A recently published article in the Canadian NATIONAL POST by Joseph Brean, has thrown yet another spanner in the works of a long-running British police investigation, which after 28 years, has still not resulted in a single criminal charge being brought.

“A controversial police investigation into the suspected sex abuse of children by the late British prime minister Edward Heath, with it’s associated claims of Satanic ritual and murders, originated in Edmonton in 1989, when a Canadian psychologist hypnotised a woman and helped her ‘recover’supressed memories according to a confidential police consultant report obtained by the National Post”.

According to the article, three of the hypnotised woman’s sisters have also made similar claims of serial rape and ‘Satanic’ abuse, but only by their parents and no charges were ever brought, and the case was only recently resurrected because of the alleged participitation of Heath.

Edward Heath came into the picture because one of the women had reported to police that she had seen Heath’s face “on the news” and “had trusted her gut”, and at a time when the police response to historical sexual abuse claims about public figures was at it’s height in the UK.

Which got me thinking about how many other stories have found their way into, and buried themselves deeply into the public psyche and remained there ever since …. despite the fact that very little, if any evidence exists, other than what has come from what was ‘remembered’ by people who had “seen it on the news” or at the cinema, or had read about it in a magazine or a book.

The examples I have decided to use, are admittedly entirely unrelated to historical childhood sexual abuse allegations, and may appear at first to be a strange choice, but what they share is that they all show the media’s ability to not only shape lives and influence peoples decisions, but are also able to ‘trigger’ memories of events that have remained dormant in some people’s minds – regardless of whether those events were real or imagined.

One of these stories, and finds it’s place among many similar so-called ‘Conspiracy Theories’  is one that has become famous throughout the world as the ‘Philadelphia Experiment’ .

For those who are not familiar with the story (and there cannot be many), the Conspiracy revolves around an alleged ‘Time Travel Experiment’ undertaken by the United States Navy in 1943, off the Delaware breakwater using a naval vessel, The USS Eldridge which had been fitted with ultra top secret equipment at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard.

‘ Testing allegedly began in the summer of 1943, and it was supposedly successful to a limited extent. One test allegedly resulted in Eldridge being rendered nearly invisible, with some witnesses reporting a “greenish fog” appearing in its place. Crew members supposedly complained of severe nausea afterwards. Also, reportedly, when the ship reappeared, some sailors were embedded in the metal structures of the ship, including one sailor who ended up on a deck level below that where he began and had his hand embedded in the steel hull of the ship as well as some sailors who went “completely bananas”. At that point, the experiment was allegedly altered at the request of the Navy, with the new objective being solely to render the USS Eldridge invisible to radar. None of these allegations have been independently substantiated’. – WIKIPEDIA

NOTE: I am aware that Wikipedia is not the most reliable source out there, but as its usually the second port of call, after Google, of course, for the majority of people, and the place where most of their ‘research’ takes place, I have used it as a reference point. Hopefully, more astute people will use it only as a springboard towards more in-depth investigation.

There are of course many people out there who will swear that the Philadelphia Experiment actually happened, based soley on what is available on the internet and various works of fiction, and there are hundreds of ‘Conspiracy – Based’ websites who have explored the subject in much detail, but the sources they appear to have used are other conspiracy websites, who’s sources are in turn other conspiracy websites, a number of which are of dubious ownership, are hosted anonymously on Icelandic or Russian servers, and are uncontactable should any issues arise about their published content – legal or otherwise.

If the truth is told, the ‘Philadelphia Experiment’, even when traced to it’s source does not sound promising even to the most hardened conspiracist, inasmuch as it owes much of it’s content to a rather odd guy by the name of Carl Allen, (or Carlos Allende depending on whatever source is used), who first told the story to a UFO writer named Maurice Jessup in 1956.

It is entirely possible that Allen(de) made up much of the story he relayed to Jessup, but, there are, however, some grounds to suspect that it could have been based on a real event, but one far less dramatic and had occured some fifty-two years previously at the same spot.

In 1904, a British Vessel commanded by a Captain Urquhart, The Mohican …. had encountered something that he said: “was beyond me” …. [I] never saw anything so terrifying in all the years I have been at sea.’ As they sailed in a dead calm, a ‘strange grey cloud’ appeared with ‘bright glowing spots in the mass’. This made straight for the ship and quickly surrounded it, just as so many car drivers have reported happening. Once within the cloud, the entire ship was filled with a ‘strange glow’ and the sailors watched in terror as their beards ‘stuck out like bristles on a pig’. The compasses were spinning wildly. Some of the crew were on their knees praying and Urquhart tried to distract them by giving them things to do. But nobody could move the metal chains or anchors. They were magnetised to the hull, or perhaps weighed so much that nobody could lift them (it is unclear). A strange altered state descended on the crew. The captain described a ‘great silence over everything that only added to the terror.’ Time lost all meaning but eventually the cloud disappeared and everything returned to normal…. WASHINGTON TIMES ARCHIVE

WASHINGTON TIMES Philadephia, PA August 2nd 1904

What does help the Conspiracy along though, is that Jessup was invited to the Office of Naval Research (ONR) in Washington, who had been sent copies of Allende’s allegations which had found their way into one of Jessup’s books, and a senior Naval officer had decided to investigate.

The Navy did describe that meeting as a ‘private venture’, but it does ask the question as to why such a meeting would have taken place if nobody had thought there was any substance to Allende’s telling of the tale.

There is almost no record about this meeting, but what is known is that Jessup soon descended into a somewhat depressed state and commited suicide soon after, and Allende simply ‘Disappeared’ from the record.

This of course led to the claims of a conspiracy to grow exponentially and lead to the story that is still being bounced around the internet today, and was also the basis of a number of books, three Hollywood Movies (The Philadelphia Experiment I and II 1984 and 2012) and (The Final Countdown 1980), which were loosely based on Allendes and Jessup’s retelling of the story, with the usual Tinseltown twist.

None of the subsequent books and movies, however, referred to the 1904 incident, which was not only witnessed, but recorded in the media and entered into the public record for posterity.

From what I am able to ascertain, one eye-witness did come forward at one point, and did claim that he took part in a top secret experiment that day and was in fact beamed decades through time, but his testimony was dismissed as it turned out he had only recalled his experiences after ‘seeing one of the movies on Television’.

While I admit that the actions of the US Navy in regard to arranging a meeting with a Science Fiction writer, and his subsequent apparent suicide are indeed suspicious, it does not prove that the Philadelphia Experiment actually happened, nor does it provide evidence of any such experimentation taking place using the methods described so vividly by so many online narrators.

Another example of how the media can influence people goes back to an event which occured on 2 May 1933, when a Scottish newspaper, the Inverness Courier related the account of a local couple who claimed to have seen an ‘enormous animal rolling and plunging’ on the surface of Loch Ness.

The story of the ‘monster’ ( a name chosen by the Courier editor) immediately became a media sensation with London newspapers sending correspondents to Scotland and even a circus offering a £20,000 sterling reward to anyone who could capture the beast.

Even though there were local accounts of an aquatic beast living in the Loch dating back 1500 years, the story only really gained the attention of a wider audience from 1933, when construction began on the A82 – the road that runs alongside the north shore of the Loch. The work involved considerable drilling and blasting with explosives, and the locals believed that the distruption had forced the monster from the depths and into the open waters of the Loch.

There were a number of independent sightings around that time, but the only visible ‘Proof’ did not appear until 1934, when a London surgeon R. K. Wilson managed to somehow take a photograph that appeared to show a slender head and neck rising above the surface of the water.

‘Nessie’ photo taken in 1934 by London surgeon R.K. Wilson

A whole cottage and tourist industry has risen around possible sightings of ‘Nessie’ since that day, and has remained the subject of fierce debate ever since it’s discovery and that first ‘sighting’, which generations of people not only believe in wholeheartedly, but a large number have dedicated their entire adult lives to trying to prove.

The first generally accepted sighting of Nessie, and the inevitable public interest ever since may have absolutely nothing to do with the release of the movie ‘KING KONG’ on March 2nd 1933 in New York City, which tells of a gigantic, prehistoric ape who lives on an island populated by undiscovered native people, gigantic exotic insects and plant life, and land dwelling, flying and aquatic ‘Dinosaurs’…. Very similar to the Scottish ‘Nessie’ if comparisons are to be made.

Still from King Kong Movie 1933

I am not suggesting for one minute that allegations of Childhood Sexual Abuse are in any way, shape or form ‘Conspiracy Theories,’ or are as ficticious or imaginary, as many of the stories that have been circulated in the media and consequently online inevitably turn out to be – but is it beyond the realms of possibility to suggest that at least some of the allegations of maltreatment of children by people in the public eye, are the result of inaccurate and sensationalist media coverage, and/or of unreliable ‘Therapies’ which ‘recover’  monstrous memories that previously only existed in the ID?

According to Sigmund Freud’s ‘Psychoanalytic Theory of Personality’, the ‘ID’ is the personality component made up of unconscious psychic energy that works to satisfy basic urges, needs and desires. The ID operates based on the pleasure principle, which demands immediate gratification of needs. Freud compared personality to an iceberg. The top of the iceberg above the water represents conscious awareness. The bulk of the iceberg below the water symbolises the unconscious mind where all the hidden desires, thoughts and memories exist. It is there that the ID resides.


The National Post (Canada)

TIME STORMS (2001) – Jenny Randles




20 thoughts on “MONSTERS OF THE ID


    To the children who have been, or will be, abused because of the Franklin cover-up:-

    1. The ‘Franklin Cover Up’ has already been very skilfully and comprehensively taken to pieces and shredded OG


      Hoo boy.

      This is some excellent conspiracy theory, in that it is amazingly insane and involved. On one level, I actually believe about 1/8th of this book.

      The rest is just so whacked and beyond the realm of reason but with just enough grains of truth here and there that you can’t help but get sucked in.

      First, let’s eliminate the whole Hunter S. Thompson thing. There were two sentences in the book that referred to Hunter Thompson as someone who filmed kiddie snuff porn. The person making the accusation is a man who evidently suffered from Dissociative Identity Disorder (or Multiple Personality Disorder as it was called when this book was initially written). I have no idea what DeCamp really knows of Thompson, but he calls him a “well known sleaze-culture figure,” whatever that means. It does not appear as if Thompson was ever visually identified by Paul Bonacci, the man making the claim, and no greater research went into proving it. (ETA: A commenter below pointed out that it was Anton Chaitkin who called HST a “wellknown sleeze-culture figure. I re-read and sure enough, I had misattributed the quote.) Evidently another young woman claimed Thompson tried to make her watch a snuff film but she didn’t watch whatever she claims he wanted her to see. Was it the horror film Snuff? Was it Cannibal Holocaust, which some still believe qualifies as a snuff film because of the live animal deaths included in it? Was she making it up, did she misunderstand? We don’t know. All we have is an unverified statement from some woman and two lines in this book attributed to a young man whose origins no one has been able to trace and whose lies/fantasies have fueled a bizarre conspiracy theory.

      This book was initially released in 1992. Had anyone any evidence that Thompson filmed children being killed during sex, he would have been investigated thoroughly. Thompson was a man who showed no proclivities towards abuse of children or respect of authority to the extent he would have kept quiet about such a horrific thing out of fear of what would happen to him. Thompson was a thorn in the side of the government and authority in general – had he been involved in something so vile police would have been only too glad to investigate, as glad as he would have been to expose anyone who killed children on film. That all that seems to be out there to support this claim are the two lines from this book and some unclear claim from someone else sort of closes the case. But if that is not enough, bear in mind that Bonacci claims Thompson filmed kiddie snuff porn in the 1980s. Thompson already had a very successful career as a journalist and an author then. He didn’t need the money, had it been a part of an investigation into political corruption he would have reported on it gleefully, if not paranoiacally, and given his nature, had he been in the wrong place at the wrong time, he would have blown a whistle long before he took his own life.

      So let there be no more said on this topic. Anyone who wants to discuss it here can, but I won’t reply. On your head be it if you decide to smear the name of a man whose career completely belied any association with such deviance without any proof other than hearsay from a fragile man who makes all sorts of extraordinary claims because one suspects he may be too mentally ill not to make such claims.

      Back to the book… This book has it all, for the seasoned conspiratologist. It has Satanic Panic, with cabals of Satanists killing children, burning their bodies and grinding up their bones and teeth. It has a ring of pedophiles all the way up to the White House, flying out kids from Nebraska for sexual purposes. It makes reference to militias, Oklahoma City, the Montana Seven, the Monarch Project, Bohemian Grove, the Gosch kidnapping (but no Jeff Gannon, alas – perhaps DeCamp will issue a new edition?), the utter shittiness of Bob Kerrey (a subject on which I whole-heartedly agree with the author, because I can easily see a man who lied about being a war criminal for so many years lying about all the other things DeCamp claims), Iran-Contra, LaRouche, a conspiracy to murder witnesses and more and more.

      Honestly, there is too much to go into even for my verbose nature.

      But on the most basic level, there is a kernel that can be believed in this book, though like I said, 7/8 of it, if not more, should be dismissed. The Franklin Credit Union in Omaha was run by a man named Larry King (no, not that Larry King), who embezzled approximately $40 million and undoubtedly molested children. The credit union was probably involved in the Iran-Contra scandal. Though no real trace seems to have been done on the money he stole, it would appear most of that money embezzled went into parties, stretch limos and access to private planes. King probably did have the sex parties described in the book, though I think the truth of the situation probably ended at flying some of the older kids to other locations to have sex with King. I can see that happening, though most of the other stories are implausible.

      Not all the kids were in complicit foster homes or kids of the street – didn’t the orphanages or parents notice when the kids, some youngsters, went missing for days on end as they were carted from one locale to the other for sex. Additionally, some of the things that the chief witnesses described could have caused grave harm and certainly permanent scars or physical damage. There is no mention of a physical examination given to any of the witnesses. Moreover, one of the witnesses claims she gave birth to a police chief’s child. A paternity demand to this day could prove her side of the story, and since she is serving years and years of jail time for perjury, that this step has not been taken is baffling. (ETA: Alisha Owen’s child has been definitively proven not to be the result of any sort of sexual activity between Alisha Owen and police chief Robert Wadman. That is a huge problem for anyone who wants to believe Owen’s tales of institutionalized and systemic child rape condoned and committed by Omaha police.)

      You have to keep in mind that DeCamp, while clearly holding some wacky beliefs, also fell down the rabbit hole in the 1980s when Michelle Remembers was still believed to be factual and not even psychologists knew how to question genuinely abused children without leading them to say all sorts of things that never happened in order to please the questioner. He is a true believer, and as such, dismisses lack of evidence as law enforcement involvement in the conspiracy, a media reticence as a form of institutionalized stonewalling (as if the media would really turn away a chance to score a scoop on a salacious story if there was any truth to it), and any evidence that disproves the Panic is a complicit act to encourage abuse of children. I don’t know exactly how men like DeCamp fall down the rabbit hole, and though they ultimately do more harm than good, I understand how it happens. So while I find DeCamp a little icky in other respects, his intent belief in the unbelievable does not surprise me.

      Nor was it a surprise to find the unpleasant, sticky presence of Ted Gunderson, former FBI agent, in this book. The man believes in Satanic Panic to this day, but he also believes all kinds of bizarre things, as I will discuss in a moment. He is either a loon or crazy like a fox and either way, he is dangerous. He is also lawsuit happy, suing people whom he thinks slander him, including people who have clear screws loose and should be pitied rather than sued. (Google Ted Gunderson and the name Barbara Hartwell and just marvel at the sadness of it all.) I can say without any hesitation that his investigative presence in the Johnny Gosch kidnapping (and sadly, as most believe, murder) has kept the vulnerable Noreen Gosch in a realm where she will believe anything as long as it means her son is alive. It has made her prey to con men and people who torment her. I dream of seeing Gunderson in a whacked-theory cage match with someone – I just can’t think of whom I would inflict Ted on. Art Bell has already won an out of court settlement against him for calling him a child molester so it will have to be someone else (and since it was an out of court settlement with a gag order, there are no firm facts and all the information out there comes from sources that I would rather not link to, lest I become overrun with avid true believers from the whole rainbow spectrum of conspiracy, and if you think I’m verbose…). Gunderson to this day believes the McMartin preschool molestation/Satanic ritual abuse case happened and has been a force behind sending innocent people to prison. He is wicked, nasty and preys on the unstable and it’s not entirely logical for me to say that I automatically believe the opposite of anything he has to say, but that’s actually close to the truth.

      The Franklin Scandal case is riddled by the same issues that plague every other Satanic Panic case. No bodies. The book reports that the children and babies who were killed were burned, and then their bones and teeth crushed into meal. What happened to that meal is a mystery because it would still be riddled with forensic evidence that would back these claims. Samples from sites where bone grinding occurred could to this day be sampled and tested for evidence of human remains. Additionally, some of the murdered kids were not the children of cult members that Satanic cults supposedly offer up as sacrifices. Where did these kids come from? The inclusion of Johnny Gosch’s sad story is likely an attempt to persuade readers to believe that missing children were used in cult rituals, but was any attempt made to match the descriptions of those the witnesses say they saw killed to recently abducted children? No, or at least no mention is made in the book about such an investigation.

      The Satanic Panic was the Salem Witch Trials with a newer face. These trends of mass delusion and hysteria have always happened and will continue to happen. And I certainly do not believe that Paul Bonacci watched as a baby was sacrificed, nor do I think he was raped with a cattle prod-like instrument (how he could survive that without immediate emergency surgery is beyond belief) and I don’t think he was forced into necrophilia with a murdered child. I think he was molested, though, and it left him damaged beyond belief, and a bunch of adults led him to conclusions he knew they wanted him to reach.

      Unlike the skeevy psychologist involved in the whole Michelle Remembers hoax, I don’t get the feeling that DeCamp wrote this book in a jaded manner in 1992, trying to cash in on a frightening cultural belief. I do, however, note that in the second edition, DeCamp is now working more with militias than SRA survivors. I find that interesting, but to reiterate, DeCamp did have some points to make that resonate with even a skeptic like me.

      But there were elements of the book that are… off putting. Not the least that DeCamp was willing to defame Hunter S. Thompson as the worst sort of scum based on the eyewitness testimony of a very fragile witness. But there were other problems, too. I can’t go into every single one I have because this is a dense book, but I’ll touch on the highlights of just how DeCamp was not my cup of tea. In the minds of true believers, I can’t debunk a conspiracy anyway. All I can do is discuss some of the WTF moments in the book, moments when I felt kind of annoyed with DeCamp’s narration or disgust at the presence of Ted Gunderson.

      One problem, as touched on above, is heavy reliance on witness testimony without any physical evidence or even common sense. For example, DeCamp believes Bonacci because Bonacci can describe in very sound detail an event that DeCamp himself attended, and that goes to the core of the issue of proof. On its face, it seems sound that if the kid had access to the same event that DeCamp attended, he would have the same details. But how could children have attended national fundraisers for the GOP to serve as sex partners and no one have any memory of them?

      There is no way to accept that every single person in attendance was a pedophile or a pedophile sympathizer and would keep silent about their peers committing wholesale child rape. So if those kids were there, how were they explained? Some people brought their children, but how is it that the victims have memories of these events but no one remembers the presence of random children (and I use the word victims because no matter how you slice it, those kids ended up victims at the end of all of this, be it via literal abuse or just the infamy this case brought them)?

      Could it be because they were fed information, perhaps even by DeCamp? Analysis of recordings of questioning tactics used in famous debunked Satanic Panic cases show how even people who think they are scrupulous questioners pass information to their subjects.

      The main questioner in the case is dead so all we see is what DeCamp shows, and he seldom shows the back and forth between Gary Caradori and the witnesses. Moreover, the stilted dialogue DeCamp uses to further conspiracy points also calls into question his own recall and willingness to fill in blanks, but I admit that’s a judgment call on my part.

      I also assert, based on my reading, that DeCamp, a religious family man, has issues with homosexuals. He is quick to say otherwise, that his own brother died from AIDS and that he considered him a fine human being. Not to demean a sad death, but that is too close to the “some of my best friends are black” statement people use to deflect racism.

      In a case where a man may have been sexually harassed by another man at work, the situation quickly becomes a homosexual cabal that pressured men into deviancy.

      The way DeCamp discusses homosexuality, even keeping in mind the context in which he is discussing it, makes it seems as if he sees homosexuality as something quite sinister.


        1. I will allow those links despite my belief they are no longer worth pursuing OG – as long as you promise not to post any more links to the Hampstead Hoax.

          This site does still have a reputation to protect.

    2. Maybe this might help to explain RE: Melanie Shaw OG. Because despite the fact Twitter was in meltdown claiming she’d been locked away in prison because the ‘evil establishment paedo protectors were trying to silence her talking about her abuse in care’, the truth is, she was found guilty of arson of her neighbours shed, but did her sentence in the community.

      I do have an email supposedly to a Solicitors from a very familiar name to this site, offering to pay the £50k bail so Melanie could be released (from the prison she was never in)


      She was also caught driving without a proper licence the year before, so arson & driving without a licence – bit of a risk taker.


  2. Could somone please explain to me why Spivey is in court AGAIN! this week. I can’t make head nor tail of his rambling articles. And the outpouring of “ohhhhh your the best grandaddy in the world Chris honest!!” from his flock is far too cringeworthy.

    1. It’s an appeal against a previous conviction or so I have been led to believe.

      Which is a risky venture if you lose.

      I don’t take much notice TBH as there is way too much drama on public show over there.

      1. Well of course we all know he got a guilty for the Lee Rigby stuff. But then his mods and followers recently reckoned he got a NOT guilty on some indecent images charge. Yet there is nothing online to back this up either way…. So maybe he is still out on bail over that? Who knows?
        He will be OK though even if he loses because he is raking it in with donations every 5 minutes from his flock of shitehawks.
        I am very suprised that so far he has avoided any legal trouble of his last few articles mocking the cancer victims.

        He and the comment folk (or are they just one person commenting under a dozen or so names?) have been screaming that he is doing nothing of the sort….. How utterly blind can these folk be?

        1. Well a person does not normally appeal against an acquittal unless they are completely insane, so it’s safe to assume that it’s to contest a guilty verdict.

          As for the despicable mocking of cancer victims and their grieving families in that way?

          It’s classed as criminal harassment I believe.

        1. It was nearly a year ago now.

          I did not make a huge drama out of it though, it was of little interest to anybody else and hardly worth talking about.

  3. the inquest into the Tunisian beach shootings started this week. its already clear that the ‘investigation’ Spivey undertook into that terrible incident was as was obvious at the time, hopelessly and farcically wrong. . i don’t post on there anymore but i did this week suggesting he post an apology to the relatives of the dead and injured. to my surprise they actually posted it word for word which makes a pleasant change from what used to happen. as he wasnt big enough to admit he was wrong over the Alton Towers incident in which he accused young girls who lost legs of being ‘actors’ i am not expecting to see any apology here either. how many more things will he have to get wrong before his blinkered followers see the light?

  4. sorry by’ here’ i meant regarding the Tunisian beach shootings not this website.

  5. Spivey must live in a total bubble as he has clearly never experienced any sort of tragedy nor has he known anyone personally who has. Since every car crash or cancer victims reported about is some sort of staged event.

    And while im at it….. Where can I sign up to be a “crisis actor”?
    Does this guy not know anyone outside his front room?

    Without going all 9/11 on everyone….. does he realise just how daft it sounds to say that the Alton Towers crash was a “staged event” ? LOL! …

    For what reason?

    So they could invade and take Blackpool Pleasure Beach?

    1. I don’t think that anybody (who is normal anyway) who knows anyone who has suffered tragedy would mock any victims, especially the bereaved families.

      The odious and despicable creatures known as ‘RIP Trolls’ I highlighted in an article on the Outlaw recently are the only ones that I am aware of, and they are mentally and physically stunted inadequates with no moral compass.

      Real social lepers who cannot function in normal society.

      1. Dogman
        January 19, 2017 @ 9:25 pm

        Chris was found guilty of “harassment” and now including court costs, faces a bill of £4000, which apparently they want in one lump. Not quite sure how they think that is possible, but there ya go. I can’t fill you in on any further details and I cannot make my own comments regarding the proceedings, as it will reflect badly on Chris.
        It appears that the time is right for me to get some tattoos done!


        BGmedia in da house!
        January 19, 2017 @ 10:27 pm

        Well Im sure everyone here will bail him out otherwise he will throw his toys out the pram again and go on a long rant about how he is doing all this work (i.e one ramble rant every fortnight lol!) for YOU! THE PEOPLE!!

        And you will all be made to feel guilty (without the 4 grand bill though…LOL!) and all chip in to pay his costs.

        But rest assured that will not be enough.

        After all this is a guy who already shells out what? 300 QUID A MONTH!! for this here bloggywog…


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