Whenever childhood physical or sexual abuse is talked about, I often hear the question: “What can I do about it?”

There are a number of things actually, you could donate cash or give some of your time to any number of charities or agencies that claim to act on behalf of all children, such as the NSPCC, or agencies that focus on children and adults who were abused in the UK care system like NAPAC for example.

When it comes to donating money, you really are spoiled for choice in regard to the plethora of agencies and websites, who are claiming to represent and give a voice to those who have suffered abuse in all its forms, even more so now that the Government has slashed funding for many of these organisations to the bone.

You could consider handing over some of your hard-earned money to one of many who operate within the mucky world of the so-called ‘Alternative Media’, many of whom are always eager to accept cash donations, which of course enables them to continue telling you that the whole country is riddled with paedophiles and, every other person out there, (apart from them and their sycophantic and often abusive entourages of course) is a danger to your children and they know that for a ‘fact’.

Personally, I would not give a single penny to any of the above, as I do not believe that paying management structures hundreds of thousands of pounds a year, to do little other than promote themselves via media appearances, and with very little reaching the very people they claim to represent and support.

Nor could I sleep soundly at night knowing that a single penny piece of my cash, has gone towards buying flash cars, or cigarettes or is helping to sustain the lifestyle and habits of abusive and degenerate big mouthed charlatans who operate within the Alternative Media, some of whom have attacked and bullied innocent people, both online and in real life for many months, and a number of whom, were victims of childhood abuse themselves.

So what else is there you can do?

You could always buy a book….

It would not even cost you that much, £1.19 to be exact, and will probably do more for genuine survivors of institutional abuse than any or all the agencies and individuals mentioned above put together.


‘SHAME’ by Phil Thomas is not an easy read by any means. It is harrowing at times, overwhelmingly sad in parts, but throughout it’s telling, the story the author tells, is a brutally honest portrayal of one man’s fight to survive a life what would have killed or crippled most people, and also gives the reader a unique insight into the reality of what happened to many young men at the hands of Neville Husband, who has been described as ‘one of the most prolific and brutal paedophiles in this country’s recent history’.


So why would I recommend buying this book?

Because I know that this book has cost the author almost £20,000 of his own money to produce, and that he does not wish to make any money from it’s sale, not even to recoup any of his substantial personal investment.

I also know that every penny spent on buying a copy of this book will go towards genuine victims of childhood abuse, and will be held in trust by the solicitor who is acting on behalf of a number of the Medomsley Detention Centre lads who were brutalised by Husband and others.

Initially, some of the money raised from the sales of ‘Shame’ will be used to supply transport for a number of victims from all over the country, many of whom are in poor health, both physically and mentally, and who cannot meet the costs of attending the Independent Inquiry into Childhood Sexual Abuse which will be held in London, and being chaired by Lowell Goddard.

So there is really no excuse now is there?





5 thoughts on “MONSTERS DO EXIST

  1. Well said, I find it sickening, the left wing middle class mafia, who run these charities, who have no empathy for working class kids, these charities are just gravy trains for the middle class’s. Its not just the charities, these dogs have infested, its the social services, probation, police, this is why nothing changes, look at Rotherham, that scum that nonced them kids were protected by the police, council, and social workers. I think its probably worse than it was when I was a kid, I went to detention centre, borstal, and suffered a lot of violence, but these kids now, who have suffered at the hands of muslim scum, I don’t think that would have happened in the 70s and 80s.

  2. Hi Jimmy long time lurker and first time poster here. I ran the outlaw through Alexa dot com this morning and this site is now ranked at 835,013 in the world. That is up 956,269 from a month ago.

    Well done for sticking by your principles and not compromising to cater to the brain dead sheeple like other sites and for not backing down to the online creeps and bullies like Christopher D Spivey and his minions.

    Respect to you sir. I just bought ‘Shame’ this morning after your recommendation and am looking forward to reading it.

    Keep on keeping on Jimmy, you have a huge (although mostly silent) support, as I know that many good people are watching and reading and learning what is really going on.

  3. Great post Sian. We don’t need to spill out obscene and obnoxious bile like some other sites. You and others would not be here if you didn’t know the score already. I hope the Outlaw would agree……sometimes less is more!

  4. Outlaw, it seems dark Paranoid place is being Paranoid again. Jimmy this Jimmy that. Showing true colours over there now. Dogbiscuit stick to Napoleon and Ghandi (the people that are put in place as part of the deception). I reckon the street critiques got inside dogbiscuits Paranoid unaware small mind, that’s if she has one, nah she’s probably got a printer in her skull with interesting quotes from Napoleon. Facepalm. Just sayin. Nuff said. End of. Keep up the high quality work Outlaw.

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