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“Always like to give my friends a heads-up….

I have it on excellent authority that there are real and serious problems with Steve Messham’s story…and I’m talking about from people who were in the home with him…I suspect that he was used to discredit other victim testimonies and that is looking increasingly likely.

Equally, people should be under no illusion that Bryn Estyn has also been used as ‘centre of paedophilia’ because there were places that were far worse and it has been easy to concentrate on this place because it has been equally easy to disprove some of the stories to emerge.

This status should not be misunderstood as me smearing a victim – I am not – but I am making my friends aware that some unsavoury revelations about the whole Messham & McAlpine story is likely to emerge very soon.

I would also like to make it VERY CLEAR that abuse survivors, in my experience, have not been interested in being paid for their stories, they desire justice first and foremost and the issue of people being paid to reveal horror stories lends a further air of suspicion to the issue”.

I tend to agree with Ms Poulton’s statement. To get to the heart of the story, and to find the real truth, Steve Messiah’s testimony must be viewed with suspicion, and questions must be asked regarding what he stands to gain if he persists with his version of the events that he claims occurred at the Bryn Estyn Community Home.

I, however, remain totally unconvinced by his somewhat ‘cloudy’ recall of events.

3 thoughts on “NOT JUST ME THEN

  1. Well I never, someone’s fed yet another journalist with yet another sex abuse scoop
    I wonder who…?

    1. No scoop here my friend. At least one that you will ever see in print. Confidential you see, that means not for publication…

  2. Look if the guy gets paid for the story of how his life was ruined that is the least he deserves. Justice is what he seeks above all else. It’s sad and disheartening that when one brave person tries to reveal what happened and is forced to “shut up” with death threats others react with suspicion and sometimes hatred. People who came from these care homes had no one to protect them and these million dollar pedophiles had their whole system working for them and protecting/rewarding them and treating them like heroes as they ruined the lives of scores of children…..Watch “Conspiracy of Silence” at to see what was taken off of TV in Amerika or go to and you may read how Eddie Murphy sadistically rapes and murders women and gets away with it due his money and connections. Read the WHOLE Synopsis of this book and you’ll see the POWER of the PEDOPHILES! They RULE our world. Anyone who denies this prefers to live in denial and screw the victims which is MONSTROUS! Wake up people! Do you want a nation of addicts like France has???? (They looked the other way while their children were raped and these adults dull the pain of what happened with drugs and alcohol.)

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