The tradition of playing pranks and practical jokes on this day may have originated from the celebrations of spring at the equinox on March 21st.

Another version is that it appeared in France in 1564, after the introduction of a new calendar, when a person who had refused to accept the new calendar became a figure of fun and thus the subject of ridicule for others.

It may go back even further to pagan celebrations and rituals connected to a specific date at the beginning of spring.

It could be associated with the commonly held belief that hunting was known to be unsuccessful during the first days of April in some countries.

Some Europeans call April Fool ‘Le Poisson D’avril’ (“April fish”).

Could this stem from the belief that the sun moves from the zodiacal house of Pisces to the next house, or even possibly because the word poisson, a distortion of the word passion, AKA: suffering, may even have been interpreted as a symbol of the suffering endured by Jesus Christ.

This would fit with the claim by Christians that this occurred in the first week of April.

British people simply call it April Fools’ Day.

The first mention of April Fool in the English language was in a publication known as Dreck.

On the second day of April in 1698, it published that a number of people were invited to come and watch the washing of black people in the Tower of London on the morning of the first day of April.

But… if what I have been hearing is true, there are certain Religious elements who are now in the process of making even this mainly harmless and fun tradition, be seen as blasphemous, insensitive and deeply offensive so therefore it should be outlawed…..

But none of the above could be true of course, after all it is April 1st….

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