2006 was the year the HPV vaccine (Gardasil) was introduced to the general public, through massive media hype praising the ‘value’ of the inoculation for girls 9 to 26 years of age.

The famous line: “One less girl to get cervical cancer,” was used in an award-winning TV commercial for example.

(I wonder who nominated it for an award?)

In 2008, Merck’s aggressive marketing techniques earned Gardasil “pharmaceutical brand of the year” award from the Pharmaceutical Executive for its “savvy disease education.”

This award too is looking more likely to have been given simply to justify building a market for the drug out of thin air.

Was it used as a springboard to promote a similar product for boys (9-26 years old) to prevent them from getting genital warts some months later?

Only six years after the introduction of the vaccine, more reports are now emerging of abnormal pap smears, cervical dysplasia and cervical cancer in the HPV vaccine targeted market.

As of May 12, 2012, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) showed that there have been 27,485 adverse events including 1169 from boys and men aged from 9-26 years of age.

But new vaccines are supposed to be faster, cleaner, smarter, and altogether safer aren’t they?

So the abnormal reports mentioned above could only mean you are being deceived by government sponsored health agencies wouldn’t it?

It would also stand to reason that a legally-approved, ‘safe’ vaccine could in reality be detrimental to your child’s health, would it not?

The National Vaccine Information Centre estimates that only 1-10% of the vaccine-injured ever file an official complaint.

So the true figures may never be known, and what are available could be altered to suit the pharmaceutical lobbyists if such a practice existed, couldn’t they?

Do your own research on the internet, or at a public library, and you will quickly learn about the harm that your children are being exposed to.

Merek is only one company that does NOT want you to know the truth about vaccines, though you would be hard pressed (or impossible) to find a Doctor who would openly confirm this.

In January 2012, the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology published the Athena HPV study with the results of a large cervical cancer screening trial.

The trial enrolled 47,208 women (21 years or older) at 61 clinical sites throughout the United States.

What they found is disturbing to say the least, the authors reported that in a sub group of 12,852 young women, the HPV vaccine reduced HPV-16 infections by only O.6%.

The study also reported that the increase rate of infections by carcinogenic HPV types in vaccinated women is four to ten times higher than the reduction in HPV infections.

Results like these should get the drug makers arrested….. not even greater revenues.

Would you agree?

Are you among those who think Gardasil really prevents cervical cancer?

What about the reports that there could be an increase in long-term cervical cancer incident due to non-vaccine targeted HPV types, which was issued by the Health Protection Agency in London?

Gardasil vaccine is only targeted on four types of HPV virus and there at least 150 types, with at least 40 of them capable of being passed from person to person.

The HPV vaccine causes other high-risk types of HPV to develop, so therefore actually may cause more episodes of cervical cancer, which it is primarily designed to eradicate.

Even more disturbingly, Gardasil has distributed a cervical cancer prevention vaccine, which has not even been evaluated for it’s potential to cause cancer by its toxicity or by its ability to alter the strains of HPV that the vaccine doesn’t address directly.

History just keeps repeating itself in the Pharmaceutical world doesn’t it?

The same (poor) results have been observed with many other vaccines, where another closely related variety of a virus can take over by acquiring more lethal characteristics.

Overwhelmingly, the HPV vaccine carries a markedly higher risk to ones health than what can be achieved with nothing more than a healthy diet and lifestyle.

In the majority of healthy women, the HPV infected cells are naturally shed from the cervix.

Time and again, it has been proved, beyond any doubt, that developing a healthy immune system will prevent major harm from the HPV virus.

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