As the Metropolitan Police face new questions over the aborted ‘Operation Midland’, which was set up to investigate claims of a powerful VIP paedophile ring, and was constructed around the allegations of one man, known only as ‘Nick’ (to protect his identity) – there is also a call  for ‘Nick’ to not only be identified, but to be prosecuted for ‘perverting the course of justice’.

Not a single charge has resulted from Midland, an investigation who’s staffing costs since it’s inception in 2014, has swallowed an estimated £1.8 Million of British taxpayers money and left the already tarnished reputation of the Met in tatters.

“The Metropolitan Police faced fresh questions over the aborted VIP paedophile inquiry last night after “preposterous” evidence from its chief witness was made public.

…A summary of the allegations Nick made against Lord Janner, who he claimed was part of the VIP ring, have been made public by the  deceased peer’s family. They describe the supposed evidence as “preposterous”.

The evidence shows how vague Nick’s claims were and reveals how he only named Lord Janner after  being shown his photograph by a journalist working for Exaro, a news website that has been widely discredited for its role in promoting Nick’s false claims. Exaro has since been shut down by its owner.

Daniel Janner QC said in a statement last night “…I believe that Nick should be prosecuted for attempting to pervert the course of justice.” – Source

Reading the above paragraph which was published in the Guardian two days ago, I cannot help but to be reminded of something remarkably similar that occurred in North Wales in 1991, and which formed part of the evidence that was submitted before Court 13 of The Royal Courts of Justice in November 1994, during an infamous Libel Trial of a man who featured prominently in the events that led up to the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal in 1996.

“It was not simply that it was now clear that both [redacted] and his description had been fed into the first interview by Nelson. This was grave enough. Nelson’s most serious offence, however, was that he engaged in a series of exchanges about showing Humphreys a photograph at some future point. In the light of his admission, it was now clear that these exchanges were charades.

Their evident purpose was to disguise the fact that Nelson had already shown Humphreys a photograph, and to make it appear that he had a vivid memory of a man he barely knew, and who’s name he could not remember.

Nelson said that the reason he had shown Mark the photograph was that he had mentioned having been abused by a policeman during the initial interview: ‘I suspected [redacted] was the policeman he had mentioned the previous night and I was specifically investigating [redacted] in connection with a libel action against the Independent.’ – ‘The Secret of Bryn Estyn’

Two apparently separate incidents, more than a decade apart, where  left-leaning Journalists and their Labour Party supporting media agencies have ‘coached’ clearly vulnerable witnesses into accusing prominent establishment figures of physically and sexually abusing them, by showing them photographs of people they in all probability, had never actually met.

Incidentally, the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal (Waterhouse), which ended in 2000 and cost the British taxpayer an eye-watering £13.8 Million, was fatally flawed, inasmuch as it failed, in my opinion, to examine testimony from a number of people that were not even summoned to appear.

‘If those people had been allowed to submit their testimonies;

‘It would have become known that a wider police enquiry into alleged child abuse, could have been launched a decade earlier.

But that would have also meant that John Allen, had somehow been allowed to continue abusing what may yet turn out be hundreds of children.

For a full ten years’. – Link

That last paragraph is important to note, as it is my belief that the greater majority of the accusations that have appeared in the media since 2012, and have been levelled at unpopular political and establishment figures – is to distract attention from, and to prevent proper investigations into a very real problem that the political left are trying desperately to hide.

Which is the physical and sexual abuse, and the trafficking of children on an industrial scale by organised paedophile rings, many of whom are of Asian and Pakistani heritage, which have been happening up and down the whole length of this country for decades.

That is not to say, however, that there may indeed be people hiding inside the establishment, who are guilty of the most heinous acts, and are indulging in criminality on a massive scale, on a daily basis.

62 thoughts on “NICK NICK?

  1. I never could get my head around ‘Nick’ & his fairy stories. It’s making sense now

  2. Exaro did exactly as we knew they would. Popped up from nowhere and disappeared just as quick. Certainly did their ‘job’ amping up the masses & putting the most obvious fantasy Island dwellers on pedestals & leaving a bad impression of survivors of child abuse in their wake.

    Fortunately I think people can see that this is a ‘staged’ event and only the worst Z list actors have been picked for the top parts. And as you say, it has been a distraction from what they are all desperately trying to distance themselves from – THEIR failure to do a thing to stop the paedo grooming gangs that they have all turned a blind eye to.

  3. ‘Nobody Believes in It. Everyone on the Ground Knows They Are Jihadis.’ — US Special Forces Hate Their Syria Mission:-


    “Hillary Clinton has 1 Year to Live,” says Medical School Professor ( 10 min vid):_


  4. Off topic, but sort of in line with how our wonderfully deceitful callous MP’s do love a bit of bad news to cover up another bit of bad news.

    This is written by the families trying to get Tony Blair to answer for his war crimes in a Court of Law.

    “We thought you may be interested in the recent report that former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw emailed the former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell to discuss the, at that time, upcoming release of the Chilcot Report:

    (1) Expressing relief that the Brexit vote to leave the European Union would reduce media coverage of the devastating results of the inquiry into the United Kingdom’s role in the war. Straw wrote: the “only silver lining of the Brexit vote is that it will reduce medium term attention on Chilcot – though it will not stop the day of publication being uncomfortable”.

    (2) Stating that the Chilcot report “didn’t amount to anything over here” and that he assumed the inquiry simply “faded away”. Straw wrote: “Yes, the Chilcot story has faded altogether here too. It was unpleasant on the day but almost all the focus was on Tony [Blair]…there is some stuff about some relatives of soldiers killed in Iraq trying to get a legal action against Tony on its feet buy [sic] it’s hard to see how that could work.”

    Straw’s emails to Powell confirms what we and many others thought, which was that those due to be criticised by the Report were quite happy to see it delayed indefinitely.

    As to Straw’s comment that he finds it hard to see how our ‘legal action’ could work, all we can say is that history has demonstrated his judgement as not being the most reliable.

    Our lawyers remain hard at work on behalf of the families. Thanks to your incredible support and generosity, we are grateful that it is their judgement and conclusions that we will be able to rely on and not Mr Straw’s.”


  5. I hadn’t noticed it before but after reading this I looked at Twitter and noticed that more than a few of the vile trolls have Labour Party profile pics. I really believe that you are bang on with this one Jimmy. Watch your back there are dark forces at work


  6. India mulls response after deadly Kashmir attack it blames on Pakistan:-


    No vikings or kittens were harmed in the filming of this video.:-


    30 Israeli, Foreign Intelligence Officers Killed in Russia’s Calibre Missile Attack in Aleppo:-


    Martinez was first told by Cypress Creek High School Principal John McHale he couldn’t run for queen because he’s a boy.

    “I started crying. Like, it made me really emotional considering how hard I was trying to be queen,” Martinez said.




    1. Hi Jimmy, I’m suffering from pre-elation! Been down to the hotel bar for a celebratory glass of something.

      Btw did I ever tell you I know Tom Watson’s ex brother-in-law. He’s a lovely chap. Not so sure about Tom though. My partner met him at a pre-election labour dinner. Cost 3 grand! Never again the fat fuck!

      “He was like a deer caught in headlights when I mentioned child sex abuse” was the feedback I got at the time and I knew, the glutton is looking after himself and no one else.

      1. Watson has always been ambitious and had his eye on the deputy Labour leader’s job from day one Jen. It was probably uppermost in his mind when he asked the Prime Minister ‘That Question’ in the HoC.

  8. Off topic guy’s sorry, but FTS has decided to run away, I have really got inside his head, he just doesn’t know how to handle someone like me, he will be feeling very disorientated and scared, but he will never admit that, absolutely no way, but this ALWAYS happens. FTS, look fella, I swear you won’t come to any harm, it just feels like you will ok. You will be fine in roughly 24 hours, you just got a “taster” from old Mike. I’m serious fella, IT WILL PASS, YOU WILL BE FINE.

      1. Haha Faith, Spivey is finished, he had zero credibility when he started, he’s even managed to get less than zero now somehow.Talk about lost the plot, he really is bat shit crazy, I’m not joking, he’s a genuine sad case loon, they all are over there. Oh hell they’ve mentioned the Jag/ Mondeo lol, I’ve noticed whenever someone mentions his car, they don’t like it at all for some reason, and the comment about someone actually buying it in a repo auction was interesting too.

        1. Mike.

          I, too, have been watching as the content becomes ever-more surreal. Regulars like the ‘soul sisters’, with their unshakeable belief in the bonkers ramblings of Keith Annett and the apostle Laura Lee, don’t do Spiv any favours.

          And woe betide anyone that, in commenting, foolishly dares to make even the slightest challenge or criticism of anything that Spiv has written – the harpies will pounce and the hapless sap will be shredded.

          It is no surprise that there are so few new readers willing to chance it.

          And as for FTS….? Who knows?

          The site has an ‘air’ of the regent sliding ever further from reality while those closest to him are too afraid to pull him back.

          You know, like those who should have given Tony Blair a good shake!

          Anyway, Spiv might well be on to something with this doubles business.

          Take a look at this!


          (Sorry Admin, I don’t know how to make this a ‘blue link’)

          1. Hi Phil. Thanks for your comment and welcome to the Outlaw.

            I have edited the link you posted this end as you can see.

            Unfortunately, even if as you say that ‘Spiv may be onto something’ with his ‘doubles‘ theory, the way he presents things and the disgraceful, bullying behaviour of his moderators and those who comment there, will instantly negate any merit it may have.

            Which is a shame because at one time, the platform he had with his site could have inflicted some real damage on the very people he claims to despise so much.

            No credible website or mass media source will promote or follow up on anything he publishes now.

            *I get pulled up often by the readers here by the way*

          2. Hi Phil,
            Life’s a game of opinions I always say, trouble is some people won’t allow you to have one. They can’t have a clear headed decent conversation, and a fair exchange of views, they go straight on the attack with ridicule and aggression.

            People like FTS? His incoherent insane ramblings are mildly interesting from a psychological perspective.

            Blair? “Give him a shake?” Christ mate, nothing was going to stop that political chancer and charlatan.

            Spivey? I once thought he was ok believe it or not, he might be for others, that’s their opinion, but for me, I do sometimes think he MIGHT have stumbled across something, but it’s something so weird, strange and unbelievable that I just can’t get my head around it.

            Then I think, has he just gone nuts?

            To be fair, am I to harsh on him? I don’t know tbh. His site does mess with your head, that’s for sure, I just hope that isn’t done deliberately.

            There is another guy that challenges our reality, his name is Aaron Dover, I don’t know if he is deliberately screwing with people’s minds or not, because his videos turn everything upside down as well.

            Is this a new internet trend?

          3. Hi admin and thanks.

            “Anyway, Spiv might well be on to something with this doubles business!”

            Sorry, but I was being a little sarcastic (towards Spiv) with the link. When it comes to the likes of Sir Malcolm Rifkind and three others being played by an actor, in the words the inimitable John Patrick McEnroe Jr. – “YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!”

            Absolutely agree with you and Mike on Spivs earlier potential though.

            He now seems obsessed with the photo comparison stuff but unless he can back it up with evidence of who is where, and when, it is meaningless.

            I am certain that if you took a couple of hundred head and shoulder photos of 60 year old white men (or women) at random, you could get a match of that type.

          4. His allegation that I was an American serial Paedophile currently serving 16 life sentences was one of his nastier ones.

            It’s not a joke when you are an unfortunate recipient of his mad obsessions and vexatious allegations.

      2. @FAITH I noticed that they are also saying the book ‘The Secret of Bryn Estyn’ by the late Richard Webster is ‘discredited’. If that is the case then how come Solicitors, Social Workers, CSA Counsellors, The Police, Operation Pallial and the IICSA Inquiry have all had copies of it available as a term of reference? The only people who claim it is ‘out-of-date and discredited’ are anextremely nasty net troll, who features heavily in it and is now on bail for stalking, a few of his misfit online mates and the idiots who comment on Spivey’s site. Says it all really.

          1. A large number of professionals and respected agencies use Webster’s book as a point of reference and a training aid. The only people who claim it is discredited or wrong are the conspiraloons, rabid witch hunters, professional victims, monosyllabic morons and those who have something to hide. The truth does not fear investigation, and people who have nothing to hide do not attack and threaten anyone who asks questions.

  9. That’s it WHAT A STATE, you dance for me boy, you hear me son? You keep dancing boy, when I command, you dance, understand? LOL, you’re a mug for sure hahaha, your fucking hilarious boy, Jeesuz, I’ve seen chickens with more brains than you. Now don’t you forget boy, when I throw out the bait, you keep taking it, ok? You are doing really well so far. Oh yeah, I know that you hate being arrested, had something nasty on your computer? You admitted it yourself, what are you some kind of paedo? If I find out that you are boy, your manor is definitely getting leaflet bombed you horrible, hatchet faced creep.

    1. I understand that he has also admitted to maliciously distributing the leaflets in question Mike, or at least paying somebody £30 to send them.

      No matter, they were as ineffectual as any of the threats and false allegations he has made …. And if he was dumb enough to have created them on any of his devices that were seized, the evidence will be found when they are examined.

      We just have to sit tight, remain calm and wait.

      1. That’s the thing about having enemies, if you have them, it’s a very good thing if they are exactly like this dumb f#?k FTS. All mouth and totally “ineffectual” as you say. Yes, he is a VERY nasty piece of work personality wise, he is a vile internet troll, that is beyond any doubt, he definitely “gets off” on abusing women I am sure. He rants, and he rants, the threats are non stop for years, BUT? Nothing ever happens, because he’s full of shit, and he knows it, he’s proven it to everyone. It does look like I was right about that photo, I think he is now saying I could be these characters Pongo and or Gutsful, or that these two were in that photo. I’m not sure, because he’s hard to make any sense of. I try to follow is insane ramblings because I think he is funny as f#+k tbh.

  10. Look out Jimmy and Jane FTS is coming for you, err, ……………AGAIN!!! LOL, this f#+?ing lunatic can take the police down, he thinks they are scared of him, awww for Christ’s sake, this SEVERELY deluded and paranoid arsehat is beyond embarrassing, what a mentally ill sad case he is. FTS get medical help fella, you really should but I know you won’t, you are too arrogant and deluded, are you Spivey? I’m still not absolutely 100% sure that you are not Spivey, despite that photo. You lot are so devious and dodgy it’s unreal.
    Funny thing too, the last time I saw soooooo much projection and deflection etc, coming off a person, he turned out to be a police informer. You are EXTREMELY suspicious pal, I gotta tell ya.

    1. Thanks for the heads up Mike.

      I had better alert my neighbours to be on the look out for a creepy looking bloke hiding in the bushes – clutching a fistful of crumpled leaflets.

      1. Well Jimmy, anyone that does that to an innocent person, is the lowest POS. Imagine if the victim had a photo of the sicko that did it? A single photograph CAN lead to that individual being easily tracked down by, let’s say, the Police for example. A nice blown up enhanced image would be very nice. Of course the victim would have to be sure the photo really was of the “Perp” and make sure the “perp” wasn’t leading him down the wrong path.
        If the photo was found to be the Perp, then he could find HIS neighbourhood flooded with leaflets, couldn’t he? That would be very Karmic don’t you think? Always staying within the law is best.

        1. I totally agree Mike.

          That is why I believe that having HD Infared, state of the art cameras strategically placed around a property are a sound investment.

          It’s the only evidence required in many cases and of course, you cannot put a price on your families safety.

          There are a lot of crazies out there.

          1. Aww is he still frothing? The stuff he comes out with, especially after a little visit from the Blubbing Junkie. He really does get worked up into a proper state.

            Talking about Police Informers, that’s what they thought Pongo was in the end as I recall. He’s also friends with a certain FAILED Lib Dem Councillor, so about as trustworthy as a rattlesnake.

          2. Yeah good quality cameras are essential these days, plus a small pack of German Shepherds, and shotguns in our case LOL, All legally held too. It would be tragic if some intruders were mistaken for a Fox in the middle of the night, bloody tragic. These useless f#=+ing morons would have to get past our geese first hahaha, THEY WON’T I can tell you.

          1. Jimmy have I got this right, was FTS arrested for having child porn on his computer? If he is a “Beast” kiddie fiddling paedophile, I will stop responding to him, he disgusts me enough as it is. He’s not Dirty Harry, but he could be Dirty something. I call him Graham, I don’t know why, well maybe I don’t, or I do.

          2. I am not aware that FTS was arrested for having child porn on his computer Mike, but from what I can establish, he is complaining bitterly about being harassed over an ‘image’ that has been found, that he claims is ‘legal’.

            I do not know the details about that or if there is any truth in his claims, or if he is simply hoodwinking the readers of that site over the real reason he was arrested.

            I do know that it’s not the same image that Spivey was arrested for, and that the image was not the ‘Ovendon’ image that Spiv has repeatedly claimed was found on his machine. That is a completely separate issue, the details of which are easy to find as Spiv has himself written about it on his site.

            I do not visit so whether they have been deleted now I also cannot say with accuracy.

            It is my understanding, however, that FTS was arrested after making some horrendous threats online, which were viewed as having broken the law and were directly traced to his home address. His devices were seized by the police in order to be examined, and he is currently on police bail.

            I have to be careful about what I say here, as there is an ongoing investigation which I do not want to interfere with in any way.

      1. Thanks for the reply mate, yeah, you have to watch what you say of course, WHAT A STATE will constantly goad you into saying something incriminating, he does it every single day. His and others there abuse of you is beyond obsessional, but typical whackjob troll behaviour. He really believes he is incredibly intelligent, and far superior.
        He probably learnt to read and write in prison is my guess
        VERY interesting that image IS NOT the same one as Spivey, well ,well, well. The sly b@$#?ard wanted everyone to believe it was the same image imho, oh dear, oh dear. Oh dear.
        FTS being done for making horrendous threats? Who’d believe that? LOL.

        1. I see it this way Mike.

          As I know 100% that what they have said and are still saying about me, and people I actually know well is completely wrong, I have to assume that everything they say is equally fictitious.

          Their claims that I am ‘working with or for the NCA, the GMP or the North Wales Police for instance, is complete and utter garbage.

          Their allegation that the police and/or the security services pay for and host this site, and it’s being written by a professional journalist is also 100% wrong.

          And laughable due to it’s idiocy.

          Their infantile personal insults, their constant profanity, their frequent tantrums and endless threats are something one would expect from a badly educated 12-year-old, who has had zero parental guidance – and because they are rarely away from their keyboards for any length of time, I am not unduly concerned.

          What I think should be looked at though, is the way they continually attack and insult others, while clearly lying about their own actions …. Which is almost always, a classic sign of someone who is desperately trying to avoid scrutiny or questions about themselves and/or their behaviour.

          My questions therefore, are:

          1. Why would that be?

          2. What is it that they are really trying very hard to disguise and/or deflect people’s attention from?

          1. Just saw the worthless dickheads comment, some crap about giving him “bullets for someone to fire” or some f#+?ing gibberish.

            He’s pretending again, tut tut tut, or in his case TIT TIT TIT.

            What a knob of a man.

            I’m only responding to him because I’m laid up at home for a few days and bored out of my skull lol.

            The bullets reference is this little cowardly shits sly way of putting a threat in his comment, he does this type of thing imho.

            I think we all know in reality this moron is full of shit and all mouth. You can see from his ramblings that this guy has failed to mature as an adult, a man in his 50`s ffs, talking like that?

            I’d bet he is living with his mother, because he’s a failure in life.

            He is pretending to his audience that everything we say is dropping us further into trouble, and everything he says is drawing us out to our doom, because he is so f!#=ing clever. LOL, this guy is funny hahaha.

            I’m starting to believe this twat is a bot or something, he’s been saying virtually the same drivel for years. If more than one person calls him out on his crap he links them together and says they are bullying him as an organised team.

            What a pathetic inadequate deluded f#?kwit.

  11. Jimmy, totally off topic. Regarding Victims and Compensation. I’ve been thinking about it.

    Does a Victim deserve compensation?

    If you’re a victim of an accident, or of knife crime, or GHB, or even libel, do you deserve compensation?

    If you’re a victim of rape or sexual abuse, do you deserve compensation?

    Some may say yes to quite a few of those victims, but not too many would agree when it comes to rape or sexual abuse.

    You can’t see those scars, so maybe that’s why?

    Perhaps compensation needs to be re-thought.

    When it comes to compensation of rape or sexual abuse perhaps compensation is in order here too. But maybe not so much to the victim. It creates too many false claiments if compensation for these crimes are standard. Kinda like whip-lash. Yet it is the tax payer who picks up the bill after all which pays for the victims of crimes that leave no visible scars, in their mental health rehabilitation and in the policing of those who are totally off the rails through no fault of their own. And even if they’re not, the majority of us do seek professional help. Thank you NHS.

    Perhaps that is where the compensation should be paid back into? Let the guilty pay for their rapes and sexual assaults with a compensation contribution to a service of the victims choice, like First Response, NHS, a police department, or even a prison.

    Why should they get away with no claim?

    That’s what I think of the whole compensation stink that is used to dismiss too many abused.

  12. Spivey stole the face mapping thing from Icke forums. The step ford wives thread. He appeals to those raised on poor diets and no formal education. I think that’s how they find the nuts to do their dirty work for them.

      1. Amazing how all the roads seem to lead back to Icke isn’t it? So much duff info and misleading disinfo. He is underhand and sly, as are his minions or which there seems to be many, including the Spiv lot.

  13. Hillary Bars Alt Press, Buses In Students to Hide Pitiful Rally Turnout :-







    “About a year ago I told you that Donald Trump would change far more than politics. I predicted that he would change your understanding of the human condition and your role in reality.”:-


    This is Why the Job Market Stinks, but No One is Talking about it:-


  14. FTS, do you have any evidence for your allegations against Jimmy and Jane?

    No you don’t do you, so STFU then.

    You think I “sound hard” GENUINE QUESTION- Why do you think that? I’m just me, I am what I am. You act like a stroppy teenager.
    More genuine questions- Do you suffer with any brain damage?

    Are you mentally impaired in any way?

    Are you autistic, aspergers, etc?

    Do you have delusions of your own importance and abilities?

    Do you hear voices?

    Are you a right useless c#?t? SHIT! Sorry, ignore that last question.

    1. Look at it logically Mike.

      FTS cannot go running to the police to report he is being ‘bullied’ or ‘attacked’ and demanding arrests are made, as nobody here has referred to him by name.

      Nor have they bullied or attacked him in any way.

      He will have to admit that he is in reality, the foul, abusive and supposedly anonymous online troll that is ‘Fuck The State’ And ‘Fabooka Da Stait’ and he will never do that.

      So all he can do is rant, scream abuse and issue online threats that he cannot possibly follow through – as he will incriminate himself by doing so.

  15. LOL, FTS/fabooka/Spiv/ has exploded haha, he is absolutely furious and frothing at the mouth again. I meant to tell him to stop putting all those links out, I NEVER EVER click on them, I don’t even read all of his drivel, does anyone?

    I’m bored with him now, he is pathetic and not worth bothering with, he’s far too easy to upset and outwit, of a far too low intelligence, just no challenge at all, even for me, so I’m leaving the old school bully to stew in his own misery.

    He is so weak, I knew he puts up a front, but I now realize he is 100% front, I started to feel like I am bullying the poor sap so I’ve stopped responding to the FAILED troll.



    I don’t care about the latest riots, the internet handover is far more important. Trump got onto the ICANN handover.I cannot understand why there is not more of a freakout over the ICANN handover. I guess people have been tricked into believing the internet will never be effectively censored. That is WRONG.

    FACT: A vast majority of TOP LEVEL DOMAIN web sites on the internet DO NOT HAVE THEIR OWN IP ADDRESSES. The ONLY way to them is via the DNS servers which ICANN will take control of. The DNS servers have all the routing information needed to get to web sites that do not have their own IP adresses. Many people who run their own web sites are clueless about this, they just see the IP address in their C-Panel and figure it will work if they try using it. They are wrong. If they ever copied and pasted that IP address and tried to hit their web site with it, it would produce NOTHING because 50 other web sites are also using it and the server would not know which one you wanted to get to without the routing information provided by the DNS server.


    Part of me is surprised my own web site is run with a more robust configuration than Breitbart, but then again, it is not that much of a shocker because it is really hard to hire people that are smart enough to do it right, and Breitbart is not a one man show.


    Why would anyone have a web site that did not have it’s own IP address?

    Answer: Because it has worked for practically everyone so far, and it is cheaper. Many people do not even know the difference. Due to the problems I have had keeping this web site up and visible, it has 3 different dedicated IP addresses that can bypass ICANN (as is being publicly stated right now) and work no matter what (SO FAR.)

    However, I have picked up on a few un-published rumors that ICANN is going to get more control over the web than just the DNS servers. I have heard that they are going to also get control over IP addresses themselves, and will be able to actually shut down IP addresses. This will only be partially effective, you’d still be able to TOR your way in, and perhaps a few proxies or VPN services would work, but for most people, even IP access will be blocked.

    BOTTOM LINE: Don’t be lazy, thinking “some hacker or programmer is going to save it all” because that won’t be the case. “Hackers and programmers” will probably be able to keep the DEDICATED IP part of the web visible for themselves, but when it goes dark for anyone who is not like them, practically all web sites that get blocked are going to die eventually because traffic is life, and they won’t be able to survive with only the 3 percent or so of the population that can figure it out and still get to them. And if a web site does not have dedicated IP, even hacker Joe will have no way in.

    BOTTOM LINE: The only way the web is going to survive is to stop the ICANN hand over.

    Initially, everything will probably stay visible because they won’t want it to be so obvious that they just shut it down. But they will definitely be taking baby steps every single day towards getting it shut down, and over the course of a couple years, it will be gone. Failing to stop the handover, (which does not need to happen) equates to kissing it all goodbye, At least Trump is onto this but do not expect him to be your saviour when practically all of Congress is as infiltrated as the White House, and even Brietbart (at last check) has been blocked and cannot get the word out.

    The only way to stop it is to start screaming NOW.

    September 21 2016


    I have tried to confirm this as a hoax, but apparently it is not, it is just not being reported in the Western media. Even Russia is quiet about this. Someone on the ground in Syria broke this story and it is being picked up by some of the Islamic MSM:

    (Apparently) CONFIRMED: Russia conducted a cruise missile attack on American, Israeli, and British agents who were holed up in caves in the Syrian mountains, from which they were directing ISIS efforts. I cannot confirm this as a hoax story, this is being reported as 100 percent confirmed by Middle Eastern media.

    TEHRAN (FNA)- The Russian warships stationed in Syria’s coastal waters targeted and destroyed a foreign military operations room, killing over two dozen Israeli and western intelligence officers.

    “The Russian warships fired three Caliber missiles at the foreign officers’ coordination operations room in Dar Ezza region in the Western part of Aleppo near Sam’an mountain, killing 30 Israeli and western officers,” the Arabic-language service of the Russian Sputnik news agency quoted battlefield source in Aleppo as saying on Wednesday.

    The operations room was located in the Western part of Aleppo province in the middle of sky-high Sam’an mountain and old caves. The region is deep into a chain of mountains.

    Several US, Turkish, Saudi, Qatari and British officers were also killed along with the Israeli officers. The foreign officers who were killed in the Aleppo operations room were directing the terrorists’ attacks in Aleppo and Idlib.

    Iran’s FarsNews has deemed this report credible via several sources. FarsNews is a cautious news agency that has zero history of publishing B.S. and that is good news, because it means Russia has called it right, and started kicking Ass for real.

    I have captured it just in case it vanishes, SEE THIS. Given the current geopolitical situation the news could not possibly get any better than this. This is so good I am suspicious it is fake and only went with it because FarsNews covered it as fact.

    Facebook ordered people to stop using “deplorable” in their profile names.

    I have checked to see if this was a hoax, and apparently it is not. Due to the fact that it provided a way for people to confirm Trump has the vast majority of support (in a way they never expected) Facebook has banned users from using “deplorable” in their user names. If people use that term, Facebook will take action against their accounts.


    Suckerberg will have to either allow the public to speak, or DIE.

    You will want to hit him all 3 ways, so he can’t just kill the meme by having Facebook refuse to serve the word “deplorable”. Embedding it in the profile photo will work the best, BY FAR, even if the only way you can do that is by taking a selfie while holding a sign with deplorable written on it.

    Folks, Hillary handed us the silver bullet needed to shoot the heart out of the werewolf and prove how rigged the system is. It is the word DEPLORABLE, associate it with your identity EVERYWHERE.

    CNN has been kicked out of Trump’s motorcade
    The secret service has branded CNN a security threat, and kicked them out of Trump’s motorcade. Gee, I wonder why! Good riddance.

    See this:

    Though the secret service said it was because they wanted to tighten security as the election approaches, I’d say it is equally plausible that with the way the media has acted, the secret service does not want the media anywhere near Trump in a trusted position.

    Tesla Model S hacked from 12 miles away
    Practically everyone knows modern cars are hackable over the cell network, but that privilege is only accessible by the government. However, for the first time a team of Asian hackers managed to hack a Tesla model S “government style” from 12 miles away. They were able to tamper with the brakes and though this report only says they were able to slam the brakes, it also obviously means they could prevent the brakes from being applied. They said nothing about being able to slam the gas . . . . . probably for obvious reasons such as Michael Hastings. Old news of a sort, that puts the writing on the wall.

    See this:

    Alex Jones Rant
    Love him or hate him, you will have to admit this one is spot on:


    Israeli embassy attacked in Ankra
    There should not be an Israeli embassy there anyway, considering what an enemy Israel is. And it was a stabbing. And it stayed outside the embassy. WHICH MEANS IT IS MORE SYMPATHY SUCKING B.S. Real news: Maybe or maybe not, something associated with the embassy might have happened in the street outside of it but with the way the MSM tries to pull sympathy and make a story WHO KNOWS. Yeah, it will make world headlines for the poor victims inside who were not directly involved and would not know it even happened if they were not told.

    UPDATE: This story started as a “gun attack” and an attempt to “storm the embassy” and devolved into a dufus with a knife doing something outside with ONE other guy. Probably the guy he stabbed. So “two people were involved“. This is a non-headline which I think in the end will involve only the stabber and the stabbee and being the opportunists “they” (you know who) are, they tried to have this be a story about an attack on the embassy itself, which it clearly was not.

    If you hear a huge MSM story about an “Israeli embassy being stormed” my take so far is that it is a hoax fronted by a scamming media.

    The links will be restored to this side of the page if I can actually work now, rather than deal with “problems.”





  18. FTS is like one of them kids that got moved into your class at school. Absolutely full of shit about why they had to leave. Bullied out of everywhere. Thank god he found the internet. Imagine if UK gun laws were still lax and that twerp got hold of one. He could have someone’s eye out!

  19. Apparently I have insulted his UnRoyal Lowness by saying he can’t sing, which he refutes most strongly. Karaoke King Butlins 1972 or something.

    He seems to be suffering from amnesia again. Seems to be missing a few home made Pop Vids from the Youtube collection – all the ones with … ahem … what I shall discreetly call ‘Attachments’.
    And let’s just say, I’m a bit suspicious of where his shoelaces have been in a ‘former life’.

  20. Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 24, 2016:-


    In the last couple hours much of the US has been declared a disaster area by FEMA. I have never seen this scale of activity before.


    Bizarre ‘Trump Will Go 26th’ Video Catches Internet On Fire:- (CHECK THE COMMENTS OUT TOO. SEEMS LIKE T.P.T.B. ARE TRYING A SNEAKY WAY OF CENSORING THE NET).



    Amazon steps in to ‘fix’ Hillary book review (COMEDY GOLD):-



    For the first time, Saudi Arabia is being attacked by both Sunni and Shia leaders. What, the Saudis must be asking themselves, has happened to the fawning leaders who would normally grovel to the Kingdom?



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