Psychiatry on the whole is a fraud…… From whatever angle you try to look at it.

The 300 or so classified ‘disorders’ listed in the bible of psychiatry, are invented by committees from pre-selected menus of behaviour patterns.

That list of ‘Disorders’ is increasing by the day

It’s a crooked, grubby and incestous relationship between the profession of psychiatry and the cash generating drug industry.

It’s a drug-dealing machine, and almost all the drugs they peddle are toxic and dangerous.

Not one mental ‘disorder’ has ever, in any patient, been verified by a physical, chemical or biological test.

That is because there are no tests.

When you understand that, it is a simple matter to start thinking that the process of diagnosing people with these labels means they can easily be debilitated by chemicals.

That makes any nation weaker.

That scrambles people’s brains.

That sedates people.

That makes people easier to control.

Looking at it from another viewpoint, if a person is ‘diagnosed’ their thoughts and ideas are no longer considered ‘legitimate.’

And you did read that correctly…

Diagnosis is a clever method of disabling original thoughts and ideas.

If a person is considered mentally healthy, then his thoughts and ideas have power.

Therefore a ‘diagnosis’ renders any such power null and void.

Effectively silencing those who have become ‘dangerous’ to the plan.

That may well be the reason you never hear talk in the media about mental ‘wellness’.

It is not good for the controllers to publish a list of mental wellness.

It doesn’t work for them.

They need more diagnoses of mental disorders.

They need more people focusing on their own mental and emotional problems.

They need more “disorder” talk on television.

They need people to accept the notion that they are all, in some way, “disordered.”

That’s the deception and that’s how it works.

There was a time when nobody was diagnosed with anything and the world was much better off.

These days it seems everybody is diagnosed with something, and things are much worse as if you hadn’t noticed.

The gradual increases in ‘diagnosed’ levels of mental illness runs parallel with the gradual and deliberate reduction of nutrients in the food supply.

Coupled with the amount of toxic chemicals and psychotropic drugs in the urban water supplies it is not that surprising if you take time to think about it.

There is a reason for is, and it’s a simple one…. Control.

You put more and people under that system and they fall into line.

Classic ‘Fear Politics’.

They develop a different concept of their lives.

It’s all about giving people lower expectations.

But you just cannot come out and tell people to lower their sights, you have to give them a reason.

And psychiatry is one of those reasons.

It’s just one more faked science, and a fraud.

There will be a lot of new ‘disorders’ in the future, involving words like “non-empathic.”

People who don’t have sympathy for others who are diagnosed with mental illnesses will then be given their own label.

Can you see the plan now?

In the very near future, everyone (except the leaders of course) will need adjusting.

The list of disorders will expand on a massive scale, as will the drugs.

This is the basic lie, and the propaganda will tell you that “so much more is understood these days, so we must diagnose everyone who was previously undiagnosed”.

There are very few true mental ‘disorders’.

Those are very serious in nature and of course should never be compared with the fictitious disorders that are so prevalent today.

But even these can be treated by wholly natural methods, which of course have been aggressively suppressed by the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

People do suffer, they experience pain, they may become confused, they may have severe nutritional deficits, they may be toxified, they may be under the heel of political repression, but most are not mentally ill.

They never were.

It is a simple as that, the ‘professionals’ step in and make decisions based on a fabricated science and then prescribe the chemical ‘solution’.

You can submit or just say no.

The Buzz word is DISORDER.

“If you’re not for the new order, you are disordered.”

Throughout history, fraudulently diagnosed mental infirmity has been used as an effective method to silence dissent.

Because it works……

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6 thoughts on “MENTAL WELLNESS

  1. Excellent points made here. The majority of behaviour is along a continuum anyway. In a sense people don’t have or not have a disorder. All conditions are like this but the medical view is based on a binery system of 0s and 1s which does not reflect humans physically or mentally.

  2. @outlaw can i say this mate, for myself i am apot to be forgetful and have to write stuff down, this room looks like a shit tip, because my awareness is messed up..having said that i refuse to go on meds, thry have been offered but i wont have it, councelling seems ok as long as they dont put stupid notions on me or ‘direct me’ in the way they may choose..

  3. Yeh, this is spot on, especially when you refer to nutritional deficiencies, toxic poisoning etc. If you look up Orthomolecular Medicine (mega dosing with vitamins and minerals) you really do see that most conditions are just a nutritional/mineral deficit.

    Abram Hoffer was a pioneer in this area and he treated Bill Wilson (co founder of AA) of depression and Alcoholism but needless to say, the Medical establishment didn’t want to know. He had incredible success with schizophreniacs, manic depressives, etc.

    Speaking of new made up ‘states’ did you know that ‘Brain Death’ was only invented by a collection of Harvard Physicicans in the 1970’s? Coincidentally, that was when Organ Harvesting really took off.

    1. Some good points you have made there, thank you.

      I do not believe in coincidences so no doubt the Harvard Medics had an incentive to come up with the term ‘Brain Death’ in order to justify harvesting organs…

  4. One of the ways that psychiatry is brainwashing people is in counselling and the counsellors themselves are being conned. They are taught to teach that individuals will be happier if they only think of self, that this will relieve the stress they are under. It is a cunning ploy to get everyone to act in a psychopathic way ~ to coin a phrase. People are being taught that ignoring others and what goes on around them will make them happier ~ to a degree this maybe true but only temporarily.

    They are destroying the collective conscience along with any type of socialism.

    I do not want to be a grey person ~ I have my ups and downs, the downs make the ups so much better. Others cannot see they are being turned into automatons from “1984”.

    Psychiatrists and counsellors generally become such because of their own ill mental health and wanting to reason why ~ some bloody fool then lets them loose on humanity and describes them as experts. I’ve seen many ~ they cannot fix me, nor has any diagnosis been the same twice, they’re all nutters and perverts who only want to know about your past sexual and parental experiences.

    My labels are scary but mean fuck all.

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