I went to a Gym yesterday.

I hadn’t decided to get fit at this late stage in case you were wondering, I went to meet a guy who runs a local gym just outside Wrexham, who I have been in contact with via telephone and email for a few weeks.

Apart from the Gym, he also runs a support group alongside his brother, for ex-care home residents in the area, from places such as Bersham Hall, Bryn Estyn and Bryn Alyn.

You may not have heard of this group, as it was not set up within the framework of something like N.O.R.W.A.S. or O.C.E.A.N. for example, which recieved media publicity and were primarily focussed on cash generation, obtained via the allocation of public funds or tin rattling.

This is more of an informal group of people who mutually support each other by meeting up for a coffee and a chat, when things get a bit tough, as it can be at times for some ex-residents.

It’s entirely voluntary, which impressed me greatly as it has managed to exist among all the chaos, media attention and greed that the North Wales abuse scandal has generated and has still remained almost un-noticed.

As somebody who has been unwillingly caught up in the latest round of accusations, I wanted to find out why I was being targetted for speaking about the short time I spent in care in north Wales during the late 1970’s.

I do not want to go over old ground, but readers of this site and some social media users are acutely aware of the way that I have apparently been singled out, in what the police now describe as a ‘Vendetta.’

This has gone on for over a year, but only recently I discovered that the main protagonist of what I can only describe as this ‘obsessive  hate campaign‘, was in fact, an ex-resident of the Bryn Estyn Childrens Home.

Hence my visit to the gym to speak to some other ex-residents.

As it turned out, this particular ex-resident who is targeting me, is very well known to the north Wales police.

He has, according to them, for at least the last twenty five years, has based his whole existence and ‘made a living‘ out of reporting people and has been, and still is, a serial, vexatious and prolific complainer.

Ex-care home residents, his neighbours, local drug dealers, rowdy teenagers, local councillors, social workers and even the north Wales police themselves have been among the target of his long history of disturbing and obsessive behaviour.

As only one example, he recently managed to get me arrested after frantically reporting me, and, he has, according to my legal represensitive, also been on the phone every day since my arrest, to the North Wales police switchboard – demanding immediate ‘updates’ as to the result of his numerous complaints.

On one occasion, he actually threatened to stage a sit-down protest in the foyer of his local police station, refusing to leave unless his demands for regular updates were met!

This has all been logged and is being looked at alongside everything else he has done, while his ‘complaint(s)’ against me are being investigated.

He is not alone though, as there have been a number of complaints, instigated and encouraged by him from others, which include: “I am running a paedophile ring, I have been beating my wife and abusing my children, I am a violent alcoholic and prescription drug abuser, am ‘dangerously’ mentally ill and should not be allowed near children and I should have my computer siezed as I have apparently being distributing child pornography throughout north Wales and beyond.”

In fact, one of the more bizarre complaints was that I was using a number bogus Twitter accounts as well as this site to abuse people online”, which thankfully was logged as an ‘ongoing’ incident while two policemen were actually sitting in my house watching this online madness occur in real time on the same machine that I am writing this.

The most recent ‘complaint‘ is that I was somehow responsible for the death of Sophie Hook, a child who was murdered in Llandudno in 1995.

But I digress.

While chatting to some of the other ex-residents over coffee, the subject of the number of people who had taken their own lives among those who had been in care in north Wales came up.

As a comparison, the numbers quoted in the mainstream media, were not that markedly different from the number of suicides that have occurred in other areas where accusations of abuse have been reported.

I know of at least a dozen ex-residents of Glamorgan Farm School in Neath, south Wales who were found dead, some by suicide. That was just from one institution I was in and I knew eight of them personally.

Even the @SteveMessham Twitter account admitted that Neath Farm ‘Was as bad if not worse than Bryn Estyn.’

(Incidentally, the *Alleged* Messham Twitter account is now joining in with the online Vendetta against me).

Langton House in Dorset is another residential home where abuse was reported and the number of premature deaths of ex-residents is even higher.

I could quote similar numbers from dozens of similar institutions in Wales and throughout the rest if this country, the evidence is out there for anyone to access, it is recorded and easily sourced online.

The only visible difference, is that I can find no evidence of the sort of treatment meted out to ex-residents of other institutions, that has been directed at anyone who has spoken out about alleged abuse in north Wales, and specifically at Bryn Estyn.

Similarly, I have not heard of any other incidences of the kind of obsessive stalking and harassment suffered by ex-residents, at the hands of another ex-resident, outside of north Wales.

That is rather worrying and I believe is something that should be looked at as a matter of urgency.

If a similar campaign was waged against somebody with an already fragile state of mind, even in the pre-internet days of the 1990’s, the consequences for that person does not bear thinking about.

It could have taken many forms such as written or verbal threats, their partners may have been targeted, and they may have even been stalked repeatedly at their homes, places of work or even the pubs where they used to drink in, before being driven to a point where they just could not take it any longer.

It is probable that some were drug addicts.

The person who supplied the drugs for example, would have been in a perfect position to cause these people to fear for their own safety or that of their families.

The drug addiction is not applicable in my case, even though similar threats in regard to the safety of my family have been issued.

Some ex-residents became drug dealers as well as users.

Many were hardened drug abusers long before they entered the care system.

That is not speculation, it’s a undisputable fact I and others witnessed many times.

Another thing that has never been explored in any detail, is that in some cases, certain residents were in fact the abusers, but of course during the subsequent enquiries, they pretty much ensured the blame lay elsewhere.

So how much would it take for someone, already damaged by the system to take the final step after a few ‘Trigger’ words or phrases were spoken or shown to them?

How many of them had also spoken publicly about what happened to them during their time in care in North Wales?

Sadly, we may never find out the true numbers.

4 thoughts on “MIND GAMES

  1. Hmm…..it would appear that your accuser has a few problems of his own to deal with. Paranoia through drug use perhaps! Obviously not as intelligent as he thinks, although you were fortunate that the 2 policemen witnessed it in real time. It’s far easier to remember the truth, than make up lies!

    I hope the situation gets sorted out soon, so that you and your family can get on with your lives.

  2. It takes guts to keep going through all this shit. How about they direct all the anger they have in the right direction i.e. the perpetrators. The evil fuckers who did this shit or allowed it to happen, not some bloke whose trying to do the right thing. I don’t get the hostility. Disagree about methods and ways of doing stuff fine but viciously attacking someone who means well is not good. Fucking unite against these evil bastards! Good luck to you

  3. It’s important to differentiate between the manipulators and the manipulated.

    There are a small group of people – probably about half a dozen (but because of the fake accounts it’s difficult to tell) who are doing the manipulating. Mainly on Twitter but also on blogs. Their primary function seems to be to isolate Outlaw (by contacting people who communicate with him and either insulting them or lying to them).

    They’ve been quite successful – some people seem to have swallowed the lies. Often the people they target are abuse survivors themselves and can be easily led.

    However that’s now in the past. This group have trouble keeping their stories straight, and many people are catching on. They’ve also made outrageous claims that can be easily disproved. It’s downhill for this evil group from now and they know it.

    What’s their motivation? Why try and silence Outlaw? There are only a few possibilities – none of them are pleasant. They are stopping the wheels of justice. Well, they’re trying, but it’s no longer working. Their methods are becoming increasingly desperate and erratic.

    The people manipulated by this small group should be seen as victims too. The manipulated are waking up though. And they’re getting angry.

    Keep it up Outlaw. There is light at the end of this tunnel.

  4. -“this particular ex-resident who is targeting me, is well known to the police. He has, for at least the last twenty five years, made a living out of reporting people and is a serial and prolific complainer”- …

    what a miserable life … all the best for The Outlaw always

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