Attacks by German torpedo boats and “friendly” fire took as many as 1500 American lives.

This ‘Error’ was hushed up for 50 years.

Six weeks before D-Day, the Germans crashed a dress rehearsal for Utah Beach, at Slapton Sands, Devon, where the terrain was identical to Normandy.

Yet, we are now supposed to believe they didn’t know the invasion was coming in Normandy?

Is this more evidence that most wars are entirely manufactured and 100% orchestrated?

Wars are meat grinders that allow controlling leaders on both sides of an argument to kill “patriots”

And are wars a part of a long-term war on humanity?

In his CIA interrogation, Gestapo Heinrich Mueller claimed that an agent alerted them to a massive exercise involving 30,000 men at Slapton Sands.

In the middle of the night, April 27-28, 1944, nine Nazi torpedo boats attacked eight heavily laden LST (tank transporters.)

Two were sunk and a third disabled at a cost of about 1000 lives.

“Mistakes” were also made by the Germans.

Mueller claims that the Germans returned to base with the invasion plans taken from the corpse of a US army officer.

“This information which indicated Normandy was the main target was sent on to higher commands but was not acted upon.”

On the Allied side, the disaster was compounded by a long list of highly suspicious “failures.”

These include:

  • US naval commanders did not establish liaison with counterparts in Royal Navy.
  • Royal Navy radar picked up movement of the German S-Boats but did not pass it along.
  • Escort Corvette HMS Azalea knew about S-Boasts but didn’t tell LST’s
  • Radio frequencies given to Americans were changed without notice.
  • The one-sided battle had been watched by Royal Artillerymen at Blacknor Fort, high on Portland’s western cliffs. The men had the E-boats in their sights, within range, but were ordered not to fire by an American officer, because of the number of Allied personnel fighting for their lives in the water.


As many as 500 additional men may have been killed on the beach on April 27th from “friendly fire.”

Due to a “screw up,” the beach was bombarded just as troops were landing instead of in advance.

In addition, American soldiers “defending” the beach were using live ammunition and inexplicably did not aim above the heads of the “invading” troops as they were supposed to.

About 1500 American fatalities were thrown into mass graves with a quantity of quicklime to hasten decomposition.

After D-Day they were dug up and loaded on to trains.

Detailed records kept by the station master at Kingsbridge, five miles away, reveal that three trains were secretly loaded with the bodies of GIs under military guard between July and August 1944.

The trains, each able to carry at least 100 corpses, ‘were crammed with men dug from mass graves’, said local rail historian Ken Williams.

The historian’s father, George, who served in the Royal Navy during the war, soon realised he also saw the bodies of dozens of men killed by friendly fire washed ashore on the sands.

“He told me how the sea turned red,” Ken said.

The families were only told that their loved ones had ‘died’ in Normandy.

That a massive cover-up took place is now beyond doubt.

And that General Dwight D. Eisenhower authorised it is equally clear.