I have been giving some thought to the recent Police ‘Operations’ that have been launched following the Jimmy Savile revelations and the Steve Messham allegation on BBC Newsnight.

We were, if you remember, promised an ‘Over Arching’ and robust investigation that will ‘leave no stone unturned.’ Now that the first phase of Operation YewTree is now complete, there have been 589 allegations made against Savile with the net result that not a single arrest has been made.

Oh yes there has been a round up of the usual suspects that have been invited to their local nick for a chat, one being Max Clifford, who had to spend the night in a cell at Belgravia Police Station before being released.

But that was it, more of a whimper than a bang really, given the large number and seriousness of the original allegations.

These events, coupled with the reaction that David Cameron had when confronted with a list of internet-sourced Paedophiles on ITV’s This Morning, tells a rather different story. The PM’s comparison to Homosexuals, adding that he did not want this sparking a Homosexual ‘Witch Hunt,’ was really quite bizarre. Upon reflection, his reaction made perfect sense if the broader picture is viewed from a distance.

There is, and never was any intention of any of the allegations being pursued if the victims were male. Apparently, the raping of teenage girls is more acceptable to society and is considered somehow more ‘normal.’ If the offences against the boys were to be made public, it would be far more difficult to introduce new laws that are being planned.

Also, for their own purely political motives, covering up the fact that males were also abused would have an adverse effect on the Government’s ‘Gay Agenda.’

But, judging by the way that things are being reported, and the method in which information is being leaked, things are beginning to make more and more sense.

Basically the Government are going to only allow the girl’s stories to be heard publicly as they think they can easily be dismissed as no more than ‘Teenage Girl’s Hysteria.’ There have even been comparisons to the ‘Salem Witch Trials’, in some quarters, and that my friends, is how out of touch these people really are.

None of the girl’s testimonies will have been totally dismissed as yet, and as more are coming forward, they are being handled with both kindness and understanding as indeed it should be. The boys who have come forward, however, and they have done so in their droves, are being filtered into a wholly different system that has no possible outcome.

The whole investigation of the girls is being handled differently, and I have a strong feeling that they are going to be used to satisfy the public anger and need for justice. Any convictions however, will surely be dealt with in a very lenient and totally disproportionate way.

I am in regular contact with both men and women who have found the courage to speak out, as well as some who still have no faith in the system and have remained in the shadows.

Their stories are one and the same, the male victims are usually kept waiting, their statements are being re-scheduled to very inconvenient times and they are effectively being dealt with in a highly dismissive manner.

This method is being employed in both Operation YewTree and Operation Pallial, though it is much more difficult to even get interviewed for the second inquiry. Overall the whole system is being geared towards making any future allegations almost impossible, and maybe even being made into a criminal offence.


  1. But you just fell into the same trap as Cameron, if trap it was – you couple a supposed suppression of the truth with an alleged desire not to scupper the government’s ‘gay agenda’.
    Personally I believe Cameron’s remark came after he checked out online stuff for himself and noticed the huge amount of barely-concealed homophobia on some of the most popular sites publishing allegations of abuse. It does no-one any favours.

  2. Those that abuse boys not necessarily practicing homosexuals. It’s an act of hate. Not sex. The poor Jimmy Savile can’t defend himself claims are arising from the depths. We will need an army. We will need to get militant. We will need to DO something very radical indeed.

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