes only five minutes into a session of the Home Affairs Committee, to establish that only 59% of the doors of these properties had been painted red – and had been painted that colour for around twenty years?

Are the lurid media headlines just another attempt to garner sympathy and instill a collective guilt in the British population, to try and combat the marked increase in objections, and the unease that a growing number of people are feeling in regard to the numbers of migrants coming into the UK?


“The whole purpose of parliamentary select committees was supposed to be to help inform policy-making. Instead, they have sunk to becoming rather vulgar kangaroo courts used by wannabe barristers of the backbenchers to boost their egos. It took about five minutes at today’s session of the Commons Home Affairs Committee to establish that neither G4S nor Jomast (the landlord that provides properties in Middlesborough for the housing of asylum seekers) have a policy of deliberately painting front doors red in order to help identify the occupants as asylum-seekers. Only 59 per cent of properties in the town occupied by asylum seekers are red, it turns out. Moreover, the doors have been painted red for 20 years – long before they were used to house asylum-seekers”



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  1. I haven’t seen any media coverage of the recent protest outside Westminister either, the one where hundreds of Wellington boots represented the British flood victims. Funny that innit?

  2. I see that FTS is still having a complete meltdown over at the dark place Jimmy there must be near enough two hundred comments he has made just about you now

    Obsessed much

    “The lady doth protest too much methinks”

    1. Hi Carole, in my experience genuine old school hardmen do not bleat and whine continually, nor do they fantasise and lie as much as FTS and his online companions do.

      All they are doing is showing (anyone who is still reading) that they have little or no self-respect, they are petulant, have no manners to speak of, or possess the basic ability to conduct themselves in a socially acceptable manner.

      That’s why they spend their entire lives online, spouting their meaningless drivel and issuing empty threats from behind their many personas.

      At the same time, they also try desperately to support each other in their collective claim that it is in fact, me – who is the one with the MH issues….

      “Never, in the history of the world-wide-web, has so much inane gibberish been spouted, by so many, for so long, and for an audience of so very few”

    2. That guy is comedy gold LOL. The hardest man on the internet, and in his own mind, GEEZUZ what a mind that must be.

  3. Hi, does anyone know anything about the ‘image’ that FTS is banging on about please? I can’t make any sense from his many rants but anyone can see he is writhing like a cut snake. Thanks

    1. I think he might be refering to the artwork Elton John had that Spivey had on his site allegedly was partly arrested for Philius?

      But don’t quote me on that. Incidentally the ranting one was not arrested for any images, despite his constant false claims.

      Just suspicion of making rape and death threats ONLY.

      Not sure why he continues to peddle this lie, but then I’m not sure what planet he’s on either. 🙂

    2. As far as I am aware, FTS was arrested for allegedly making a male rape threat to a website owner.

      He has not been charged with anything as yet, so anything else is just speculation and until such time that evidence is obtained (or not) and charge(s) are brought, he must be presumed innocent.

      Simply being vile, making ludicrous allegations and lying your arse off online is not illegal unfortunately.

      As for the image he refers to, I have no idea, although it is my understanding that the police go where the evidence takes them, and it’s a rare occurrence that they arrest anybody simply because an allegation has been made.

      Make of that what you will.

      1. My gut instinct told me it was him that was arrested, and he pretended it was a young lad who lived with his mother, RobM I believe. Effing hell this guy is a nutter and a liar. He is also deceiving all the posters of that site who are not part of the gang and in on it by pretending to be someone else, what a plank LOL. I bet nobody there will confront him about it though. They should confront Dogman too, as he knows what he’s doing ffs, unless he really is as dumb as a rock.

  4. Whoever this FTS geezer is, I’m sure he has serious mental health problems.

    I’m also pretty sure he uses aliases, Dave B? Rob M?

    I’m not 100% convinced he isn’t Spivey either, Charity Case is another one, nasty and vicious feeling about that one too.

    I used to read some of his rantings, but don’t bother anymore as they have got longer and more weird plus more repetitive.

    This person has a very deep hatred of the police especially, it’s psychotic imho.

    If a psychiatrist were to view those comments, he would probably think this person needs to be sectioned under the mental health act.

    He also has a very deep hatred of you Jimmy whoever you are, but I wouldn’t worry because I’m sure he is all mouth and no action, and has been all his life.

    A very insecure individual too I would say, insignificant also.

  5. I get a similar feeling too Mike. Having seen so many people with MH being used by the main players in all this, I did give him every opportunity to see that perhaps he was being used too & to cool his beans.

    I personally feel his hatred stems from a misplaced loyalty to people who probably couldn’t give a damn about him in reality. I think he is the main writer over there & that makes him feel wanted.

    & I know he will be watching, so he needs to know that is not intended to be a nasty dig, so he shouldn’t take it as one, it’s just how I see it, having spent quite some time conversing with him on G+, (AKA him bossing me about :D) trying to get him to not do anything silly, which I think I actually did with 1 planned ‘event’. so for that I am glad.

    Hope he doesn’t learn that the hard way, but sadly I suspect he will. 🙁

    1. There is that Jane, and it may have finally sunk in that the consequences for any ‘planned event’ he carries out now – will arrive on his doorstep a lot faster than anything delivered by the Royal Mail.

  6. We can only hope Mr J & it wasn’t like there was plenty of warning given & the opportunity to make things right/change the course of what it may result in.

    Internet trolls and hecklers are one thing, I think we all can deal with those without needing the law to be involved, but serious petrifying threats when a family have been put through so much hell at the hands of linked psychos is quite another & there comes a point when you have no choice but to take such threats seriously, or risk the possibility of things escalating to a point where serious harm could be on the cards. I think most people would understand that. 🙂

    1. There is really no excuse for allowing people to see him melting down like that.

      Dogman, Wolfie or Spivey all have the tools to hand to lock him out of the site to save him and themselves further embarrassment by allowing it to continue.

      They can put a stop to it at any time – it’s their call and their responsibility entirely.

      1. I agree, it’s gone too far now, someone should have a word with him at least, it’s not good to let the guy publicly (sort of) blow up like he has done, despite what anyone might feel about FTS, he’s still a human being.

        1. He’s been quiet today, so hopefully he has had a little think about things & calmed down. To be perfectly honest, I could not care less about the ringleaders, or what happens to them, they deserve everything they get, but if someone struggling with mental health issues is being used as a convenient fall guy, making his life even harder is not something any of us want to do. The fact they are nothing without all the writing he does for that sorry site, should be telling him something at least.

  7. Mr Dogman isn’t the Mr Nice Guy he likes to pretend to be, (I’m sure those who go there to spectate for a giggle have seen hints of his true colours in the comments). Nor is he as clever as he likes people to think he is, just sly & knows how to keep his cool to act the part – dog traininers tend to be similar – especially if they’ve worked for the Police etc training dogs as he claims he has.

    He uses the David Icke copy and paste other peoples work method, which fools people into thinking he is smart, makes him feel good about himself.

    I doubt very much if he could write a bean of intelligence in article form on his own, unless it relates to dogs/training. Hence the Harmer knock off’s of late – without their main writer, they struggle and even some of the comments have stated that Spiv has been sounding unhinged of late.

    I suspect the main writer lacks the confidence to strike out on his own – feels more secure with the back up behind him. I think if he got himself well & back on track, ditched the users feeding him & propping up his confidence, he might surprise himself. He has nothing to lose by giving it a go, if he sticks to what he knows and the facts he can prove 🙂

    They use people, puff them up, make them feel good about themselves, then drop them like a brick when they have either outlived their usefulness or have got wise to what really goes on over there.

    They don’t give a fishes fin about anyone else but themselves, blagging people for Spivs little wannabe God/Z list Celeb craving complex & donations.

    Using people with MH problems as collateral damage and watching them come undone whilst goading them to keep at it …. I won’t say what I think about those who do that type of low down dirty trick, but that’s pretty much what old Doggys doings is doing from what I can see.

    1. In regard to John Hamer and his work, I have already shown on this site, that his Jack The Ripper ‘Solution’ (Randolph Churchill was the Ripper) was taken from an uncorroborated story which appeared in the autobiography of journalist Frank Harris, written in 1924.

      A story which was told to him by Randolph Churchill’s friend and political colleague Louis Jennings.

      Louis Jennings had passed away by the time Harris retold the tale in his book, so was not in a position to deny it, and Harris had a personal axe to grind after Randolph Churchill had verbally attacked the Tory party and several of its members.

      It was thoroughly discredited long before it appeared in ‘Ripperana‘in 1970.

      Hamer’s version, is exclusively based on the contents of Detective Inspector Frederick Abberlines personal diaries, and had been done to death even before Melvyn Fairclough’s ‘The Ripper and the Royals’ examined every detail of the diaries in 1991.

      Here is a dissertation that also effectively takes apart Hamers Titanic ‘Theory’, which incidentally, he based on Robin Gardiner’s 1998 book ‘Titanic – The ship that never sank’

      …. The similarities speak for themselves.


      1. Excellent observations as ever 😉

        & unfortunately for Dogman, in attempting to belittle me for my typos, (which I ridicule myself for often as you well know Mr J), he made 1 rather large one himself, which was kind of embarassing for him, which I have illustrated on my G+ page

        You really would expect more from someone who claims to be a ‘car parking space arranger for Spooks’ wouldn’t you?

        So funny!

        1. At least they are not so prissy as some are about sloppy Syntax – we would all be sat on the naughty step otherwise.

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