The Independent published an article earlier today, which must number among one of the most inaccurate, agenda-driven and divisive pieces I have had the misfortune to read for a long while.

Which is saying something, considering that the mainstream media – especially since the emergence of that thing from China – have published little else than deliberately misleading, fear-promoting, badly-researched, and politically correct ‘woke’ garbage.

The article’s targeted audience, (which is anybody under the age of twenty) if they actually believe any of this rubbish, fully deserve any ridicule that comes their way, if  they really, truly have taken any or all of it on board, as being in any way factual.

Here’s the article, and I have highlighted (in blue text) the real agenda that runs throughout it.

“With the recent announcement from Boris Johnson that wearing a mask in all shops will be compulsory from 24 July, there has been an explosion of passion about freedom of dress from people – typically within the baby-boomer generation – who are apparently appalled by the idea of being compelled to wear something that will protect them and others.

The same people who once shouted so loudly about how wearing a poppy should be mandatory each November – including friends and family members are now opposed to wearing a simple face covering to protect their parents and other vulnerable people.

The entitled selfishness that has been exposed by the coronavirus pandemic appears to know no bounds. and the latest vitriol thrown at millennials and Generation Z, who now simply want our parents to protect themselves and our fellow human beings from a highly contagious and deadly virus, has to be the most hypocritical.

The word “snowflake” is overused and certainly abused by baby boomers to describe those of us who would like offensive statues to be removed, or think that wearing a poppy to mark Remembrance Day should be a free choice. Yet while wearing a poppy is a significant mark of respect for our war dead, those same purists – particularly those on the political right – apparently won’t don a mask of respect for the 44,000 (and rising) people who have died in the UK during the coronavirus pandemic.

The boomer generation has exposed its hypocrisy yet again: it tells us we’re being oversensitive about our own rights to security from abuse, hate speech and discrimination, while it continues to promote its own comfort and “rights” above the right to life for others.

Sure, the government’s contradictory and rapidly changing advice on when and whether to wear a mask has been confusing. It’s fuelled a thousand excuses for not doing the right thing. But some of us are still managing it.

If boomers think wearing a mask is an inconvenience, let’s question how they might feel with a ventilator strapped to their face– because we are certainly not out of this pandemic yet, and with a second wave now predicted by experts, we must do everything we can to protect each other.

If that means wearing a mask for a short period of time while shopping, then don’t be a snowflake. Just do it.”


So there it is, a direct attack on the boomers, who they refer to as ‘entitled’ (would that be the same ‘white entitlement’ they go on and on and on about) and ‘selfish’, and promotion of the belief that millennials and Gen X, have every right to be offended by  anything and everything, including statues, historical figures, buildings, institutions and memorials, and therefore, are fully justified in calling for their physical removal by force if necessary.

They also reinforce, and associate their support of wearing a mask, – to supposedly protect them from Covid19 – with the ‘right to protection from abuse, hate speech and discrimination’, which has absolutely nothing to do with public health, and everything to do with a political agenda.

I could go on, but you have probably worked out the rest by now anyway.

2 thoughts on “MILLENNIAL WOES

  1. Look to Africa for the truth of the lie.

    Specifically, the Ghana president.

    I’m loving that man right now!

    A paw paw was tested and came back positive for the virus.

    “Now when you pick a paw paw or a prickly pear and you prick a raw paw well next time you better beware” The Jungle Book.

    2020 is the year of the optics.

    We are regaining clearer vision. 20/20 in fact.


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