Following the recall of child-killer Jon Venables to prison, after he was found to be in possession of child abuse images for the second time – a photograph which is claimed to be of Venables has been shared thousands of times on social media and a number of websites.

I can assure you that the photograph (which I will not be publishing), is almost certainly NOT Jon Venables.

I cannot stress how reckless an act this is, as besides the obvious issue of there being a High Court injunction still in place which makes identification (falsely or otherwise) of Thompson and Venables a criminal act which ordinarily carries an immediate custodial sentence, It can prove fatal to an innocent person who has been falsely identified.

An example of this?

In 2012, 36-year-old Scott Bradley took his own life after being hounded for months after being falsely accused in a similar manner.

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  1. Could it be a ‘composite’ of any number of other people? Wonder if Chris Spivey can tell us?
    Have just visited his latest offering and truly I lost the will to live half way. He’s really lost it don’t you think? I don’t call jiggling and juggling hundreds of photos that actually prove absolutely nothing, investigative journalism. What’s happened to ‘Dogman?’ Has even he given up in despair? I do wish he’d stop begging and threatening for donations ………………almost menacing. What do you think?

    1. My personal thoughts on that particular subject are well documented (accompanied with actual evidence) elsewhere on this site 😉

      1. That reminds me – I also haven’t been to the “dark place” for a couple of months. It’s truly tragic to witness a slow descent into mental derangement, where “see, this guy is really this other guy who is also this other guy”.

        & he’s got the photos to prove it, SEE!!.

      2. I am reminded of the fact that a REAL picture of 1 of the Bulger killers was distributed all over Twitter a while back, falsely claiming YOU were that killer!

        Makes you wonder if the same result was expected to happen to you? …. considering.

        1. Things did get a bit worrying for me for a while after that particular episode.

          A particularly cowardly, vile and evil thing to do, compounded by my close proximity to a town where many Liverpudlians now live.

    2. If I had to diagnose Spivey, I would say he is a narcissist suffering with paranoid delusions.He also just happens to be a right horrible cnut imo.

      1. I know that any judgement on the level of mentally illness the tattoo world’s answer to Uncle Fester, is always going to have a feel of “gilding the Lily”. Cos let’s face it, he seemed to start from a very high bar and was never exactly the most balanced of individuals online.

        This being said, his latest output really does seem to be coming from a dark place where the dial has been cranked up to the max and his usual paranoid delusions of grandeur are now fever pitch.

        Let’s just hope that when the inevitable conclusion of his madness comes, it will only mean he’s a danger to himself and not to those around him. But more and more, they should be questioning whether he’s actually safe to be around….

    3. moi.
      I know how you feel. Just wasted 3 hours of my life!
      On the plus side, I did get a cracking snooze when I nodded-out for an hour halfway through it…

    4. I don’t know about Dogman who I thought was a bit of a tit but not as bad as Spiv the beggar.

      Apparently Spivey says he’s not on benefits, then says he has housing benefits, isn’t that being on benefits?

      Not knocking anyone who is on benefits btw, just those like Spivey.

      The one loon I really miss is FTS, and I was wondering if there is any truth to the rumour( I just made up) that he has been confined to Broadmoor? Well he did seem a likely candidate.

      1. From what I am hearing, FTS is still around but only on Facebook, desperately struggling to get people to listen to his fantasies, outright lies and empty threats (usually directed at me), sadly playing to an audience of perhaps one or two disparate trolls and freaks.

        His late-night rants are usually deleted the next day though, so either he sobers up or the meds have kicked in.

        Cutting a pretty pathetic figure these days by all accounts.

          1. Say whatever you want about me ‘Monkey Slayer’ – but launching into infantile and entirely unwarranted personal attacks on this site’s readers will not be tolerated.

            Crawl back to where you slithered from ….

        1. I’m going to play devils advocate and say Bob’s not been too naughty lately.

          He’s realised he was being conned by the Spiv crew and he’s actually been totally reasonable lately. Bear in mind that in the past I’ve had some pretty savage stuff from Bob too, so I don’t say this lightly.

          Mostly the things that are deleted nowadays are his tunes. I know he has a few party nights and things on his page aren’t always said by him. He has been decent and deleted anything stroppy that has been written, off his own bat, so I think that’s progress.

          He’s told me a few interesting things, which I shall keep under my hat.

          The Spiv site seems to being controlled by Lorraine Hawkins these days, who claimed she had relatives in the MET. Spiv has some Essex wide boy wannabe entrepreneur telling him what to do and arranging his E books. Mr ego 10ft tall in a 5′ 4″ bulbous little body will carry on all the time someone’s paying him to.

          Think even Dogman is playing 2nd fiddle these days. Although possibly is still commenting under false names?

          Peace Bob. It’s nicer that way.

          1. But now his feathers have been ruffled, despite him behaving himself lately, he’s gone on full out paranoid attack mode. So all of the efforts and progress I made getting him to understand that it’s not the way to go, resulting in him realising he was being played like a fiddle and being much more reasonable and less of a hot head = gone in 60 seconds.

            Happy Christmas . . . again.

          2. I was preferring the normal service of him being calm. It was much nicer. (Are you listening Bob?)

            Now he’s in a huff with ME, for what you 2 have said. So yeah, I guess that’s normal. 😀

          3. Aye, perhaps it’s better for all concerned to give him no attention whatsoever …. Him being so sensitive and all

  2. (Plenty of links & a lot of this connects to what I´ve read elsewhere.The Saudi interrogation angle is new, but fully believable. Part of Trump’s secret deal with the new Saudi boss?.)

    Russia Readies Switch To Full War Production After Saudi “Interrogations” Reveal Vile “Deep State” Plot:-


  3. & now I’m going to post the links to a number of blinds which are show-bizz related,but point to politics & extreme criminality.

    If you want to go direct to the blinds & their most likely answers, then go here


    Note that these blinds are very different to most of the blinds on CDAN, (as it’s called).

    There’s some HEAVY stuff in most of them.

    But first, a KINDNESS blind:-


  4. (I’m doing this because I will be busy with many other things for the rest of the weekend & Monday. Will only surf for a few minutes to see if any thing important comes up.)

    Note; I’m not posting any description of what each blind is about. & each is a long read with a LOT of commentators adding yet more info. So,up to you.




      1. Your eloquence is as always, stunning in it’s originality, but in fairness, it has advanced from the usual grunts and howls you emit periodically ….

        Is it a full moon again?

  5. The cost to the British taxpayer of giving Venables a fifth new identity after his identity was revealed on social media is £250,000.

    Way to go UK


    1. A near perfect example of the power of social media was yesterday’s Oxford Circus fiasco.

      Some dickhead who may or may not have heard a couple of bangs started a ‘twatter storm’.

      Next thing you know, thousands of people were running around like headless chickens/sheep/lemmings…

      Olly Murs should consider himself lucky that no one was killed in the ensuing stampede.

      1. And of course the hard left snowflakes like Owen Jones hijacked this non-event in their spiteful attacks on anyone who does not agree with them

        Owen jones

        1. Jimmy
          Blimey – you learn something new every day. Just mooching through Owen Jones’ twatters and responses only to find that I’m further up the lefties hit list than I had thought. It seems that in addition to my other sins, sorry, ‘privileges’ – white, male, heterosexual, (reasonably) educated, patriotic, employed, propertied – I now have to add to the list being born male in a male body*.

          I’m privileged because I “don’t carry the burden of being trans”!

          I’d like one of these fkwits to explain to me just how, having worked long and hard all my life to get to where I am – and still doing the same to stay afloat – just how I am so fucking ‘privileged’?

          (*I refuse to use the ridiculous newspeak ‘gender pronoun’)

          1. Because you are white and do not punish yourself every day for being that way?

            Because you know instinctively when something does not sound or feel right and will not stay silent about it?

            The left make it up as they go along and move the goalposts so many times in order to prop up their weak arguments, it’s becoming impossible to see where the lines are anymore.

            Even they do not know what they are protesting about half the time Phil.

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