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  1. I Reckon his political career has jumped the proverbial shark. Not quite Harvey Proctor-ish, but on the way there.

      1. Yes; but Proctor’s was QUEER spanking.

        Nothing queer about Danczuc!

        Just a normal healthy heterosexual pervert.

  2. He’s refusing to resign apparently.

    They shouldn’t be given the option should they?

    Sacking him and taking away his fat pension would be better.

    And he’s been dribbling on about how he still has work in Rochdale RE: the paedo gangs to do – which makes you sick, considering him and his politician colleagues of the Tory, Labour and Lib Dems did absolutely nothing to stop it and the ONLY reason it did get stopped is because the BNP MADE IT STOP by forcing an Inquiry..

    It’d no doubt still be going on if left to the likes of this grubby creepy leech and his political pals in the main 3 parties, who were all quite happy to turn a blind eye to what was going on, despite knowing full well it was.

    1. The British National Party were the only political party who were prepared to address the very real problem of Asian/Muslim Grooming gangs abusing and brutalising hundreds of girls in Rochdale and Rotherham.

      It is also my understanding that Simon Danczuc had the Pakistani flag raised above the Town Hall and hosted a dinner for local businessmen, seemingly oblivious to what was going on in his own constituency to these girls.


      1. Somehow I doubt the creep was oblivious – backhanders from the wealthy Asian Businessmen blinkers maybe?

        How can anyone be oblivious when it was massive and everyone else in the area knew. All this means is pressure will be applied, he’ll have to leave and he’ll get a nice big fat golden handshake.

        Let’s hope with another divorce on his horizon, he ends up flat broke, working in a job he’s more suited to – serving up fries in the local burger bar.

        Or with such firm links to the Asian Community, maybe they’ll give him a job delivering takeaways on a funky moped. (That’s motorbike, not goat, just in case anyone gets confused) 😀

      2. The BNP like yourselves are shielding the Main culprits.

        The White people in Rochdale should be holding mass demonstrations and there should be a movement started to stop paying Council Tax until the main perpetrators are brought to British Justice, not the satanic corrupt Talmudic system that controls us now.

        And the Trials should be held in OUR courts, NOT their courts. The courts should be protected by our people not servants of the system.

        People holding banners up in a so-called demonstration is pathetic.

        1. I agree on the point that demonstrations will not eradicate the problem, however, the great British public appear to have lost their will to resist – after decades of dumbing down by the agencies controlled by the very people you refer to in your comment Kevin.

          Petitions have little or no effect either.

          1. Definitely agree with all that Mr J.

            Kevin, what makes you say this? “The BNP like yourselves are shielding the Main culprits”.

  3. When will working class people of the north, understand that Labour which is run by the middle class lefty, who hates white working class people, thats why them working class kids were ignored and them filthy muslim nonces were allowed to get away with it, what shocks me is, what are the white people doing up there? they should be ashamed.

  4. It was a ‘set-up’. She is a young lady was dominatrix who sold toenail clippings for £10. She used the site to sell used and worn thongs, “frenchies” and knickers for £15 a pair, and offered bras and toe-nail clippings for £10 a time, and was running her site from the age of 16.

    1. Set up or not, do MP’s not have aides or advisers who are paid to advise and assist, and ensure that situations that Mr Danczuc now finds himself embroiled in, do not happen?

      As soon as he discovered the girl was only 17, he should have left well alone.

      On that point alone he should be deemed unfit to represent his constituents, or any constituents, even if you exclude the very real problem of the grooming of young girls for immoral purposes that exists in that area.

      Danczuc should be acutely aware of that, and if not, why not?

    2. His camp ‘feel sorry for me’ bleatings on TV News interviews in the last couple of days don’t exactly match what is being alleged of him do they?

      I’m in agreement, even if he was set up, it just exposes what a skank he is, not someone we really want representing any of us.

      Politics does seem to attract the creepiest of creeps. Look at George Osborne for example – being a creepy certainly didn;t stop him from being hand picked for a top job by his good buddy.

      And this is partly where it is all wrong – it’s not what you know, but the dodgy fellow you know that gets many of these undesirables to where they are.

      I know it’s the currant bun, but it’s just 1 example of the kind of stuff Damp Sack is all about.


  5. I’m sure it was a set-up. However, Simon proved his ilk by stepping into it. He was enticed and his instinct let him down. The core of who he is, is exposed.

    Even if she did did approach him with a clear motive other than employment then he asked the girl her age, and that is when he should have left well enough alone, but he didn’t.

    When he saw her “sexy” pic which he commented on but which the press have not released, he should have left well enough alone, but again, he didn’t.

    When he realised she was a dominatrix at 16/17 Simon, in his full capacity should have investigated what had lead one so young into that life-style, especially since the news of grooming in Rochdale as being the problem it is, but again, he didn’t.

    Though he does take kudos for his CSA work in the area.

    Simon is not a decent bloke, no matter how hard he fakes that he is, imo.

    Does anyony feel that Simon Danczuk represents them?

    Can we have a show of hands, so we know, please.

  6. The one problem I have with this story about Simon Danczuc, and I have no sympathy for him at all, or any MP. Is the fact that while unsavoury and downright stupid in his position, the law in this country clearly says that the age of consent is 16.

    So she was over the age of consent and its not a criminal offence, and yet I keep on hearing the word ‘Paedo’ being bandied about a lot lately concerning stories of older teenagers, and young women, and I’m just wondering who it is that seems to be moving the goalposts of what child abuse is and applying it to cases where it doesn’t belong almost as though its being used to distract people from the horror of abuse committed against small children and those underage.

    As I say its just something that I’ve noticed.

    Happy New Year to all on Outlaw.

    1. I agree with you Clare, and it’s a distraction from the real cases of genuine Paedophilia in this country, and is something I have been trying to highlight on this site from the start.

      It’s the type of mindset behind the pernicious #paedobritain Twitter campaign and similar polarised online movements that have become fashionable over the last few years.

      The people who are behind stirring up this lynchmob mentality in people, are well aware who the real criminals are, and the question for me is – who are they really protecting?

      1. By a strange coincidence you mention Lynch Mobs Jimmy. I have just emailed you some explosive information on the cockney paedohunter extraordinaire and rabble-rouser himself, Bill Baloney.

        It’s about time people knew the truth about the *cough* ‘Award Winning Documentary Film Maker’ and who paid him to stir up a world of shit.

        1. I am reading through it now, thank you 😉

          Are we about to see a ‘Cash For Accusations’ scandal emerge I wonder?

        2. Interesting info Hoaxsteader.

          We’ve done a bit of checking out of Bill Baloney, but that stuff is new to us. Wonder where his weird body guard Ian Puddick fits into this. (He doorstepped Tom Cahills parents on behalf of Bill Baloney, trying to intimidate them).

          Puddick who is friend and colleague of Fiona Woolf of never quite made it to head of the CSA Inquiry fame & friend of the Brittons.

          I even had Ian Watkins the baby rapists ex thing come to have a pop at me on Piddles behalf. All very strange. As is his pet rodent Goggins who is a known woman harasser and keeps sticking his chubby beak in.

          These people profess to be smart, but mostly the only intelligence they seem to have is in criminality. He’s a slimy little con man through and through, a liar and a thief & he has bounced back to limpet himself on the Shirley Oaks debacle, trying to scam on that too no doubt. Another one who seems to be immune from the law, which is another strange thing we keep encountering with this bunch of criminals, con men and weirdos.

          Perverting the course of Justice, Intimidating witnesses in major police investigations, yet the Police refuse to uphold the law and deal with them, which is even stranger.

          So much for the requests for witnesses to come forward and they’d have nowt to fear.

          Only as soon as they have, they’ve been stalked, targeted, threatened and attacked online and physically as in Jimmys case and yet Theresa May & co have been told of this and have done nothing about it.

          It really is a pigs ear & pretty shoddy and shameful especially seeing as survivors of abuse were prompted to come forward which has made them sitting ducks and the Police will do nothing in many instances – choosing to bend over backwards for the abusers in some cases.

          And we are not the only ones to have found that if you report a crime to certain Police forces, you are expected to do your own DIY investigations!

          And even when you provide them with a ton of evidence presented in a format that a 5 year old could understand, they still fail to do a thing, as if to be protecting the abuser.

        3. He owns his council flat too, which he dont leave these days and I did hear that he is so paranoid he recently went mental as he claimed Lambeth council were trying to poison him by painting outside his flat.

          He also has a static caravan in Kent as a bolthole.

          The rumours about him getting paid by an Egyptian businessmen to spread Paedo stories about the Royal Family and MPs are looking more believable by the day.

          Has anybody asked him about the money he is alleged to have taken from some Medomsley survivors yet, or how he dumped a vunerable CSA survivor in central London with no money to get back to where he lived in the north east?

          His film ‘award’ does not exist either.

          1. Oh Gawd! That doesn’t mean he’s going to ‘treat’ us to round 2 of croc tears – how to pretend to cry on camera – P.S. don’t forget to guide the camera angles in mid blub – again are we? Once was surely enough?

            Hmmm well he’s had a fair go at it, skanked a lot of people, there would be many people glad to see him get his comeuppance. He sure deserves the karma boomerang to smack him square on the nose. It’s high time.

            I particularly like the 2nd comment down on the review of his film Lunatic on his IDBM profile. His films are z list and a half and then some! I guess when you rate yourself as highly as Bill does, such smack down reviews are mere piffle. : )


    2. Clare, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head! Most posters here seem to have ignored that fact.

      I have read that this man was under considerable emotional strain regarding his family problems and it’s not unknown for people in that sort of situation to make stupid decisions.

      I think a lot of people’s gut feeling is that he was ‘set up’ and the most likely people to have wanted the present outcome are almost certainly the perverts whose names he was getting very close to revealing.

      It was undoubtedly silly of him to have continued the relationship but one has to wonder how many men of his age wouldn’t feel flattered that a young woman appeared sexually interested in them?

      1. Nobody here is saying he was not set up, but even when his latest cockup is disregarded, can you genuinely say that this man is still fit for purpose?

        Even with his Jeremy Kylesque media slanging matches, his false claims of being the first person to identify Cyril Smith as a sexual predator, his blatant disregard of the grooming and sexual abuse of young white girls in his own constituency – which rivals that of Rotherham, according to the latest figures….

        I could go on, but I really can’t be bothered in all honesty.

        However, if you would like to raise the point about the very real and immediate problem of genuine CSA survivors who speak out, being stalked, harassed and bullied online – and by agents of the same people you believe would benefit from Danczuc’s demise Roger, then I’m all ears.

        But of course there are very few who are willing to comment publicaly about that, but throw a self-obsessed, publicity hungry and clearly sleazy MP into the arena, and that gets them out in droves wringing their hands in faux outrage, weeping loudly about ‘injustice’ or ‘setups’.

  7. Danczuc isn’t a paedophile by its definition, but he is a seedy, grubby little man with no scruples or morals whatsoever. He is more suited to a seat on the Jeremy Kyle show than a parliamentary one. He isn’t the only one in the HoC by any means.

    He should do the honourable thing and step down and save his constituents from any more embarrassment.

  8. Danczuk is not a paedophile, He is simply morally bankrupt. The type who has no qualms about bedding partners the age of his own son.

    Who sees children of 17 as fully grown adult? They are not even allowed to vote yet. But hey, they’re legal to bed, so that makes them adult. Make your move old man. If you don’t someone else will.

    What’s wrong with old men wanting to fuck 17 year olds? The military do it all the time. They recruit between the ages of 16-24, because that is when our kids are still easy to manipulate AND GROOM into what they want them to be, spitting them out onto the street when done with them when they are properly grown but traumatised adults.

    Adult she was, by law.

    Some, like Simon, take the view that all is fair in love and war. Even when you are contracted to care, to actually “give a damn” Besides, it wasn’t him, it was the booze.

    I’m more concerned that with the grooming gangs in Rochdale that Danczuk did not stop to consider perhaps the 17 year old may have come from a place of grooming and abuse into Adulthood at 17. But it seems he didn’t question her upbringing and is now vindicated by the fact that the girl is just another ho. A slut. Up for it.Even selling her toe nail clippings, for gods sake. It’s all her own fault.

    I feel sorry for the woman-child made old before her time.

    Is she a product of her environment?

    Does anyone care?

    It was Simon’s duty to care and check first that she is not before speaking of how horny he was.

    I hear other MPs and VIPs have gotten away with much worse. So I’d not fret too much if I were Simon. He did nothing illegal.

    He’s done nothing wrong. Right?


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  11. Hi Jimmy I thought you should know that Simple S***N J**T, the ‘Honourables’ Troll who gangstalked, harassed and made the Hillsborough victims family’s a misery for years, has just published a post about Simon Danczuc on his ‘Real Troll Exposure’ blog.

    He is also slating both you and Sonia Poulton as usual as well as kissing Danczuc’s arse which is to be expected going by the amount of creepy Internet perverts he has surrounded himself with since his 157th Twitter account was suspended.



    1. I did hesitate before allowing your comment through ‘Blag Watcher’. I have done so, but have removed the link to the RTE WordPress blog for readers safety, as the site Admins there (illegally I may add) collect IP Numbers in order to find peoples locations in order to harass and intimidate them.

      Likewise I have censored his name as I have no desire to get arrested again, as that character has an evidenced habit of running to the police every time he sees anything online that offends him.

      He actually made a police report because somebody he was harassing was following Old Holborn on Twitter – Yes, that is how ridiculous that buffoon is, and his antics are best ignored and avoided.

      There is still a transcript of the Merseyside police’s response to him on Pastebin I believe.

      A number of people have contacted me about this previously to express their concerns about their personal information being shared on social media after visiting that site.

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  15. Keith Vaz has closed his Twitter and Facebook accounts. Are we going to see something break in the media soon?

  16. Cut n’ paste from JimStone – this vaccine is in the U.K. too.

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  18. Has anyone noticed how NAPAC staff member (the anti child abuse charity with the famous Patron victims of child abuse do not trust) Katherine Stipala, is quite friendly with some not very nice people on Twitter?

    Names you will particularly recognise as some are your prime attackers Outlaw.

    I could be wrong, but didn’t she used to be Simon Danczuks secretary before Karen?

    She also has some other interesting history which might make sense of a few of her choices in friends online.

    ACAL and her links to ‘Jonathan West’ in 2013 for starters.

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